How to Celebrate Christmas: BOOK BLOGGING EDITION!! (ft. festive feels and GIFs)

It’s that time of the year when snow is falling on the blog AND in real life!

It’s SNOWING today guys! Yes, here in London after 678 years of no snow, WE HAVE IT! FINALLY!!!!! I AM SCREAMING! I JUST CANNOT OKAY! I’ve already made snow angels, had a snowball fight, froze to death etc…

Enough of the snow stuff. Even though waking up to the snow inspired me to write this post. Even though I don’t personally celebrate Christmas, this festive spirit is to live for. The way it gets dark quickly and how decorations and fairly lights line the streets and the warm snacks and gifts and the baking and the treats. It’s just all so…amazing? I love it.


The book blogging world is definitely excited for Christmas too! I mean it is mostly an opportunity to treat ourselves. In honour of December, I’m going to tell you how to live the book blogger Christmas life.

Let’s crack in!

(and no I am not talking about eggs here. I cannot crack eggs or fry them to save my books.)


STEP #1: Get rid of all the work. ALL of it. 

Before we actually get into the festive swing, it’s important you make the workload disappear. That way, when you are busy cracking jokes and Christmas crackers and hiding in your room stuffing your face with chocolate, you don’t have the nagging worry of ‘Omigosh that ARC I was supposed to read from 2016 how have I still not read it’ or ‘omg i have that 786 paged essay to write. OOPS.’

Charlie Brown Snow GIF

In terms of school:

  • finish up on homeworks!
  • tidy up your desk
  • go through all textbooks and such
  • check your school email and read through them
  • create a to do list of any last minute things you may have to do before the year ends!

In terms of the blog:

  • READ THOSE ARC’s (physical or netgalley or whatever)
  • please do not try you will be here forever
  • throw in a few tags from the stone age
  • schedule in a few posts so you don’t have to worry too much!


STEP #2: Winter clothes must be worn (this applies to all creatures)

I UNDERSTAND! They don’t make good fashion for dragons and lizards and such. As a penguin, I UNDERSTAND. Clothes are mostly human-friendly and overrated! I mean why not just wear a bin bag and be done with it? I MEAN IT’S NOT LIKE YOU ARE GOING TO EXIT YOUR HOBBIT HOLE FOR ANYONE ELSE TO SEE YOU! Right?

Despicable Me Christmas GIF

But it’s December Y’all. Put on a snowflake jumper! Wear nice boots! Put on woolly socks if need be! Cape’s aren’t very winter-like so for now, please do put it away. Anyways BE WARM PEOPLE.

Long-DividerSTEP #3: Stock up on snacks

I think on of the best things about December is THE FOOD. The mince pies, the candy canes, the turkey, the gingerbreads, all other baked goods, THE EVERYTHING OKAY. like you just enter the shops and… SO MANY CHOCOLATES OKAY.

So get out your stockings and FILL THEM UP. You may have sweets left over from Halloween! You may be baking your own cookies! You may be going to the shops in a Batman costume and taking every last Ferrero Rocher box! You may be stealing! Actually, wait do not do that. That’s bad.

Long-DividerSTEP #4: Get your blog involved!

Some people change up their design! Some people have festive featured images! Some people have snow! Some people do Christmas-themed posts! Some people do Blogmas! Some people do posts about Christmas! Some people aren’t even people!

It’s up to you! Do something! Anything! If you want to celebrate Christmas then make something on your blog special! There are TONNES of ideas!

Christmas Tree GIF

Long-DividerSTEP #5: Set up your Christmas book tree!

This idea is quite new to me BUT HAVE YOU SEEN SOME BOOK TREES?!

I mean? THEY ARE JUST SO BEAUTIFUL! I definitely want to try my hand at one this year but do I have enough books? WHO KNOWS. Anyways if you can, set up a small or large book tree and snap a photo of it. WE’D ALL LOVE TO SEE!!


STEP #6: Join a bookish secret santa.

So some of my blogger friends and I set up our own secret Santa this year. And while it didn’t end up being secret, I’m excited to send my gifts off and receive mine! The Broke and Bookish do an annual HUGE secret Santa and I see SO many people on twitter ranting about their presents. Lots of people host local bookish secret Santas so if you can, join one! They’re SUPER fun and you get an amazing present from a friend!

Long-DividerSTEP #7: Change your name to something Christmassy

If you have twitter or any other social media, now is the time to be Sarah Clause or fROSSty the Snowman. There are some great festive names on twitter so be sure to join the fun! You can do this on WordPress or Goodreads or anything else.

Animal Christmas GIF

Long-DividerSTEP #8: Get out your favourite books!!

I MEAN SURE OUR TBR’s are massive! But I think this is the time of the year when you are winding down with hot chocolate and marshmallows. Re-reading you all time favourites is something really special and definitely helps with feeling festive. Reread without feeling guilty though! Stop stressing over that 2017 reading challenge! Just relax and read a good book.


Enter the giveaways! Go crazy with the book sales! Scavenge through Redbubble and Society 6! Go spend A LOT on yourself! You deserve it! All that procrastinating you did this 2017. Do unboxings or reviews and just LET YOURSELF HAVE ALL THE BOOKISH FUN OKAY!??!?!?!?!?!?! good.

Long-DividerSTEP #10: Time to use those bookish mugs and relax!

Coffee Relax GIF by DenyseReally take this time of the year to give yourself some love! While family and friends start to drop by, remember you are SUPER important! Get out your bookish mugs, have some tea or coffee or the blood of your enemies and let yourself be happy for the last month of 2017.


Let's Whisper

How are you celebrating Christmas bookworms? And if you don’t celebrate (like me), what festive things have you been getting up to? Do you enjoy winter as much as I do? Do you bake or stuff your face with chocolates?  How are you preparing for celebrations?

54 thoughts on “How to Celebrate Christmas: BOOK BLOGGING EDITION!! (ft. festive feels and GIFs)”

  1. OMG I didn’t even know about the TBTB Secret Santa until EVERYONE started posting about how they were stalking their Santees and I feel like I missed out. I do SantaThing through the LibraryThing website which is always really good by quite small. 10/10 recommend bookish Secret Santas.

    Also agree with the book trees thing! I definitely don’t have one because I have cats and cats knock over book piles, but if you don’t have cats they are AWESOME. One of my friends opted in for a book tree instead of a real one last year and it was glorious.

    What cozy favorite re-read are you doing this year, per recommendation 8? 🙂

    Liked by 2 people



      I'm so sad you missed out on TBT Secret Santa. Since I was in my own personal one, i didn't really want to participate. There is always next year right? I haven't heard of SantaThing, it sounds super cool! Secret santa, book edition, IS SO MUCH FUN I CANNOT!!! it is such a great idea i love it

      I DO NOT HAVE A CAT BUT I WANT ONE A LOT. But now I am grateful they do not hear to ruin my masterpiece of a book tree (shhh i will make one. SOON)

      I honestly am terrible at re-reading so I don't know x I am hoping to dive into THe book Of Dust soon which is a revisit from an old series?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Lol I have been SO BAD at reading blogs. SO SO BAD. I’M SO SORRY! 😥

        I think as long as everyone has ONE bookish Secret Santa, it’s good. 😛 I like SantaThing because everyone pays in how much $ of books they want, someone else picks them out, and they’re delivered from various book stores direct instead of hoping someone buys and ships them? Which could be good if people are horrible at sending the post. That introduced me to the Grishaverse last year so I 10/10 recommend them.

        CATS ARE SOFT WONDERFUL THINGS. But they are also jerks that like knocking stuff over. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Can’t win them all!

        OOOH. The Book of Dust / La Belle Sauvage was good. Interesting. But it’s NOT the same as The Golden Compass and whatnot, so go in expecting a new story. :). I hope you like it!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. OMG ITS OKAY. I am horrible at blog hopping too. Just missed you. thats al.

        Omg santathing SOUNDS GOOOODD. But I also like the idea of someone buying them and shipping themselves. Its funn too.


        Ahhh I hope The book of dust lives up t my expextations (VERY high)

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Uh oh. It might not. Lower them a little! Just like… a little little. Malcolm is good but he is definitely not Lyra. At all.

        But you will LOVE Pan. Everyone loves Pan.

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  2. I NEED A BOOK TREE. It’s now a life goal. I’ll keep getting all the ❤️📚❤️ and someday, I’ll be able to make my own! 😍 (I am obviously now obsessed 😂)

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  3. It’s my first Christmas in London and I wasn’t expecting snow. Today has made me surprisingly happy. I love winter clothes, and I’m looking forward to time of work to snuggle up with some books! I’ve been trying to think of a festive name for my twitter, but I can’t manage to squeeze my name into anything festive. Except Saint Nic, and that seems a bit weird!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Well lately for me Christmas has been a little depressing since it’s windy and rainy here and all our snow melted and now we have nothing. Which would be fine if I lived in a place that doesn’t get snow at all but I live in freaking ALASKA! Like what are you doing nature?!! 😡 😂 I guess our climates decided to switch this year.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Oh that bookish secret santa thing is SO cool – I always wanted to participate, oh maybe next year I could, I’m sure it has to be a lot of fun.I’m glad you are doing something like that this year 😀
    Book trees are SOOO pretty, but I have a feeling that, if I ever try and do this, it’ll just crumble and I won’t be able to make it as pretty… BUT I WILL TRY, I swear and if it works out okay I’ll show you a magnificent picture. (don’t hold your breath though haha)
    Favorite thing to do in the winter is just NOT GET OUT because I hate winter and cold hahaha, when I can stay home with my mug of tea and my book, I do haha 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh yes Bookish Secret Santa IS SO MUCH FUn! I hope we include more people next time (HINT HINT)
      BOOK TREES ARE DIVINE HONESTLY. I didn’t manage to make one (mostly because I didn’t try) but I think I’ll stick to just looking at them because they are so pretty. But if you EVER DO MAKE ONE, you better show me!!!

      And ahh I LOVE THE SNOW! But staying inside with book and tea is also super fun!

      Liked by 1 person

    Me: *remembers I have exams 3 days before Christmas*
    Me:…heck no how about we PANIC INSTEAD???

    …i am a bit broken but this is fine everything is fine. I shall eat cookies and cry.

    Ooooooo those book trees look so cute omg. My bookshelves would be ruined but the temptation is strong with this one.

    I have already got out my 3 nerdy mugs and they are ready to GO!! ALSO I AM SO JELOUS OF YOUR SNOW!! Send some my way will you here it’s only terribly rainy.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Oh my word… A book tree!!! I wanna see one in real life!!! The picture doesn’t do justice I’m sure…

    I also don’t celebrate and Its the middle of summer where I live but I want snow… not fair

    Liked by 1 person

  8. My Sunday post ( today) is actually about Christmas Book Tree’s. I ran across a beautiful one in a shop this week and it inspired me to make my own. I couldn’t figure out how to paste it on your comment so you’ll have to go to my blog to check it out. Cute!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. OH MY GOSH, THOSE BOOK TREES ARE AMAZING!!! I might just have to make one of those! If I can find room to do it… oh well, I’ll worry about that later, I really want to make one of them now!
    I sort of want to do something Christmasy on my blog, but I’m just not quite sure what yet… honestly Christmas and books are usually a somewhat separate thing for me… except for on Christmas day, when I get books, and then literally spend the entire rest of the day reading all my new books.
    I’m sure this is how my family wants me to spend Christmas… they don’t at all mind that I completely ignore them all day… I’m… sure…

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  10. Christmas is just one of the best seasons! You mentioned christmasy dress and omg I want to put a christmas sweater on my dog but I’m sure she wouldn’t allow that XD And this year I finally SAW REAL SNOWWWWW! (I live in the South so I’m 18 and just now saw snow… lol)

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    I need all the work to BANISH and I need ALL THE SNACKS and all THE COSY JUMPERS and ALL THE BLOGGING and READING.


    ooh I loooove book Christmas trees even though I fail at making them every year. 😂
    and no offense but all I need to get festive is sugar and then it’s like bye autumn time for the birthing of Jesus. 😂😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

  13. I love Christmas and I’m excited to feel festive but I fall at the first hurdle… I have a dissertation to write over Christmas, there goes my holidays!! There are a few books of my wish list, so you never know! Have a fab Christmas everyone 😄


  14. I organized my own Christmas Cards exchange and pretty much ended up throwing my whole budget to that. I wishhhh I didn’t do that because all those secret santa-things look so much fun! Next year, haha!

    Pretty good advice you’re giving here though! I don’t get why some people are still trying to demolish their TBR. I’d rather just come to terms with “nope, it’s not going to happen this year.” and let’s be fair. Next year it probably won’t either, haha. The eternal problem of bookworms!

    Glad you’re happy with the snow! Belgium is a freaking disaster right now. Traffic’s stuck everywhere and I’m already dreading having to drive through it to get home after work.. Oh well; I’ll have to. Especially since I only have one book with me and I have 40 pages left. Aka I’m finishing it during my break. :’)

    Love your post!


  15. hahaha i love how excited you are about the snow, it makes me smile and giggle bc i forget not everyone lives in a winter wonderland like i do?? i personally like colder weather way more opposed to warm, but when it snows a foot and a half, i prefer to hide inside and pretend i don’t know how to drive anymore because who wants to DRIVE A CAR IN THAT?? not i, ilsa, not i.
    it’s funny that you mention baking, i baked a bunch of cookies on saturday and then proceeded to eat the last two while i was in bed last night HAHA NAUGHTY.
    also, now i absolutely must go build a book tree for they are perfect and wonderful.

    Liked by 1 person

  16. I am in awe that it is snowing on your blog. I can’t get over it.
    Food is definitely one of the best things about this season. I love food. I love coziness. Cozy seasons full of food are my favorite. 🙂
    These are great tips. Those Christmas book trees look amazing!
    Have a happy winter with lots of food!

    Liked by 1 person

  17. WINTER. WHAT ABOUT THOSE OF US WHO ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF SUMMER.😂😂 Actually I say “middle of summer” while I’m currently wearing a rainbow jacket but whatever ahem…I’m sure the day will warm up. (I live in the mountains so I blame the altitude?! It does get super hot though!) ANYWAY!! I don’t like Christmas but I do like the food. 😍 Mince pies!! And we just made gingerbread and my sister iced them terribly and I ended up breaking one’s head off trying to put it on a plate and I feel bad ahem.


    I loved all the snow pictures!! This post is so lovely!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. CAIT. SUMMER IS GREAT TOO. Not like we bookworms even vist the outside PFFFT. I mean obviously for top scret missions to the bookstores. MINCE PIES ARE A GIFT TO THIS WORLD. Omggggg SIBLING GOALS. Gingerbreads are awesome they are.


      Ahhh thank youuu Cait!! You are so sweet and nice and *FLAIILS*


  18. 1) YESSS OUR SECRET SANTA!!!! it’s not a Secret Santa anymore but still. I’M EXCITED.

    2) omg I hate and love snow on WP blogs??? like it’s so cool and festive!! but it really really bugs me when the snow isn’t falling straight down, so I have to find the right position to keep my mouse in. and whenever I read things online, I click my mouse a lot & highlight random things??? idk why. also I read somewhere that they can trigger seizures — not sure how true that is but better safe than sorry!!

    3) my twitter name would be mayry christmas. 😉


    5) your snow pics are GORGEOUS agahahgah!!!! I wish we’d gotten more snow, and it had snowed in the morning so I would’ve gotten better pictures. 😭

    6) and omgggg I still have Scribbler feedback to write up!! I feel so EFFING BAD. 😭😭 and I can’t do it right now bc I’m focused on getting all my gifts and fhskflslkglss.

    great post please post more love youuuuuuuu

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 1) WHO CARES if it’s not secret. I’m SO excited for my gifts ASDFGHJKL:LKJHGFDSA and our unboxings and us all screaming and flailing. It IS JUST SO EXCITING.

      2) okay wow SO MUCH DETAIL ABOUT THE SNOW ON WP BLOGS. okay i honestly don’t mind what way the snow is falling but whatever floats your boat. Also, if you have an all white background you can’t really see it? And that annoys me. i highlight random things too lol. they can trigger seizures? wow, you learn something new everyday.

      3) IF ONLY HAD TWITTER *screams into void*

      4) and i can’t belive you are re-reading books without my permission. #rude


      6) OMG YOU SERIOUS?! Damn, that’s,,,, bad. But like i have 67898765 comments to reply to and things I promised to do years ago to ctach up on so? eh.

      love you to and ugh i’m working a post but its taking forever so i give up :/

      Liked by 1 person

  19. Omg you live in London too? So cool to ‘meet’ a fellow London blogger! I was so happy when it snowed a few weeks ago, I just wish it could have stayed for longer :/ The forecast for my particular part of London says it might snow again tomorrow! (Tho I’m not sure how much you can trust that lol) XD
    Nice list btw! I hope you had a nice Xmas! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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