10 Things Bookworms definitely want to hear + things you should tell them regularly (happy bookworms = a better world)

Happy bookworms are known for two things 1) ruling the universe and 2) making the world full of sunshine and rainbows and black holes and the dark side of the moon  and black magic but minor details

And so the world is a better place, I’m going to share 10 things you should be telling bookworms! This is for humans, dragons and bookworms alike so you can join the fun which is sadly at this point reading this post. Your welcome.


1. Here are some free books!

WE LOVE FREE BOOKS. WE LOVE BOOKS. But not having to do anything for those books like acquire money from the bank at the end of the universe. Just hearing “You won a giveaway!” fills us with joy. We love ARCs (though we still have to work for these) bookish gifts and more books to be added to our small collection already. YES, THIS IS A SMALL COLLECTION YOU ONION.

Long-Divider2. BOOK MAIL!!!

Picture this. You are in your room, lying on the floor, contemplating about Blue and Gansey and Adam and Ronan as you do, and someone from downstairs shouts “there’s a book for you in the mail!” THE INTENSE HAPPINESS I GET when I come home from school and see book mail for me or I’m doing the above and I hear something come through the door and I JUST RUSH DOWNSTAIRS AND IT IS SUCH A GOOD FEELING OKAY?! Bookworm dreams.

Long-Divider3. Your favourite author is writing a new book!

When a bookworm has a favourite author, THEY WILL BECOME OBSESSED. They will reread the book gazillion of times or buy all the merchandise or collect all the ARCs or even if they do none of these (me) they will get incredibly excited for an author’s new release. I SQUEAL SO MUCH when my favourite authors announce book deals. I mean Cait @ Paper Fury is already one of my favourite authors and aha I haven’t even read her book yet. BUT LEIGH BARDUGO AND V.E SCHWAB AND MARIE LU AND OTHER GOOD AUTHORS ANNOUNCING BOOK DEALS. CFITUSOHLAJKHAJ *combusts*

Long-Divider4.  Good things about an anticipated release.

So here you are waiting for this book to be released and then as people start to receive ARCs they say GOOD things about the book! We bookworms LOVE to hear good things about upcoming books because WE GET NERVOUS ABOUT WHETHER WE WILL ACTUALLY LIKE THE BOOK OR IF IT WILL DISAPPOINT. So early reviews are a life saver.

Long-Divider 5. It is okay to love books and YA and have certain genres that you particularly like and it’s not childish to like fantasy and dragons and it shouldn’t be a guilty pleasure to read romance and just read what you want, don’t let people tell you what you can and can’t read depending on your age or anything else, you be you.

I wish people would stop judging me by the books I read. I read MG books sometimes. I feel scared to put that on Goodreads because everyone on there screams about YA. To be honest, I still love picture books. NOTHING WRONG HERE OKAY!?

Long-Divider6. You don’t HAVE to read!

You know what? For once I’d like to have some pressure off reading. As in, there is so much pressure for bookworms to read and while I’d like to read 4 books a month I make myself read 10 or 9 or 8. I hate that. Sometimes I wish someone just told me that “you don’t have to read!” and that its okay to want a break from words.

Long-Divider7. Let’s go to the bookstore/library!

While I know not everyone has access to libraries and bookshops, even going to Amazon or book depository makes me smile. Entering a bookstore and the fresh smell of books, gosh. Entering a second-hand bookstore and feeling the love for books around me, GAHHHH. And libraries where there is SO MUCH community, YES. Browsing through books, luxurious I tell you.

Long-Divider8. I loved this book you recommended to me

IT ACTUALLY MAKES MY DAY when someone says they bought this book because of me or borrowed the book from the library because of me and then goes on to LOVE the book. I mean it’s disappointing when they dislike the book, but when someone loves YOUR recommendation? asdfghjkl;lkjhgfdsa

Long-Divider9. Here’s a book that includes “x” representation

It truly warms my heart when a book represents ME. While not every book hits the nail on the head for me, when someone says this has Muslim rep or Asian rep, I get SO excited because it is SO incredibly awesome to see yourself in a book. I’m not exaggerating here. Every reader deserves that feeling of seeing them in a book.

Long-Divider10. Silence

Silence is one of the purest sounds for a bookworm. We don’t like to be disturbed whilst reading at all. So when you finally snuggle down with a  good book and hot chocolate and you hear…nothing, it fills you with absolute delight. Please don’t disrupt a bookworm whilst reading. DON’T DISTURB ANYONE WHILST READING PLEASE. This should be like a law. Unless you are trying to save their life. The only exception here.

Let's Whisper

Do you feel the pressure to read books? DON’T YOU JUST LOVE BOOKS SO MUCH AND YOUR HEART FEELS WHOLE WHEN YOU GET NEW BOOKS?!?!? What books have you seen yourself in? What are your anticipated releases for 2018 (it is SO soon!) Talk away, I don’t bite! (Unless we are talking about food here)

Ilsa - Edited

61 thoughts on “10 Things Bookworms definitely want to hear + things you should tell them regularly (happy bookworms = a better world)”

  1. When I recommend a book to someone and they like it, it’s just.. there are no words. It’s like the proudest moment ever in my life.

    And yes, there are so many AMAZING books coming out in 2018 that I just CANNOT wait for and when I get news about them I just jdgnkjfghiosjralks!!!!!!!!

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    1. Honestly, I have a talent for recommending books. THis includes me bribing with cupcakes and screaming wildly. I mean HOW ELSE DO YOU RECOMMEND SOMEONE A BOOK. And I feel like royalty when they LIKE the book. Like talk about the icing on the cake.



  2. I agree with all of them! Especially with the representation one. I love it when books represent my culture. The other day, I was going through Goodreads and I saw a fictional book about a girl who goes through an adventure with Indian mythology. It got me so excited! Plus the main character’s name is my nickname! 💜

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    1. AHHH SEEING YOURSELF IN BOOKS IS SO IMPORTANT BECAUSE YOU FEEL LIKE YOU MATTER?! AND THAT IS THE BEST HONESTLY such an underrated feeling and we should value books with awesome rep MORE! Glad you enjoyed the post and thanks so much for the comment!


  3. This post is so damn relatable. You always create posts that are easy to relate to. The only book I have seen myself represented in and properly represented is A List of Cages.


  4. OR “OMG I LOVED THAT BOOK I BORROWED SO MUCH I BOUGHT A COPY FOR MY MUM/SISTER/BROTHER/MAIDEN AUNT” like yes yes yes spread the love that I made happen now I know what it must feel like to see your kids leave for college.


  5. Wow.. Your post brought a big smile on my face coz I could related to everything that you said…
    I recently recommended a book to a friend who was in a reading slump for years and she absolutely fell in love with the book.. It happened to me for the first time, so I felt so so happy tat she enjoyed it as much as I did…
    And the joy of finding ourself in a book is wonderful… Its obviously so rare for me unless I read Indian authors which is kinda difficult to do when I dont live there now.. But a recent book that made me so happy for the representation was When Dimple met Rishi.. It was such a joy…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AHH YAY! I love when my readers can relate to me. *beams*
      I LOVE IT WHEN PEOPLE LIKE MY RECOMMENDATIONS. It’s such a great feeling. I’m SO glad the book blew her out of her slump. Best thing.
      I’m glad you enjoyed when Dimple Met Rishi. I have heard some awesome things about that book

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  6. HAHAHHAHAH that silence point was very clever

    also I DIE when I hear that there’s Asian rep or queer rep (bc I love them queers & also bc,, you know) or Buddhist rep (which I’ve never found) or anxiety rep because I need to read about!! I also love what you said about “every reader deserves that feeling of seeing them in a book” because YES. that is the exact reason that diversity is important; everyone deserves to be represented in a book (or other forms of media). I freaked out when I found out Girl on the Verge had Thai rep because OMG NEVER HAVE I EVER READ A BOOK WITH A THAI CHARACTER AND !!!! but then yeah it turned out to be a disappointment so that was great

    // okay I accidentally left this comment & now I’m back after looking at certain posts of you know who so I’m not in the mood to finish this comment but this post was great and I SEE THAT COLOR FEATURE IMAGE ilyyyy

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    1. me? clever? *dies* ty may

      YES FOR ALL THE REP. I DIE BC OF RARE REP TOO! I just adore diverse books and YES!! I am lad you agree. Everyone deserves to see themselves and its sad that not everyone does. I hope you find a better Thai rep book or a boo with Buddhist rep? Those ARE SO RARE. WHY?

      AND ITSOKAY look at my reply to this comment so short. AND YES A COLOURED FEATURED IMAGE. I thought I’d shake things up a little!

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      1. aaawwwwww ILSAAAA 💗💗 I really want to write a Thai character, but I think for me to execute the rep the I want to (ie. include thoughts of feeling different, less pretty bc I’m not white, etc.), it’d have to be a contemporary???? and I SUCK at writing contemporaries.

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      2. noooo, but see, even when I write fantasy or sci-fi or whatever, I barely have a plot & it’s not very action-packed??? and while i like character-driven stories, I personally feel like what I write is like plot-less. so writing a contemporary would mean even less of a plot.

        and yeaaaaah I guess I could write a Thai character in a fantasy??? but I really want to include those thoughts, and those don’t really fit in fantasy???? idk

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  7. “Silence. Yes. You must keep silent until you can hear it. *silence fills the air* You don’t hear it? Precisely.” (what I imagine myself saying to others when it’s noisy)

    You’re an Asian too?! COOL!


  8. BOOKS MAKE ME SO HAPPY AKLSLAL LET’S TALK ABOUT BOOKS BABY TALK BOOKISH TO ME!! Like I flail SO HARD when I see books I might actually fall of a chair.
    BOOK MAIL IS DA BEST THING (after waffles with ice cream I’ll give you that)!!
    My plans for the winter holiday are going to be to actually visit a library (ALL THE EXCITEMENT!! I’LL ACTUALLY GET OUT OF MY HOUSE FOR ONCE!!) with a friend of mine (WHO’S ALSO A BOOKISH DORK) and we are so incredibly excited. (We skip school to go to the library…AMAZING WE ARE REBELS)
    Can I just say that I’m waiting for 12 books to come in the mail?! AND YOU CAN BE SURE I’LL SCREECH WHEN THEY COME. If you hear vague screeching it me.

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      i love book mail but get so little of it :/ it ends up me being jealous of everyone on twitter hahah. AND YAY FOR GETTING OUT OF YOUR HOUSE. Good luck, the library can be dangerous and scary. AND GOING WITH ANOTHER BOOKISH DORK?1? I hope you have fun.

      I hear the vague screeching! IOANA I HEAR THE VAGUE SCREECHING


  9. YES YES YES and YES!! This list had me agreeing throughout and it is further proof that you-Ilsa are a blogging genius! I LOVED it! Free books are AMAZING and so are bookshops and libraries and bookshelves..😍😍😍 I absolute LOVE it when someone I know has read something that I recommended to them and loved it almost as much as I did! It’s just a lovely satisfying feeling AND it’s awesome to finally talk about the recommended books and fangirl over them!! I find it really exciting when one of my favorite authors release a new book too! Just anticipating the arrival of books is SO EXCITING but the wait for the books to get released and into my hands is also a tiny bit torturous haha..
    AMAZING post! 😊❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OMG SASHA YOU ARE SO NICE I CANNOT!!!!!!! Free books are like a dream come true and love bookstores and libraries and am so grateful I have accsess to them! YES. LIKE WHEN YOU’Ve BEEN BUGGING SOME FOR AGES TO READ SOMETHING and they do, it’s so great! Like my friend just recently read the 1st HP books and AGH IT WAS THE BEST THING EVER. And yes waiting for books is TORTURE I SAY

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Aww thank you so so much!! 😍😍😊😊❤️ You are SUPER nice too!!! 😊❤️ (I really mean it!!) also CONGRATULATIONS on getting your friend to read HP!! You definitely deserve the Potterhead award 🥇 I’ve been trying to convince my friends (who aren’t obsessed with HP yet) to read it but so far it’s not proving to be very successful😅 Do you have any tips? 😂😊

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  10. Ah yes, Ilsa, you hit the mark with this one! Bookstores/libraries, bookmail, and SILENCE are the best gifts a bookworm could get *side-eyes my family* Also, when somebody says that they enjoyed a book I rec’d to them, I get all warm and fuzzy inside and it just feels SO GOOD to know that they liked it as well.

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  11. Oh this is a fantastic post. Getting bookmail and having a new book from a favorite author released soon just makes me so, SO HAPPY I want to scream ahah ❤ It is incredible whenever I recommend a book and someone wants to read it, someone reads it, even better, someone actually reads and loves it, I feel SO HAPPY AND PROUD, it is the best ❤
    Do I feel forced to read, sometimes? Yes. It's annoying, I feel like, if I'm not reading enough, I'm doing something wrong. But you're so right, we all need a break and we CAN take breaks.
    Great post! 🙂

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  12. I totally feel the pressure to read books! And I tend to read a lot, so set ridiculously high standards for myself… I can’t just be pleased when I read fifteen books in a month, it needs to be MORE. It’s completely ridiculous! And I know it’s ridiculous, but I can’t seem to stop myself.
    Another thing that makes me happy is when someone says they like one of my favourite books. It’s just like, YES!

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  13. Reading books is such a pressure that K-dramas are what I do when I simply can’t get my eyes to focus on words anymore! In fact I feel even more pressure when a book is hyped or someone I adore recommended it. I feel like it can seem like a rejection if I don’t like it too… which it is NOT but yeah there is that worry though, I don’t see myself in books often… Probably the closest is Cath in Fangirl but I’m not a twin and don’t have many of the situational problems she has, lol. ❤ Great, fun post Ilsa!


  14. Here are the books that I borrowed from you!!!! Since ages I don’t allow anyone to borrow my books because they can easily forget to return them…..it happened to me more than once!!!! Grrr

    Oh my god i have nothing to read let’s buy a new book…..(lots of unread books at home!)


  15. omg that colour featured image – was it intentional?? because hOLidAY sEaSoN yeEET

    also i love that you said “every reader deserves that feeling of seeing them in a book” because that is so, so true. i’m so happy whenever i see queer rep (because ashdgjala so adorable) or indian rep (there but rare) (omg that rhymed) and it makes me love the book even more!!

    great post ❤


    1. YES IT WAS INTENTIONAL I THOUGHT THE COLOUR VERSION WOULD BRING SOME…welllllll colour? vibrancy? something festive.

      ALL THE REP IS NEEDED!! it is SO SO GREAT!! and it makes me so happy. and you’re a poet rhyming all the time. hope you find more books with rep in them.

      thank you ❤

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  16. This post is just overflowingly relatable. Getting a book in the mail is just such a golden and glorious moment and bookstores and libraries are havens of happiness that motivate me to actually leave the house. I feel the same way about there being pressure to read a bunch of books. I like to have a few days in between books so that I can linger on the book I just finished before I move on, but then I feel like I have to start another book right away. But you’re right that you don’t have to read a bunch of books in a month. We’ll just have to keep reminding each other of that 🙂
    I’m so glad that you said you still read MG books because I do too!!! I read some YA, but actually most of what I read is MG and it’s nice to know someone else who reads it too. And I LOVE picture books. One time I ran into a friend at the library and I had a big stack of picture books and she just sort of stared at them and said, “So do you just sit at home all day and read picture books?” And I was like, “Yes ma’am I do.”
    By the way, I just nominated you for the Liebster Award!!! The details are on my blog. I look forward to reading your answers!!!


  17. I’ve recently reccommended ACOTAR to my friend because she’s seen me keep talking about it and such, so she bought it and took almost a year to read it, and when she finished it recently her first thing was ‘I LOVE THIS BOOK, BOOK TWO COMES IN THE MAIL ON TUESDAY’ and I died a lot, like just died. Then she keeps blowing up my group chat asking for more book recs lol!


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