This page has been a mess for too long so –

If you’re new here, then welcome to the mess that is me and my blog! My name is Ilsa (but it isn’t really) and I love to talk about books (when I say love, I mean i sporadically post something once in a while and most of the time it’s me roasting a book or rambling about penguins)

  • I love to read (duh) and write (though I’m not very good at it).
  • I don’t watch loads of shows but some of my favourite include: BBC Merlin, BBC Sherlock, The End of The F***ing World, and Peaky Blinders. If you’ve watched these shows then you know I have TASTE.
  • I’d like to describe my music taste but it ranges from listening to Taylor Swift on repeat to listening to slow, sad songs so…
  • If you want to see my favourite books of ALL TIME here is my favourites shelf (which at the time of writing has aprox. 20 books on it) Also be my friend on Goodreads, please!!
  • Authors I really like and would ready anything from, genuinely: Moira Fowley-Doyle, Erin Moregenstern, Amanda Foody, and Jandy Nelson.
  • I read a lot of YA but i like to dabble in Adult Fiction and Classics once in a while – it can be good fun. I’m yet to start reading non-fiction but there’s loads I do want to read of that genre when I finally do.

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114 thoughts on “ABOUT”

  1. Mmm . . . this virtual ice cream is v good. XDD And AHHH YOU’RE LEARNING GERMAN?? That is infinitely cool. *hides over here with my one-and-a-half language skills* XDD

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  2. Your attempt to make me laugh: AAAAAHHHH…MY STOMACH IS HURTING!! Are you a comedian?!? Enjoying your blog at full speed ilsa! Btw which flavour virtual ice cream are you sending in?

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  3. […] Mahriya Ilsa · RUBBISH! thanks for all the screaming and generally being amazing you + friend <333 // J8/Ju/Julianna · OUR WORD WARS ROCK and so do you, j8 my m8. you are very lit fam!!! 🔥🏡 // Sarah · PRINCESS DUDE. you are legit the best and i have seen your face now mwahahaha // Jackie/Hackie/Jacket · aaagghh my sweet nineteen-year-old!!! we honestly have the longest + best convos ever // Amelie · hmm i didn’t forget about you… thanks for being not only my blogger friend but my wife friend irl too <333 // Violet · thanks for being an irl friend too!!! you’re too kind and too pure :’))) and also my cheerio // Ivy · can’t believe you forgot wonder woman but you’re one dam great friend ;))) // Tessa ·  i still need to read tmi but i will do it for you, fam squad! luv ya // Abi · *cries because The Jungle is dead* but you are so kind and truly a gift to the world. // Kellyn · omg we had the WEIRDEST convos but i do not regret #slay // Marie · aagggh you’re so kind and amazing and thank you for stickin’ with me the whole time. <333 // Beth · you’ve given me some AMAZING recs and you’re such a sweetheart! // Charis · i’ll always remember your pleas for help and also how SWEET you are // Daisy · faces in the mirror HAHAHA keep on being strange, (bat)girl // Gracie · you’re so inspirational and make me want to change the world // Abby · so thoughtful yet also hilarious??? plus amazing photographer ;))) // Mikaela · how are you so awesome??? i love you and your blog too much // Cait · sooooo inspirational and witty and i strive to be cait-level in everything // freaking people who i forget pls forgive me […]

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  4. […] A Whisper of Ink – For some reason I’ve been following Ilsa’s Twitter for awhile now, but not her blog??? I… just don’t even know?? But I’ve fixed this! Anyway, Ilsa posts some very interesting discussions (like this one about genres!) and of course her blog design is absolutely adorable and I love it so much. ❤ […]

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  5. Ahhh Ilsa, I just found your blog & I’m so in love with it?? It’s so gorgeous and I love your blogging voice! 💓 And Six of Crows, The Young Elites, Strange the Dreamer and Harry Potter are EVERYTHING. Also, does the fact that you’re obsessed with Germany mean that you can speak German, because I hardly ever meet anyone in the book community who does. :’)


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