Hello, creatures of the universe!

My name is ilsa yes i’m such a rebel and don’t capitalise my name muahaha and i am a bookworm, undercover geek, coder and writer.

you are probably here to find out more about me but just know i am a massive fan of ice cream. i like to taste new flavours and be adventurous like that. i also have a small bookshelf filled with books. i like books a lot. Sometimes I stroke them or smell them and I read them a lot too.

my favourite books include six of crows, daughter of the burning city, a darker shade of magic, the raven boys, the young elites, strange the dreamer and harry potter. these are of course all my favourite authors too and i will read anything they write.

my tbr is 100X bigger than me which is no surprise because I’m very short. i aim to read a lot of books and inspire you all with my magicalness and intelligence.

I’d love to be an author “when i’m older” i have written a book but its nowhere near ready for publishing. if i could be a bestseller…sigh.

i like writing and reading YA fantasy and contemporary and sometimes magical realism. i am obsessed with Germany and penguins and dark, twisted villains.

My blog is basically just a place where I attempt to make you laugh and fail. In return for your eyeballs’ effort, I give you virtual ice cream which is nowhere near the awesomeness of real ice cream. It’ll have to do though because I can’t give you real ice cream because I sharing is scary. If you’re lucky, I’ll share my precious thoughts on books and give you some hopefully wonderful discussions and bookish posts.

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95 thoughts on “ABOUT”

  1. Ahhh Ilsa, I just found your blog & I’m so in love with it?? It’s so gorgeous and I love your blogging voice! 💓 And Six of Crows, The Young Elites, Strange the Dreamer and Harry Potter are EVERYTHING. Also, does the fact that you’re obsessed with Germany mean that you can speak German, because I hardly ever meet anyone in the book community who does. :’)


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