Here are some of my favourite blogs! You should go check them out because they’re amazing and the people who run them are the sweetest people ever.


Forever and Everly


These are in no particular order and the blogs with just links don’t represent how much I love the blogs, but there’s just a lack of blog button! If you’ve updated a blog button, or on the link and buttonless list and have finally made a blog button, let me know so I can change it -> I don’t bite!

However, this page is also for you lovely people to tell me about your blog and leave a link so I can follow up your blog posts! It’s a bit like my own ‘Community Pool’, I guess? I love reading other people’s blogs as well as writing my own! Please only leave one link though.

This is not a button swap page FYI.



14 thoughts on “BLOGS I LOVE”

  1. Omg Ilsa you are so sweet I am LITERALLY SQUEALING STOP IT.
    I should make a blog button, should I?? PROBABLY SHOULD. I’ve been meaning to get a blog roll up on my blog, but alas I am a lazy lump.

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  2. Awwww you live my blog? Thank you so much, I love your blog too, it’s so pretty and it shows you’re a very passionate blogger and argh just you’re so awesome!!!!! 😊💙🦄🎉
    Thank you so much!!!! loved this post!!!!

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  3. I HAD NO IDEA MY BLOG WAS UP HERE. SO MUCH LOVE TO YOU. (also, about your recent post, I’ll miss your posts, but live your life! Be happy! Get bookmail! I’ll be sure to follow you on different platforms. ❤ )


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