time to SCREAM about my fave bloggers!! // 2019 Book Blogger Awards

Did anyone really think I’d miss an opportunity to fangirl over all my fave blogs?

Well, if you did, you’re wrong because I’m ready to shout out all the amazing book bloggers in this community!!

For a bit more context, my trashy friend, May @ Forever and Everly is hosting the 2019 Book Blogger Awards (check out the post for more info!) which was created in order for book bloggers to be boosted and appreciated! Essentially, people have to write up posts which allow them nominate their faves for different awards!! As I said before, May explains all of the details in her post so please check it out. On to my nominations!


Kerys @ The Everlasting Library – okay Kerys hasn’t posted for a while (come back PLS) but I think it’s SO important to boost teen voices!! Kerys has such a bubbly personality which shines through in her amazing posts!! I’m so honoured to call her a friend (and I LOVE fangirling about The Cruel Prince with her!!) 

Vicky Who Reads

Vicky @ Vicky Who Reads has such a beautiful blog with such great recommendation posts! I love her author interview posts so much, and I’m so inspired by how consistently she manages to put out amazing posts! She’s truly such a light in the blogging community!!


May @ My 1st Chapter has such a great blog. First of all, she gives me WAY to many compliments and also happens to write these enjoyable and cool posts that I very much adore!!! Also how she is the queen at readathons and reading like 20 books per second?? Tell me your secrets. (like, how are u talented @ everything. spill)


Chaima @ Run Away With Dream Thieves – Honestly why do other bloggers even try when Em’s reviews exist? Like?? She writes so eloquently!! Her reviews are the definition of magic!! Every word she writes is beautiful and her reviews are honest and real AND I LOVE READING THEM AND BEING JEALOUS OF HOW GORGEOUS HER WRITING VOICE IS!!!

Emma @ Emma Reads – I would literally read a shopping list written by this queen. Seriously, Emma has SUCH an engaging writing voice, like how? When I write reviews I sound like a dying seal. But Emma is like all conversational and witty? I adore her reviews – they are always funny, and straight to the point, with 0 sugar coating. Emma will literally roast my favourite books and I will be like “YESSS” because her reviews are just that good. 10/10. Amazing. Enjoyable. Perfect. Insert all other good adjectives here.


Lily @ Sprinkles of Dreams– Lily just returned from her hiatus and I am so happy about it! Her blog looks stunning, and her posts are incredible and creative. She has amazing book recommendation posts, and I love reading them because I get to add so many awesome, diverse books to my TBR! Not to mention she’s the sweetest soul ever!


Novels & Waffles

Kat @ Novels and Waffles – Not only does she have some amazing blog posts, but she also has the most dreamiest and beautiful design EVER. Every time I visit her blog, I feel so cosy because it’s such a warm & inviting place. I’m in awe of how PRETTY her blog is, inside and out! 

Alexandra @ Twirling Pages – Alexandra’s design is SO cute and Smol (sorry if I’ve offended anyone who hates ← that word) All the photos, and the fonts and the graphics just go so well together to create this cosy and cute vibe that I love! I also am in love with her booktube channel!!!

Read By Tiffany

Tiffany @ Read By Tiffany– Tiffany’s blog is one I am always in awe of. It’s so gorgeous and pink, and has got such a pretty vibe to it! Every time I visit her blog my EYES are blessed!! Not to mention, Tiffany is SO kind and writes wonderful posts!! The book community truly does not deserve her!



Ju @ Paper Blots – I will NEVER stop ranting about Ju, her wonderful personality and how she’s the greatest friend you could ask for!!! Reading Ju’s blog posts is one of my favourite things to do – she has such a funny and amazing writing voice that just shines through in her posts, and I always end up smiling whenever we talk! She’s truly one of those people who just makes the world brighter and I love her and her blog a lot!

Elise @ The Bookish Actress has such a unique blogging voice and I love it so much. Every time I read one of Elise’s posts I just think “Wow?? She’s so smart??” because she has a sort of essay-like type of writing style that just stands out. Not to mention, her book reviews are always so good!

Rain @ Book Dragonism – Firstly can we all just acknowledge what an EPIC name Rain is?? It’s so pretty. But anyways, what we are really here for…is to scream about HER BLOG which is equally as awesome as her name! I adore Rain’s lively writing voice because it makes her blog such a fun and great place to be. Even posts I wouldn’t usually be interested in, I will definitely read it if Rain’s published it because she’s so enthusiastic about everything she does!


Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane Books – I don’t know who else is being nominated in this category because I can only think of, Marie who is THE queen of engaging in the community. How it she comments of every blog post to ever exist? We shall never know. (Just kidding it’s probably her dedication and sweet personality!) Marie is such a kind blogger who always leaves the most uplifting comments so she definitely deserves to be recognised for how engaged she is in this community!! 


Paper Fury

Cait @ Paper Fury – The first person that came to mind when seeing this award, was, obviously, Cait! Cait has such a warm online presence and I adore her photos and stories on Instagram and her tweets. Her content is funny and relatable, and she just rules at everything because she’s queen! She is so talented at everything she does (she’s slowly conquering her baking skills okay) and I just love all the content she puts out!!! (Also she writes A+ books and is an amazing, amazing friend who I adore)


Lu @ Lu Reads – So Lu has been a tiny bit sporadic with posting lately, but I still adore every one of their posts. Their screaming about books just speaks to the inner fangirl inside me, okay? I love talking to Lu so much and I feel so honoured every time they send me writing snippets, because their writing is always AMAZING, cute and tragic!!! 

Ioana @ Dragon Waffles – I could’ve nominated Ioana for SO many awards, but I LOVE talking to her about dodie, stranger things and just, books in general!! I feel like Ioana has such great taste in books, music and shows…and well, friends obviously?? Her blog posts are truly so FUNNY and she’s just got this amazing writing voice that just comes through so well in all her posts! I honestly just SCREAM every time she uploads a post and her blog remains an absolute FAVOURITE of mine. I AM HER BIGGEST FAN OK.


Mel @ Mel to The Any – literally the KINDEST soul to ever exist like how??? Everything she writes or says is literally filled with positivity and magic ahhh. I adore her Booktube videos, and she has one of the most vibrant and amazing personalities ever!


Shealea @ Shut Up Shealea is really OUT here doing the most for marginalised communities. She is a host for YARC (Year of The Asian Reading Challenge), hosts fantastic international blog tours, and is also hosting Augvocacy (a project to amplify Asian voices). I adore her posts and how much effort she puts into every single one! She is constantly amplifying Asian voices, and I am just in awe with everything she does! 

May @ Forever and Everly – I spent a long time deciding what awards to nominate my favourite bloggers for, but because May fits into SO many of these categories, I found it was extra hard to decide which award to nominate them for. But when I really thought about it, May is truly an AMAZING advocate for diversity. Their recommendation/TBR posts are always filled with diverse reads and fantastic suggestions on what to read. They are adamant to make sure they read diverse books (I mean LOOK at her reading spreadsheets) and they write the most thought-provoking discussions about things like ownvoices books and representation.

Fadwa @ Word Wonders provides a platform for so many minorities and it’s amazing! She hosts DiverseBookBloggersDiscusses and also previously hosted Muslims Voices Rise Up (which I participated in!) and her recommendation posts for diverse books are amazing and the amount of effort put into everyone of her posts is so, so inspiring!


(I literally just copied Tiffany’s nominations for this award because THEY’RE SO SPOT ON)

Olivia @ Purely Olivia makes SUCH good content and I love all her posts ranging from her monthly recaps to tags. She is so friendly, and topped with enjoyable posts and a wonderful design, I can’t help from being in love with her blog! She definitely deserves ALL the followers because she’s simply wonderful!! 

Taasia @ Librae Paint Pages – I LOVE TAASIA SO MUCH!!! I love talking to her (but definitely want to DM more!!) and her blog has such enjoyable and cool posts! From her discussion posts to monthly recaps, I adore the content Taasia puts out and how supportive she is! She and her blog are so inspiring and wonderful!


CW @ The Quiet Pond could basically fit into nearly all of these categories, so I thought it was fitting to nominate her for this! Her blog design is so beautiful, her posts are always 10/10 quality and i’m just in awe of how much effort has been put into this blog. It’s truly one of the best websites I’ve ever been on. Once you check it out, YOU WILL UNDERSTAND HOW PERFECT IT IS. I could honestly scream about her blog froeever.

p.s there are other blogs I wanted to nominate but didn’t get a chance to. but know that if i follow your blog, i love it!! ❤

Are you going to nominate people for this year’s book bloggers awards? Do you see any of your favourites in this post? Who are your favourite book blogs! Talk to me!


39 thoughts on “time to SCREAM about my fave bloggers!! // 2019 Book Blogger Awards”

  1. first of all, i SCREAMED when i got this notif!!! so thanks for making my week!!!!💖💙💖💜💖

    i happen to adore you and your blog a lot too. your posts are next level intellectual and you’re always so coherent with your discussions. spill your secret first (also, i NEED to find out past may’s secret of reading 20 books a second too bc its 1 week into july and i have only finished 1 BOOK, it’s officially time to send help)
    anyways, THANK YOU SO MUCH for nominating me, you make my heart happy
    i really need to get a move on and post my nominations SOON. and now i’m totally going to go through your list and follow all the blogs you mentioned 💖💖


  2. BRB BC I’M SCREAMING AND CRYING AND FANGIRLING AND EVERYTHING ❤ I am so so honored to be included in this all-star list of nominations. I

    love so many of the bloggers that you named from Vicky to CW to May to Shealea. I could honestly go on and on and on. and I know on Twitter you said that you didn't know what to say for each bloggers but honestly everything you wrote is so thoughtful and kind~

    You deserve so much love as well, and I am rooting for you for this award!!



    Thank you so much for nominating me! It means a lot that you appreciate my content. So many great bloggers in this list too. I love how you put all the pretty blog headers here as well.



  4. UM HI YOU ARE THE KINDEST, SWEETEST, LOVELIEST HUMAN BEING AND I CAN’T THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR NOMINATING ME. But seriously, thank you so much for your kind words and I’m probs gonna print this out and laminate it because EEP SENPAI NOTICED ME. You were one of the first blogs I followed when I first started blogging, so this is a big deal™. Thanks again!!


  5. hello you know I already love you but I’ll say it again: I love you!!!! I smiled so much at everything you said and almost teared up (and I know it’s a little thing but seeing you use she/they pronouns for me meant a lot) 💖💖💖 and fhsdfhsd I can’t believe you called me a trash friend when we all know YOU’RE the trash friend for not TELLING ME YOUR WIP IDEAS!!!!


  6. ILSA!! First, I want to say that I LOVE YOU MORE OMG 😩💖 You’re too sweet and this truly made my day! You’re both one of my favourite bloggers and humans ever, so this means so so much to me! I don’t deserve your love and support and to be on this list with so many legendary and amazing bloggers, I – 😭😭😭 Truly so many faves that I love with all my heart. Once again, before I shut up, I want to say I LOVE YOU!!! And everything you do! You’re amazing and YES we have to talk lots more. I’m just a shy human who is very bad at reaching out 💖💖


  7. AHHHHH AHHHH. I’m feeling emotional 😭😭 thank you so, so, SO much for thinking of me and for featuring me alongside these INCREDIBLE bloggers I admire and love, this honestly means the world to me. THANK YOU 😭😭


  8. Ahh, Ilsa, thank you so much for nominating me!!❤️😭You have a truly amazing list of blogs here, some of which I know and love and some of which I’m going to go check out right away, and I’m so honored to be listed beside them. Thank you ahhh, this means so much to me!! It’s made my whole day and don’t mind me rambling right now because I love you and your blog so much. You’re amazing! *virtual hug*

    Liked by 1 person

  9. oh oh you are so kind 😭💛*squishes you and sends you cake that is definitely not burnt* (I have made dubious pancakes a lately, just a little charcoal, but FINE I’m sure.) But seriously THANK YOU. I feel like I haven’t been the best blogger lately, so I’m honoured to be mentioned at all. And can I say how much I love your blog too?! Your posts are always a delight 😘

    Liked by 1 person

      1. 😡 stop roasting me I’m submitting it though the form

        also I literally just submitted mine like two minutes ago and the page FROZE so idk what’s happening with that… I just pinned that tab and left it there. we shall see what happens


  10. Oh my God, the fangirling is real in this one!!
    You mentioned so many of my faves, and I’m so happy to see them popping up in so many other bloggers’ posts (it takes royalty to recognize royalty, people!) plus others I’m sure I’ll love as well ❤
    Thanks so much for sharing, Ilsa 🙂


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