The Annual Book Blogger Awards // screaming about my favourite bloggers

Today I’m going to be showing some love to my favourite bloggers!

I’m so excited to be participating in Joce’s Annual Book Blogger Awards. You can read all the information there but today, i’m going to be nominating some bloggers for some awards! Let’s jump right in.



I literally had no IDEA where to put these nominations so I’m just lumping two of my faves here!!

May @ Forever and Everly! We have known each other since…it seems like forever (and everly sorry not sorry)  and I love her blog so much I cannot physically or mentally put into words. She is literally the best human I know, I sometimes don’t appreciate everything she does for me so this is just to say, I think you are amazing and you are a literal perfect human that is all.


Best Adult Book Blogger (20+)

JACKIE @ TOO MUCH OF A BOOK NERD literally has such a fun colourful blog I LOVE IT SO MUCH! every time i visit that site it just makes me so happy inside? Plus Jackie has literally the best personality ever and writes these fangirling messes of a post and I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!

Long-DividerBest Book Blogger from an Underrepresented/Minority Group

Literally, everyone is nominating Fadwa @ Word Wonders for this and I have to agree. Fadwa is a queer Muslim neurodivergent book blogger and she has AMAZING posts, always talks about relevant topics and runs an awesome blog!


Emma Reads! I literally just found Emma’s blog and I literally have fallen in love with it. I love her reviews and opinions and comments and personality and she just has an amazing blog and is the best, okay?


Best book reviews

Em @ Runaway with Dream Thieves. OH MY GOD HER REVIEWS WOW!! Em is an iconic book reviewer JUST SAYING! I adore every damn word this girl writes. She is literally a queen. She knows how to review a book and keep me interested and she has some magical way with words. If anyone deserves this award, it is her.

Elise @ The Bookish Actress has really good posts and awesome reviews of books. Her reviews are so well thought out and she expresses her opinions so well. She brings perspectives to book I love that i hadn’t seen before and always picks up on those minor things you miss out on!

Long-DividerPrettiest Bookshelf

Cait @ Paper Fury has the prettiest rainbow shelf EVER I am completely in love with her photos and I aspire to have such dedication to my bookshelf!! Also, Cait is like an amazing dragon and you should all pre-order A Thousand Perfect Notes because it comes out on June 7th and it is like, amazing!!! Plus an amazing dragon wrote it!!! So like!!

Long-DividerBest Discussion Posts

Mikaela @ The Well Thumbed Reader DEFINITELY for this award! She has an amazing blog and always comes up with great discussions that we just NEED to talk about in the book community!

Analee @ Book Snacks also has amazing discussion posts! I feel like she talks about things we all think deep down and she manages to ramble on in the most entertaining way! I enjoy literally every post she writes, you can see how much EFFORT she puts into each blog.

Marie @ Drizzle Hurricane and Books also has REALLY GREAT DISCUSSION POSTS!!! I’m trying to avoid nominating her twice but yes, I do nominate her for this award too!!

Long-DividerMost Engaged in the Community

Marie @ Drizzle Hurricane and Books manages to comment furiously and eloquently on literally EVERY post i write without fail. Her comments are sweet and thoughtful and she literally always brightens up my day! I don’t know HOW Marie blog hops so much but she does and SHE DESERVES THIS NOMINATION!!! I see her everywhere in the blogosphere and it is a real delight.

Long-DividerBest Blog Aesthetic

Aimal @ Bookshelves and Paperbacks HAS SUCH A PRETTY BLOG OH MY GOD How could I NOT nominate her blog? it’s SO organised and pretty!

Bridget @ Bridget and Books has a REALLY smol looking blog! I love how everything is put together and it is just SO aesthetically pleasing?? I honestly have no idea how it so beautiful.

Lia @ Lost in A Story has literally such a pretty blog and it is SO NICE TO LOOK AT AHHH!! She also has really great posts that I enjoy reading so much!!

Long-DividerBest personality / friendliest member of the community

This WITHOUT a doubt goes to Lu @ Lu Reads have you spoken to Lu? She screams about cake, rants about topics with me, fangirls over characters and is literally the kindest friend you could ask for. I love that we don’t have to speak every day but when we catch up it is the nicest thing EVER and I know I can always talk to Lu. She is a LIGHT in the blogging community.

Ju @ Paper Blots is SUCH A FUNNY DUCK I LOVE HER! I feel like we don’t talk enough and mostly send each other cats and dogs (which she stopped doing hint) but I feel like she just gets me so much? She is super friendly and she always supports me in everything?? yeet

Aris @ Awkward Aris is the friendliest bean ever! I love talking to her (I WISH I TALKED TO HER MORE) and she’s hilarious and I just enjoy our conversation so much?? And her blog is also fantastic, literally, everyone should follow her.

Long-DividerBest New Book Blogger

I think Han @ Han devours books started this year and I LOVE HER BLOG!! She’s a fellow Muslim sister and she is hilarious, has a great personality and when we first talked, I immediately knew she’d be a good friend. Her posts are always so enjoyable and she is such a good newbie book blogger!


Best Overall Book Blogger

Ioana @ Dragon Waffles deserves this award. I would choose everyone but If I chose the blog I enjoy the most, it HAS to be her blog. Every single damn post this girl writes. I’m either laughing or crying or fangirling over it. She could literally write trash and I would just melt. I’m not sure what it is about her posts, something that it just so bubbly and funny in her personality or the jokes she makes or the way she writes and fangirls or how she makes everything so interesting and exciting, I just love her blog. It is a fun, amazing, vibrant beautiful place and talking to Ioana is literally the best thing ever, I LOVE HER and her BLOG and I will remain her number one fan, FOREVER.


Honourable Mentions

I didn’t get to nominate ALL the bloggers I want to mention so here is a list of book blogs I absolutely adore but didn’t get to nominate this year. PLEASE don’t take it personally if I don’t nominate you! I read and love a lot of blogs and there is no way I could fit them all in! Some people I just thought fit a category better but that doesn’t mean I like your blog more or less!!

  • Samantha @ Red Head With a Book has an amazing blog. I really enjoy her posts! They are super fun and whimsical and you should definitely check her out.
  • Nadia @ Headscarves and Hardbacks. She has a really enjoyable blog and I like her posts a lot!
  • Ruby @ Ruby Rae Reads. I love fangirling with Ruby and her blog is a delight to read
  • I desperately wanted to fit Joce in!! I love Joce’s blog and she is such a sweet person for organising this second year in a row.
  • Hannah is the peanut butter queen and I love her blog so much!!
  • Swetlana is ALSO an another a German blogger that i recently found! I love her posts greatly and I think she writes so well and has fantastic ideas!
  • Savannah @ The Book Prophet has such an amazing blog but her booktube tops it all 😉

dude if you are in this category i still 100% love your blog? i only follow blogs i enjoy so please don’t take this to heart okay?? you are all amazing!! sorry i’m just so anxious about not nominating everyone i love okayyyy. 


Anyways make sure you go vote in the comments or in a blog post for your favourite blog! you don’t have to nominate someone for every category, you could literally leave a comment that says “Ilsa @ A Whisper Of Ink for Best blog in the entire universe” and that would be counted 😉 So make sure you vote today or tomorrow and then there will be twitter polls to narrow things down in the second round!!

Let's Whisper

Who are your favourite blogs? Have you discovered some new bloggers through this post? Have you cast your nominations? Why do you think it is important to appreciate bloggers? Let me know below!!

Ilsa - Edited


38 thoughts on “The Annual Book Blogger Awards // screaming about my favourite bloggers”

  1. AGHHHHHHAJKSKALLALA!!! <- that would be me totally flapping my arms around like an octopus and falling on the carpet. HOW WHAT HOW WHAT….HOWWWWW. Howwwwwwww. I am in awe and have totally forgotten how to words right now. I feel like anything I'd say right now will sound like word vomit BECAUSE THAT IS ME UNDER THE WORD BEST BLOGGER AND I JUST CANNOT!!! EVEN!!! Let me just shower you in sprinkles appreciation and sugary sweets?? Yes?? YES!!! And you said nice things and I HAVE A REPUTATION OF BEING AN EMOTIONLESS LIZARD STOP MAKING ME FEEL THESE WARM GOOEY THINGS! Gahhhhhh!! (Also I ADORE TALKING TO YOU TOO and I just love fangirling all over your blog since it's the awesomest even though you're eviiiiiiiil! I love your smol evil face that you probably don't have since you're a penguin queen but alas.)

    AND!!! ALL THE APPRECIATION!! FOR THE AMAZING BLOGGERS ON THIS LIST!! Because bloggers are magical creatures that deserve appreciation. And cookies. And hugs. And free books. Basically all the good stuff!! (From that list I can't give much trough the internet but I'll follow all the humans that I'm not already following because gasp that must be done asap!!)

    ….ok I'm still not over me being on the list I'll continue screaming eternally. The neighbors will just have to learn to deal with my pterodactyl screams of joy.


    1. im so glad you fell on a carpet as that would soften the blow and i wouldn’t want you to get hurt from all this wild flapping.” I am in awe and have totally forgotten how to words right now.” –> ME EVERY TIME I READ YOUR POSTS MATE. I wait in my bed in anticipation for when you will next post okay. I am the ultimate fangirl. BUT WARMY GOOEY THINGS ARE GOOD OKAY LIKE COOKIES CAN BE WARM AND GOOEY WITH CHOCOLATE CHIPS AND THAT IS GOOD!!! (and now im on twitter and instgram hiatus so i can’t even talk to you anymore WHAT IS THIS TORTURE) honestly u deserve it u amazing internet lizard!! i don’t think i could ever appreciate how awesome your blog is!!! (and i do have an evil smol face)

      YES ALL THE HUGS AND NICE-NESS (?) for all the bloggers!! Honestly, I wanted to nominate all the bloggers I follow but that was actually impossible sooo…ahahha!!! And i can hear you screaming all the way from London, do continue!


  2. Ahh I’m so honoured to be mentioned. 💖💖And SO many blogs to check out now omg I basically feel out of the blogging loop because I hardly know any of these fantastic people. *makes a list to fix this* 😍


  3. I love reading everyone’s recommendations for the blogger awards! This community is full of amazing people!! You chose some of my favourite bloggers, and I got some awesome recommendations, thank you ❤



    yEs we should definitely talk more (and about things other than steve, even though he is an angel) ❤ ❤

    also i completely agree with all of your nominations!!!!!! literally everyone is so amazing and precious and i would hug them all at once if i could (and give them ice cream cake)


  5. gAH – why’d you have to mention my cringe booktube *hides face* why must you be such a wonderful human bean. you nominated some of my favorite blogs and i now have some new ones to read 😀


  6. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YOU. You’re WAY too sweet, beware, I am getting ready to type furiously on my keyboard to flood you with comments, haha. You’re way too sweet, thank you so, SO much for the nomination, this means THE WORLD to me and honestly, it is not that hard to comment on every single one of your posts, it is harder NOT to comment on ALL of them because I just love EVERYTHING and I have this need to furiously type you a comment, every, single, time so really it’s your fault for being such an amazing blogger 😉
    There are sooooooooooo many awesome bloggers here as well??? I LOVE EVERYONE. ❤


      1. AWWWW you’re too sweet and I’m just telling the truth, you are the most AWESOME and I’m pretty sure you’ll win tons of awards because you are that amazing and deserve it 😉 ❤ ❤


  7. OMG ILSA.

    Thank you so much for being a wonderful being and gafimwcp',f my heartttt ❤
    I just….

    am speechless.


    thank you


  8. AHHHH thank you so much??? i am obsessed with you and your blog so um. this is a pretty wild moment for me


  9. Found tons of amazing blogs (including yours!!! ❤️) through this post! Definitely need to blog hop.


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