productivity has left the chat // where i’ve been (yet another update post!!)

I mean, where have i been?

Look, i know no one missed me (yes i’m writing this so i can get comments that say “oh no i DEFINITELY missed ur postss ilsa” because I’m just that sort of attention seeker. )

But honestly I have no idea where i’ve been. So Alexa, play Monopoly by Ariana Grande.

It’s the summer holidays, so by some weird logic that means I have more free time and therefore should be blogging more. But, because I am Ilsa it also happens to mean PROCRASTINATION. Truly, I’m beginning to hate that word so much because it really doesn’t encapsulate how frustratingly LAZY I am, and how I can never get anything done, and I go to sleep each night FEELING WORTHLESS CUS IM NOT DOING ANYTHING. Productivity has officially left the chat…i mean was she even in the chat in the first place?

I haven’t updated you guys on what i’ve read SINCE FOREVER (ahahhaha. And i’m not going to do it this post because i’m holding out on the fact that i’ll be motivated to do a mini reviews post!!!) and also what i’ve been doing. So here’s a weird little life update  🤪 🤪 🤪 (like anyone cares ahahahaha)

🍃🍃general life things🍃🍃

  • I baked cookies
  • It’s the summer holidays
  • I Am LAZY
  • What is a sleep schedule???
  • I’ve said and i oop about 30000 times in the past week (also, new addition, is saying luv at the end of every sentence)
  • I haven’t been reading books for forever
  • I’ve just got out of a reading slump YAY. (have i really tho?)

🍃🍃social media 🍃🍃

So lots of things have happened online presence wise. I re installed Instagram again on my phone, and that means I can finally have some great interactions with the legendary Ioana @ Dragon Waffles which is always great. 

I also re-made a Goodreads Account. If you don’t know quite a while ago, due to Reasons, I left goodreads and impulsively deleted my account (all my reviews, shelves, ratings, friends – GONE) and have been regretting it ever since. But I made a new one! All my old reviews are not there, and I’m only adding friends I actually WANT on there and it’s been pretty fun so far! I like having a place to write my salty reviews like this one (sorry I’ll never stop promoting this review I find it rlly funny)

I also made a curious cat (Wow who AM I? Social media EW) and you can ask me questions on there! If you ever visit my cc, and your reaction ISNT this then…

And I’m kinda more active on twitter again! I feel so weird because I feel like I’ve just been really dead on all my platforms while I was in school and now i’m just LIKE YEAH LET’S TALK BROS!!!!! On every platform.

Image result for im aware im annoying i dont know how to stop

🍃🍃 no school 🍃🍃

I’m so HAPPY there’s no school because I get to have some GOOD quality sleep!! And not wake up on 6 hours of sleep and feel like DEATH. But I wish I was being more productive. 

I wrote this on my curious cat and I think it just sums up my frustration – OKAY SUMMER is good hypothetically BUT i fall out routine, feel like I lose touch with friends, am too scared to make any plans, never really do anything fun and watch while everyone travels the world while i go to Sainsbury’s and write poetry, and i’m unproductive and waste my days away and when school comes im LIKE WHAT?? 

I mean that’s always fun right?? Also I’m just starting to hate sarcasm (ironic I know) but it just pisses me off for some reason even tho i’m so sarcastic myself?


So i went to this really pretty park in London, and it had these really pretty flower gardens and I genuinely love nature SO MUCH. Here’s some pictures I took. (Afterwards, we went to a restaurant and I ate: a lot)

🍃🍃 tv shows 🍃🍃

I watched the first two seasons of La Casa De Papel (Money Heist) and it was SO addicting and intense!! I’m not really liking the direction of Season 3 so far, but we’ll see!

Stranger Things Season 3 came out and I’M UM!!! Season 2 remains my favourite for Steve reasons BUT the finale for this season was SO EMOTIONAL I was sobbing for 10 minutes straight (if you know, you know). I do have some complaints to be honest but I’m OBSESSED with Robin! She is just so funny and smart and cute. It was such a good season, and I had such a fun time watching it because all the characters make me so happy (apart from Alexei i’m sorry) i feel like doing a season review of all the best moments but also I DON’T KNOW if anyone would want to read that?

🍃🍃exciting bookish news🍃🍃

Imagine Me cover was released and I’m not IN LOVE with it but at least it’s not as disappointing as Defy Me’s cover.

Queen of Nothing Sampler was released online AND!!! I’m so fricking pumped, I miss Jude and Cardan SO MUCH. 

Me, May, Taasia, and Ju, are thinking of hosting a readalong for the Legend series by Marie Lu, so if you’re interested, vote on the poll/tell me in the comments below.

i’m thinking of doing a bookish meme section of funny YA book jokes I see on twitter and compiling them here every month or so?? IDK. Let me know if it would be something you are interested in!

🍃🍃august tbr🍃🍃

I know it’s already August but here are some of the books I plan to read so If you ever want to buddy read any of them let me know!

the seven husbands of evelyn hugo
the forbidden wish
darius the great is not okay


I figured I should start doing a section like this because I feel like sharing songs you love is so much fun!

recently added to playlist:

  • The Archer by Taylor Swift
  • Jesus in LA by Alec Benjamin
  • Ur So Beautiful By Grace Vanderwaal
  • Fool by Cavetown
  • Road Trip by Chloe Moriondo
  • Sit next to me By Foster The People
  • Checkmate by Conan Gray 
  • It’s Not Living (if it’s not with you) by the 1975 

Anyways, I think that’s everything for this recap? Tell me if you’re excited for the readalong we’re hosting for Legend! Would you be interested in a bookish meme recap from Twitter? How is your summer? What music have you been loving lately? TELL ME EVERYTHING!!!


30 thoughts on “productivity has left the chat // where i’ve been (yet another update post!!)”

  1. I definitely understand the feeling of what have I been doing all the time. I feel that constantly.

    I have been thinking about reading the seven husband’s of Evelyn Hugo but I just haven’t gotten around to it

    Also! I love that you shared music with us! I’m always looking for music so I’ll be listening to those later.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Okay but like I actually did miss your posts, Ilsa!! I’m really happy you’re back. ❤️I’ve read all the books you’re planning to read in August besides Beartown and I loved them all so I hope you enjoy them, too :)) and ahh!! Yes to The Archer!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. okay you shush bc i definitely missed you. baking cookies and sleeping till noon have been my entire summer, so i relate to this clownery youre talking about
    !!!!!!!!!!YOU HAVE TO LOVE BEARTOWN!!!!!!!!!! youre not allowed to hate it, i wont allow this
    anyways, i hope your august is going great and you’re having a grand time and baking more cookies

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Welcome back!! Summer is definitely a good time for being lazy and having no sleep schedule – and also baking cookies 😀 ALSO everything you said about Stranger Things I completely agree with. Robin is the best character I’m obsessed with her!!! Good luck with your August TBR, and enjoy the rest of your summer! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. jk I love you and I did miss you and was wondering when you would post and got very excited to see you did!! you better love Evelyn Hugo or I might cry. and the Scoops gang is the only thing I care about from ST and I don’t feel bad about it. and yes we would want to see a book meme post!!!

      also I think you’d be happy to know the music I’m listening to is tiktok music :))


      1. i luv u too. dw i’ll luv evelyn hugo! honestly valid since steve is the loml. and no it would only be a small section in my recaps of bookish memes ive been recently loving.

        tiktok music…luv….the stench


  5. Ahh hi Isla! Welcome back, have missed your posts!
    I totally get you on the summer thing, I meant to do so much this summer after my exams and… I really haven’t? It’s just so hard not to want to just sit and do nada.
    AND I OOP OH MY I say it so much and I just can’t help it?!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Welcome baaaaack!! Also why are your salty reviews currently only on GR, please sprinkle a little on your blog too 😏 OMGGGGGGG WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE ARCHER IS IT NOT THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING EVER?!?

    Also highkey relate to procrastinating during breaks – Nish & I had 2 months at the end of last year & were planning to set up our blog & instead we did it in the middle of semester half a year later 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Glad you’re back!!!

    I’ve been listening to La La Land’s soundtrack and all of King George’s songs from Hamilton. And John Williams because he is FAB!

    I’ve read about 100 books since may I think..?

    I also went to a drama thing (wizard of Oz!!!) So that was AMAZING!

    I haven’t watched Stranger Things (at all) but YES from what I’ve heard they are Batman and Robin.

    Glad you’re back!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. How is it the summer holidays and we’ve been so messy 😭 I had planned to read and blog so much, catch up with shows, go for walks, check out new music, … I’ve done so little, my sleep is still messed up and I’m already worried about school. Hopefully, the rest of this month will be better! Happy august ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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