an official hiatus announcement! i’m going for a month and a bit.

so i’m going to be taking a break from blogging! i know i normally take hiatuses without notifiying anyone but i thought that it’d be good to let you know that i’m going to be gone for quite a while. here’s why:

  • i want to take some time to come up with post ideas that i LOVE
  • i have some very important exams soon and i want to spend time studying
  • i’m actually focusing on writing my WIP and have never felt more motivated
  • Ramadan and Eid are also coming up and so life will become very hectic!
  • honestly feeling abit slumpy about blogging, so i think a hiatus is something that will benefit me a lot!

I hope to still post monthly recaps and some ARC reviews but nothing serious to be committed to. I also think a break from Twitter and Instagram is a good idea! If you ever wanna reach out, you can email me.

I hope you guys won’t miss me too much while I’m gone! I think I’ll be officially back in June sometime? Maybe a birthday celebration post to welcome me back, who knows? See you guys soon!!

22 thoughts on “an official hiatus announcement! i’m going for a month and a bit.”

  1. ahh I hope you have a good break! I was going to say “good rest” but sounds like you will be super busy still. 💛💛 (And YAY for being motivated for the wip!)


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