All The Asian Books I Will Read In May // A hopefully realistic TBR

me: *posts a rant about how not creative the book blogging world is, and how we need more original content*

me: *posts a generic TBR post for the 3rd time this year*

i know, i’m a hyprocite, this isn’t news or tea. we’re all used to it.

now, moving on. i saw like everyone doing a TBR for “Asian Pacific American Heritage Month!” and i was like, oop is that peer pressure i hear calling me? and yes, in fact it was peer pressure on the phone, and not inspiration.

so here i am. i feel like this post will be so similar to my Asian TBR post i did for Year of the Asian reading challenge but do i care? no. we need the content.

But this will be narrowed down to things I can ACTUALLY read this month. i have 6 books on this TBR which sounds reasonable to me since that’s how much i read in a normal month.

(yes i’m on hiatus but i just?? really wanted to post this as i felt really motivated to write and i don’t like letting that go to waste. plus i’m limiting myself to only spend 30 mins on this post. if i take longer, this post won’t be finished or published! go productive me.)


this is going to be a buddy read with ju @ paper blots and i’m very excited. we’ve tried to buddy read books so many times and!! it has never worked out because we’re failures. but we’re going to be reading this soon, and i really hope i love it! also yikes, i wish the cover was better.

the astonishing color of after
by emily x.r. pan

i am so excited to re-read my favourite book of 2018. gah, am i ready for the feels? no. NOT AT ALL. honestly, i’ve talked too much about this book for me to even have anything worthwhile to write here so like I’m EXCITED. maybe i’ll finally have a full review on the blog for this?? idk. i hope i love this as much as the first time because if even hesitate to give this a 5 star again, i will be so sad.

i started this last year and it was so good and pakistani so i’m very excited to pick back up again and just enjoy myself with this summer read!

patron saints of nothing
by randy ribay

i actually got an arc of this from the publisher! i think the publicist put out a tweet as like a call for POC bloggers to review this and honestly? can all publishers follow suit this is a great idea to get books into ov reader’s hands? anyways, i don’t really know much about this but it looks very short.

i LOVED the first book in the series, an ember in the ashes so i’m excited for this one. i actually am already 10% into this but would really like to finish it in may. i already have some problems with it which i’m really sad about but hopefully when i finish the book it will have redeemed itself somehow.

we hunt the flame
hafsah faizal

some really kind person on twitter preordered this for me and i am so happy! hopefully the preorder will arrive on time and i can read this as soon as it arrives (may 14th). AHH IM SO EXCITED I HOPE I LOVE THIS BOOK SO MUCH!!! anyways, yeah. arabian-inspired fantasy written by muslim author that is, must i mention again, a FANTASY, also with enemies-to-lovers (?) also that cover also im so excited i can’t stop gushing. and i got character cards the other day from a pre-order incentive and they’re so beautiful I’M GOING TO CRY.

books i know i won’t get to but still going to add this here: internment by samira ahmad, flame in the mist,forest of a thousand lanterns and a thousand splendid suns. i do want to read all of these books but i’m not really in the mood to read any of them or particularly hyped for them at this moment. SO.

what books are you going to read in may? do you find TBR posts boring and uncreative? can you believe when i’m not on hiatus, i never feel motivated to post but when i am, i literally want to post everything? do you think i will read all the books mentioned here or do you have 0 faith in me? LET ME KNOW!

also this post feels so low quality i KNOW. i just wanted to make myself accountable for what i’m reading in may. this isn’t like content i’m really excited about and that’s why i’m not like putting my full effort into this. it’s just so i can look back on this and see what ended up reading!! and so i can feel proud of myself!! yay. also hopefully you got some asian recs from this post. also this took 50 minutes instead of 30 but i’m a rebel.

15 thoughts on “All The Asian Books I Will Read In May // A hopefully realistic TBR”

  1. okay I would tell you when I plan on reading Astonishing but I am in literally just full mood-reading mode and I have no idea when I’m going to read what but I will try to give a few days’ notice if possible??? and I hope you and Ju love Empress!! it definitely was a …. wild experience lmao. also 1) I love TBR posts (because they are so easy to write and I like seeing what people plan on reading) and 2) I have full faith in you to read all 6 books!!! whereas I have 0 faith in myself lmao I was a little overambitious


  2. u can do this ilsa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also no this was NOT low quality it was very nice to read on your very aesthetic site :’) and ooooh I kind of want to read Mariam Sharma tooo!!! it sounds very very good?? i’m glad u felt peer pressured to write this, binch. i can’t believe I have like 15 books on my tbr and u have 6


    1. i have read a total of 2 books in may. And that’s just me re-reading ari and dante twice in May. I FAILED. But I plan to read 5 more books this month!! even tho there’s like what 4 days left. thank you!!! for calling my sight aesthetic!!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Ahh best of luck with this wonderful TBR, I hope you’ll end up enjoying A torch against the night, it was such a rollercoaster of emotions ahhh. I’m also so impatient to hear what you think of we hunt the flame I’ve heard so many great things about this book and can’t wait to get a copy myself 🙂 Happy reading!! ❤ ❤


  4. so i haven’t been reading like at all recently haha but i think i might try and read some books by asian authors this month! i’ve been working on a book with a half asian half african american mc for a while now (but the author is a middle aged while male and it shows lol) so i want to finish that ASAP so i can read books by actual asian authors cause there’s loads on my shelves i need to read and this is the perfect time to make myself do that! maybe i’ll finally read a torch against the night and the astonishing color of after!


  5. Good luck with your TBR, Ilsa!! I’m sure you can do it! I’ve been meaning to read Empress of All Seasons, but I keep putting it off for some reason! All the mixed reviews for it have scared me. Oof. I seriously need to read Astonishing some time soon though! I really hope you enjoy A Torch Against the Night!! You’ll have to let me know your thoughts once you finish it! Happy reading! ❤



    and afjkalsfjslafj you are so lucky to read We Hunt the Flame!! I want to hear ALL THE THOUGHTS bc I honestly can't wait for it!!

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