May Whispers // Lots of reading (!!), lots of studying (!!), lots of speaking out (!!) but not much book mail, oops.

May was a “meh” month for me.

Nothing particularly GOOD happened. But nothing REALLY bad happened?! I think it’s like May was a prequel novel to the REAL novel, June. I did a lot this month in preparation for next month so I feel like June will be so much more eventful!?

I did read a lot of books though! And I did some super scary things. Buuuuut let’s get into the recap.



I read 10 books!! Which is AMAZING considering 1) I was in a slump at the beginning of the month and 2) I had exams and was stressing + this month was SO busy. I’m incredibly proud of myself for reading so much!

3.45 was my average rating for this month and I think that says it all. Some books were REALLY good and some were trash and that’s the tea 🙂

Screenshot 2018-06-02 at 14.16.14Screenshot 2018-06-02 at 14.15.46Crooked Kingdom (Six of Crows, #2)

Bone Gap (x2) by Laura Ruby ★★★★★ // I read this in one day and then re-read it the next day. OOPS. It was amazing and magical!! [review to come]

A Girl Like That by Tanaz Bhathena ★★★☆☆ // Really good messages about rape culture in Middle Eastern Countries but a horrible portrayal of Muslims (apparently we are all evil and messed up :/ ) [read my review here]

The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert ★★★☆☆ // This was cool and creepy but we were THRUST into the fantasy world and so I was overwhelmed?! [review to come]

The Summer of Us by Cecilia Vinesse ★★★★.5 // UH I ACTUALLY LIKED A FLUFFY CONTEMPORARY. WAS UP WAY TOO LATE READING THIS BUT CUTE!! [read my review here]

I Have Lost My Way by Gayle Forman ★★☆☆☆ // Really excited for this BUT GUESS WHAT!??! There was a disgusting, stereotypical representation of the Muslim family AND the ending was annoying. It was kinda entertaining tho. [review to come]

Wonder by R.J Placio ★★★.5 //  Really good!! but the ending was unrealistic in my opinion…[read my review here]

Monday’s Not Coming by Tiffany D. Jackson ★☆☆☆☆ // WHAT THE FRICK WAS THAT ENDING. I’m kinda annoyed I read this 400 paged book and we get some half-baked plot twist. :/ [read my review here]

Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo ★★★★★ // This was a re-read and I CRIED IT WAS SO GOOD PERFECTION I LOVE IT

Girl Made of Stars by Ashley Herring Blake rating to come // i…?! Re-read this to see if I would like it the second time round but I’m not sure still so?!?!? [read my review here]

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset


OOPS, I only got 1 book this month!? It’s kinda sad…haha. Last month, I got loads of books and now I just got one from a book box (WHICH I WILL UNBOX SOON!!) and it looks pretty cool. But yes, that’s all the book mail I got. not that i am ungrateful or anything!! i know 1 book can be a big thing for some people!! i am grateful for the book mail i get!!

I stop somewhere


Leah on the Offbeat (Creekwood, #2) Not the Girls You're Looking For

Click on the covers to go the GR page.

I got granted for my wish for LOTO and I was really happy but then I heard some ?%??^&£%!£$%^&*&^%)(*%$£ things about it so I’m not sure when I’ll read it now. I was really excited for Not The Girls You’re Looking For but I started it and I’m not liking it, oops. I’m on a blog tour for it though so I will be picking it up soon. I love the vibrant covers of both of these!!


I only posted twice but that’s okay. I really liked the two posts I put up and I’m actually planning a lot more posts for June (which is only like four but it is progress!!) I know I’ve said this previously BUT I LOVE BEING MORE RELAXED ABOUT BLOGGING 10/10 recommend.






  • I went on an Instagram and Twitter hiatus!! It was for about three weeks and I did got on for about 5 mins on Twitter just so I wasn’t out of the loop.
  • Also, Leigh Bardugo casually dropped the news there is gonna be a third SIX OF CROWS BOOK IM SCREAMING. This means the absolute world to me omg. MORE NINA ZENIK AND KANEJ I CANNOT FUNCTION. but she said, “many years down the line” which ?!?! HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO WAIT.
  • I did a speech in front of my school about how I struggle to share my writing. There was a public speaking event and so I decided to join. I REGRETTED IT SO MUCH. I stood up in everyone and talked about how I get so anxious about sharing my “work” and then I read out one of my poems. It was one of the scariest things I have ever done ahhh WHY DO I DO THINGS LIKE THIS. I am so glad it’s over haha.  (i did feel REALLY good after i finished my speech tho)
  • And even more anxiety with mock interviews. Our school took my class to this place and they talked to us about jobs and careers and such. THEN they interviewed us separately and IT WAS THE SCARIEST THING EVER. I mumbled all my answers and I froze up. It was the worst thing ever. 😦
  • I also auditioned for a role in my school play! I want to be the narrator (ha, is this surprising) I ReALLY LOVE ACTING if you didn’t know guys (even though I always get so anxious about it funny how that works) so I’m really excited and I’m gonna find out if I got the part soon!! FINGERS CROSSED.
  • I’m on a week break from school right now!! SCHOOL IS TOMORROW AND I DONT WANNA GO BACK FOR ANOTHER SIX WEEKS OH HELL!! But, exams are over so it should be pretty chill…hopefully!?
  • It’s Ramadan and I’m fasting and hungry. So basically from the second, I wake up to about 9:00pm I CANT EAT FOOD OR DRINK WATER!! (a tiny bit more complicated than that but search it up) It’s actually not THAT hard once you get used to it but @ 8:00pm I always get SUPER hungry because there’s only 1 hour left. Only 14 days until this is over!
  • I’ve also been watching more booktube. Insane reader is hilarious and amazing and you should all check his videos out. I’ve been watching Emma reads, a clockwork reader and Hailey In Bookland too!!
  • I had exams and studied like hell. Okay, maybe I DIDN’T study as much as I wanted to but I got a decent amount of revision done for the subjects I cared about! The exams I took aren’t too important but I still wanted to do well!
  • look!! THATS HOW MESSY MY DESK AND FLOOR IS WHEN STUDYING. I don’t even know how I keep track of things oops.
  • The Royal Wedding happened! I didn’t watch it but TWITTER WENT CRAZY. (and it was hilarious seeing Non-UK People thinking that Harry and Meghan were our “future king and queen” like No. that is not how it works sorry to break it to you sweeties) I think Meghan looked stunning though!


{goals from last month}

  • Do homework on time!!✔
  • Read Not The Girls You Are Looking For and Leah on The OffBeat ❌❌ (THIS MONTH MAYBE)
  • Read 3 physical ARCs✔
  • Edit some of my book? ❌❌
  • Survive school exams and revise✔
  • Request some ARCs (don’t be lazy)✔
  • Keep on top of everything ❌
  • Don’t get overwhelmed ❌✔
  • Try not to get anxious and nervous about something ❌❌❌ (this was the interview but THAT didn’t go to plan 🙂

{goals for june}

  • have fun!!
  • Read 3 Physical ARCs
  • Post at least five times
  • Request ARCs
  • Post a review on my blog
  • Uh that is it literally it haha?! I don’t have much goals.



Now, I’m not one for monthly TBR’s but I have been promising people (&myself) I would read certain books and I think writing that out would be very helpful. This is not my complete plan for June but it IS writing down books I MUST READ.

La Belle Sauvage (The Book of Dust, #1)A Thousand Splendid Suns

I MUST READ THESE TWO BOOKS NO MATTER WHAT!!! However, the rest of what I read is all up to you! Vote in the poll below of what you think I should prioritise next month


I’m going to hopefully be posting some very exciting reviews and I DO WANT TO WRITE A DISCUSSION BUT IDK WHAT SKJFKFH. Give me all your ideas or tell me posts you’d like to see from me?! I’m all out of inspiration.

  • I also have my writing competition FINALS next week and I AM SO SO SOOOO EXCITED!!! I really hope I win even though I kind of know I won’t?! But still, this is going to be one of the HIGHLIGHTS of my month because I know it’s going to be so fun. wish me luck??
  • School’s back and I’m sad but hopefully, it won’t be too bad and not that stressful. PEOPLE ARE ALREADY HAVING SUMMER HOLIDAYS HOW IS THIS FAIR. I still have six whole weeks left of hell. :/
  • It’s going to be Eid!! Which is like a really important celebration for me so hopefully I’ll have fun and get loads of money 😉  AND ALSO THAT MEANS I CAN EAT LOADS OF FOOD WHO IS EXCITED?!?
  • It’s my birthday this month!! June 10th marks the day of my birth (and no, i am NOT telling you how old i am tho feel free to guess in the comments) but i’m super excited. You can buy me a present (ONLY IF U WANT TO) here!!

Let's Whisper

How was your May!? Tell me one highlight of your month? And what was your favourite book you read? What book releases are you looking forward to in June (ATPN!!)? And what events are you excited about? Did you go to BookCon? Let me know about your life recently!

Ilsa - Edited

46 thoughts on “May Whispers // Lots of reading (!!), lots of studying (!!), lots of speaking out (!!) but not much book mail, oops.”

  1. I had my college graduation, my grams is doing much better than she was, and I got pneumonia last month. But it’s all good now. Your May sounds like it was pretty busy. I just bought Leah on the Offbeat the other day and I’m looking forward to reading it. I’m glad you liked Wonder, it is one of my favorites. All the books in this post look really good. Good luck on your June goals!


  2. I know how you feel about the fasting! I’m not Muslim but i fast often and boooooooooy can it get tough! Many lucks are wished to you as far as everything writing and conquering your TBR


  3. A THIRD SIX OF CROWS BOOK? I DIED AND NOBODY CAN RESURRECT ME UNTIL IT’S ACTUALLY A THING. and happy birthday for june 10th! I hope you get all the presents and happiness you want 😀
    I liked Leah On The Offbeat, but I think a lot of people’s main problem with it was that Leah was kind of bitchy and honestly I’m like that too… thank you for linking to my review, it made me smile 🙂 <— (see?)


    1. I KNOW I AM DEAD AND ALIVE SOMEHOW THIS THIRD SOC BOOK WILL KILL ME AND REVIVE ME WHO KNOWS WHAT IS HAPPENING!! Omg, my birthday’s tomorrow and I didn’t even realise!?! What the heck. Ahaha I didnt like Leah in Simon Vs so Idk!?! SCARED

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I didn’t watch the royal wedding either. I actually didn’t even know about it till the Thursday before. 😂 My science teacher happened to go, “Who’s watching the royal wedding this weekend?” and I was like “What royal wedding??”


  5. Well my May was pretty good I guess. I got to go on a little road trip for Memorial Day to my friend’s family’s house and it was loud and crazy with her big family and I was really stressed out for one of the days we were there but the rest of it was fun. And my favorite book that I read was a Study in Charlotte by Brittany Cavallaro. It kind of reminded me of a YA version of the BBC Sherlock. XD


    1. Whenever someone says road trip I always think of those YA contemporaries lmao. I’m sorry you were stressed but I’m so glad you also had fun! It sounds super awesome. OMG I looove Sherlock Holmes AND I NEED TO READ A STUDY IN CHARLOTTE.
      I HOPE YOU LIKE ATPN lmk!!


  6. Happy June, Ilsa! I hope you have a wonderful month. 🙂 I really enjoyed reading this wrap-up, and thank you for mentioning my post, adjfalkeuf it made me so happy!! And WOW talking about your writing is amazing! You should be proud of yourself, that takes SO much courage. Also, good luck with your writing competition and finding out the results of your narrator audition this month, I hope it all goes wonderfully!


  7. !!GOOD LUCK ON THE PLAY, also thanks for mentioning my post my heart is warm skbskam. I want to read a girl like that so much but most people found it disappointing so idk ((!!so excite eid is almost here but then also so sad that ramdhan is already ending so quick :’) ))


  8. This was such an amazing read, I loved it!! Interview anxiety sucks so much, I’m so sorry you had to go through that. I really appreciated your thoughts on A Girl Like That, I hadn’t read an actual Muslim’s thoughts on it before. I think I might skip it… did you read Love Hate and Other Filters? I loved it 😀


  9. Good luck in the writing competition. May was a pretty meh month for me to. I was in such a bad reading slump. I think I read only one book 😅😅.


  10. I’m actually so proud of you for putting yourself out there. I wish you the best of luck on getting a part in your school play! And that fasting sounds hard omg! You must need a lot of self-control, I’d probably end up sneaking into the fridge hahaha. I didn’t know about the no water either. My dad turned on the live stream of the royal wedding for like five minutes until he got bored and changed to criminal minds xD


  11. OMG I’M SO GLAD YOU READ + LOVED BONE GAP. that book is so underrated like i cannot believe. & three cheers for the hazel wood being cool + creepy but also imperfect/a three star because yes yes a million times yes.

    now i want to reread six of crows and crooked kingdom and i’m blaming you. b/c the casual “many years down the line” in that bardugo tweet is my cause of death. that phrase single-handedly murdered me. and brought me back to life. just to kill me again.

    oooooh good luck with the play!! and also 6 more weeks of school and the writing competition! crossing my fingers 4 you ❤

    looking forward to your thoughts on a thousand splendid suns and wonder woman: warbringer (which i selfishly voted for in your poll b/c i want to know if it's good since it's on my tbr and i've heard mixed-ish things).

    I HOPE YOUR JUNE IS FANTASTIC!!! happy 6 days until your birthday woooOO!!


    1. BONE GAP IS SO UNDERRATED WHY HASN’T EVERYONE READ IT. yesss, i feel the same away about the hazel wood. deffo not perfect but also super creepy vibes and i’m here for that!? have you heard there’s going to be another novel set in the hazelwood world?

      gydgfh i was re-reading CK as she announced the news and I literally died omg.

      AHH THANK YOU!! i didn’t win the writing comp but met so many of celebs and it was so exciting!!

      DHFHDGF i need to read splendid suns!! have you read it (I love the kite runner and i need to read all his other books ASAP)


      Liked by 1 person

      1. i am so excited for another hazel wood-y book!!! i hope it’s even more hazel wood-y than the hazel wood. obsessed with that world.

        i haven’t read a thousand splendid suns yet!!! it’s on my tbr b/c i added it immediately after kite runner destroyed me but still…i have not read it…



  12. 10 BOOKS!! YAY!! I really want to read Crooked Kingdom!!! I’m calling myself a SoC fan but I haven’t read this yet!! *Curses library for not having book* BUT YOU MADE ME EVEN MORE EXCITED!!!!

    Ooh! I love unboxings! I’m excited!! You’re posts are wonderful and I live basically only for them now. It doesn’t matter how many times you post! Taking it easy sounds fun! DON’T be pressured! RELAX.

    THERE’S GOING TO BE A NEW BOOK???? I completely didn’t just go and text all my friends to let them know. I AM READY TO HOLD YOU ILSA. FLAIL AS MUCH AS YOU LIKE.

    And that speech was so brave of you!! And the drama audition!! I would have been TERRIFIED. And yay for the writing competition! (You might win!!!)

    My desk is honestly so messy when I revise tho! I spread everything out in front of me and then I don’t know what’s what! Good luck with your exams! AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR THE 10th!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎁🎈🎉🎁🎊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so late to this comment!! but hey at least i’m replying to it right?? (*pats self on shoulder*) WAIT HAVE YOU READ CROOKED KINGDOM YET??? you need to if you haven’t. it.s ugh. everything. and asdhjfgf have i got over the book 3 announcement of six of crows? no?? never. also i need that tv show how about NOW? ANd thanks for all the birthday wishes even though this was like a little less than a YEAR ago. wait WHAT? i can’t believe i’m so behind!!! on comments!! thanks so much for like commenting on this post ur the best and i dont deserve ur timeee.


  13. You love ACTING??? How did I not know this??? What play is your school doing? Best of luck landing a role!!
    Ugh, interviews. Help.
    Yes, I’m so excited for ATPN!!! I can’t wait to read it and possibly drown in my own tears!! Sounds like such fun!!
    The month of May was alright I suppose, except that it’s the month when my allergies come out of hibernation and constant violent sneezing can be a bother. In terms of the month’s reading, I discovered Michelle Cuevas who writes unique, quirky children’s books about imaginary friends and pet black holes.
    Good luck with the writing competition!!


    1. ah yes my secret life has been #exposed. i like to act a lot. though i’m not terribly good at it, oops. the play we did (im so late to this comment, sorry!) was a collection of fairy tales? have you read ATPN yet? i hope you have!! but also TBRs are daunting. pet black holes SOUND SO COOL. thanks so much for commenting and so sorry for the late reply ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  14. I voted for /Wonder Woman/! I read it last year and not seen a lot of reviews for it so I’d love to see what you think. I love your snippets of reactions. I just finished /La Belle Sauvage/ so I can also endorse that book, although it may not be exactly what you’re expecting if you think it’ll be like the His Dark Materials books.

    I did not know about the third Six of Crows book announcement, so thank you! I’m now bursting with excitement!

    And random, but I just discovered Caleb/Insane Reader on BookTube this past month and I’m loving his videos. I’ve never read a Colleen Hoover book, but whenever I see her name I’ll forever associate her with Caleb’s reactions!


    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed The Book of Dust – I still haven’t read it aha but it’s cool! I’M GETTING TO IT SOON. hopefully. and yes!! i’m so glad you know about the SoC announcement – I’m still so happy about it. and I love Insane Readers’ channel – will forever be one of my favourites! sorry for the late reply ❤


  15. ahh i’m glad you loved Bone Gap!!! such a beautiful story omg. SOC 3 IM STILL SCREAMING I CANT I CANT. my highlight of may was the beginning of summer holiday! soooo glad school is done. i’m excited to read ATPN this month as well as a whoooole bunch of queer reads for Pride! haha bookcon … ,, i wish i could have gone! (mostly for Girls of Paper and Fire tho) good luck with your writing competition!


    1. BONE GAP IS MY FAVOURITE and just the atmosphere of that book is entirely my brand. dfhjdgf I want it to be summer again UR SUMMER HOLIDAYS START IN MAY?? that is so lucky. thanks so much for taking the time to comment sorry this is such a late reply. ❤


  16. AHH IT IS JUNE 9th right now so happy early birthday, I hope tomorrow will be FANTASTIC for you ❤ I'm very glad you are having a more relaxed approach to blogging, honestly that's goals to me haha. Also very happy you liked a fluffy contemporary, that one is going on my TBR!
    Best of luck for your writing competition and have a wonderful month! xx


    1. marie i’m like a year late to replying. BUT YAY THANKS FOR THE BIRTHDAY WISHES even though it’s going to be my birthday again in about 2 months ahahah. this is great. ALSO LOOK AT ME. i still haven’t read the book of dust. i am just the best reader. thanks so much ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. There’s no expiration date on a book, you can still read the book of dust this yearrr! ❤
        AND YES your birthday again soon ahhh this is exciting ahhh. ❤


  17. OMG when you had your book haul section and you had your instagram photo divider thingy I thought the picture with like 10 books was your book haul and I was like WHOA ILSA THAT’S A LOT OF BOOKS for only “little bit of bookmail” lmaoooooo

    ALSO YUSSS I’M SO FREAKING EXCITED FOR YOUR UNBOXING. you still should’ve filmed a video 😉

    also omg it sucks that A Girl Like That had a bad message of Muslims 😦 ❤ iluu


    1. i’m obviously not like a year late to replying to this!! GO ME. but anyways. looking back on this I WAS SO MATERIALISTIC like “only got this much book mail” like?? all I cared about was getting books. I have changed though which i’m glad for because now i actually want books that I’m genuinely interested in reading?? Also no, I don’t like filming videos and sharing them my voice sounds horrible.

      Liked by 1 person

  18. Heyyyy I hope you’re having a good Eid with all the food and celebrations :))) Ahhh I’m so glad that your exams went well!! Don’t worry about the interviews – you did them and you should be proud of yourself for that!! Also now I have MORE books to add to my TBR ahhhh


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