April Whispers // A Month For Myself, Disappointing Books Everywhere but NEW!! BOOKSHELF!!

I literally didn’t know April even STARTED but here we are in May!

I feel like I say this a lot, but I’m serious April came and went before I even acknowledged it existed! We went from April fools to now me enjoying my 3 day weekend because of Bank Holiday. Overall, April was a good month but there was a lot of dips in it which made me go crazy near the end of the month so??

Without further ado, the recap!


I read 8 books! Considering I had school, WOW, I’m so impressed with myself! I didn’t enjoy half of them and 2 of them were Bardugo Re-reads because near the end of April, I felt a slump coming along. I’m not sure If I’m in it still but my motivation to read is SLOWLY slipping away which is like,,,, scary. But hopefully I get excited about books soon!!

Screenshot 2018-05-05 at 15.04.48Screenshot 2018-05-05 at 15.04.37

Ace of Shades by Amanda Foody ★★★★★  // I MEAN OF COURSE I LOVED IT!! Levi is iconic, Enne is precious and I love everyone even the villains!! THE QUEEN DID EVERYTHING RIGHT. [review to come]

Girl Made of Stars by Ashley Herring Blake ★★☆ ☆☆ // Literally everyone on Goodreads LOVED this book but I just didn’t feel anything and I did not get it at ALL. So ha. I’m REALLY disappointed to be honest (may disowned me) [read my review here]

Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo ★☆☆☆☆ // I NEVER thought I’d rate a bardugo book less than 4 stars but here we are. I LOVED SHADOW AND BONE but the sequel was so boring. [read my rant review here]

Saints and Misifts by S.K Ali // No rating for this one but know that this one is between a 3 and 2 stars. ANOTHER DISAPPOINTMENT!!! I was SO excited for this book and the muslim rep but the whole book felt SO POINTLESS. Hmph. [review to come]

A Sky Painted Gold by Laura Wood ★★★★☆ // Maybe books are just better with no expectations?! Because I think I’m one of the first to read this on Goodreads and I enjoyed it so much!! Finally, a book I liked. [review here]

Daughter of The Pirate King by Tricia Levenseller ★★☆ ☆☆ // This was really FUN to read but it bugged me so much at the same time, and literally the main focus of the book was a romance. Someone get me out of here. [review here]

Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo ★★★★☆ // Okay after the disappointing sequel and my slump, I re-read this book which I like HARDLY DO but the first book is so good how was the second one so disappointing?? [review here]

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo ★★★★★ // 1 STAR!!! SO DISAPPOINTING!! I HATED IT. If You believed that for one second, who are you? My third Bardugo Book of the month and I love it even more than the first time I have no idea how that is even possible. Also my favourite crow might be Nina but *MIGHT* [review to come]


I received 8 books this month! Which shows for every book I read, I get another one and this is the perfect recipe for a disaster TBR!


YES, I DO HAVE TWO COPIES OF ACE OF SHADES DON’T JUDGE ME, I’M JUST HERE TRYING SUPPORT MY FAVE AUTHOR. But most exciting book mail? Probably these two + Monday’s Not Coming!!


Blogging has BEEN AMAZING FOR ME!! Ever since I’ve decided to be more chilled back, I’ve felt so much more happier when I do post (even if it is only 2 times per month) and I have felt less pressure! I do wish I blog hopped more and had a chance to reply to months old comments but we’ll get there.



I did like 0 blog hopping this month so I have like no posts SORRY NOT SORRY.



I do prefer the US cover I must admit


King of Scars (Nikolai Duology, #1)

It’s literally so tacky and I hate it!! Everyone else loves but to me, it LOOKS SO UGLY.

Ace of Shades Book 2 is CALLED KING OF FOOLS!! I love the title and I’m guessing the cover is going to be blue??! WHO KNOWS AT THIS POINT AND WHO CARES. (screaming!!)


  • Have you heard of Camp Nano? Me neither. I did start it but I feel like I did mostly because of peer pressure and my friends screaming at me to do it?? I really did want to edit this month but I’m taking it at my own pace.
  • I’m procrastinating and a lot of that is to do with Twitter and a little bit of Instagram so I decided to just take a break. I still hop on every two days and give myself 5 mins to catch up on whatever is going on, because It’s hard to cut it off completely. Instagram is super easy to stay away from because I wasn’t even that into it anyways??
  • My twitter hiatus is giving me HUGE amounts of time to do stuff I love (POEMS). I’ve been writing a lot of poetry and honestly, writing is such an amazing outlet for me. I get to express all these emotions inside me and I love it so incredibly much. There is no way to describe how refreshing it feels to write.
  • I got into the finals of A HUGE WRITING COMPETITION IN THE UK! Over 100,000 people enter each year and I got into the finals of just 50 people. I can’t wait to go the award ceremony (in June) because there are going to be FAMOUS PEEPS. I’m not sure I’ll win because I’ve seen my competition and some of the stories are…wow.
  • Like there was this one about anxiety and it was described amazingly and I kinda want that one to win more than my own?? Which is weird because I’m normally SO competitive and always want to win so…
  • I got nominated SO MANY TIMES for the Annual Book Blogger Awards and I was going to link everyone who nominated me but there’s actually so many but just so you know if you nominated me thank you and if you didn’t, thanks for reading my blog!!
  • The weather has been CRAZY. And not in the best way. We had a wonderful heat wave where I was eating ice cream and walking home from school. And then it got super cold and gloomy AND WE’RE LIKE 5 YEARS INTO SPRING WHY IS THE WEATHER SO HORRIBLE?!?!
  • I re-read Six Of Crows and gosh, I loved it. I truly appreciated everything Bardugo did in this book. It was beautiful. I love Nina so much, NO BODY UNDERSTANDS. And while I love Kaz, I connect with Nina on like A PERSONAL LEVEL. I also teared up at the end which is weird because it wasn’t even sad compared to Crooked Kingdom. I’m still debating whether to read CK though. SOC was a highlight of my month! I found so much comfort and entertainment in the story. And I love Nina and Matthias so much MY HEART HURTS.
  • Towards the end of the month, I was listening to some great music as I wrote and I just felt so good about myself you know?? Especially when i was stressed, I let myself just let it all out. I never used to let myself watch youtube endlessly but I just let all my standards ago and give some time for me? Which was great.
  • I got a new bookshelf!! As well as a new desk and cupboard BUT ITS SO PRETTY I LOVE IT!!! All my books…FIT!! AH SCREAMING!!
  • bookshelf1
  • I also got kinda ill in the middle of the month and then felt really crappy near the end of the month so yeah :((


{goals from last month}

  • Be in more control of my life! ❌✔
  • Have fun and relax ✔✔
  • Don’t let school drain you!✔
  • Do homeworks on time .❌❌
  • EAT FOOD ✔❌
  • Read 3 physical ARCs ✔
  • Request some ARCs from publishers ❌

{goals for may}

  • Do homework on time!!
  • Read Not The Girls You Are Looking For and Leah on The OffBeat
  • Read 3 physical ARCs
  • Edit some of my book?
  • Survive school exams and revise
  • Request some ARCs dont be lazy
  • Keep on top of everything
  • Don’t get overwhelmed
  • Try not to get anxious and nervous about something

Let's Whisper

What are some of your favourite songs right now? How was April for you? Is May going to be an exciting month for you? have you done exams or are you about to start them? What was the highlight of this month? What was your favourite recent read? Do you love my bookshelves? LET ME KNOW!!

Ilsa - Edited

55 thoughts on “April Whispers // A Month For Myself, Disappointing Books Everywhere but NEW!! BOOKSHELF!!”

  1. YOUR BOOKSHELF IS AMAZING. I AM SO JEALOUS. I need a new bookshelf. 😂
    Congrats on getting into the finals of the writing competition! 😃
    idk what King of Scars is, but I agree, the cover is weird.
    And I’m glad to see that you’re sounding a lot happier! 😄


    1. Thank you!! I finally have a space to fit all my books, it feels great! Thank you so much, I hope I can win but I’m not sure! Either way, I’m so excited for the ceremony! King of Scars is set in the Grishaverse and it’s based around Nikolai, a character from the SHadow and Bone series by Leigh Bardugo, and I’m SO excited to read it but the cover, yes iS WEIRD.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. That’s so great that your writing made it into the finals of that competition! Best of luck to you, and enjoy the awards ceremony! Also, I totally feel you on Siege and Storm. I was really surprised by how boring that book was too!


  3. Basically the whole Broadway soundtracks to Anastasia and Frozen I’ve been listening to on repeat lately! 😀 They’re SO GOOD!
    Hopefully I can get a job at my state’s fairgrounds his summer, so that would be fun, but we’ll see. :/ And I want to practice my art skills and read a lot more than I did last month since I was busy with Camp Nano. XD
    And I just finished Don’t Look Back by Jennifer L. Armentrout which was good, but I kinda saw it coming who the killer was, which was annoying because it wasn’t like it was written badly, it’s just that I’m very intuitive apparently? XD I literally guessed who it was from the beginning with like zero clues or reason for my reasonings whatsoever. WHHYYYY? This is why I can’t have nice things! XD
    And you’re bookshelves look awesome! New bookshelves are always fun. I wish I had more space for my books. 😛


  4. SIEGE AND STORM IS SO BAD. so. bad. i have dnfed like 7 books in my life and that was one of them oh my gooood. also brutally disappointing: daughter of the pirate king. but also WOW i am stunned at that girl made of stars rating, literally everyone is nonstop praising that book. raining down 5 star ratings. & you’re making me want to reread six of crows soooo badly

    I AM SO GLAD YOU’RE HAPPIER WITH BLOGGING yay yay selfishly seeing you in my feed woo

    a twitter + instagram break also sounds so smart…thinking about all the time i would have without those two time sucks and getting overwhelmed


  5. Ahhh I’m so excited to read Ace of Shades!! I can’t wait to read it, and I’m super glad the sequel is announced!! I’m sorry you didn’t like Girl Made of Stars, I’m really anticipating it and everyone seems to have loved it so much! Also yes, King of Scars cover? I don’t like it either – it has too much going on in it 🤔


  6. Hey Ilsa!! I missed you!! I hadn’t viewed your posts, because I was not blogging for some days!! My current favourite song, is 2002 by Anne- Marie!! Have you heard it?
    I’m currently reading geekerella by Ashley poston. It’s really good, have you read it? I loved your bookshelf!! I’m also planning to improve my bookshelf in my new house, because I don’t like the current one now! Do you have any suggestions for me? I’d love to know!!
    ❤️ xxx


  7. Wow 8 books in a month is quite a lot! When I start to reach the end of a book I start reading it slowly because I don’t want it to get over so I roughly manage 3 or mostly 4 books a month if I have the time. I’d definitely live to read the poetry you’ve been writing I’m a sucker for poetry and also congrats on getting selected for the competition I’m sure you’ll do great good luck!! ❤️🍁


  8. good luck for your may goals!! I’d love to read your poetry sometime. taking a break from social media can really help. 😉 and congrats on getting into those finals! ❤


  9. ILSA YOUR BOOKSHELF IS GORGEOUS.😍I’m weird in the fact that I love seeing pictures of other people’s bookshelves?? I don’t know, it just makes me so happy to see all the books that have a home somewhere in the world.

    I hope your May goes really well! Yay for blogging being a lot better, and for everything you accomplished this month. And omg congrats on getting in the finals of the writing competition, that’s amazing! Good luck on that and on your final exams if you still have those to take❤️


    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH OLIVIA I AM IN LOVE WITH MY BOOKSHELF TOO!!! I love seeing pretty bookshelves too, SOOO aesthetically pleasing, maybe we are both weird haha XD

      Thank you! I hope your May is going swimmingly well too! (gosh, do I sound weird?) I cannot belive I’ve got so far in the competition but I am beyond excited!!

      Liked by 1 person

  10. I need to gt my hands on Ace of Shade, I’ve read so many freat reviews about it. And I’m really excited for Muse of Nightmares, but I prefer the UK cover it’s so gorgeous 😍


  11. OKAY BUT YES ACE OF SHADES IS GORGEOUS PERFECTION AND I’M DEAD WITH HOW MUCH I LOVE ITTTTT. (Also I have the owlcrate edition which actually made the red into…brown. I mean I like it, but I really want a red edition now.😍I have no shame. I probably will haha.) Also omg Children of Blood and Bone is HUGE. That’s a hardcover right?? So so huge haha. 😂

    Also I’m glad blogging/tweeting less is doing better for you!! I think it’s important not to become totally overwhelmed!

    Omg did you see Nina is going to be a POV character in King of Scars?! i’M SO EXCITED I’M SCREAMMMMING SHE IS MY FAV TOO.

    And congrats on being a finalist!! And on the new bookshelf!


    1. ACE OF SHADES IS JUST TOO HIGH QUALITY IM SCREAMING WE DON’T DESERVE IT’S PERFECTION AND AWESOMENESS. (the owlcrate edition is cool but i have to admit i like the normal one better now ahhh) IT IS HUGE, i am TERRIFIED to read it!! But I have heard amazing things? (yep, the hardcover)


      thank you!


  12. I’m so glad you managed to read a lot despite school and everything else, YOU ARE AMAZING and I admire that so, so much. Also, Monday’s Not Coming sounds pretty cool and I’m thrilled you got a copy, can’t wait to hear what you think of it!! 😀
    I’m so, so happy your new blogging / twitter / instagram rhythm is working out well for you and that you have more time to do some poetry, YAY THAT IS SO VERY AMAZING AND WHEN DO WE GET SNIPPETS?!! Sorry. I just like snippets a lot and I have no doubt that they’d be amazing.
    CONGRATULATIONS on being nominated so many times for the awards, though I’m not surprised that you are and that you will win everything, you fabulous-self. I’m proud of you!!
    I hope you’re having an incredible month so far!! ❤ ❤


    1. I honestly AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF FOR READING SO MUCH!! I really want to read Monday’s Not COming but I’m in like a huge slump and I have no idea what to do about it!

      I think I’ll be doing a post with snippets soon (the rising author tag) so look out for that! I’m quite nervous to post it but also excited because everyone wants snippets!!

      AHHH MARIE THANK YOU FOR NOMINATING ME IN THE FIRST PLACE! I think I have a good chance of winning one of them so fingers crossed! AND YOU BETTER WIN AN AWARD TOO OR I WILL RIOT!!

      Thank youuuuu, I hope May is going great for you!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh nooo I’m so sorry you’re in a slump 😦 I hope you’ll find your way out of it soon, maybe try to take back and re-read a book you loved or something ❤

        I WILL BE WATCHING OUT FOR THESE SNIPPETS then ahhhh I'm excited haha 😀

        Of course you're so welcome, you are such a brilliant blogger and YOU WILL WIN EVERYTHING ❤ ❤ ❤


  13. You read such a good *amount* of books! Sad some of them disappointed you, though 😦 Yes omg the King of Scars cover is hideous. Everyone on Twitter was raving about it’s beauty but then i just sat back like… umm… where is this beauty you’re talking about?? all i see is trash painted gold #srynotsry OMG CONGRATS ON MAKING IT TO THE TOP 10 IN THE WRITING COMPETITION!!! I’M ROOTING FOR YOU TO WIN!!


    1. Yeah, this wasn’t too good of a reading month and because of that, I’m slumping so bad :/// I KNOW. Literally everyone + their grandma was gushing about it and I was just like uh…it looks ugly. THANK YOU SAVANNAH IM BEYOND EXCITED MY WRITING HAS BEEN VALIDATED!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  14. Congrats on your writing competition! That’s so amazing!

    I also felt like Siege and Storm was a nosedive from the first book. IDK, the whole Grisha trilogy was kind of a letdown for me. I haven’t tried Six of Crows yet, but I’m hoping I click with that one more.

    I appreciate all the DETAIL in the King of Scars cover…it’s just…soooo gold. It doesn’t really look like a YA, either. Definitely doesn’t match Bardugo’s other books.

    Hope you’re having a wonderful May. ❤



      Yeah, If I saw KOS ina bookstore and knew it wasn’t by Barudgo I probably wouldn’t pick it up?

      thanks so much for the sweet coment ❤


  15. Hello Ilsa!
    Congrats on all your accomplishments this month. That’s awesome that you are one of the finalists for the writing contest! Best wishes for the final round!
    My proud moment in April was finally finishing a novel that I’ve been working on for a long time 🙂


      1. Thank you for your encouraging words Ilsa 🙂 It is a YA sci-fi novel about a species of genetic mutants who can create fires, and an agency who tracks them down.


  16. I’m so happy that you feel more chilled about blogging now Ilsa! That’s great 🙂 Also congrats on being in the finals of that writing competition and getting nominated for the book blogger awards! Reaching the finals is already such a great achievement, I mean 50 out of 100,000 people?? Go you!!


  17. damn right I disowned you I can’t believe you’ve done this (did you get the vine reference please tell me you did) PUT YOUR BOOKS IN RAINBOW ORDER YOU COWARD also um lmao enjoy Furyborn and don’t expect much from the bi rep 🙂 also I’m sad that S&M was disappointing and I hope you’ll find an actually GOOD book with good Muslim rep it’s what you deserve

    also I literally was just like “wait… did I talk about not doing Camp NaNo? when did I do that? when am I supposed to do that? the end of this month right?” jesus christ how is it MAY ALREADY also if you need to talk about anything, hello!!!! (I miss talking to you <3333333333)



      NO I SHALL NEER PUT MY BOOKS IN RAINBOW ORDER I SHALL NEVER SURRENDER. Idk when I’ll even get to read Furyborn but it looks nice on my shelf. I don’t think I had any problems with S&M Muslim Rep, it was pretty good but I did not like the book so I couldn’t even get to relate to Janna tbh.



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