Books I MUST read this summer otherwise ice cream will melt, books will burn and galaxies will explode +#ARCAUGUST

My summer is only ONE MONTH long…

So I have set my standards VERY HIGH?  The UK is rude okay? I am not exaggerating in that title either! Okay, so maybe I am obsessed with hyperboles but it’s only A SLIGHT obsession trust me. Do you see how much I rave about ice cream than exaggerate see? Obsession is ice cream. I am sane.

Now, moving on. I have a LONG LIST of books I have been meaning to read for LITERALLY FOREVER because in case you didn’t know, I like to procrastinate (why do we keep talking about my hobbies today. ice cream. hyperboles. and now procrastination. seriously who is writing this post??? ). And basically, my TBR will kill me very soon! And summer has practically JUST started for me so perfect timing right?!

So basically this is just a smol list of my compact TBR. Have fun reading! I’m also linking with ARC August and squeezing into this post too because it’s fun. ALSO, ALL THE BOOKS link to their Goodreads page and THAT TOOK TIME OKAY? So please appreciate that effort of mine. Also inspiration from this post by May.



 So, I have heard A LOT of mixed things about this book. A  lot of people literally flail about this series and then others say it was disappointing and full of annoying tropes? So I’m very unsure about reading it but I DEFINITELY WILL because it looks fantastic (the covers are so pretty) and I want to see what the hype is about mostly. I follow the author on twitter and she is officially hilarious, I tell you. I’m aware I’m very late to the somewhat hype but I MUST GET TO THEM!!!

The Raven Boys (The Raven Cycle, #1)The Dream Thieves (The Raven Cycle, #2)Blue Lily, Lily Blue (The Raven Cycle, #3)17378527


So, I read this series a million years ago and kind of don’t remember what happened. I just remember that it was an AMAZING series and I AM SUPER excited for The Book Of Dust so I am going to re-read this amazing series! I’m thinking of getting the audiobooks because apparently, it’s amazing!

The Golden Compass (His Dark Materials, #1)The Subtle Knife (His Dark Materials, #2)The Amber Spyglass (His Dark Materials, #3)


Eragon and the rest of these books have been sitting on this SHELF FOREVER, really. And I have heard nothing but amazing things and It’s fantasy so I HOPING IT’s amazing. I’ve just been putting it off because they look super daunting but this summer I WILL DEFINITELY READ THEM. I think.




I have been meaning to read The Grisha Trilogy ever since I read Six Of Crows. I’ve heard it’s not AS good but hey, this LEIGH BARDUGO, the queen, we are talking about. Basically, i need to read this soon.



SO BASICALLY this is a sci-fi that EVERYONE has been talking about. I admit Gemina has been making me feel JUST A LITTLE LEFT OUT. But 1) the covers look gorgeous 2) i need to read more sci-fi and 3)THE HYPE. So, i actually was going to buy Illuimunae because it was SO heavy and i love heavy books but saw something about romance and MEH. BUT NOW, apparently, i read a big spoiler without knowing it? I AM SAD, i so wanted to be damaged. SO…I still will read these?

Illuminae (The Illuminae Files, #1)Gemina (The Illuminae Files, #2)


Okay, I didn’t know this duology HAD A NAME? I just thought it was This Savage Song and Our Dark Duet which REMINDS ME. i need to read this. Apparently ODD is a soul-crusher so I obviously am going to read it??? Also, can we just appreciate these covers for a second? Thanks. I also need to read all other of Schwabs’s books as well because she’s an amazing writer!



  • Lord of the Rings
  • Flame In The Mist
  • Wrath and Dawn
  • An Ember In The Ashes
  • The Mortal Instruments


I only have TWO for this category!? I like series. What can I say?

The Fault in Our StarsTHE FAULT IN OUR STARS

OKAY. OKAY. OKAY. You can kill me. I know. I HAVEN’T read a single John Green book in my entire life. It’s kind of shocking since I read so many books but apparently, I’ve just never had the opportunity. And since basically everyone is squealing over his new Turtles All The Way Down, I think I’d better start reading this book which has been spoiled for me over and over again.


So, I’ve watched the movie…and haven’t read the book. I WAS CRYING BUCKETS AT THE MOVIE, I tell you. My soul was crushed and I DEFINITELY want to read the book! I’ve had it on my shelf since I got it for my birthday and WELL…time has passed. 10/10 RECOMMEND the movie ❤ My heart.


  • The Gentlemen’s Guide to Vice and Virtue.
  • Caraval


Since most of THE SERIES above are Fantasy I thought i’d show some appreciation to this 2nd favourite genre. #EQUALITY. Though I still LOVE Fantasy!

Queens of Geek16068905306497953112324931931941

Queens Of Geek – I have heard so much about how ADORKABLE this is and just look, geek appreciation? I WANT.

Fangirl – I think the title just sold this book to me. I’m not even sure what this is about but FANGIRLS.

Goodbye Days – I loved The Serpent King SO SO SO much and it was so sad! Apparently, this is sad too SO OBVIOUSLY Jeff Zentner is an amazing author and i need this book like right now because apparently it’s written superbly!

Saints and Misfits – Muslim Rep. Contemporary. Hype.Own Voices.  Pretty Cover. HELLO, I AM READING.

Eliza and Her Monsters -Excuse me, LITERALLY EVERYONE is talking about this book and it sounds amazing! I also really like the title and the cover so there’s that! And there’s internet appreciation and it just SOUNDS amazing and I’ve heard nothing super bad about it…SO I MUST ENJOY.


  • When Dimple Met Rishi
  • Here Lies Daniel Tate
  • To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before
  • If Birds Fly Back
  • Letters To The Lost


So I’m linking up with ARC AUGUST to try and tackle my actually quite small stack of E-ARC’s from Netgalley.

SO, sadly, because I had been procrastinating for so long, One of Us Is Lying EXPIRED and so I can’t read it anymore. I AM SAD. This happened to the Bone Season and Den Of Shadows and EXCUSE ME WHILE I CRY. This is why I hate myself! WHY DID I LEAVE THESE BOOKS FOR SO LONG? Someone tell me to never do this again.

In much better news though, I have SOME AMAZING other ARC’s and I AM SOOOOO EXCITED FOR THEM. HELLO. I have been raving about them ever since I received them and I better read them in time OTHERWISE I might have to kill someone (just kidding)

Daughter of the Burning CityThere's Someone Inside Your HouseCrazy HouseJuniper Lemon’s Happiness Index

Crazy House – James Patterson. Need I say more?

Daughter Of The Burning City – probably the one I AM MOST excited for. It’s all about a circus and illusions and a little murder and mystery and I AM SO LUCKY.

There’s Someone Inside Your House – 2nd most excited for. IT’S MURDER. it’s SCARY. I AM NOT READY.

UPDATE: I finished this book and I was a bit underwhelmed! It was creepy and chilling and…you can read the rest of my review here.

Juniper Lemon’s Happiness Index – Seems like a super fun book? AND THAT COVER ❤ All the love!

Let's Whisper

Am I the only one in the UK with summer just starting? How is your SUMMER TBR? How long is your summer break and how many books have you been reading? LINKING TAKES TIME, am I right?Ilsa - Edited

78 thoughts on “Books I MUST read this summer otherwise ice cream will melt, books will burn and galaxies will explode +#ARCAUGUST”

  1. You have to read The Raven Cycle, it’s so good. I am rereading it throughout August and hosting a readalong for it. My summer break is in full swing, I still have August and September, and then in October I get back to UNI 😊

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  2. Ohmigosh SO MANY GOOD BOOKS THAT I’VE READ/WANT TO READ ARE ON THIS LIST. Omg omg omg read Illuminae it’s a masterpiece (Gemina too) and THE GRISHA TRILOGY!!! MY SWEET BABY TRILOGY I LUV THAT ONE SO MUCH. So go read it. Imma have to read SoC soon!!!

    And pretty much all the books in your contemporary section are on my TBR!!! And the Raven Cycle! And every VE Schwab book! Ahhh I’m overwhelmed! XD

    And I feel like John Green is kind of overrated??? I mean I cried BUCKETS when I first read tfios but I don’t know if I’d like it as much if I read it now??? And his other books weren’t that great tbh???

    I hope you enjoy all of these books if/when you get around to them and good luck with ARC August!! ❤️

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    1. I KNOOW. I really must read Illuminae! It’s been on my TBR for simply forever. And everyone is fangirling over Obsidio’s cover and excerpt and I am feeling very smol. OMG JACKKIEE, read Six Of crows SUPER SOON! You’re missing out!!!

      I’ve heard a lot of mixed things about John Green? Like everyone loves him or hates him? Apparently after TFIOS Paper Towns was amazing so who knows. ANd thanks, I’ll be needing that luck!

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  3. OMG SO MANY GREAT BOOKS! Illuminae is one of my favorite books, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. 🙂 And the Grisha trilogy and Raven Cycle series are fantastic too. Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous post! ❤

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  4. OMG there are so many books on there that I REALLY NEED TO READ.
    I’ve just started the raven cycle and am already on book 2 because book 1 was brilliant and smol in every way. I definitely agree with the hype so far!

    Also…. MONSTERS OF VERITY. I need this in my life, and WHOOAA THE GISHA TRILOGY IS just brilliantttttttt, I need the last book like I need air but it’s just not on my shelf yet and I’m going a tad insane (didn’t know if you could tell or not????)

    Good Luck with your summer reading,


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      1. Thanks!! YESSS YOU SOOOO DOO!!!!

        IM SO INSANE. Like,, you have the semi crazy ones, and then you have the kind that are literally on drugs (but the books are drugs) and scream on the internet (BASICALLY ME ALL THE TIME.

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  5. It’s just awesome to see The Fault in Our Stars on your list! I enjoyed the book very-very much, only I felt too emotional about it, so I probably won’t re-read it in the next five years or so 🙂 Hope you like it as much! Also – do not feel bad about not having read John Green until now. The Fault in Our Stars is the only book I’ve read by him so far. Still, I like his writing style and am eager to read some more masterpieces of his.

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  6. Please please try to squeeze in Lord of the Rings and When Dimple Met Rishi. I loved both of them and ahem like LotR is my favourite fantasy of ALL TIME? No pressure though, lol. 😂
    I want to re-read His Dark Materials as well. Can we do a buddy read? Also, how do you plan to get the audiobook? Audible doesn’t work here (my address is INVALID, apparently, because people outside US can’t exist?) so I need ideas.
    Try to get the audiobook for Illuminae and Gemina if you can to read along with the books. I promise that’s the best way to read them. I’m so excited for you to join the ranks of fans! 🙂 I was apprehensive about the hype but also it was so very good that I wasn’t bothered by its popularity. I wasn’t too happy with Eragon though. It’s riddled with tropes and I just wish it didn’t blatantly copy Lord of the Rings so much.
    Your TBR is so freaking good! I hope you end up loving them all! ❤

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    1. I definitely will TRY. Because honestly, I only have a month off and THERE ARE A LOT OG BOOKS. I definitely would love to do a buddy read. I’m not exactly sure — I was thinking of borrowing the audiobook fro my library via overdrive soo…? I’ nto sure though. I might just stick with my paperbacks at home.
      I cannot wait to read Illuminae and Gemina! Especially with everyone squealing over Obsidio’s cover on Twitter
      Oh no! I’ve heard such different things about Eragon and I’ve heard it’s based of LOTR but I still want to read!
      Thanks for your comment!

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  7. Summer just started for you? Oh no! I broke up from school on the 21st July and as you already know I’m from the UK as well!


  8. Sadly summer is NOT A THING for me anymore -boo to being a BORING ADULT. But I’m also doing ARC August and I love all the books you’ve chosen to TRY and read and I am going to cheer you on your way because I would NEVER be able to read that many books sooo good luck!!

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  9. I love the Raven Cycle for… no reason. I was just fascinated. I never ever read any book series written in that style. The character are quite flawed and I really love them for that.
    Paolini’s book are a piace of my childhood. I loved the world building and the author’s attention to details but I had a lot of difficulties with the main protagonist 😣
    The Book Thief is one of my favorite book ever. I cried so many tears while reading it. Its’ the book that I purchase as a present to everyone who still has to read it 😂
    About Illuminae series I’m like you. Which is emabarassing since I go around saying that Kristoff is myy favorite author. But I blame Nevernight for this.

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    1. So glad to hear you loved The Raven Cycle. I SO MUST READ IT NOW. Ohh yes, the book thief. The movie HAD ME IN TEAAARRRRS so I AM AFRAID THE BOOK will permanently damage me. And I’m pretty sure everyone has favourite authors that they haven’t read all their books of so your’re good. I sooo need to read Eragon, I’m glad you mostly enjoyed it?


    THIS POST IS MY MIND. Half of these are on my TBR, and I’ve read the others xD FANGIRL TIME.
    The Raven Cycle is AMAZING and I ADORE IT AND IT’S WRITING STYLE. I admit, there are a few cliche moments, but overall it’s really unique and fascinating. HIS DARK MATERIALS IS ALSO AWESOME Will and Lyra are just so adorable???? Philip Pullman is a GENIUS. I really have to read the Inheritance Cycle; Eragon has been lying on my mom’s bookshelf for ages but I didn’t bother reading it. I liked the Grisha Trilogy, but not *that* much. I REALLY REALLY WANT TO READ OUR DARK DUET. I FINISHED THIS SAVAGE SONG AND IT WAS SO GOOD??? And I need to read Illuminae too…
    JOHN GREEN iwhieukjsnxwuhciewufriu I thought he was really overrated at first, and kind of hated his books without reading them – but then I read the Fault in Our Stars and OH MY GODS. I READ ALL HIS BOOKS. I am very very very excited for Turtles All the Way Down 😀 FANGIRL WAS AMAZING I LOVE RAINBOW ROWELL SO MUCH. The spin-off, Carry On, is also REALLY GOOD. And I NEED TO READ QUEENS OF GEEK. Eliza and Her Monsters has been on my TBR for a while now, too.

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    1. This comment is a)super long and b) filled with caps lock. LOVE COMMENTS LIKE THESE! UM YES…another reason I should read The Raven Cycle. OH YES Will and Lyra are AMAZING.

      I feel like everyone either LOVES John Green or HATES him. I have no idea if his books will be a hit or miss with me? Hopefully, i enjoy them! AND i think EVERYONE is excited for Turtles All The Way Down, even me? And I haven’t even read any of his books????
      OH yes, Fangirl sounds awesome. I MEAN THAT TITLE IS SO RELATABLE.

      OUR TBR;s are oh so very similar! Hope you get round to reading Eragon and Illuminae. Oh and Queens Of Geek and Eliza. I’ve heard Grisha isn’t as good as Soc…so i don’t know?

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      1. Haha, long comments are AMAZING!!
        I mean you know never know until you’ve read one of his books, right? 😀 Fangirl is definitely one of my favourite books.
        Yep, I’m planning on starting Eliza next week 🙂 I think Grisha is an ok kind of series. I mean it’s Leigh Bardugo. So.

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  11. Illuminae. :’) :’) Not damaged. :’) Not at all.

    UMMM A LOT OF BOOKS THAT YOU WANT TO READ ARE BOOKS I WANT TO READ TOO: Grisha, ODD, Flame in the Mist, TMI, Caraval, TBT, all four contemporaries besides Eliza (which was amazing), Daughter of the Burning City, and There’s Someone Inside Your House. I’ve actually read a lot of the books you mentioned! #surprised

    The Raven Cycle… I mean it’s pretty much okayishly good, but the characters are what make it great. Does that make sense? Everything else besides the characters is meh. In my opinion. Um… the covers for His Dark Materials… yikes. Oh, TFIOS… I actually didn’t like that one as much??? I wasn’t heartbroken and… it was just weird. I need to read Paper Towns though. In picking up Caraval and TBT from the library today — Caraval was on my summer TBR so yay! Gentleman’s Guide missed that spark for me, but it was still great. Oh, I need to read Dimple and Daniel Tate as well. TATBILB is really cute and fluffy and I NEED the last book. Letters to the Lost was also very good!



    1. OUR TBR’s are suspiciously similar *strokes chin*
      I hope I enjoy The Raven Boys! The plot seems super cool. I HAVE NICER covers for His Dark Materials at home, those were just the first ones there. But to be honest, none of the covers are that nice. BUT THE BOOKS are amazing! OOH Caraval? I’m unsure about reading it so I can’t wait to hear what you thin. TALBILB – I want to read it but I HONESTY have givven fluffy books a gazillion chances and I always feel ‘MEH’ after reading them!

      Thanks for the luck! I WILL BE NEEDING IT!

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  12. Ooo, The Inheritance Cycle! I’m on Eldest right now, and I will say, the first book disappointed me. But Eldesst is better so far, so I’m pretty optimistic for the rest of the series. *gasps* We both have the same standalone list!!! I want to read those really bad, because I’ve heard great things about them.

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  13. Let’s be real, all of us readers are HUGE procrastinators (except I usually use reading to procrastinate the things I really SHOULD be doing… not a good idea, would not recommend XD)

    I need to finish The Raven Cycle! I’ve read the first 2 books and should get on reading the last two… I meant to reread them and finish the series earlier this yr but school happened… hopefully I get get to the last 2 books soon!
    Similar issue with The Grisha Trilogy of I read the first 2 but never the last one. I remember finding the series okay but I loved Six of Crows so I should go back and finish that!
    The Book Thief is heartbreaking and amazing! Have tissues when reading!
    Eliza and Her Monsters is HIGH UP on my TBR! I really want to get reading that soon (but my library doesn’t have it so *annoyed grumbling*)

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    1. During exam season in June and July, I read more books than ever. Honestly, i shouldn’t have procrastinated that much. Like when I have time, I do read but don’t feel as obliged to. And as soon as I have something to do, it seems like I HAVE to read.

      Hopefully, you enjoy the rest of this series! Some people say The Raven Cycle is amazing and others say it was horrible so I’m glad you enjoyed it. Soc WAS FANTASTIC!! Have you read CK yet?I’E HEARD SO MUCH about Illuminae< i can't even. Like everyone is faffing over the Obsidio cover while I remain completely clueless! The Book Thief movie had me in tears, I can't imagine what the book will do to me.

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      1. YES SoC and CK were both AMAZING! CK had be in tears by the end!!!
        The Obsidio cover is GORGEOUS! All of those covers are great! I hope you are able to get into the series and enjoy it!
        You’ve seen The Book Thief movie? Then you’ll know all of the tears to expect from the book. Good luck XD

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  14. There are just SO MANY BOOKS on this list, I don’t know where to start. Maybe with his dark materials? I so want to re-read this series as well, but…I don’t know when or how because there are too many books ahah. But I’m eager to read The Book of Dust, so excited there is another book set in this fantastic world!
    I’d be interested to know your thoughts about The Raven Boys series and the Illuminae series. LOVED the first one, the second one isn’t my favorite genre BUT it was so mind-blowingly crazy?!
    I’m kind of a big fan of John Green (incaseyoudidntnoticemyblogsnameandeverything), but I feel like the bookish community on here is a bit divided about his books. I hope you’ll love them 🙂
    The Wrath and The Dawn, Queens of Geek, When Dimple Met Rishi: YES YES YEEEEEEEEEEES TO ALL.

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    1. I honestly don’t know If i’ll get round to re-reading His Dark Materials but I 45678% SUPER DUPER want to! I need to join the John green Fan club? like I need to know what is the big deal with his books. So glad you agree with so much of my TBR! I am 10X more excited to read those books now! Thanks SOOOO much for your comment.

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  15. Oh wow Mahriya! That is quite the list! Also oh no…. now I am so worried about There’s Someone in Your House…. I really loved her romance books (though admittedly now that I look back on them, they were also quite annoying at time, but then again, most romance novels are) and I have a huge soft spot for them cause her books were featured pretty heavily in fire few post, so I’m like pretty hyped, but uh now that I’m scrolling through the goodreads reviews things don’t look all that promising…. *covers eyes*

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    1. (it’s not mahriya…it’s ilsa…JK. I still make the mistake with Cassidy and Kai!) There’s Someone Inside Your House was..enjoyable. And the horror scenes were quite chilling and creepy. I just hated how even though this was a horror book IT WAS STILL 75% romance?


      1. Oh my god I’m so sorry! I just saw your profile picture in the comment section and my brain just immediately went mahriya, I’m so sorry!!! Huh? How can a book be horror and romance???? Lol that doesn’t sound like a very good idea….

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  16. What a list!! I really want to get to The Raven Cycle soon as well, and I am also desperate to read Illuminae and This Savage Song! Eliza and Her Monsters and Juniper Lemon’s Happiness Index are also on my TBR. I highly recommend The Mortal Instruments series, I read them at the beginning of the year and did not regret it! The Fault In Our Stars and The Book Thief are among my all-time favourite books, but be prepared to cry when reading either of them, because they are both heart-breaking! Fangirl has been a favourite of mine this year, the characters are just so relatable! I hope you enjoy them when you get round to reading all of these ☺️

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    1. OUR TBR’s are so so similar! Hopefully, we both get round to reading all those books. Sending luck both ways! I’ve heard so much about the Shadow Hunter series and TMI that I honestly much read it! Both of my standalone are tear jerkers? I obviously like to have my soul to be crushed! Thanks so much for your comment.

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  17. *frantically scribbling away at books to get her hands on asap list* I just love how I’m able to extend my TBR list by just reading your posts. Last night I pinned up my summer reading list on my walls and it’s like hmmm so if I read in average X hours I can get through y books 😱The Fault In Our Stars sort of fell below my expectations…I didn’t really enjoy it didn’t think it was worth the hype BUT Paper Towns by John Green I would recommend. I loved it!


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  18. I left Illuminae sitting on a shelf for more than a year after I got it at BookCon because like you said – SO BIG! But it’s because of the format. The story reads fast and is so funny and action packed and also, a visual feast with all the mixed formatting and illustrations. It’s quite an experience. Don’t be afraid.

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  19. SO MANY AMAZING BOOKS WHERE DO I START? Queens of Geek is one of my favourite books of this year (and of all time), but Fangirl, The Book Thief, The Raven Cycle… SO MANY AMAZING BOOKS ON THIS LIST THAT YOU MUST READ INDEED. Good luck on reading them all! But don’t stress yourself too much 🙂

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  20. That’s pretty ambitious for one month! I hope you enjoy every minute of it. 🙂
    A lot of these series are on my tbr, too. I have such a hard time reading (and liking) series. I’m on book two in the Grisha trilogy now and it’s going okay…I put the audio on whenever I’m working on photos or something. I thought I should read it first before getting into Six of Crows, which I feel obligated to read since it’s so popular.

    I hope you enjoy these! The Book Thief is one of my all-time favorites. You won’t find another book like it.


    1. Reading is VERY enjoyable but I’m pretty sure it’s stressful to…SO WHO KNOWS.

      Audiobooks are great…but not too great that you’re not 100 enjoying it? Hopefully it gets better. BUT SoC is FAN.TAS.TIC.
      I cannot wait to read The Book Thief!


  21. You do TOTALLY need to read all of these books!! I loved The Raven Cycle and The Grisha Trilogy which I have been reading recently. These are all such big series and I know you will enjoy them all. Looks like you are having a summer filled with nothing but reading (and ice cream haha).

    Can I just ask which theme you use for your blog? It is absolutely gorgeous and I have been hunting for a good theme forever. If yours is free it would give me hope that maybe I could find my perfect theme… if not I will have to turn to other methods…the dark arts here I come!!

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  22. Umm, my tbr knows no chill. It goes on for miles and miles. It puts the Great Wall of China to shame.
    Also, I approve of the Schwab love on this list. Read her. All of her books. Let your soul be stomped upon. Then read Fangirl, because it’s adorable and I’m in love with it. It may even pick up the pieces of your broken heart 🙈

    Liked by 1 person

    1. our TBR will murder us soon. your description is very accurate. PFFFT, if someone wrote down my TBR, The great wall of china would no longer be great!
      V.E Schwab is actually planning on killing all humans. She started off with books by killing our minds, souls and hearts. Who knows what is next.


  23. What an amazing list of books! The book thief is one I want to read too, I also cried at the movie-it was so sad! Good luck on reading them all! I’ve been reading one book a week, I could never read all of these in one month! X

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  24. Dude, don’t feel that behind on all those series and such. FOR THE MOST PART you and I have not read a loooooot of the hyped up/popular books except for John Green and The Book Thief because as you know I am major trash for both of those.
    By the way, I THINK WE SHOULD BUDDY READ ALL OF THEM???? That way, I might actually get through them all???? I NEED TO REAAD ALL OF THOSE. Why am I such a TBR sloth?


  25. Seriously tho, you HAVE to read The Raven Cycle. And Queens of Geek. And Fangirl. And may I suggest Geekerella? It’s nice too.
    Are you really going to tackle the Inheritance series though? I’ve heard they’re hard to read through because they’re boring or slow or something. I wish you luck for August!


    1. I really must…but the question is…is it even possible to read that much books in a month? Geekerella…probably not because 1)not a huge fan of retellings 2)fluffy romance—not for me 3)cinderella? meh. I’ve heard great things about th e inheritance cycle from people close to me? SOOO?


  26. SO MANY BOOKS WHERE DO I BEGIN??? *dies* The Raven Cycle is SO fabulous!! I cannot recall if you’ve read it already or not? I read your August not that long ago but my brain is muddled oops. And the Grisha trilogy! I loved them when I read them, which was before SoC/CK so I’m thinking you might not enjoy it as much as I did haha because I would definitely say SoC/CK is better? BUT IT’S LEIGH BARDUGO. So I hope you like it!!
    OH and This Savage Song!! I haven’t read Our Dark Duet, but TSS is AMAZING (it’s VE Schwab) and you should 100% read it asap!! Queens of Geek and Saints and Misfits ahhh I need to read those!! *grabby hands* Goodbye Days is super good!! Must read The Serpent King now asap ahah oops. SO MANY BOOKS TO READ HALP. Great summer TBR!! Even if summer is finished now haha (*sobs*)


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