Hello, Hi & Everything In Between!

Hello, awesome creatures of the universe.

Welcome to the explosion of life: MY BLOG.  Though I’m not sure if it’s mine. It’s a bit of wild beast at the moment who apparently does not like cages that are disguised as labels. I’m working on it.

I am gladly handing out some ice cream to you all, vanilla if you’re wondering so that the fun can really begin! You’re probably hearing from my old blog MBL which I honestly DO NOT want to talk about anymore, but hello to any new readers or blogger friends!

Now, I have this reputation of being SLIGHTLY horrendous at introductions (understatement of the YEAR) but anything for the fans (which apparently don’t exist)!

I’m Ilsa. Some of you might know me by my alternate name but you shall now all bow down to this amazing pseudonym (I actually know how to spell this) You can read my ABOUT page if you want to know more about the fantastic me and all my ramblings, for now, though I suggest you don’t let your ice creams melt.

I’m sure you have LOTS of questions, and now that I have said HI and Hello, it’s time for that ‘Everything In Between’ (See I stay true to my titles)


So, what’s different? Are MBL and AWOI going to be the same blogs? OF COURSE NOT. My old blog was…

  • cluttered
  • ugly
  • disgusting
  • boring
  • unnecessary
  • all over the place

AND MY NEW BLOG will be nothing of the sort(in my dreams)! There will be all the fun, bookish discussions, reviews and MUCH MUCH MORE (well I can’t really think of anything right now excuse my soul) So my new blog is a fabulous list will be

  • clean
  • awesome
  • exciting
  • good quality
  • unique
  • Icecream (yes adjective as well as noun *glares*)
  • a bit crazy
  • with a drizzle of London

Also, I have a new design! It’s just a header at the moment but Emily @ Books and Cleverness has been making some incredible changes to my graphics on the blog and I can’t wait to see the end result!

I will be changing all my names everywhere. On Twitter I am now @WhisperOfInk, on Goodreads, I am Ilsa Nite and my email is ilsa.nite.blog@gmail.com if you want to get in touch. My Pinterest will be Ilsa Nite too and I will be re-doing all of it because it is SUCH a mess right now.

And THERE IS A NEW SCHEDULE. Which is obviously maybe perhaps going to change, who knows? For now, though it will be as follows (WHO IS THIS FORMAL BEING?)

  • Tuesday – TTT/bookish post
  • Friday – announcement/re-blog/interviews (ONLY SOMETIMES)
  • Sunday – book review/tag

Fridays will be if I urgently need to post something like an update or some sort or something that doesn’t fit into the schedule.



It’s still a book blog people! And my fantastic 1000 followers (OMIGOSH THANK YOU) are still here ready to support me! And I still don’t ‘button swap’. I’m still the same person on the inside. I’m still as awesome as ever, thank you very much. And you guys are still rebellious as ever.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy your stay! Followers, I welcome you. People who shout out my new blog, I thank you. And everyone else, ICECREAM?

Let's Whisper

So, what’s your favourite Ice cream? Impressions of my new blog? Are you insanely excited? Whats your thoughts on the designs/name? Question: Do you like GIFS in blog posts or not? I need answers people.

Ilsa - Edited


102 thoughts on “Hello, Hi & Everything In Between!”

  1. HI THERE ILSA *waves excitedly*

    I am SUPER EXCITED about this new blog of yours and I can’t wait for your future content and the new design and everything!!! My favourite ice cream is raspberry *YUMMMM* and I personally love GIFs in posts!

    I’m sooooo excited for what’s to come! ❤

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  2. Hey Ilsa!! LOVELY blog you’ve got here!! It sounds simply brilliant and I’m in LOVE with the name! 😍😍 it just sounds soo magical! ❤Your blog content sounds amazing as well-I’m so excited to read more of your posts! Although your last blog certainly wasn’t ugly, cluttered or disorganized, in fact I’d say it was the opposite..😉 this just makes me more excited though, because your new blog just sounds even more fab now! 😍😉 also CONGRATULATIONS on 1000 followers on your last blog!! (I KNEW that you could do it!!) 😊❤ and I love GIFs in posts…I think it makes it even more fun to read! My favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla as well! Oh and I love the new design too!! 😍😍
    P.S-Are you reading TBT at the moment..? I was just wondering…☺️

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    1. Hi, Sasha! (it feels so weird to be called Ilsa) I think we can agree this is all going to be SO EXCITING! I, personally, didn’t like my old blog but I guess…it was okay? (I’ll never convice myself) AGH THANKS. I think 1000 followers is still trying to sink in! No I’m not reading it but I will soon!

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      1. Haha…I’m sure it must be! 😉 and YES it really is!! And your old blog wasn’t just ‘okay’ it was fab! 😍😍 I’m SO happy for you girl!! You definitely deserve 1000 followers!! Gosh, time has really flown hasn’t it? I remember celebrating 300+ followers on your blog and now we are celebrating 1000!! Wow!! 🎉🦄🍩🌈
        Ooh, I can’t wait until you finish reading it! I’m sure that you’ll love it! (Text me ASAP once you are done with it because I have SO much to talk to you about it! 😍☺️😉)

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  3. Hello Ilsa!! First off: Ilsa Nite is such a cool name I cannot even. I can’t wait for your new designs and content and am very much excited! I like mint chocolate chip ice cream the best (very controversial, I know) and I think GIFs are amazing!

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  4. Hi, Ilsa! I know I’m not a long time follower but I always read your blog posts (even when I don’t comment or like, sorry ’bout that!) and I absolutely love everything you do. All the effort and love you put into your work always shines through and I think you’re a great inspiration to other bloggers!!
    I support you on this new blogging journey! I hope it’s a fun ride Xx

    from a fellow blogger/follower
    Hannah Xx

    P.s. not sure if this is cheeky or not but I would luv to, maybe, collaborate with you sometime in the future!

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      1. Ooh, thank you! *licks ice-cream* DELICIOUS!
        Great! looking forward to working with you in the future! \(^ o ^)/
        Hannah Xx

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  5. Hellooooo Ilsa !!

    I’m SO EXCITED about this new blog of yours 😁!! Can’t wait to see the new design 😀! Also, hi5 on loving BBC Sherlock 🙌 I don’t like how I’m not able to add GIFs here.
    My favourite ice-creams though are tender-coconut, fig and honey, and Vanilla. But really, I LOVE ice-creams, give me any flavour (that’s not too odd) and I’ll have it.

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  6. DUDE YOU KNOW I LOOOOOVE GIFS IN A POST. They just make the post SO. MUCH. BETTER. Anywaaaays, I’m so excited! Dude, MBL was NOT all the things you listed! It was so awesome. (But AWOI will be even more awesome.) Oh when I saw that featured image I was like OOH THAT’S REALLY COOL and NOW IT’S EVEN COOLER BECAUSE YOU TOOK IT!!! I honestly would take photos to use on my blog buuuuut I have to steal my mom’s phone to take the photos and my mom is at work most of the time. But you might’ve inspired me to do that??? Idk.


    I love the new design and I can’t wait to see more of it! And dude I don’t need to save your email, I already got it memorized. #nearphotographicmemory

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    1. OKAY seems everyone loves GIFS so I have to start including them in my posts! Dude, let’s not lie, MBL WAS all those things on that list. IMO anwyays. I’m actually so proud of that image tbh. Here’s my photography skills that will soon fail. Agh May, a born thief!

      VANILLA IS CHEAP. i literally just had cookies & Cream Ice cream today and IT WAS FABULOUS.

      I wish I had photographic memory. Or photographic skills for that matter XD

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      1. Yes duh everyone loves gifs! Well as long as they’re funny. Sometimes I’ll just be reading the text calmly and burst out laughing from the gif. IT’S A WONDERFUL IMAGE!

        Would you rather have quality or cheap? XD AND COOKIES AND CREAM IS SO GREAT!!!

        Well I don’t have it COMPLETELY. And I won’t remember it forever. And it doesn’t help much when I’m reading books. HEY YOU HAVE PHOTOGRAPHIC SKILLS!

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      2. Well on my Twitter Poll 12% of humans don’t like them so??? I LOVE GIFS TOO but I’m sacred to put them in my posts for some reason.

        Let’ s be real..I’m broke here. And Vanilla is like a neutral flavour..everyone loves it? RIGHT

        THE LIES. I cannot take photos. TO SAVE MY LIFE.

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      3. (Don’t use gifs. They sometimes are kind of unprofessional and I feel like blogs look better without them.)

        Don’t mind me. You weren’t asking my opinion anyway. I was just comment stalking.


  7. Hello, Ilsa ❤ This is such a cool name and I am already loving the new blog.I just started watching Sherlock and OMG, it's so awesome and I already planning a rewatch.My favorie ice cream is chocolate though.I love everything Chocolate 🙂

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  8. Hello there Ilsa! New at your awesome blog but glad I’ve found out about it! It really looks amazing!! My favourite ice cream is pistachio (imagining the melting and delicious flavour calling out my namee)! And I do LOVE gifs…please tell me who doesn’t (will go teach them a lesson loool)!

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  9. Hurray! Issa, you new blog is gorgeous! I’m so excited for you, but I will miss MBL. You’re taking all your own photos? That’s awesome! I try, I really do, but sometimes they are less than great, and then I don’t even want to post them. But good luck to on your photos, your graphics and most importantly, you blog!

    ~ Pip

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  10. Hi Ilsa!
    Congratulations on your new blog. I look forward to all of your future posts. Just based on your first post I can already see a difference from MBL. As requested though I won’t make more mention of it. Congrats again!


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    1. Thank you! I feel like I just keep on getting compliments from everyone and all these congrats are overwhelming I demand this to stop, I might start letting the power get to my head and GO CRAZY. WAIIT… I’m already insane. XD


    I LOVE COOKIES AND CREAM ICE CREAM and I will fight anyone that says that it’s gross. I AM TOOOOO EXCITED FOR YOUR BLOG GAHHHHH.

    (AND also if you must know I was one of the rebellious people who clicked on “YES NO- Don’t click on this one” on your Twitter poll.)



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      Cookies & Cream IS HEAVEN. ❤ ❤ My mouth is watering.

      Agh, YOU ARE SO REBELLIOUS. Choosing the wrong option on MY twitter poll. MY poll. This is almost like going against Royals.


  12. HI ILSA!!! I’ve migrated from My Bookish Life to here, and I LOVE YOUR PICTURE. YES. IT IS GREAT. Anyway, vanilla ice cream is clearly the best, and for anyone who disagrees, I will respect your opinion, but an essay on why vanilla is the best ice cream flavor will be in order.

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      1. YES, IT DOES. Vanilla is clearly the best flavor. It tastes amazing on it’s own, AND you can add toppings without them clashing with the delicious subtle vanilla flavoring.

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  13. Hey Ilsa,(oh god that was weird)
    I can’t believe this is what your blog looks like! It looks so amazing gahhh. (Totally fangirling) THROWBACK: I know I am not a very active follower nor have I been following you from the beginning(I think it was around the time you hit 200 followers) but I can genuinely say, I, Shania Ahmed, has watched Ilsa Nite grow from her humble little beginnings to reaching 1000 followers and being one of the best blogs I read(even better than Cosmo) Congratulations!♡
    //Shania A.

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    1. P.S: Everyone who has commented should start a club where we can literally just fangirl over Mahriyas, wait, no, Ilsa’s new blog!!♡♡♡

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  14. don’t ask me to choose my favorite icecream flavor #rude. I love it! I was scared you were going to disappear from the internet when you were contemplating a new blog but I AM A FAN.
    Also, ugh i absolutely ADORE low saturation/black and white photos as you may have noticed on my blog?? I don’t know, I just really, really like them. NEW SCHEDULE, SWOOP. Schedules are a good thing to have. Even if you are me and you don’t follow them, because then they way over your head guiltily and then you pull a post out of your brain and throw it at the internet. Yes, this works for motivation for me.
    Love it, Ilsa 😉

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    1. I don’t have a favourite ice cream flavour. WELL, I DO but it’s always changing?! *wipes forhead* I AM GLAD YOU LIKE IT. I was sweating over what people would think? Oh yes you use b/w photos tooo! I like how they look but it’s honestly just to cover up how badly I take photos!
      Schedules…NOW KRIS you’re making me nervous?

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  15. I am super excited for you new blog ILSA (what? no, I totally didn’t put Mahriya on accident instead of Ilsa because I’m a failure…) I will miss your old posts but I’m super hyped to check out the new fresh amazing start for you!! Good luck!
    Favorite ice cream? Cookies and creams what else (obviouslyyyyy) I really like your new blog design, it just makes me feel calmer and better (wth violet???) Your email is officially saved! I don’t really want to answer that questio- wait I’ll get ice cream? Promise??? Well in THAT CASE, I like gifs! They kind of liven up the entire post imo.
    I really hope you the best with your new blog!! (Also I love the name Ilsa 🙂 )

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    1. I’m still making the same mistake calling myself Mahriya so we’re in the same boat XD

      I AM IN LOVE WITH COOKIES & CREAM TOOOOO, it’s soo good!
      YAYY! You like the design! THIS IS GOOD NEWS. I wouldn’t want any murder on my hands 🙂
      Most people like the GIFs for some reason so they will be added but not TOO much because that are some humans (*cough*) that do not like them, apparently.

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  16. Ahh, super excited for your new blog!! *squeals*Also I love your photography, I’ve been telling myself to add photos to my blog and yet I see Cheetos and all else is forgotten! Alas! Good luck on your new (delightfully clean!) blog!

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  17. Hi isla!!!! I’m so excited for this new blog and everything! Your header is fantastic and I’m so jealous that you’re able to take all of your own pictures because that would 100% be my goal if I had a camera besides my iPhone. Happy blogging!!

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      1. NOOOO haha I shall never die! I shall eat the sun one day (trust me it’s gonna happen) and then I’ll obviously absorb its long lifetime. Don’t ask me what all the lowly humans will do for sunlight it’s not my problem (I’m not evil I promise…)

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      2. You wille become immortal. But esther..*whispers* even the sun isn;t immortal. BUT OH YES< then you shall eat the moon, and the universe until you ARE the universe, until the whole world sings along with your life and soul and everything is brimming with the royalty of you, enriched with your thoughts and mind. and you shall live on and…OOPS got a bit caught up in that! #writerproblems. Poor humans who need sunlights. Luckily for us bookworms – all we live off is words.

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      3. hehe too true! It’s the only logical route, TBH! And yesss being a writer it’s hard to keep oneself in check haha I hear that! But your version of my immortality does sound splendid! WORDS ARE EVERYTHING. Maybe I’ll just eat all the books?????

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  18. HIIII ILSA!!! FINALLY here to swoon over your beeeeeaaautiful blog! 😍😍 I disagree on your description of MLB though! It was lovelyyy, though I definitely agree with all of AWOI’s fabulousness!! Ice creaaaaaam and new content and fuuuuuun WOO ❤❤❤ Look at your photography skillssss ahah so artsy!! I’m jealous 😆

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  19. OOOHHHHHH!!!!! Your blog is beautiful! And the name. DON’T get me started on the name (awesome). I absolutely LOVE it! Your picture with the book literally looks SOSOSO pretty and professional!

    You know, on the posts, they should add a ‘love’ button because your posts are just ASDFGHJK; awesome. (see me restraining my use of exclamation mark??) I am so excited to read all your wonderful posts!

    My favourite ice- cream is cookies and cream or good ol’ vanilla! (But never chocolate- I just don’t like it in ice-cream. I don’t know why?! It tastes fine on its own!)

    And for the big question: I like gifs in posts but only about 2 or 3. Too many gets kind of annoying! DO I GET ICE-CREAM NOW? I’LL TRADE YOU SOME DOUGHNUTS! 😄😃😊😁♥🍩🍨🍧 xx


    1. HEY BELLA! THANK YOU, it took me ages to come up with a name so that means a lot!

      Aww, that is SO sweet and the best compliemt ever!

      Cookies and Cream IS AMAZING. Are we twins? I like chocolate on it’s own but not in ice cream. AND VANILLLAAA ❤

      Yes *gives ice cream* I USED To like doughnuts but not much of a fan anymore #sadface.

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      1. HI!! (again!😂) You’re welcome!!
        We may be twins yet!♥♥
        WHHAATT??? NOOOO!!! You betrayed the kingdom of doughnuts!! You shall be locked in a DUNGEON under the OCEAN (with ice-cream though, because I’m nice like that).

        Unless you like Pineapples Because #Pineapples4ever 🍍🍍. *Starts fangirling!* xx

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  20. Ilsaaa I was thinking of redesigning my blog but I need help with…. everything. Tips?
    Like how do you get your posts to show up that way, how do you align things, how do you do other stuffff…


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