it’s my 3 year blogiversary and i’m exposing myself

hi!! it has been 3 years since I started ‘a whisper of ink’. It honestly doesn’t feel like it has been that long? But I’m intensely grateful to have this platform and for me to have readers who care?? about what I say?? Wild!! (ignore how this post is a day late) I asked you guys for questions and…well let’s just say this post is nearly 3000 words. Sorry its so long!!

how has your outlook on blogging changed in 3 years?

Honestly, I could write a whole post about this!! But to sum up:

  • I don’t need to be extra “funny” in my posts and instead just write like a normal human and not be cringey!
  • Posting the content that you want to post >>>> 
  • I know everyone says this but BE YOURSELF. It’s so easy to try and copy other people’s successful blogs so you can be successful yourself and I feel like I fell into this trap when I first started out but trust me!! It is much better to discover your OWN writing voice and make your blog a personalised space. Side note: just because you like the look of someone’s blog graphics or featured images, make your own and don’t copy their ideas. 
  • Putting your energy into things beside blogging is OKAY. blogging isn’t the be all end all.

recent favorite bloggers?

I’m honestly pretty terrible at finding new bloggers to follow but here a few i’ve just discovered.  word haven // rins reads // sunshine n’ books // words with wings

What is your favorite thing about book blogging? 

BEING FAMOUS!!! Okay but like, if you just look at book blogging and not other platforms (*cough* twitter) this can be such a friendly place! Also, the other day I was thinking about how many books I would have NEVER read if it wasn’t for blogging…I would have probably never have read ari and dante…that makes me so UPSET. Genuinely so many of my favourite books…I would not have read them. I would still be reading my bland library books like Carry On by Racist Rowell or The Thousandth Floor,,, both which I’ve never read thanks to blogging. 

what advice would you give a new book blogger?

I feel like i’ve already said this but don’t try and copy what other bloggers are doing!! I feel like it takes time to find your writing voice so its okay if you feel like you’re not coming across as genuine at first but it will take time. Also blog hop! Find other bloggers and interact! Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to follow a schedule or anything either. 

What are some things that you really DON’T like about blogging?

Having to like,,, actually write posts. Also I don’t really do this anymore but just comparing myself to other blogger’s and how many comments and likes they’re getting, and then feeling jealous and sad. 

Are there any books you read specifically because of book blogging?

Nearly all of them!! Some are influenced by people in real life but most of my TBR is influenced by hype + online friend recommendations. 

if you could blog about something that’s not books, what would the topic be?

Probably just a lifestyle blog about fashion (when I’m rich), food, school and nature things!!

blogging things you’d like to do in the next year?

To be honest, I’ve lost my ambitions when it comes to blogging. I really, really don’t care about stats that much, or follower counts. But I do care about writing posts I love! The only authentic answer I can give is write content I’m super proud of.  

 If you could go back in time, would you not start your blog?

While I regret some things in my blogging career, and while I don’t always love it, I’m so glad for blogging because of all the free books (lmao), book recommendations and friends!! 

Who are your blogging friends?

I don’t want anyone to feel left out! From the top of my head: Sara, Taasia, Kerys, Tiffany, May, Superior May, Emma, Ioana, Lu, and Ju but I love you all!

do your in-real-life friends & family know about your blog? 

My In real life friends don’t know about my blog and I plan to keep it that way. My family know about my blog but don’t read it (I hope) 

How could I ask my parents about getting arcs?

Oh my, this is giving me genuine flashbacks to when I was SOOO anxious about asking my mum about ARCs. Honestly there is not much to worry about! You are getting FREE BOOKS who is going to complain? My mum was kind of just like “yeah, sure.” Try and explain what they are or you could just mumble something about free books (what i did) and hopefully your parents won’t have a problem? Good luck! (Psst here’s a post on how to get ARCs that I wrote!)

how do i become ur friend bc i admire u and ur blog sm but im lowkey scared to strike up a conversation and do anything lmao help me!!! Please!!

This is genuinely such a sweet message ❤ You can DM me on twitter or insta and I will reply! Most friendships just develop naturally so if you comment on my blog/reply to my tweets then I can get to know you. You may feel like you’re annoying but promise you’re not!!! I will be your friend!!!

A trope you love to see in books?

DON’T GET ME STARTED!!! There’s only one bed trope? Enemies to lovers trope? Fake dating trope? Man, they all slap so HARD!!! I’m planning to do a favourite romance tropes + recommendation posts soon!! (I’ve been meaning to do this…FOREVER but i’m lazy)

a guilty pleasure book?

Every book blogger on the earth: “I don’t believe in guilty pleasure reads we should all be able to love books without any guilt or shame”

Me: yeah, EXACTLY

But if you mean like a really trashy/tropey book then *looks at notes* I HAVE LOADS. There’s so many like shatter me and caraval…But for the most recent Serpent & Dove. Terrible book, but man,,,,, THE ROMANCE. 

What song fits perfectly with your favourite book?

Favourite BOOK…not plural? I mean… Ari and Dante…Boys Will be Bugs by Cavetown is one that comes to mind instantly. Also Ribs by Lorde very much conveys the same sadness and loneliness that the book does.

if you were to choose a fictional character most similar to you, who would it be?

I think I’d say I’m most like Ari from Aristotle and Dante Discover The Secrets of the Universe. There’s just…so much I could say about how much Ari’s character means to me…but we’d be here all day and I would be writing an essay. So, Ari is very bad at dealing with affection, lies to himself a lot and is very sad.

Also there’s a scene where he’s with Dante and there’s a line that says “A thought came into my head that I hated Dante” or something like that,, AND I CANNOT EXPLAIN WHY THAT LINES MEANS THINGS TO ME BUT IT DOES. 

did your love for reading start as a child, and if so, what books shaped it?

Yes! I read loads as a child and the Secret Seven books (and other Enid Blyton novels) got me into reading!

If you could visit one fictional world for a week, which one would it be and what would you do?

The Night Circus sounds like the most MAGICAL place ever. The Starless Sea as well. Basically Erin Morgenstern writes the most beautiful intoxicating settings and I want to live between the pages of her books.

how many books do you own?

I own about 80 books (sorry I couldn’t be bothered to count)

Which book would you like to rewrite from start to finish?

The first book that came to mind was Finale by Stephanie Garber. This book had its moments (that I loved) but I would have loved to just really edit this book and make it seem more finished because what I read felt like a second draft. 

 if you were on a vacation for 4 weeks and could only take 1 book with you, what would the book be?

AGH THAT’S SO HARD. I think I’d either take You Deserve Each Other to FEEL HAPPY or Ari and Dante to FEEL SAD. Both books I could never tire of reading.

 If you could only read one book for the rest of your life, which would it be? (i know, a super unfair question)

YEAH UR RIGHT THIS IS UNFAIR. But, predictably I would go with Aristotle and Dante Discover The Secrets of The Universe…because my favorite book of all time. Characters bring me joy. Every line is like “YES.”  Perfection.

what’s something that’s made you happy recently?

This happened right at the beginning of july…but uhm aristotle and dante book 2…is finished!! The author tweeted that he finished the draft and sent it to his agent and honestly this made me so overwhelmed.

also something more recent! i did the books as outfits thing on twitter and people were really kind about it?

what would you like to do in the future? (future jobs, uni degree/apprenticeship etc)

Well I’m going into sixth form soon, and I’m a bit unsure of my subjects that I’m taking. I’m hoping to do something computing related in university but at this point, I’m very unsure! 

favourite tv shows/films

BBC Merlin is my favourite show of all time just because it brings back a lot of nostalgia for me and also, its such a good show. I have a few problems with it sometimes (*cough* Morgana’s character development* cough) but MERLIN AND ARTHUR! The love they have for each other is my favourite thing in the entire world. Also, when i rewatched this, I genuinely cried every 2 episodes. I am an emotional fragile mess!! Some of my other fave shows:

unpopular opinion that is not book-related?

Bold of you to assume I have nuanced opinions on anything outside of books. Anyways, its time for me to come out and say I think Riverdale is a FANTASTIC show. 

I’m joking.

I think Riverdale is terrible and stopped watching mid season 2 but sometimes I think of that Betty and Jughead scene where they both randomly start aggressively “singing” and am glad I never continued.

Also have you seen KJ Apa’s Tik Toks? 

All this talk is because I am avoiding the question because I CAN’T THINK OF ANYTHING. Brain = blank. I will say there are these waffle things my mum buys (They’re called like belgian waffles or something?) and I think they ARE TERRIBLE. Other people in my family like them! I don’t. I hate the flavour and texture of them greatly. *shivers*

what’s your favourite thing about your culture?

If you didn’t know I am a british-pakistani. I don’t think I’m that invested in my culture a lot just because I live in Britain and don’t feel that connected with it? I feel so bored if I say “the food is great” because that’s what EVERYONE says about their culture. But I think the clothes and dresses can look so pretty sometimes!! 

what’s an interest you have that’s completely unrelated to books/reading?

I wish I did something interesting like sport or playing an instrument  But I do really love to code even though I don’t do a lot of it and am at a pretty amateur level of it. It’s just a lot of fun for me! I also really like fashion (which is very very new to me)? But I don’t have the money to invest in my own style properly but I find it very interesting? I enjoy baking as well! And by that I mean I make chocolate chip cookies for my family from time to time. 

Do you think that aliens exist?

I mean i think so…like the universe is huge and constantly expanding…and we’ve explored barely anything. It would be weird if we were the only sentient beings to ever exist?? 

If magic was real, what spell would you try to learn first?

How to fly!! That would be exciting. Or how to teleport – that would be so awesome!! 

What music are you listening to? (drop your poison 👀)

I listen to a lot of music!! I’m starting to get into Clairo and Phoebe Bridges because everyone seems to love their music and I love what I’ve heard so far. I have way too many songs I want to list so let me just drop a spotify playlist with  some of my all time favourite songs.

What’s your zodiac sign and do you think it fits? (Why/why not/ what traits are spot on)

I AM A GEMINI. As for traits i’m just gonna click on the first website and see what I think is accurate.

i agree

  • affectionate, curious, adaptable, ability to learn quickly and exchange ideas, nervous, inconsistent, indecisive, dislikes being confined.
  • Gemini likes: Music, books, short trips around the town
  • Expressive and quick-witted, Gemini represents two different personalities in one and you will never be sure which one you will face.
  • sociable, communicative and ready for fun, with a tendency to suddenly get serious, thoughtful and restless.
  • fascinated with the world itself, extremely curious, with a constant feeling that there is not enough time to experience everything they want to see. 
  • often have a feeling that their other half is missing, so they are forever seeking new friends, mentors, colleagues and people to talk to. 

Things i like to think are true: Gemini’s changeable and open mind makes them excellent artists, especially writers and journalists. This is a versatile, inquisitive, fun loving sign, born with a wish to experience everything there is out there, in the world. This makes their character inspiring, and never boring.

I disagree: gentle, likes magazines, chats with nearly anyone (I AM ANXIOUS BEAN), dislikes being alone (in some ways, yeah but No?), dislikes repetition and routine (no i miss school)

what’s something interesting about you that most people don’t know?

:(( i’m BORING.

People are so mulit-faceted and I feel like being online means you can’t properly convey your personality. I like the feeling of being sleep-deprived. I am scared of video calls. Biscuits dipped in tea is heaven and yes, I’m british. I love to act even though I’m terrible at it. I take blurry, dim-lit selfies at 2am to feel alive. Some people call me “rebellious.” at school, though I’m not really, but I’m definitely…not someone who follows the rules. I am really loud in real life!! That doesn’t mean I talk a lot, just that people say i’m loud?? I love debating. Truly, there is more I could say about my life but I feel like a lot my life needs to say off the internet so I hope that gave you some insight.  

if you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

At the moment, couscous is my new obsession. Potatoes also, because they are so versatile.

what’s your favorite thing to bake?

As if I bake anything but cookies?

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 

Oh yeah got to love that interview-style question! In 10 years I’ll be 26. That’s honestly TERRIFYING to think about (the future is scary, okay). I mean the dream is to live in a cottage in the countryside with someone I love and we have cats and we go on nature walks every evening and watch the sunset and breathe in the evening air. That’s the dream!! Realistically, I hope I will have got a degree and a job and perhaps be living in an apartment. But life is unpredictable and things can change in the span of a second!

How are you? 

Okay two people asked this and *tears up* I’m…okay. I wouldn’t say I’m doing terrible, but I’m not exactly BURSTING WITH HAPPINESS. I’m a bit stressed about a few things happening in my life right now and my lack of motivation to do things. Also Results Day is soon and I am: scared, but excited. 

Avatar The Last Air Bender Related Questions

5-word thoughts on atla characters

Okay i can’t do the five word thoughts thing but i’ll keep these short!

  • suki  – LOVE OF MY LIFE!!
  • Azula – best lady villain me thinks!
  • Ty Lee – stop being so cute!
  • Mai – break up with your boyfriend YUH YUH CUS HE’S MINE ❤
  • Katara – best waterbender ever i love you!
  • Sokka – How are you so funny and CUTE?
  • Aang – smol adorable little EGG
  • Zuko(‘s collarbones) – marry me 

why do you love zuko so much?

*clears throat* I JUST THINK HE’S NEAT. To refrain myself from being too wild, I didn’t like Zuko much at first but I think (and everyone else thinks) that his redemption arc is so so well-done. Zuko makes very difficult decisions throughout the series and him becoming “good” causes so much pain for him. His character development feels so natural, the entire “transformation” is dealt with such nuance and makes it so believable and enjoyable to see. Also he’s so socially awkward and stupid sometimes and that’s what I LOVE about him. And his relationship with Iroh is the most wholesome, beautiful thing I have ever witnessed!! As you can see, I could go on forever about why I love Zuko. 

Also, his collarbones.

thoughts on zutara ;))

My feelings keep changing about this. People who say Kataang came out of nowhere are wrong because their development is actually really sweet and slow and Aang, in many episodes, wants to tell Katara how he feels about her. But honestly, sometimes I watch Zutara edits and think…wow, they would’ve been such a power couple. So! I feel a bit conflicted. What i will say is that after the final agni kai, when zuko thanks katara…they should’ve kissed. THAT’S ALL I’LL SAY. 

If you made it to the end of this post, WELL DONE. It was SO LONG but I felt like it was needed because I haven’t ever done a q&a on this blog before!! I’m curious, how intimidating am I? What are some of your answers to these questions? How long have you been blogging?

50 thoughts on “it’s my 3 year blogiversary and i’m exposing myself”

  1. You are the absolute sweetest!! ❤️  This post was so fun, I loved reading! I think it’s so neat how you like to code – I took a class on it once and omg it’s so difficult but so cool once you get the hang of it!! Go off, girl. Also, I’ve never watched atla (I know, I know) and this post is making me want to drop everything and finally start!! I can’t wait to get into it. Thanks for such a fun post, and happy 3 year blogiversary!! 🥰


    1. Eep!! I’m glad you enjoyed the post!! Omg erin please watch it and let me know what you think of it! it’s a bit slow but it’s great to watch with someone/friends i find? and thank you so much for this comment!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. whoa 3 whole years!! congrats ilsa! you were the person who inspired me to start blogging and i remember being so intimidated of you so it means a lot to be considered one of your blogging friends 😭we definitely need to talk more!
    those tropes are top tier though ilsa – please send recs my ways because my heart needs some more pining
    asdgj i think i definitely need to watch atla now!!
    good luck with sixth form and if you ever feel stressed/worried i’m here if you want to talk ❤️
    this was so fun to read and congrats once again!


    1. YEAH!!! omg i inspired you start blogging? STOP!! heart is bursting with love!! and i am 0% intimidating HOW CAN U THINK THAT. i am a small crazy bean. i’m going to a romance trope +recs post soon so look out for it!! and kerys YES PLEASE WATCH ATLA and scream about it in my DMs ❤ Thank you so much for this comment ❤


  3. I totally felt that about writing posts HAHA! It’s like sometimes I’ll be absolutely in the mood for it and write a ton, but there are other days where I really don’t feel like doing anything at all. And Shatter Me is SUCH a guilty pleasure read, and I’m a romance addict.

    Happy 3 year blogiversary as well!! ❤


  4. ILSA I LOVE THIS! And congrats! Butt also LOVED reading this and all your answers!!
    we shall firstly comment on how lowkey underrated the sharing bed trope is but yet we all love it?? I- am I making this up and it is hyped? Or?? lmao.
    And… how did I NOT know that Enid Blyton ALSO got you into reading??? *gasps* I AM SO SHOCKED. bc same?!?! Great minds think alike amirite
    Good luck with all the school work eeeppp!!


    1. RUBY!! thank you so much. the sharing bed trope is FANTASTIC (i see hype for it on twitter sometimes u just have to follow the right people) OMG YEAH ENID BLYTON STANS RISE (lol i was reading an article on how she was racist in the past and i just said to myself “LOOK AWAY” cus i love her books too much) THANK YOU ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I probably am just following the wrong people welp but Imma be sure to write my own share the bed scene ya know?👀

        YESSS. Oh no we don’t like that. Like I heard that Noddy was originally very racist and they had to change it for the kids tv show so ew. Kinda scary.


  5. HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY FAVE!!!! i love you so much and i can’t believe it’s been three years (also i genuinely thought this was my third year of blogging but from your post i just realized it’s my fourth WHAT). first of all, i cannot believe you FORGOT TOPH in your list of characters but… you got suki so ❤️ and i love the question asking what are some things people don’t really know about you, i love that you’re “loud” and love debating and acting that’s so cute 🥺

    the ari “i hate dante” line!!!!! i am crying he’s literally so stupid and repressed 💔💔 and LMAOO that question about asking your parents for arcs really gave me flashbacks too….. we were so small and stupid back then, it’s really was not as much of a big deal as we thought it was

    anyways i loved reading this post and idk it just made me feel motivated to blogging things i love you!!!! and i’m confident u can live out your cute cottagecore dreams 💖💖


    1. HOW HAVE U STUCK WITH MY TRASH BLOG AND PERSONALITY FOR SO LONG </3 u are so strong wow. 💔💔 omg i did forget toph i just feel so indifferent about her ahah. omg don't call me cute i WILL stab you. OMG I WAS 12 and having a meltdown over asking my mum for free books,,, TAKE ME BACK (actually, don't) (but yeah we made it such a big deal I HATE US) and thank you i love you so much!! and in 10 years i will be LIVING my cottage core dreams i am manifesting.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Congrats on 3 years! 🎂🥳 I’ve been blogging for almost nine years and I still get all of my book recommendations from other book bloggers. I never really get any good recs from people I know personally other than the occasional good mystery.


  7. I also feel like just about every book I’ve read in the past three years has been a book I discovered because of book blogging. Maybe some of the *uber* popular books I would have eventually discovered at the bookstore on a display, but mostly NOT. I’m so thankful to have met so many great people who recommend so many FANTASTIC books.


  8. happy blogiversary to my favorite person ever!! ❤❤❤ i love you a lot!!!
    this was so interesting to read, and i loved learning more about you!! (ignore how weird ‘learning more about you’ sounds 😔)

    i love that you’re loud and that you like debating, because same!!! i am introverted 98% of the time, but if we’re friends, i am chaotic and annoying and occasionally fun!! and i love to debate!!! like respectful arguing??? LOVE IT.

    one day i will read ari & dante and you will finally be proud of me. until then… 💔💔
    also i’m still frightened about arcs lol. like i get earcs all the time but i always say no to physical arcs 😦 bc i’m afraid to ask my parents if it’d be okay to share our mailing address oof.

    anyways i love this post and i love your blog and i love you! ❤


  9. Congratulations on your three year blogiversary💕💕 Your blog is so amazing, and I loved reading your answers to all of the questions 🙂


  10. Congratulations of three years!!! *slides gigantic ice cream sundae across the table to you* “I AM ANXIOUS BEAN” is a statement that I relate to on a very deep level. And ugh, yes, video calls are the worst. I had to have so many classes and meetings via Zoom for the last few months of the school year and I basically lived in a constant state of dread. My sisters and I just started watching Avatar The Last Airbender (we’re like halfway through the first season), and I love it SO MUCH. Aang is the most ADORABLE child and Sokka is the BEST and I really need a flying bison.


  11. Congrats on three years, Ilsa! I love your blog and you and I also loved reading all your answers to this.❤️ I laughed at the Riverdale part, my friend and I watch it because we actually have nothing else to do besides make fun of it and the aggressive singing part was so startling. Also, taking You Deserve Each Other on vacation is actually the smartest idea ever, it would definitely bring along the happiest vibes. I can’t end this comment with anything else besides how excited I am for folklore because Taylor Swift and yes, this post was amazing and congrats again!(:


  12. That’s amazing that you’ve reached 3 years!! I loved this post, it’s so relatable!!
    I’m just realizing how many people in the bookish community who have (and haven’t) watched ATLA and I get so excited every time I find someone who does. And what you said about Zuko is everything 😭 That’s exactly how my relationship with him progressed-first I didn’t like him (his hair in the first season was atrocious as far as I’m concerned), and then I started to feel sorry for him, began rooting for him, and then totally loving him by the end. Tho, I didn’t even notice his collarbones, and now I’m searching to see his collarbones 😂 The Zutara thing, Idk, I’m not a fan of Katara and Aang, but also, I respect it?? Like it was super obvious (how could it not be, Aang had a nervous breakdown every 5 mins!) but I didn’t like it, but it was also nice too? It’s complicated. But at the same time, I love Zuko and Katara as friends (and after the agni kai, I see why you would say that, but I also liked it the way it was lol), and the Southern Raiders episode where she found out about her mom, I loved that bc she finally forgave him and it was killing me that she was so mean to him (even if he deserved it). AND Sokka is hilarious, I have these moments where I just remember something funny he said and I’m dying loll. Ahh, I love that series so much 😭💖
    You love couscous?? I love it too, I’ve been making it so much ever since I went to this wedding (back before social distancing lol) and it was amazing 🥺 I don’t actually really follow the authentic version, I just do random stuff. Like I made a “chinese” inspired fried couscous with carrots last night and it was amazing!! I could definitely eat it for forever.
    What kind of coding do you do? I love creating websites with HTML and CSS! Honestly, I feel like they are the easiest languages to learn, and it’s fun to design and create. I actually want to be web developer…

    Anyways, amazing post, I really loved reading it 💖✨


  13. This is such a cute post and I loved reading your responses ❤ we definitely needed a Zutara kiss at least, yes Riverdale sucks and my friend and I used to watch it weekly as a joke just so we could make fun of it but it got so bad that we just couldn't continue even just doing that… And also I would love to be your friend ahh!


  14. ahh three whole years that’s so cool!!
    loved reading this post, was so fun to read your answers.
    also yes!! to enid blyton oh my gosh. she definitely made me fall in love with reading as well, i just loved all her series so much. my faves for sure were mallory towers and also twins at st.clares! what a throwback.
    and also, with what music you’re listening to right now. i’m going to guess that folklore will maybe be on there now?? just a guess cause you mentioned it a few times on twitter ;). i love that you wouldn’t even have known about it when you wrote this post. but genuinely i will actually not stop talking about it i just love it.
    here’s to another three years of blogging! x


  15. Congratulations on your three-year blogoversary!! This was so much fun to read! Yesss, I would also want to rewrite Finale 😭 I felt like Legendary was such a strong book and I was hoping for a strong finish to the series, but alas 😥
    BBC Merlin is so good!! Every time someone brings up that show I automatically start thinking about how I should rewatch it because *Arthur and Merlin*!! And couscous and potatoes are great choices for favorite foods, both versatile, both starches, what’s not to love??


  16. happy blogiversary again ❤ i really loved reading this post, it wasn't too long! lmao i'm actually pretty "rebellious" myself. i'm not loud or a troublemaker or anything. but if i have the opportunity to not follow a rule and get away with it, or i don't really get the purpose of a rule, i break it :") and i'm pretty loud too! not in a talkative way, but when i get excited my voice gets really loud on its own, and some people get annoyed with me because of that 🤷🏻‍♀️

    also what you said about zuko is so beautiful!! i'm so excited to continue atla and form my own opinions on the ships and characters! i think toph is my fave so far ❤


  17. aaaaaaaah all the congratulations, this is so, so, amazing and i’m so happy you’re part of this community. you’re the best, really and it wouldn’t be the same without you! 🥰
    I LOVE your advice about blogging and for new bloggers. You’re so right that it’s important to find your own voice, your own graphic identity and not try and copy what others are doing. It takes a bit of time to feel comfortable with it all and to find something that fits, it might change as you go along, but as long as you write things you’re proud of, that’s the most important. I’m so happy you’re doing just that, it shows and your posts are AMAZING to read always 🥰🥰🥰🥰


  18. Omg I love potatoes and Ari and Dante a lot!! Also thank you for your advice for new book bloggers. I’ve been having these feelings where I feel like I’m annoying and cringey and sound fake right now. So hearing you said that is such a relief! Exactly what I need to hear at the moment 😊


  19. Ilsa I loved reading this post and congrats on your blogiversary!! Esp love all the Ari & Dante content hehe. And I’m starting to get into Clairo too!! Her music is sooo good. I will admit I don’t completely understand the British education system but good luck with results day? (Ok, Google just told me it’s about A Levels which are like our AP exams in the US, in which case…ugh, stressful, congrats on finishing them and my fingers are crossed for you!) And I hope things work out and you feel less stressed soon ❤


  20. Happy blog anniversary!! ❤ ❤ I loved reading your answers btw, and I completely agree with you that one of the best things about blogging is the people, everyone's so friendly and ready to help, and give the best recommendations 😛


  21. I loved this so much. And even though we don’t know each other, I’m going to comment on this anyways. But my favorite part was when you said you liked ATLA. UGH I LOVED IT SO MUCH. And NO. Zuko’s MINE Okay Imma go binge ATLA again. Bye 😛


  22. This is like a million years late but this post was so fun to read!! I am lowkey convinced that we are the same person,,, ALSO I’M YOUR FRIEND OMIGOSH. like i know we’re friends but that validation 🥺🥺🥺 congrats on 3 whole years!! i am so excited for all your future posts! how’s sixth form and life going? what subjects are you taking? love you 💛


  23. AHH ILSA HAPPY (VERY BELATED) 3 YEAR BLOGIVERSARY!! i’ve only been following your blog for a few months now, but i love your aesthetic and blogging voice SO. MUCH!! especially your snarky reviews lmaoo they always make me laugh!! ❤️ i loved reading this q&a, and getting to know you better!! i haven’t read ari & dante yet; but after seeing it literally EVERYWHERE on your blog, i think i NEED to check it out soon!! stay safe, and happy reading!! 💖


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