My Last Minute Reading Rush TBR!

Is this going to be a relatively short, practically useless post? yes. Am I still going to post it because it’s my blog and I really don’t care? also yes.

So! The Reading Rush! I’m pretty sure you’ve all heard of it but essentially, it’s a week long readathon that starts July 20th  and finishes on July 26th. And here all the challenges and what I’m going to read for them!

1. read a book with a cover that matches the colour of your birth stone

I’m a June baby (yes I’m a gemini) and when I searched up the June birthstone I got  this image…

So…uhm that’s a lot of colours. I’m going to leave out pearl and moonstone because they’re not like…real colours and instead I have blue or purple left.

The Fever King would be SUCH a perfect pick for this but I don’t have access to a copy…so I can’t read that! But I found another book that is very blue/purple-y! Which is The Smell of Other People’s Houses!

I feel like this is a good book for a readathon because it’s quite short (under 300 pages) and I’ve been meaning to read it for quite a while! I don’t really know anything about it apart from that the title is just PERFECT and I love it. A lot.

(Thinking about how Queen of Volts would be perfect for this because the UK cover is like that exact blue colour and the US cover is that exact purple colour..but who knows If I’ll get accepted for my Netgalley request and when and also its a 500+ paged book and I want to re-read King of Fools before I start it, so)

2. Read a book that starts with the word “The”.

There’s lots of books I want to read soon that fit this : The Trouble with Hating you / The Flatshare / The Midnight Lie / The Unhoneymooners 

3. Read a book that inspired a movie you’ve already seen.

I genuinely love this challenge. The first book that came to mind was Little Women since I watched the movie and ADORED it and I have the book sitting on my shelf. Alternatively, I could re-read The Perks Of Being A Wallflower or pick up Bridge to Terabithia (one of my all time favourite movies)

4. Read the first book you touch.

I’m really not a fan of more spontaneous challenges like this and I might just…not do this challenge. (Or like make a pile of my physical tbr out of this and close my eyes and pick one to double up)

5. Read a book completely outside of your house. (or by your window, or with the worse “outside” in the title)

I don’t have any books on my TBR with the word “outside” in the title, so I’m probably going to double up and choose one of my other reads for this. I’ll probably read it by my window (which is where I usually read anyways)

6. Read a book in a genre that you’ve always wanted to read more of.

Again, I could double up on this and read an Adult Romance book that starts with The which is probably the most likely thing I’ll do since I’m only just starting to read Adult Romances! Other “genres” I want to read more of: classics, and Adult books in general. So I have a lot of books I could choose for this! I could even double up with Little Women which is a classic.

7. Read a book that takes place on a different continent than where you live. 

 For this I’m reading I Love You So Mochi because it looks like a cute, contemporary which is perfect for a readathon! This is set in Japan. 

Link your reading rush TBR’s down below! Are there any books on the list you’re excited for me to read?


27 thoughts on “My Last Minute Reading Rush TBR!”

    1. it usually happens once a year around July! It’s probably one of the biggest readathons there is – they have a website where you can make an account and buy merch, be involved in the community and participate in reading sprints! I suggest you’re check out the reading Rush’s YouTube channel!! And thank you I hope I enjoy I love you so mochi too ♥️

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  1. Ah I just made my TBR as well! I really loved The Smell of Other People’s Houses. It’s such a quiet, yet powerful read, I hope you love it. The Trouble With Hating You is on that’s high on my TBR, it sounds really good!


  2. omg i had no idea that this readathon was even a thing lmaooo!! but it sounds like so much fun and i hope you enjoy it ❤

    i hadn’t heard of the smell of other people’s houses before, but that title and cover are absolutely gorgeous and it’s on my tbr now!! also yesss i loved the little women (2019) movie and really want to read the book… but i’m usually not a fan of classics or historical fiction so we’ll see how that goes 😭 i really enjoyed i love you so mochi, though, it was so cute and would definitely be a perfect book for a readathon!! i hope you love all these books, ilsa 💖💖


    1. Haha. I don’t even know what Smell of Other People’s Houses is about but the cover and title had me sold too. I’m trying to get more into classics so I hope I enjoy Little Women. I like historical fiction though! EEP I’m so glad you enjoyed I love you so mochi – i’m sure i’ll enioy it now!

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  3. Ahh, this is a great list, Ilsa! I’m really excited to be participating in the readathon this year, even though I’m being very chill about it and attempting to read seven books but knowing that probably won’t happen? Haha, for the first book you touch prompt, I just shuffled around the library books I had checked out and picked one with my eyes closed…but then I didn’t want to read the one I picked so I just did it again, how honest of me.

    I hope you enjoy all these books and good luck with the readathon!! I thought I Love You So Mochi was really cute and I hope you also enjoy it❤️


    1. Thank you Olivia! Good luck with reading your seven books ❤ And ahaha yeah I tried picking out a book for the touch…and I did not want to read it. I'm glad you enjoyed I Love You So Mochi – I'm excited to read ❤

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  4. lol what is reading i haven’t picked up a book since early june (you deserve each other!!!) but i hope you really enjoy all the books you picked for this readathon! bridge to terebithia is one of my favorite books ever, and i love little women!! and i love you so mochi sounds like the cutest ever ❤ hope you have lots of fun, love ❤❤


  5. Such a great TBR! As a fellow June baby I was stumped when I did a google search and found all the different colors. I settled and found a book with both purple and blue on the cover haha good luck this week! 🙂


  6. […] Ilsa @ Whisper of Ink has always been the most helpful and sweet blogger to me! From recommending books that grow my TBR, to supporting tons of book bloggers (I always see her in the comments and she supported my blog when it was a baby), to writing helpful posts to share her wisdom with everyone else (like her one about ARCs!), she’s always been nothing but kind and helpful. […]


  7. Yes! Little Women! The book is so good and the newest movie did a FANTASTIC job, so I hope you enjoy 😊 Good luck on the reading rush!


  8. can’t wait for you to eventually read ‘the fever king’ and cry like the rest of us 😗✌

    as someone who identifies as complete trash for marie rutkoski’s ‘the winner’s curse’ trilogy, i am such a fake fan for not having read ‘the midnight lie’ yet,,, HOWEVER, do let me know how you like it, i am already a fan of your taste.

    person: read a book outside your house
    ilsa: techNICALLY,,, i can SEE the outside world through a window so according to my calculation it COUNTS. (you’re so right it definitely counts)

    all the best!!! i know you’re gonna crush it ❤


  9. ILSA THE FLATSHARE!! If our taste in romance is anything alike, I think you’ll love. It’s just so very refreshing and wholesome.

    Good luck with all the boooksss. I tend to fail at readathons, tbrs, reading in general, but tentatively joining. I wanted to read a bunch this week anyway so… FINGERS CROSSED

    Also, very interested to see what you think of unhoneymooners because I,,, tried that book. Read 70% in one sitting and realised I didn’t care at all. Not to deter you, because I may not have been in the right mood, but yeah. Still debating whether I want to give it another go.


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