June Whispers // my birthday + a reading slump + avatar, the last air bender

June…honestly went way too fast I didn’t even realise it was the end of June and now it’s July Anyways, this was a pretty uneventful month since we’re all still social distancing!


(all hyperlinks take you to my Goodreads review!)

I read 16 books in May!! And then in June, I read a measly 5. Honestly, I felt really slumpy in June and didn’t read anything too heavy/that required brain-cells so, yeah. I’m hoping in July I can read at least 10 books!

Serpent & Dove ★★★★☆ // is this book absolutely ridiculous? yes, definitely. did i still have a really, really fun time reading this and was entertained every second? ALSO YES.

The Winner’s Kiss (#3) ★★★.5 // i really love kestrel and arin and this book bought me a lot of emotional pain (thanks marie rutkoski) but, i don’t care that much about the action scenes/the politics in this entire series. Sorry.

Darius The Great Is Not Okay ★☆☆☆☆ // Biggest disappointment of the year. The writing was dry, Darius’s narration annoyed me, and the whole book felt very unnecessary. 

The Book Of Dust ★★★★☆ // I FINALLY READ THIS AFTER TWO YEARS OF PROCRASTINATION!! It was a very solid, enjoyable read but sometimes I felt the story lost its direction.

You Deserve Each Other ★★★★★ (re-read)  //  This book!! I am physically incapable of doing anything but think about Nicholas and Naomi!! I am a You Deserve Each Other Stan before I am a person!! Cutest softest lovers to enemies to lovers second chance romance ever!! 


I got The Dark Vault from my wishlist (thank you so much @ Zoe) for my birthday and I’m so, so grateful. This is a bound up of two books and I’m so excited to read. (I don’t know much but i heard creepy libraries and I’m so down)



Also! May @ Forever and Everly and Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane Books are hosting the 2020 book blogging awards! You can nominate me for Best Teen Blogger or BEST PERSONALITY because I’m amazing. (You don’t have to nominate me and if you do you can nominate me for whatever you want!! Also please read the rules in the post and try and stick to them!)


  • Though I still have been mostly socially distancing I did go to the park a few times and it was very nice to just get ice cream / other food! 
  • I watched Avatar The Last Airbender and if you don’t follow me on Twitter then you won’t know that I AM obsessed with this show. I watched this with my brother and it was such a delightful watch! The characters are so-well done, the humour is great, and the whole storyline is so well-crafted. My favourite character is Zuko!! I am in love with him!! Even though I didn’t like him at first, his redemption arc is SO well done. And uncle iroh!! And of course I love the gang as well (sokka…is amazing!! And suki!! They are my fave ship out of the whole show) Anyways I could talk forever about ATLA but I will spare you. 
This image brings me so much joy…just look at Sokka and Suki in the background
  • I also started watching Dark which is a german show but I haven’t got far into it yet (I have watched one episode)
  • It was my birthday on June 10th! My sister made cheesecake which was great  but I didn’t really do much to celebrate. I turned 16 though which was wild!! 
  • I looked back to see if I had done any writing…and no all i have written is self-indulgent scenes for my WIP that won’t even make sense in my draft…I did write a weird monologue thing and one poem but apart from that…I have not been writing a lot. 
  • I’ve been baking cookies and making edits but what else is new? 
  • For music I haven’t discovered much more new music but have been listening to lots of Taylor Swift as usual! 
  • I’ve been also having a crisis about sixth form but I won’t be going into that :))))


  • -start doing prep for Sixth Form ❌❌ – if this means stressing unhealthily about it…then yeah
  • -make pic crews for your characters ✅
  • -get back into coding!! I love it so much and i promised myself i’d do it when I had free time :(( ✅ – i mean kinda did some but I would like to spend more time on it
  • -read 12 books at least (and make time for reading everyday, no matter how little)❌❌❌ – reading slump said HELLO
  • -write at least 3 more new scenes for your WIP ❌ – i wrote random scenes but they’re not actually FOR my WIP 😦
  • -watch 5 new movies on your list (or start a series)✅ – i didn’t do the movie thing but I started and finish watching ATLA
  • -drink one bottle of water a day (at least) ✅ – I’m not sure if I did this EVERYDAY but I think I did drink water!
  • -post at least 3 times ✅ I posted 4 times!!
  • -catch up on goodreads reviews ✅ i haven’t reviewed a book “properly” in a while but i’ve written down my thoughts for a lot of books
  • -request 2 ARCs (netgalley or physical) ✅ i requested uprooted and another book physically but have heard nothing back 😦 i can only hope!


  • -read 10 books (and make at LEAST 3 be on your non-ya TBR)
  • -continue watching dark and watch one other movie/start one other series
  • -drink a waterbottle everyday
  • -start doing a chloe ting work out everyday!
  • -try out yoga 
  • -do the reading rush! (follow me on twitter if you want to see my TBR for the reading rush!)
  • -complete sf work in preparation 

Have you watched Avatar The Last Airbender (you should!!) What was your favourite read of June? What are your plans for July? Let me know!


MY BLOGIVERSARY IS COMING UP SOON! I want to do a Q&A to celebrate so I’d appreciate if you fill out this form


34 thoughts on “June Whispers // my birthday + a reading slump + avatar, the last air bender”

  1. June went by so fast for me too? I don’t know what it is, but I’m feeling stressed about all the things I have to do in July now.

    I am also watching ATLA! I’ve been watching it with my friends for the past several months and we’re still on season 1 😭 Hopefully we can watch more of it soon, it IS really good!

    Congratulations on completing most of your June goals, and good luck with you July ones! Those goals are actually really good, and maybe I should follow them 👀 I’ve been doing chloe ting workouts like every other day recently, but I really should do them more often… and I really should work only WIP! I might even try to do camp nanowrimo but we’ll see how that goes, haha. Anyway, good luck with everything this month, Ilsa!


    1. RIGHT LIKE? it is unfair for a month to finish so soon. oh the series just gets better and better…like you just get so attached to the characters. season 3 was my favourite. i hope you can make more progress on it soon! And that’s great! I’ve been pretty lazy staying at home but hoping to change that. Good luck with July Nano if you do it!! And thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. im so sad you hated darius bc i ADORE it so much?? (maybe its cause im too busy crying to notice what you did) but i also read 5 books in june (and three were rereads) and for april and may i read a similar amount so 16 in may is good!!! (im used to reading more…. hhhhh) and thank you for featuring my review (of the best book in the universe) !!!! x


  3. i love all this atla love >:) i am so glad to see the zuko thirst was not included in your little atla section ❤ but also nooo i'm so sad you got into a reading slump this month!! i hope you can read lots of good books in july! i'd suggest a br but i have a lot of arcs i need to catch up on so 😭

    i love you a lot and i hope you're not stressing out too much about your sixth form stuff. my dms are always open if you need/want to rant to me again 🥺 and AFHSH i love you i see you mentioning the bba rules 😎😎 i hope you have the best july!!! you're my fave!!!


  4. Happy belated Birthday!! I hope you had fun even in quarantine.
    I watched Avatar the Last Airbender before it came out on Netflix and I wish it came out on Netflix when I watched it because I love it so much!! I’m just happy I’ll get to rewatch it though. My favorite has to be Sokka or Toph.


  5. happy advanced blogiversary!! can’t wait for the q&a! omg i feel like the last person on earth who has not watched avatar :(( i tried to watch it but the first season is so slow lmao. but i will persevere for zuko ❤ also, if you're gonna do chloe ting, i highly recommend 2 week shred! some of the exercises will kill you but it's super effective 🙃
    hope you have a wonderful July ❤


    1. Thank you Caitlin!! the first season is slow (the whole series is) but I think as you watch, you get attached to the character and it does pick up!! Please continue 😦 I did one video for the 2 week shred a few weeks ago…and I literally had to pause mid-way through every exercise 😦 I need to persevere though! Have a wonderful July as well ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  6. happy late sixteenth and early blogiversary! you’ve accomplished so many goals, so yay, i’m proud of you ❤ sorry that you got in a reading slump ~ hope july is better! also i'll try to get to atla and ari & dante just for youuu 😛 i hope u have a lovely july! ❤


  7. Happy late birthday!! Ahh, I’ve never heard of You Deserve Each Other but now you have me really wanting to read it?? It looks so cute. I’ve also been listening to a lot of Taylor Swift because when am I not…what are your favorite albums? Good luck with all your July goals, I hope it’s a great month for you!!❤️


    1. Olivia you will LOVE you deserve each other, it’s a book that grows on you so very slowly and by the end you’re in love with the romance and characters ❤ My fave album of Taylors is reputation simply because I genuinely LOVE every single track on it. I haven't listened to her first 2 albums in full just yet (I've heard lots of songs from them tho!!) Lover comes just a little behind reputation. 1989 and Speak Now are on the same level – for both I like a lot some of the songs a lot but some I don't vibe that well with? Sorry this got SO LONG!! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ahh, I love that!! I find it so hard to pick a favorite because I love them all for different reasons so I pretty much agree with all of what you just said, haha. I will say I have been listening to reputation a lot more lately and not that I ever didn’t love it but I think I love it even more than I did before!!


  8. June went by so fast it’s crazy – I say this all the time but honestly it’s scary how fast this year is passing by. Can’t believe that Year 12 is pretty much over already.
    Good luck with your goals for July Isla – and hope you love yoga because it’s my fave! Yoga With Adriene is amazing💕


  9. you’re so right ugh, all the months are going by too fast and i don’t even know how it’s past halfway through 2020??? and i’m sorry you felt slumpy in june, i hope you can have a better reading month in july!!

    i started watching atla for the first time a few days ago (i’m only on like the eighth episode lmao)!! the characters are amazing though and i can’t wait to get further into the show. also ahhh happy (late) birthday!!!! i hope you were able to have fun celebrating in quarantine ❤❤ omg yes i listened to so many throwback taylor swift songs in june too

    happy early blogiversary, i can’t wait for the q&a! i hope you have an amazing july!!! 💖


  10. HAPPY HAPPY belated birthday, I’m happy you got to eat some cheesecake, cake is everything ahhh.
    I’m glad you finally got to the book of dust! I had the same feelings about it, it felt really good to get back into this world, but sometimes… I don’t know, it felt a little directionless, which made me a little less…. into the story, at times. Still, I need to read the next book now! 🙂
    You did so good with your goals that’s amazing! I’ll be rooting for you to get these arcs because that’s what you deserve!! ❤
    I hope July will be kind to you!


  11. Happy belated birthday Ilsa omg!!!! *happy dances*

    I,,, You Deserve Each Other better be worth it Ilsa. Hehe jk I AM VERY excited!! And all this ATLA hype gives me FOMO and I for sure need to watch it asap


  12. I’m so happy that you enjoyed Serpent & Dove because it’s one of my favorite reads last year, but I’m also sad to hear you didn’t enjoy Darius the Great. I haven’t read it but I know how hyped it is sooo it must be such a disappointing feeling for you 😶

    I also rewatch ATLA at the end of June and let’s just say my obsession for the series and love for Zuko came back in FULL FORCE. I could barely read anything this far, I just drown myself in fanfictions haha!


  13. […] Ilsa @ A Whisper of Ink: Ilsa’s blog is utterly beautiful (just look at her blog name and banner!) and so is the content of her posts!! Reading them is like chatting with an old friend – her personality is so strong and funny that it’s impossible to not enjoy her words. She writes the best snarky reviews and her comments are also so hilarious! […]


  14. AHH ILSA I AM SO LATE TO THIS POST AND I CANNOT BELIEVE I HAVE NEVER SEEN YOUR BLOG BEFORE 🥺😭 i haven’t seen atla yet, but everybody seems to love it, so hopefully i will find the time to watch it soon!! happy very very belated birthday!! i hope you had an amazing day filled with lots of happiness!! also ahahah +1 on serpent & dove!! it is so ridiculous, but i did read (and really like) the whole thing lmaoo ❤️️ i JUST got myself a copy of you deserve each other and i’m so excited to *finally* start reading that!! i’m so glad you enjoyed it!! i hope yo’re all okay and sixth form isn’t having too much pressure on you! if yo ever need anyone to talk to, feel free to reach out 💕 i hope you’re out of your slump now, and i can’t wait to read more of your content!! ❤️️


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