my fave comfort readz!!

Life can be very stressful for many people at the moment and so its nice to take a step back to appreciate the books that provide us comfort in these unprecedented times. 

God, why do i sound like every email sent in the past few weeks “we recognise these are difficult times but we WILL get through them together.”

Really, the real reason i’m doing this post is because i saw these two posts (may, olivia) and was like well damn…guess i know what post i’m writing 😬😬😬😬 yes i’m unoriginal and not creative, what can i say?

Jandy Nelson’s Books

I’ll Give You The Sun – objectively the best book in the world. Okay just kidding, but like I love this book and i’ll find myself just re-reading pages and pages of this book randomly just because ugh noah. and yeah, june’s alright as well. But noah and brian are my everything. I’m so glad i’m not a horse. (if you know, you know) also the cover’s yellow and my copy has yellow stained pages. So? There’s really no discussion on how beautiful this book is inside and out.

The Sky is Everywhere – in terms of quality, uh, it lacks a lot compared to I’ll Give You The Sun. but when i first read this, i went back and poured over certain passages of this for ages (if i had my own copy, i still would be).  I love this book in a very certain way: I know its messy (in a sometimes not good way) and stupid and dramatic but um i just continue to love it anyways.  

Shatter Me – remember what i just said about the sky is everywhere…this applies like 10 x over for this book. Also i still DETEST the first book in this series (it has no redeeming qualities apart from warner, my sweetheart psychopath 🥺🥺🥺) the second book is alright but Ignite Me, book 3? AGH MY PRECIOUS BABIES I LOVE ALL THE CHARACTERS AND WARNETTE AND I WOULD DIE FOR ALL OF THEM. this series is far from perfect, i would only recommend it to a very specific type of person because it ain’t gr8 objectively but I love this series so much. The characters feel oh so very real to me and Kenji makes me laugh so so much and Juliette and Warner have the softest, most passionate relationship ever and just *screams* i love!!! And sometimes i’ll just go back to ignite me and just re-read certain bits because i’m obsessed!!

Six of Crows – i mean of course this is on the list. I am just too predictable. Yeah, this is supposed to be some intense action-packed brutal heist novel but in actuality. It makes me so soft. Don’t get me wrong, the plot is fantastic and woven together marvellously, but the characters? I can’t even begin to describe how much they have my heart. And anything I say about this book has already been said before, so i’ll stop my rambles here and leave you with this: i will never, ever get over this series. 

Bone Gap – If I even try to explain why I love this book…why it makes me cry…I don’t know why okay! I really, really don’t. To everyone else this is just some magical fun book. To me? Its like every time i re-read this (which i have done 3 times) i feel complete and whole and the characters make me feel emotions and i just… yeah

wow i found this old photo i took of this’s terrible but i think it adds *something* to the post

The Diamond Brother Series –  this series was my *childhood*. (As well as geronimo stilton. I loved that rat) anyways i re-read them like 3 years ago and you know what? They still hold up. They are the emptimome of humour. I will hear no arguments on it. And the mysteries are good also but maybe that’s because i’m dumb and can never figure anything out lololol.

The Raven Boys – i re-read this series (mostly on audiobook) and it was a great time. The thing is with these books, they are very comforting while reading but then a few months will pass and i will forget virtually everything that happened in the series so… I feel weird talking about my love for it? But I do love these characters so much like I LOVE BLUE! And Calla. Can’t forget Calla. And the actual raven bois of course are great too. Just, blue. 

Aristotle and Dante – i saved the best till last!!! I don’t even know how to form sentences about this book without feeling meager. I just…it’s good. I love it. Favourite book of all time. Read it 4 times and will continue to do so. Every word is like “yes” and like i cry and like the characters and like yeah! I don’t know how to speak. What is english. I cannot describe the beauty of this book. Do yourself a favour and *read* it.

Tell me some of your fave comfort reads in the comments, i would love some recs (i will be reading an emma mills book hopefully soon and i hope i can consider her books part of this list!)



38 thoughts on “my fave comfort readz!!”

    1. omg yeah that’s exactly how i feel! like i know the characters are my literal children and there’s someone named glendower…but uh don’t ask me to remember more!! the whole series always seems like this vague fever dream and i don’t know why. NOAH’S CHAPTERS WERE SOFT AND SAD and i love him sm!!

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      1. NOAH APPRECIATION COMMENT: i’ve been dead for 7 years askfjkl why does no one listen to me.
        lol i forget abt glendower most of the time… whoops. i know blue and gansey and ronan and adam and the bikini scene with orla but that’s it dude. hOWEVER they’re all my kids idk why but they are!!


  1. I LAUGHED SO HARD WHEN YOU MENTIONED GERONIMO STILTON. He was an important part of my childhood reading experience as well😂😂 But yes yes to Six of Crows!! And The Raven Cycle has such amazing characters! Great post💜


  2. i love being an inspirer >:) and wait i wanna know now, am i the Specific Type of Person you would recommend shatter me to??? i lowkey wanna know what people love so much about the series but i feel like i genuinely would hate the rest of the books as much as i hated the first soooo

    but also every time you talk about bone gap, you make me want to reread! i’ve forgotten every single thing about that book lmao. also geronimo stilton!! i think i was more of a thea stilton reader but those books were so much FUN


    1. okay when i was in the depths of my love for shatter me i wanted everyone to read it but after further consideration…you stay away from shatter me and I’ll maybe stay away from the foxhole court! (and yes, you would definitely hate it)

      geronimo stilton OWNED my heart at seven years old and i shall never forget him ❤ ❤

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  3. Reading the Raven Cycle is like having a reoccurring dream. You enjoy every second of it and you are totally present when reading it but then, once the series is over, it feels like waking up. You don’t remember everything that happened but you know you loved it and you are just filled with this warm feeling. I know exactly what you mean and that’s why it’s one of my favorite series of all time! ❤


  4. Six of Crows and The Raven Boys are comfort reads for me too! I always find character-driven stories a lot more comforting than plot-driven stories because it’s like hanging out with a group of friends.


  5. Ugh your making me want I’ll Give You the sun RIGHT NOW 😫😫 and yess Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom just forever give me life. Great list!!


  6. omg, I loved Bone Gap and am so thrilled to see someone else talking about it. I keep meaning to read the author’s other books but haven’t yet. but Bone Gap is so cool.


  7. You’re so right about the SoC characters making you MELT and SWOON (hehe i love Matthias)!! I was at the edge of my seat when reading those books for more reasons than one haha. My forever comfort reads will always be my absolute favourite series: The Chronicles of Narnia & The Hobbit/LOTR :’) It’s hard to beat what holds such a special place in my heart!


  8. This is a really great list, Isla! And I’m glad my post could inspire you a little, thank you for the shoutout. :))💗I want to reread Six of Crows during all of this because I’ve only read it once and I feel like a reread is necessary, if only to see Jesper and Wylan again. And yes the Raven Cycle~ I’m very obsessed, and honestly the plot is kind of beyond me, but the characters are everything. Happy reading and I hope you’re doing well!


  9. Six of Crows!!! Probably my favorite book of all time 🥺🥺 People can say all they want about it, but I will continue to love it with all my heart!! It’s like Leigh Bardugo peeked into my brain, saw everything I could ever want in a book, and then proceeded to add them to SoC. Also, I read Ari & Dante when I was super young—like, too young to understand it. I absolutely didn’t get the hype when I read it 😂 But I really want to reread it now, because I feel like the themes have a good chance of resonating with me, because I’m a pretty sad person & I feel like Ari & Dante is written for sad people (judging from the quotes I’ve seen and what little I remember from it)


    1. yes i know six of crows is very hyped but for good reason! it’s simply so good. and i hope you get time to re-read ari and dance. i feel like it came to me at the perfect age and time (like if i had read it a few years back i would have Not Loved it) and yeah it’s the ultimate Sad Boi Hours book 😦

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  10. Ahh this is a lovely list, I’m all for comfort reads all the times. I love Jandy Nelson’s books so, so much they’re some of my favorite reads ever ❤ ❤


  11. I’ll Give You The Sun is so good and six of crows is amazing!! I love it with all my heart! also yes to the raven boys! i honestly can’t remember anything except Ronan throwing Noah out of the window but i love the series so much!! i need to reread it asap! 💛


  12. I only read the Six of Crows duology this month and honestly I hate myself for it because why didn’t I listen to the hype and get to it sooner?? Those books have my whole heart honestly and will definitely be comfort reads for me. I just adore the whole crew so much!


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