goodbye 2018 and hello 2019. (looking back on this year + making new resolutions)

So it’s time to see if 2018 was a failure and to test the limits of my ambitious nature by setting goals for 2019. 

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while now so I’m glad I get to! I made some goals at the end of 2017 about what I want to accomplish in 2018…and i’m going to see how well I did. And then i’m going to be telling you about what’s going to be happening in 2019, in terms of the blog and other things. EEK.


looking back on 2018 goals


  • Reach 2000 followers! ❌ Nope, I slacked so hard with blogging this year.
  • Post at least 2 times a week.❌ Lol.
  • Launch a project.❌ HAHAHAHHA
  • Continue with my photography ✓ Never said I improved.
  • Get back to blog hopping. ✓ Eh, I’ll give this to myself because I’ve just started getting back into the community!



  • Write more poetry. ✓ Yes, I did a lot of poem writing this year and I wrote some of my best poems which I’m so pleased about.
  • Share my writing.✓ Yes! I shared the first chapters of my novel and got feedback on it. I also sent poetry to friends and did a public speaking contest where I read out a poem!!
  • Edit my novel. ❌ Kind of! I did edit the first 2 chapters heavily and then gave up. Oops.
  • Win NaNoWriMo. ❌ Don’t talk to me about this.
  • Branch out with my genres.❌ Not really? I stayed writing magical stuff and nothing else.
  • Start writing frequently.✓ I think so! I slacked at some points in the year, but I definitely made time for writing this year.
  • Collaborate with writers.❌❌ Nope, lol, too scared.Short-Divider


  • Read 150 books. ❌ I read like, 70. Gimme a break. I didn’t expect 2018 to be so…bad.
  • Read all my unread books on my bookshelf.❌ I’M LAUGHING SO MUCH OMG.
  • Read 12 books a month on average❌ Nooope.
  • Read ARCs in the month I receive them.❌ Oops.
  • Bullet Journal. ❌No, and I don’t mind.

(I COMPLETED NOTHING FOR THIS SECTION. Wow are you proud of me??)


  • Do new things. ❌Ughhhh no?? I really wish I had tried.
  • Stay healthy. Yeah and…no. ✓❌
  • Become more confident✓ You know what, yeah. I participated in the school play and a public speaking challenge AND I felt more confident with myself this year!
  • Write in my diary at least once a week. ❌*Cries*
  • Spend more time in the real world!✓ Yes yes definitely! I cut down on blogging and social media for sure!
  • Be more proud of my hobbies + me. Idk??


2019 goals

so as you can see, i failed most of my 2018 goals 1) because i’m rubbish and 2) i forgot about most of these?! i do want to make some goals for 2019, but a lot fewer resolutions since I don’t want to put more pressure on myself.


if I do get back into blogging, one post per week. 

  • i don’t know about posting. coming back to blogging after spending time away is very strange and i remember why i love it but also remember why i took a hiatus. it’s so stressful for me to post, blog hop, comment back, take pictures and just, in general, be a part of this community. and when i’m back at school, i don’t know if blogging is going to be worth it with the added stress.

    if i did continue with my blogging ventures during school, it would be one post a week and nothing more. i know it would be too much stress and pressure for me to do more than that, and i want to be producing content i love.

make content you love & don’t rush posts.

  • creating content that i love is hard, because if i write things on school days, i’m usually very tired and sad, and that comes through in my writing, making my blog a very bleak place – which is not what i want it to be! So i’m not sure.

create a new design for my blog:

  • in 2019, you can expect this blog to a get a fresh, new look. i don’t know if it will look as elegant as my current design, as I’m personally going to be putting it together this time (this current design is done by someone else) around, but i hope for it to be pretty and colourful and maybe floral.


put more effort and time into my writing. spend time crafting it.

  • i really, really want to do some quality writing in 2019. and by that i mean to write a novel perhaps or create something instead of just random, pointless poems. i want to craft something – maybe a poetry collection or a novel (nothing that anyone will read of course). i like my poetry but i do want to start editing and really putting thought into it and to do the same with narratives.

continue sharing my writing. 


don’t set a 2019 Goodreads challenge

  • i find the pressure of having to read a certain amount of books…stupid. i understand why people set goals since I’ve been doing it for the past two years but i want reading to be enjoyable again, and not a goal or something i have to achieve. i want to read quality books, and not focus on quantity.

make time for reading every day

  • i also want to make time for reading. at least half an hour every day dedicated to books. i am a bookworm, guys, and sometimes i fall so out of touch with reading not because i’m in a slump, but because i’m so busy.

only read books you want to read. 

  • i want to read books…i actually want to read. not just some random contemporary on my shelf that people have been hyping up. i find reading books i’m not that excited about puts me in a slump. and i don’t want to be not-reading.

only request ARCs you want


if i can balance school, exams, extra revision, reading, writing and blogging, I’ll be very proud of myself. one of my goals for 2019 is time effing management. i am so good at procrastinating. it really needs to stop, because i get so angry at myself for not putting in all the effort i can. it’s an endless cycle of wishing i hadn’t wasted my time on youtube or scrolling through Twitter. i want to focus and i hope i can by doing the following things:

  • don’t spend too much time on technology
  • interact with the real world
  • no screens after 9pm
  • create plans for yourself and timetable
  • maybe do yoga
  • workout
  • write in my diary monthly.

Let's Whisper

I hope you all have an awesome 2019! What are your resolutions for the new year? Are you going to be doing anything exciting? And how do you think 2018 went – success or failure? 

Ilsa - Edited

39 thoughts on “goodbye 2018 and hello 2019. (looking back on this year + making new resolutions)”

  1. I love setting reading goals for myself because I feel such a sense of accomplishment when I reach it. I don’t really make any resolutions because I never stick to them.


  2. Wow you put the bar pretty high! You might want to include enjoy what you are doing as a target and being kind to yourself. I focus on diversifying my reading internationally and doing lots of yoga. 🙂


  3. Lovely resolutions for the new year ❤ I also need to focus on only reading and requesting books that I really want to read! I really love your format right now, but you can totally change it up if you want too 🙂 Looking forward to seeing all that you'll accomplish!


  4. I hope you have an amazing 2019!💓You have amazing goals for this coming year- reading books that YOU want to read is such an amazing goal and one I want to try to implement this year, too. Wishing you all the luck and a happy New Year!


  5. I definitely want to make writing more of a priority next year. I have a really great idea for an Anastasia retelling I want to write, and I really want to make myself get it down and not worry about the first draft being perfect and actually discipline myself to revise it instead of getting bored or burnt out and giving up after the first draft. I want to actually start treating writing like it’s my job cuz I really do want to be an author and get published one day, so it’s time I finally actually do something about it and move in that direction somehow. 😀
    Plus I want to revamp my blog and make it more professional. I’m considering changing platforms so in January I’ll make a test blog to see if that’ll work out.
    And I want to listen to more audiobooks even though I still feel like it’s cheating, but It’s just too much work and takes to long for me to read so much physically, so especially if I’m going to be more focused on writing in 2019, I should probably do that. 😛
    I really liked this post and enjoyed reading your goals! It’s definitely more important to take care of yourself and your mental health sometimes instead of stressing yourself out by over committing to things like with blogging and reading and writing, which I struggle with too, so I completely understand. I really need to figure out how to manage my time better too. 😛


    1. AH YES GO FOR IT!! write the retelling. and lmao, i relate SO much to writing a first draft and then getting bored of it. OOPS. here’s to 2019 being a better writing year where we’re more motivated and love our WIPs more.

      i really hope you do change platforms. i have checked out your blog and i do love the content there but i knowww this sounds snobbish, but blogspot scares me with it’s commenting system and the fact that’s it not wordpress? eek. i used to use blogger but i love wp so much now convert to the darkside please??

      2019 is gonna be the year of time management and self care?? hopefully!!


  6. Happy New Year Ilsa! And good luck with all your resolutions!
    You set some pretty high goals for 2018 so I’m glad you achieved a few 🙂 for the ones you didn’t, you always have 2019 to try again 😉
    I hope you continue writing and sharing your writing this year as I understand that that isn’t easy. ❤


  7. Hello! I absolutely love goals! They are awesome (and no one can argue otherwise) and I think you did great on your 2018 goals! The most important one being the confidence one AND YOU SMASHED IT!! Like performing in an actual play?! That takes guts (which i don’t have hah).

    DON’T put pressure on yourself to post for the sake of posting. I absolutely love reading your posts and if you post less, I will not hate you but rather treasure the Sacred Ice-Cream Queen’s Posts™.

    Oooooh what is this I hear about a new blog design?! ONE THAT IS FLORAL?! I love your current one… but FLOWERS. (the flowers have stolen my heart(s)) I am intrigued! The suspense kills! When do we mortals get to see it?

    Your poetry skills are the ducks bills.
    You’re a poet and you know it.
    You’re the rhyming queen and your pens have sheen. (rhyming skills right there.)
    I really hope you start writing more things you love but do remember your poems are awesome. (better than by any account!)

    I agree with not setting a goal. Who needs that kinda pressure anyways? Reading whatever you like and trying to read everyday is a great resolution I think because something is better than nothing!
    Good luck with all your goals, exams, revision and life tbh! I hope you really enjoy 2019 and have a great year!


    1. Ahh yeah!! I really did a lot of things out of my comfort zone this year and I kinda regret it but also I don’t? But idk about 2019, i feel like my confidence is going to shrivel up and die.

      and i’m trying to work on a new design. so far, it’s oay but you’ll probably see it in february. ❤

      and ahah that poems so hilarious lmao anD THANK YOU FOR being so nice about my poems.

      thanks so much for the comment, i hope ur having an awesome 2019 so far. <3<3

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Everything you did was FABULOUS and nobody can say otherwise. if you ever need a reminder of how amazing you are and a confidence boost i’ll be here sipping on my water (through a paper straw because ENVIRONMENT)

        ooooo I am too excited!! Feb’s not that far!! good luck! (you don’t need it!)

        I know right?! I should go on like Poem Masterchef or something 😂

        thank you for the wonderful post and I am (i still need to read something tho)

        ALSO ILSA I GOT MY COPY OF THE WICKED KING AND I AM FREAKING OUT SO MUCH!!!!!!!! I think I’m going to reread The Cruel Prince because my memory = sieve and so I have forgotten many things but TDSFYEIDKGZTJN XBG!!!!!!!!


      2. if ur going to re-read the cruel prince, we could totally buddy read!! i wanna re-read both so that would be super cool! (we we re-read tcp together and then u read twk for the first time and i re-read it and we br both??) AND DGFHD im so excited for u to read the wicked king!

        Liked by 1 person

  8. literally all your goals are superior to my goals and I love it. I really love the goal about you taking time to craft your writing and stuff like that (listen I can’t remember it exactly okay) because it’s definitely something I want to do — after I get back into the habit of writing a lot lmao. and I always love setting Number Goals for reading because I feel like it pushes me to actually read — but it definitely gets stressful at the end of the year. this year has felt so relaxed already reading-wise — I just randomly plucked a book off my shelf because I felt like reading it and I haven’t done that in so long?? and I really hope you get back to blogging if it’s something you want! I love your posts so much but you should never force yourself to blog, and setting a goal of writing content you love is so good and important and I’m proud of you!!


    1. why does everyone think my goals are good lmao?? even if they are, i’m going to fail all of them ahhahahahah gotta love that positive mindset! just kidding. or am i.

      i think Number Goals are cool and i’m glad theyotivate you to read but they’re just so stressful for me and take away my love for reading?

      i’m still wonderfing if when school starts, im gonna blog and comments like these r great to motivate me so uhm THANK U FOR SUPPORTING ME!!!


  9. Hey Ilsa! Happy new year!
    I love how honest you are about making your goals achievable for you! I usually go waaaay too overboard!
    Oh I /feel/ about being too busy to read, and also about blogging being stressful. I finally have stopped even posting whenever I’m able to on STSI, but that’s another thing altogether 🙂
    All the best,
    Little Lion


  10. your goals are so great??? how do you do this?
    HARD AGREE with how hard it can be to blog, not only writing posts and blog hopping and commenting on all the awesome posts out there but MANAGING IT ALL WITH LIFE STUFF AND TRYING TO GET READING DONE IS SO DIFFICULT FOR ME

    continue THAT QUALITY WRITING, KID!!! i need your book or else ill cry, so there’s your motivation. GOOD LUCK WITH ALL YOUR GOALS, honestly i wish i had self control to stop wasting so much time on social media and watching youtube, help. but i know you’re going to do amazing on your goals 💖💖💖


    1. my goals are pathetic and boring I DIDN’t EVEN SET A GOODREADS NUMBER OF BOOKS GOAL. and yeah just balancing my hobbies and things to do is SOOOO difficult. someone give me a masterclass on time management because i need that.

      i need YOUR book or else i’ll cry so i guess this is only gonna end in tears *shrug* and thank you so much ur too nice to me i don’t even deserve this. have a wonderful 2019!! ❤ ❤ ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  11. these are such good wholesome goals. I FLAIL FOR YOU. Also I have really dropped out of blogging and blog-hopping these lats few months. I missed it, BUT I was also so overwhelmed and tired and lol lol not coping. But I want to get back in too? It’s tough to fit everything in though. I do hope you keep blogging because I LOVE your posts and your voice and your excellent opinions. Here’s to a 2019 of somehow managing to do all the things AND chill out and relax. 😂💛I’m sure that requires no dark wizardry.


    1. UM THANK YOU. and it’s totally okay not be that involved in blogging sometimes, burn out and stress is REAL! and your mental health is always so important! but lIKE I LOVE UR BLOG WITH MY WHOLE HEART. also you’re so kind, i smile everytime the blogging queen blesses me with a compliment haha! and good luck to both of us ❤


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