An Introduction to my new WIP – NaNoWriMo incredibly soon + characters, excitement and aesthetics!!

I’m participating in NaNoWriMo this year and I’m SO excited but pretty scared! Last year was my first time participating in NaNo and it was a pretty GOOD experience considering I managed to write 50k…of trash! But like, I DID IT. I was incredibly proud of myself and I want to do it again this year and since I have experience, hopefully, I won’t overwhelm myself TOO much. But I DO have Mocks in December for two very important exams and I don’t want my grades to be bad. So there’s that! I’ve been plotting all of October for my new book and I’m so excited to introduce my WITCH WIP! My NaNoWriMo Account

what is it about?

Every year, in the small town of Boatcliff (town name is ? atm), one person goes missing. Even with in-depth police investigations and internet discourse, no one is ever found and they’re all forgotten. But one person likes to remember – Blake Sanderson. He’s become obsessed with the town’s mystery and when he meets Bryn, who begins to answer his questions, the mystery starts to unravel dark family secrets, tragic pasts and newly found love.

I love how blurbs don’t incorporate HALF the stuff the book is about and this is kind of vague, but I hope it gives you an idea of what the book is about!! There’s like a LOT more stuff in the book but I don’t want to just tell you everything that happens. other things to note:
  • themes: friendship, loving, toxic love, parents, coming to terms with your past
  • dark and spooky but also very autumn themed!! I LOVE SETTING BOOKS IN AUTUMN, especially because I’m writing it In THAT SEASON so the vibes of the book just become SO good.
  • I feel like because my characters are about 15/16 they have to go to school RIGHT but like,,, WHO CAN BE BOTHERED TO WRITE EDUCATION INTO THE NARRATIVE. This is the MAIN thing bugging me, oops.
  • I do not plan to write an outline! They just don’t work for me at the moment and that’s okay! I PLOT my novel a lot but writing scene by scene is just not how I work.
  • It’s an urban fantasy and it IS set in a made-up town in England (I didn’t want to set in a foreign place like Germany because that requires research and it’s so much easier to write about places YOU KNOW AND LIVE IN.)
  • BOATCLIFF IS A TEMP. NAME FOR THE TOWN. please help me come up with better ones.
  • there’s going to be LAKES and PUMPKINS and FORESTS and SECRETS and MYSTERIES and MAGIC and WITCHES and uh ice cream!!
  • I might be making a playlist for this after NaNoWriMo is over!
I also did a lot of plotting which was mainly just drawing things that I felt inspired by. I AM NOT AN ARTIST – these do NOT look pretty at all! This was me exploring ideas, themes and colours to get a better hold of my book!


I have 4 main-ish characters and I haven’t discovered everything out about them YET.  Their ethnicities are vague so far, surnames are always debatable, and family lives AREN’T ENTIRELY figured out just yet! So there’s still a lot to do.


introvert ~ funny ~ kind ~ warm-hearted ~ talkative ~ anxious ~ likes to read books ~ loves photography ~ Asian ~ obsessed with water (lakes, oceans), Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff  – she/her


ambivert ~ loyal ~ trustful ~ guards his emotions ~ obsessed with mysteries ~ loves danger and spooky things ~ outgoing ~ italian(?) Gryffindor and Hufflepuff ~ he/him


chaotic ~ spontaneous ~ desi ~ loves lipstick ~ dying her hair ~ obsessed with fashion, extrovert ~ likes parties ~ outgoing ~ risk taker ~loves food ~ Slytherin ~sassy ~ she/her, curvy (tiniest, TINIEST bits of Nina Zenik in her character)


Introvert ~ loves to code ~ has an ice cream van ~ very picky about his clothing, financially disadvantaged ~ likes to play the piano ~ skinny ~ Ravenclaw! (to be honest, Sam is the least fleshed out character so far!!) ~ he/him
(the last two don’t have aesthetics even though I’m desperate to make one for Amber but they take a LOT of time!!)


Now my Pinterest board for my Witch WIP IS NOT PRETTY!! There’s no theme, no colour scheme, this was me plotting my novel and looking at all possible ideas. So half of these things aren’t even relevant to the story anymore but here it is anyways! Let's Whisper

Are you doing NaNo this year? What’s your WIP about, I’d love to know!! Do you like making aesthetics and do you use Pinterest for writing? Have you ever made a playlist for your WIP? 

Ilsa - Edited

46 thoughts on “An Introduction to my new WIP – NaNoWriMo incredibly soon + characters, excitement and aesthetics!!”

  1. I can’t believe you have the audacity to plan out this amazing WIP and wave it in front of our faces knowing we’ll both feel horrible that we can’t come up with something as great as this and NEED to read it though you haven’t written it

    your blurb sounds like a… “””real””” blurb and I love it???? and I’m in love with all your characters already of course and your aesthetics are literally gorgeous !!! also you’re making me want to handwrite notes about my WIP and also just completely skip outlining lmao

    anyways I love you and I love your WIP (more than I love u sorry) and I’m so excited for hearing more about it and reading your amazing snippets!!!! 💗


    1. i can’t believe you have the AUDACITY to leave this comment here and expect me not explode with love. no bur seriously, this genuinely made me smile so much. aesthetics take so much time like!!! i need a month just to make them lmao. i have so many handwritten notes about my WIP and online too ITS A MESS.

      I LOVE YOU!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Your WIP’s blurb is amazing! The whole thing sounds super awesome. Your aesthetics are gorgeous, too. I wish I had a better suggestion for a town, though. The first thing that came to mind was something ironically literal like “Middle of Nowhere” or “Always Autumn.” I think I like your town name better than those suggestions, though, lol. And good luck with NaNo! I’m doing it too, so I added you. 🙂


      1. Aesthetics are such big time suckers lol! And it went well, I had some major revelations about a week in and needed to make my story a dual POV in present tense. But I have 50k more than I started the month with. 🙂 Having more words at the end of November than the start is always a win no matter how much you write.


  3. Ah I love this. But reading your post made me feel like I’m still so unprepared for Nano! I’ve got my basic outline and I’ve finally gotten down all the major plot points, but I’ve only really defined my main character. Everyone else is kind of a blank slate. Maybe I’ll try the whole Pinterest board thing.

    Good luck next month ^-^


  4. SOUNDS SO COOL! Love those aesthetics!!

    My hopefully-Nano-wip is called The 101st Human and is about the last habitable island on earth in a futuristic time and there can be only 100 people living there. But the MC’s family is hiding a 7 yr old boy who is ONE HUMAM TOO MANY. Bad stuff happens to extra humans who are discovered 😂 so … I’ll bet you can guess WHAT GOES WRONG.

    And I think your town name should end in Cliff cos it’s really great sounding!! Something like Radcliff or Thorncliff or Wraithcliff or Ferncliff or Rencliff… Oops I got carried away 😂

    It was a great post, this !!

    xx lisa


  5. I used to do NaNoWriMo but with school and everything, it’s so hard to write in free time. Reading this has made me excited for you though!! It also makes me feel inspired and motivated to write!


  6. Your WiP sounds so good! I was on board as soon as I read that it was about witches. There are never too many books about witches. Also ice cream?? YAS.
    I hope you’ll be able to reach your goal! I participate to NaNoWriMo every year but I never manage to write much 😂😅


  7. This sounds SO COOL??? Holy crap I wanna read this right now!! I’m also doing NanoWriMo this year and I’m really really excited! Good luck to us both! (Also one of your character has almost the exact same name as my brother 😳)


  8. This is my first year doing Nanowrimo and my pinterest board is literally the only thing keeping me motivated. I love your aesthetics and you WIP sounds so good <33 Good luck x


  9. Oooh! I’m definitely doing NaNo this year…. but I’m not sure if I’m going to aim for 50k yet. Technically I could do the Young Writer’s Program this year and full NaNo next year (especially seeing as I STILL don’t really have an idea), but I prefer doing full NaNo and just seeing how far I get! I think I want to get at least 25,000 words, but I have like 24 hours of classes a week at the moment so….. yeah we’ll see how that goes.


      1. Haha well i failed more than you. I did some planning but I didn’t get a chance to finish my plan so I didn’t even start to write… will probably do a camp NaNo instead 😊


  10. your aesthetics are absolutely gorgeous and your plot idea sounds INCREDIBLE!! i hope you manage to write it all in nano and also ace all your mocks and just basically do amazing in life!! good luck!!


  11. Aah this sounds incredible!! I adore all the autumny magic and mystery things and I’d really like to get to know the characters better. Good luck with writing it this NaNo! I’m not doing it this year since I am very busy, but I do love and miss making music playlists for anything I write haha.


  12. this sounds aaaamazing!! *happy flail* Like I don’t even HAVE autumn in Australia but I absolutely love the vibe of it and always crave autumn-y books 😍and your characters sound adorable and intriguing and ahhhh!!! I hope it’s super fun to write! (Well, I know first drafts can often be a bit of hell 😂but as long as they have potential for later too!!). I’m *hoping* to do NaNo because I don’t want to break a 5 year streak, but I’m also away right now. So I don’t know if I can?! But mine will hopefully be dark fairy/tale foresty thing, like Stranger Things x Jumunji and I’m rather excited to write magic!


    1. AH THANK YOU CAIT. and dude you are missing out on autumn it’s so cosy and nice and wonderful! but at least you can vicariously live through books right?! I failed NaNo but congrats on winning in like 4 days or whatever you’re amazing! also i hear stranger things, i am already your number one fan!


  13. Your WIP sounds SO GOOOOOD!! I love how it’s a bit creepy but also autumn-y (ack that’s not a word 😬) and the aesthetics are beautiful! I can’t wait to hear more about it. 😊


  14. Omg your WIP sounds so cool! And I love the aesthetics.
    I WAS going to do NaNoWriMo, but it didn’t end up working out…I have a really demanding school schedule and I don’t want to get behind.
    ✨katie k✨


  15. I WANT TO READ IT NOW! The blurb is so cool and the other info just make it better! The character’s aesthetics are gorgeous! I wish you the best of luck for this book and NaNoWriMo!


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