July Whispers // bingeing book series, nothing happened this month but it’s finally my summer break!

Holy crap, there’s less than half of 2018 left, is anyone else in a state of disbelief?

Because I sure am!! 2017 was like a few days ago in my head, and suddenly it’s soon going to be 2019 and I’m finding it hard to wrap my mind around this. But also after August, I feel like my schedule gets so jam-packed and I really like that because it’s the end of the year and everything just feels so great and awesome!!


I read 11 books in July. I am INCREDIBLY proud of myself since I only completed 2 books last month!! I am finally out of my reading slump and therefore, very happy and content!!


Screenshot 2018-07-30 at 17.46.22  Smoke and Iron (The Great Library, #4)Screenshot 2018-07-30 at 17.46.26

Smoke and Iron by Rachel Caine ★★★★☆ [Great Library Series #4 ] // I really loved this next instalment in this wonderful series and MY HEART BROKE AT THE ENDING!! I loved seeing all my fave characters again (definitely too slow-paced for me)

Amal Unbound by Aisha Saeed ★★★☆☆ // Really enjoyed this and the Pakistani setting warmed my heart but the ending? WAYYY to happy for me. [rtc]

Alone on A Wide, Wide Sea by Micheal Morpurgo // Wow, MG again!! LOVED the first half but the second half was utter trash!


Also binged the rest of the Shatter Me series after having only read the first book, and fell in love and 100% warnette trAsH. And then obviously some other books, ahem.

Screenshot 2018-07-30 at 17.46.13

Destroy Me by Tahereh Mafi ★★★☆☆ [Shatter Me #1.5] // This was from Warner’s POV and I LOVED IT SO MUCH WARNER IS SO WONDERFUL AND NO ONE DARE ATTACK HIM. Buuuut it was way too short (which is why I dislike novellas in the first place).

Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi ★★★★☆ [Shatter Me #2] // I REALLY LIKED THIS. Also, Kenji in this book? I love him, oh I LOVE HIM. It was really action-packed and just,,, the characters steal my entire heart.

Fracture Me by Tahereh Mafi ★★☆☆☆ [Shatter Me #2.5] // Ew, this was from Adam’s perspective and the first half was really unnecessary. ://


Restore Me by Tahereh Mafi ★★★★.5 [Shatter Me #3] // Oh oh ALL I CAN SAY IS THAT ENDING AND EFFING WARNER AND JUST LEAVE ME ALONE I LOVE WARNER SO MUCH. Also, I can’t stop reading theories about stuff that happens in this book afjhjdsfhjdh.

{we interrupt this section to say no, ilsa will not be reviewing the shatter me book because there’s no point of her trying to express her love for them since she is incapable of doing so.}


I read the whole of the Lara Jean trilogy by Jenny Hann, in the span of two days in preparation for the upcoming Netflix adaption!!

Screenshot 2018-07-30 at 17.46.09

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han ★★★★☆ [Lara Jean #1] // Really cute!! Like Wow!!! Super entertaining!! Family friendships!! Kitty!! Sisters!! Heart-warming!!

P.S I Still Love You by Jenny Han ★★★☆☆ [Lara Jean #2] // I am trash for Lara Jean’s family but where the heck did Josh disappear too, also who the frick is John, and why is there another love triangle.

Always and Forever by Jenny Hann ★★★★★ [Lara Jean #3] // PERFECT PERFECT CONCLUSION!!! HELLO IM IN LOVE. MY EMOTIONS!!!

{ 1. I know this series is not called Lara Jean but its real name is way too long so Lara Jean works and you understand me. Not sure if I’ll review this but definitely will leave mini-reviews on these!! 2. TRASH FOR THE SERIES HI}

BOOK HAULI have 4 new books this month. Not as much as usual but I haven’t been requesting all the ARCs I want to get, so that’s partly my fault. I also really want to actually read the ARCs I get, rather than just, uh HOARD THEM LIKE I USUALLY DO!!


Also look at this beautiful box I received from Team BKMRK. AN EFFING KING OF SCARS SAMPLER I MAY HAVE TO EAT A MOUNTAIN IM SO HAPPY!!


Uhhhhh really bad blogging month, literally only one post and it was a review but I don’t really care?!

Also, it was my blogiversary on July 21st and!! I FORGOT AND I DIDNT EVEN GET TO CELEBRATE! But also? I don’t even know what I would’ve done to celebrate so eh.



There’s going to be a Six of Crow’s collector’s edition and it looks GORGEOUS!!

Image result for six of crows collector's edition


  • School ended and IT’S HOLIDAYS!! As usual, I have 0 plans but staying at home doing nothing has been amazing, relaxing and gave me loads of time to read! Got a month left until school and I just wanna have fun and have a good break.
  • I watched The End of The F***ing World and honestly, I LOVE IT SOMEONE SCREAM ABOUT IT WITH ME. Really short, quick series and really engaging!! ALSO MADE ME FEEL THOSE THINGS YOU CALL EMOTIONS.
  • I began rewatching a series (Merlin) I watched when I was very smol!! I stopped before the end of season 1 because I got busy but it’s SO GOOD.
  • brb CRYING that England didn’t win. I mean, did we really expect them to win? No. But was I hoping they would? Uh yes! You should’ve seen what a mess I was after that match, oh my gosh. INTENSE. (also if you are living under a rock, France won the world cup)
  • Honestly, shortest recap ever, NOTHING happened. June was the month of wildness and this month? Uh, I got nothing.


{goals from last month}

  • Try not be as stressed as I was in June! ✔
  • DO HOMEWORKS BEFORE 6:00pm every day. No excuses. ❌ (don’t even remember having homework haha?)
  • Have fun!! Enjoy yourself. Try not to get too anxious about things. ❌
  • Read 3 Physical ARCs❌
  • READ 7 books AT LEAST. ✔
  • Make some personal plans for summer✔
  • Make a new blogging friend!!❌
  • Blog hop at least once a week❌
  • Post 2 posts at least❌
  • Reach 1700 followers on my blog ✔
  • Write in your journal at least once a week!❌

{goals for August}

  • go out at least 5 times
  • uh, have fun
  • meet up with friends and make plans
  • read 20 books
  • that’s it cool

Let's Whisper

How was your July? How is Summer for you? Favourite recent read? Are you suffering from the heat wave too? How’s your life going? Tell me in the comments!

Ilsa - Edited

30 thoughts on “July Whispers // bingeing book series, nothing happened this month but it’s finally my summer break!”

  1. fjskfhsjfjd omg congrats on 1.7k followers you’re the best and you deserve it!!! also I’m so surprised but SO happy you loved the Lara Jean series, it gives me hope you might like some of the books I stan that I think you won’t (*cough cough* The Foxhole Court also I’m Actually Literally tearing up as I type this I love this series so much I’m gonna scREAM). and………..Shatter Me. hmm. okay. I’m tempted to read the rest of the series and hate it just to piss you and Jackie off 😎

    also :((( mood with the whole wanting to get and actually read ARCs instead of hoarding them. and I think we’re the same person because I’ve read 11 books this month (well, it’s supposed to be 11 by tomorrow lmao we’ll see how that goes) and hauled 4 books???? you should read 18 books in August so that I’ll match you 😊😊


    1. lets pretend it’s not the end of 2018 and it’s in fact, july and i am responding to this on time. my follower count hasn’t gone up in like 6 months but that’s okay!! i haven’t been blogging much so like, understandable. also i hope to read the foxhole court and maybe hate it just to piss you off. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ahh, happy late blogoversary! You’re amazing and so is your blog and I wish you all the best for your future years of blogging.💓
    OKAY YES I’M ALSO IN LOVE WITH THE LARA JEAN SERIES. (Also can we petition for it to be renamed ‘the Lara Jean series?’ Because I’m all for it.) I think the conclusion was pretty perfect too, and it’s just so cute! and has all the happy feels and sweet characters!
    Thank you for mentioning my post, I’m really glad you liked it!
    11 books is so great, congrats on reading that many wow! I hope you have a relaxed & great August! (But how is it almost August, I don’t understand at all either, 2018 come back. XD)


  3. I also had a horribly unproductive blogging month and it’s so terrible! Like June was amazing with 14 posts (14!!! That is amazing for me) and July is just chilling with 4 posts. It’s been a weird month. There was a heat wave where I live about two weeks ago and it was the WORST. I’m someone who could peacefully exist in Antarctica so this was just awful. OH MY GOODNESS I’m SO glad you loved the Shatter Me series!! A lot of my blogger friends really didn’t enjoy the series all that much because of Juliette’s attitude in the first book so I’ve always been a bit of a black sheep with them. Warner’s POV is EVERYTHING. I keep wanting to reread that scene where Juliette gets drunk and cuts her hair 😀

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks


  4. yay! no more reading slump!! omg i’m reading to all the boys i loved before and am!! loving!! it!! but it’s part of a read-a-long so i have stopped temporarily so i won’t stray too far ahead of everyone else haha. it’s been so long since i’ve read a physical book too so it feels so nice.


  5. What sorcery is this? We too started rewatching Merlin again! (Stopped after 1st season😅😅) and we absolutely adored the whole seriess – totally our childhood (along with Doctor Who)!

    And SHATTER MEE!!! WE ADORE THEM!!!…we have yet to read Restore Me *insert sad face*
    And have yet to finish the Lara Jean series…*looking disapproving-ly at our selves*


  6. i love how you just binged two series and enjoyed themmmmmm c: c: I wanted to love To All the Boys so much, I tried so hard but I just couldn’t get into it??????
    I need to try again bc the Netflix trailer is so good.
    *cries over tbr*


  7. Restore me is sooo good!! I can’t wait for the next one! I can’t wait for, To All the Boys I’ve loved Before, Netflix movie! I hope it does the books justice! 🙂

    Congrats on 1700 followers!! That’s amazing! 😊😊


  8. LMAOOO “I wouldn’t have known what to do for my blogiversary so eh” i’m dead also i know right the lara jean series is so gooooooooood ALSO WERE YOU PLANNING TO PUT YOUR KING OF SCARS BOX PICTURE INTO THIS POST because you’re like “look at this beautiful box” and then there’s NOTHING


  9. I’m happy for you that your out of your reading slump. Those suck so hard.

    I haven’t read Restore Me yet, but I have the EXACT SAME thoughts about the other books in the series. Also UGHHHHH, Adam. Couldn’t stand him AT ALL.

    I wanted Belgium to win the world cup, but France beat us in the most annoying way possible. So we’re kind of in the same boat. Oh well.

    Shall we organise our funerals together? Because I’m DEAD BY THE HEAT WAVE as well.


  10. Ahhh congrats on 1.7k followers & happy belated blogiversary, Ilsa!! 💫

    I’m so happy you liked the Lara Jean series, you’re making me so excited for the Netflix series sndjshsjf the trailer looks so good.

    I hope your book slump continues to stay away in August as well. ☺️❤️


  11. Glad to hear you’re getting into Merlin. It was literally the light of my high school life and I have all the box sets, which I have watched many, many, many, many times. *cue fangirl squealing* Hope you enjoy the rest of it!!


  12. Yaay I’m really happy to hear you had such a great reading month overall – and I’m glad to see you enjoyed Lara Jean, that last book was so bittersweet and amazing and a perfect conclusion, I loved it so much. I can’t wait for the movie to be released aaaaaaaaaaah it looks adorable ❤
    Congratulations on the followers and happy belated blogoversary! Here's to many more months and years of blogging ❤
    Thank you so much for sharing my post! I hope you'll have a wonderful August! ❤


  13. I just LOVE that you love to all the boys and shatter me just,,, also I read the darkest minds right after shatter me and it was just as amazing so I recommend xx also have fun on your summer break!! all the readingggg


  14. Happy late Blogiversary! I send you metaphorical ice cream (not as tasty as real ice cream, but easier to send over the internet).
    Congrats on reading so many books! And so many that you loved?? Such happiness. ❤
    I hope you have a great August!


  15. I keep forgetting that 2017 wasn’t like two months ago!! And now it’s AUGUST? CAN TIME CALM DOWN PLS

    I’ve been planning on rereading Lara Jean as well before the movie comes out (SO SOON I’M SO EXCITED) but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. Hopefully soon, and otherwise I’ll most likely reread after seeing the movie because that will DEFINITELY put me in a mood 😛

    Also what are the odds I’m rewatching Merlin too dksjsfh I haven’t watched ever since the finale. I did try multiple times before but I started sobbing during the opening sequence each time so I just gave up because /pain/ 😂


  16. I’d forgotten about that Six of Crows edition until now aHHHHH IT IS ON MY WISHLIST I AM SO EXCITED FOR IT HOW IS IT SO GORGEOUS 😍😍 Also I do agree that Smoke and Iron was too slow. 😂I think they could’ve shuffled along a bit faster but the ending bROKE me so I forgive everything. (wait??? Do I forgive or am I still screaming??) I’m also planning to reread the Shatter Me books this month so I can finally read Restore Me! AHH. It feels like forever ago that I read them?! So read to go back to that world. 😍

    Also I loved End Of The Fucking World too! At first I thought it was super weird and then, like!? All the characters grew on me.😂I still keep thinking about it haha. (THAT ENDING THO.)

    Good luck with the reading in August!! I hope you get some fantastic reads in!


  17. I highkey want to binge re-read the Shatter Me series now! You’ve reminded me of how much I love & miss it haha. ALSO omg that King of Scars sampler!!! I can’t wait to read that book! And congrats on getting 1,700 followers by the way. That’s really great! I hope your August is great and you accomplish all of your goals. 🙂


  18. I hope you have a great August! I really want to watch The End of The F***ing World so I’m glad to hear that you loved it. The weather around me has been so weird, but it’s definitely getting back to being super hot. Sorry about your heat wave though!!!



  19. Happy blogiversary!! Hope you have a great rest of your break from school. And I feel exactly the same way about calling tatbilb the “Lara Jean series” bc it’s just WAY too long (even the abbreviation). I absolutely love those books too, especially the last one. I’m so excited for the movie!!


  20. DUUUDE 11 books in one month?! You are killing the game!
    I am 10000% jealous of that King of Scars sampler!! ❤
    Glad to hear your summer has been super relaxing so far. And yes this heat has been horrid, but I live in Texas so it's like 100 degrees F every day and it is the literal worst. I honestly want to move because of the weather.


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