June Whispers // Everything’s fine! Uh, No it’s not actually; a reading slump, procastination, and being an overall exhausted mess™

June was literally such an overwhelming month.

Some of it was super fun!! Most of it was SUPER tiring!! A lot of it was literally torturing!! And did I mention it was SO tiring? Agh, I’m SO TIRED.

Tired Morning GIF by Look Human

I probably should be doing about 9 homeworks right now but honestly, I just need to calm down after the whirlwind that was June. Someone let me have a nap, please.

Honestly, I don’t even know if THAT MUCH happened in June but I just feel so tired and exhausted and A MESS and I FeEl LiKe WrItInG LiKe ThIs FoReVeR.


I read 2 books this month. T W O books! Well done Ilsa. WELL DONE. I really thought I was out of my slump, but I guess I was wrong. However, I don’t feel slumpy?!

It’s more that I’m just so busy or tired I haven’t had the time or energy to pick up a book. So while I’m quite disappointed in myself, I’m not feeling TOO bad about it because hey! Life gets in the way and that is okay.  Not that I’m panicking about the 2018 reading challenge and how I’m EIGHT books behind. shhhh.

Screenshot 2018-07-02 at 18.14.33.png

Not The Girls You’re Looking For by Aminah Mae Safi [rating to come!] // Oops, this was a very “meh” book for me, honestly didn’t care, however, I appreciated how flawed and realistic the characters are!! [review]

The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller [rating to come] // I didn’t cry or feel anything and I expected to BUT it was really enjoyable and addicting!! [review]

I love how both of these don’t have proper reviews and no ratings!! I really am 1) lazy and 2) indecisive. 🙂


I received 10 books this month!  Considering last month, where I GOT ONE BOOK, I’m really happy I’m getting more book mail again. Book mail makes me happy okay!? “So many books but such little time” is becoming more and more true by the day.

2018-07-03 08.21.44 2.jpg


I really wanted to post more this month but I only posted twice. I KNOW!! I’m supposed to be super chill about blogging but there were posts I wanted to write but just didn’t and I lowkey hate myself for that but EVERYTHING’S FINE.

It’s really not hahahahah…*descends into madness*

I am the best teen blogger out there. JUUUUSTT KIDDING. But a lot of people appreciate my blog according to The Book Blogger Awards hosted by Joce.  and I’m so happy!! Also, people think my blog design is really nice (i didn’t design it guys!!)

I missed my tour stop for Not The Girls You’re Looking For. I was supposed to post a review on the 22nd of June but…I did not. To be honest, I had been so busy and unable to write a review and plus I think my rating is going to be under 3 stars soooo. *sips tea*




Oh my gosh, I really cannot be bothered to do this. It’s so important to appreciate blogs, at least that’s what I think, but it is a lot of effort, I have no idea how people keep up with it all!

  • Everyone’s MID YEAR BOOK FREAK OUT TAGS were amazing, I enjoyed every one of them (from my feed!)
  • Ju @ Paperblots talks to us about her new WIP!! screaming
  • Elise @ the bookish actress talks about how fiction saved her life. this is what you call good quality content because it’s written from the heart
  • Joanna @ starburnt reads talks about A Thousand Perfect Notes. honestly, I’m just living for the Kermit Images.
  • Lu @ Lu Reads discusses ARCs and I literally love all her ramblings  I would read anything that Lu writes 100% serious
  • May @ Forever and Everly talks about how they struggle with rating books and I literally relate so much oh my gosh!!  Their posts are literally always perfection, fight me. 
  • Ju @ Paper Blots also posted about some upcoming Asian fantasies and I’m so pumped!
  • Em @ Run Away with Dream Thieves reviews the beautiful book Legendary and it is such a gorgeous review; do we expect anything else from the queen of reviewing?

NEWS (more like cover reveals)

Honestly, there’s not much for this apart from the fact there has been some cover reveals!!

We Hunt the FlameKing of Fools (The Shadow Game, #2)A Very Large Expanse of SeaImage result for evermore uk cover sara holland

Evermore (Everless, #2)

I love literally every cover here; they are all so pretty. (Though I lowkey hate the King Of Fools Cover BUT I am Foody Trash and I don’t speak badly about her.)


  • Oh my gosh can someone write this section for me I am going to be dead after I finish.
  • I finally went to my writing contest Finals!! I didn’t win (which I expected but I am still incredibly proud of getting into the Final 50 out of 100,000 entries like WOAH.) But it was SO fun!
  • I met a few celebrities (kind of??) while I was there! I got to see Bastille live!! And two random other singers eh. And then I met Mary Watson Amanda Abbington (from Sherlock!! MY FAVE SHOW EVER OMG), and it was great! And then I got Malorie Blackman’s autograph and got to tell her how much I loved her books as a child and it was amazing!! I also got to meet David Walliams and Dara O Brien!!
  • It was a really tiring but amazing day full of so much fun and happiness.  I sound so calm here but I literally freaked out about everything and fangirled so hard
  • What else happened? My memory would like to take a nap for 3 years
  • A few days later, Ramadan ended and it was Eid! We celebrated for the full 3 days which we hardly ever do haha. On the first day, we did our Eid Prayer, went to our cousin’s house and met all our family. It wasn’t that bad because out cousins had Nintendo switch so I just played on that for a bit. After that, I went to a dessert place which was really nice and I ordered a waffle!! (with ice cream of course)
  • On the second day, we went a sort of funfair/rides place. It was like an Eid Festival and the rides were really fun and I also got ice cream that day plus chips. It was a really fun day out with my family and I hung out at the park later.
  • The last day, I went shopping which wasn’t too special but I got to spend a lot of money and I bought a book which was exciting.
  • A week ago, it was one of my friend’s last day because she was moving houses veeerryyy far away 😦. I had never had to deal with saying goodbye to a friend so quickly and suddenly and I felt super sad because she was so awesome and great. We still keep in touch though!
  • There was like a sale/celebration thing at our school which was fun! An ice cream van came into our school and different classes were selling different things like milkshakes and cupcakes and there was a barbeque. It was a super chill and fun day!
  • It was my birthday! It was Ramadan though so we didn’t do anything special (the celebration just got smushed together with Eid since the events were so close together). I got a box of chocolates to open my fast with though which is always fun.
  • I got LOADS of presents which I’m so grateful for. Here’s a mini haul. (Though I can’t show you this really nice email I got as a birthday present in a photo I’m sorry)
  • The weather is so good and sunny so that means lots of ice cream!! I’m loving all the vibes of summer ahhh. Just sitting, with music on, the fan in the background, reading a book, eating ice cream. Everything about summer apart from the sweat just makes me so happy. I’m not sure if I have Season Affectional Disorder (SAD) but Summer always makes me feel so good!! Unlike Winter 🙂
  • Honestly, maybe not that much happened in June but the workload from school; all these events and social interactions; after school activities; just feeling so tired and being overwhelmed has lead to me being such a mess ahh.
  • We also baked a lot of cookies at home. My sister actually made them and there’s nothing like home-baked chocolate chip cookies!!!
  • THERE’S LESS THAN A MONTH LEFT OF SCHOOL. I’m so happy! I and my friends are already making summer plans together and like just yes!! I want a school to be over and to never return!!
  • The World Cup is happening! I haven’t been watching it much (I watched England V Belgium. EDIT: WELL ENGLAND WON AGAINST COLUMBIA AND IM SO HAPPY!! YASSSS) but I do try and keep up with who’s won what match and whatever. It’s so great to see people so invested in it though?!


{goals from last month}

  • have fun!! ✔❌ yeah but also really stressed as well so?!
  • Read 3 Physical ARCs ❌  hahah
  • Post at least five times ❌  what the hell was I thinking???
  • Request ARCs ❌
  • Post a review on my blog✔
  • Uh that is it literally it haha?! I don’t have much goals.

I literally failed basically every goal WOW. I’m so proud of myself!!!

{goals for july}

  • Try not be as stressed as I was in June!
  • DO HOMEWORKS BEFORE 6:00pm every day. No excuses.
  • Have fun!! Enjoy yourself. Try not to get too anxious about things.
  • Read 3 Physical ARCs
  • READ 7 books AT LEAST.
  • Make some personal plans for summer
  • Make a new blogging friend!!
  • Blog hop at least once a week
  • Post 2 posts at least
  • Reach 1700 followers on my blog
  • Write in your journal at least once a week!



So I made a June TBR of TWO BOOKS. I FAILED. Really, REALLY bad. I was supposed to read The Book of Dust and A Thousand Splendid Suns! AND I COULDN’T EVEN DO THAT. Whoops.

So I’m not going to make a TBR for July because that clearly didn’t work for me.


  • I STILL CANNOT BELIEVE AFTER JULY SCHOOL IS OVER. I’m so incredibly excited oh my gosh. This academic year has gone so fast and I’m almost scared about how much has changed and so quickly. This year has been very…eventful but I think an overall okay academic year but I definitely changed a lot.
  • The end of the school year is going to be super busy but I’m so excited because I always feel like it’s such a great time of the year with friends!!
  • Basically, lots of fun school stuff and summer holidays are all that’s gonna be on my mind next month!!

Let's Whisper

Are you watching the World Cup? How many books did you read this month and what was your favourite? How was June, can you believe half of 2018 is already over?! Do monthly TBR’s work for you or not? Tell me about your June in the comments; I’d love to chat!

Ilsa - Edited


55 thoughts on “June Whispers // Everything’s fine! Uh, No it’s not actually; a reading slump, procastination, and being an overall exhausted mess™”

  1. Aww I’m sorry June was rough, Ilsa! I hope July is less stressful and that things will lighten up for you.

    June was also a busy month for me, but I feel like it was overall productive. I’ve never done a monthly TBR and I don’t think it would really work for me, since I’m a pretty spontaneous reader. XD I read 11 books, and my favorite was definitely Scythe and To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. I’m really excited to see what July has in store! Awesome post, Ilsa! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope you have an amazing July too, thank you so much ❤ I'm a mood reader to so that's why TBR's dont really work for e. AHH YOU READ ELEVEN BOOKS WOW. WOOOOW. thats so much!! I really want to read both of those. Thank you again ❤ You're too kind to me


  2. I love every single one of your posts so much and I really hope you have a better month in June!! Ngl, your “I’m too tired to do this” mood was so relatable. I tried to set myself a June TBR and that went really badly haha I don’t like talking about that.
    I did finally read The Hate U Give, though, so that was amazing! I live in England and everyone here is obsessed with the World Cup (the most common phrase I hear daily is “THE CUP IS COMING HOME” and our biology teacher spent an entire lesson talking about it yesterday) but I’m not watching it because it just looks like people running around, kicking a ball over and over, and there are books I could be reading instead. Or you know, ignoring while I scroll through Goodreads.
    Thank you for linking to my post, I appreciate it so much! I love Kermit and I’m glad you do too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much!! I hope i have a good JUly too!! And i hope you do as well. Let’s not talk about TBR’s now shall we *shoves to side* THUG!!! yesss, it’s so good and amazing. IM GLAD YOU FINALLY CAUGHT ON THAT HYPE TRAIN, 1 year late. honestly football is so boring but i love the passion of the people supporting differet teams; i live it.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Yay! I love that bear! 😂 That literally sums up my existence half the time! Hahaha. Same! I’m supposed to be doing some homework as well! (for tomorrow😂) but I saw your post and could I resist?! Don’t worry about reading less books! As long as they make you think and you like them it’s great!

    Congrats on the Blogger Awards! I love reading your posts! Also omg you met MALORIE BLACKMAN?!? AND DAVID WALLIAMS?!?!?! That must have been great! I hope you had a lovely Eid! Also I totally get what you mean about Summer making you happy! Winter is just so cold and negative and life-sucking? Happy Late Birthday!!🍰 And you’ve basically got 1.7k followers so YAY!! #Party

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That GIF is literally me 24/7 haha. I do homeworks so late and always manage to make myself so overhwlemed WHY AM I LIKE THIS!! (and my posts are irresisitable?!?! *screams*)

      MALORIE BLACKMAN!!! it was amazing. she is amazing. and i didn’t get to really MEET david walliams. i just took a quick picture with him haha. I like Winter because you get cosy up inside but Summer improves my modd so much! AND YES I didn’t realise had 1.7 followers until you pointed it out! THANK YOU!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha! I know right?! It honestly is so stressful and also people expect me to have good, perfect work which means I can’t really get away with messy scribbles?! I AGREE. WHY?!?!?! Definitely! I literally do a mini squeal every time I see your posts!

        OMG I HONESTLY LOVE HER WRITING!! Yeah at least you got to see him though! Haha! I know what you mean! Plus Summer=No School=Lots of fun! Yay Congrats! Let’s set your goal to 2k now! No problem! xx ❤️❤️😀

        Liked by 1 person

  4. I hope you have a more restful and relaxing month in July!! 💗 I read four books in June, haha, and three of them were by Ashley Herring Blake (and they were also LGBTQ+). 😊 My favorite book from June is probably Ivy Aberdeen’s Letter to the World. And ahhh I still can’t believe that half of 2018 is already over; time flies by wayyy too quickly. 😂😩

    Liked by 1 person

  5. okay first of all I can’t explain the burst of happiness in my heart whenever someone uses they/them pronouns when talking about me so thank you for that 😭💓💖💞

    second of all I wonder who sent you that really nice email for your birthday 🙂 🙂 🙂 (also you didn’t post a picture of your mini haul and I’m severely disappointed I wanted to see The Presents)

    third of all I said this already but I’m very glad you liked TSOA, even if you didn’t cry or anything!!! I thought you were going to completely hate it but I’m glad you didn’t 😊

    fourth of all I’m watching World Cup and this is literally the only time I ever talk about soccer(/football) so I feel like a fake but I don’t care

    happy birthday again and I hope you’re much less stressed and tired this month because you deserve the best 💛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. okay first of all you’re amazing and deserve all the happiness (and it’s literally no effort at all so why wouldn’t i <3)

      oh yeah uh i forgot to add the pic of the haul i'll add it tomorrow becaause im too tried rn haha.

      I THOUGHT YOU WERE GOING TO COMPLETELY HATE TSOA!! i feel like ur becoming a lot less heartless when it comes to books and im just becoming more emotionless.

      im such a fake haha i only care about football in the world cup

      thank you so much!! ❤ ❤ I hope you have a fantastic july too xx

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Happy July! I hope you had the most amazing birthday, and happy belated birthday! *virtual hug* *and cake* 🎉❤️🎉

    Good luck with all your July goals! I really hope the end of your school year goes by really fast and you have a great summer once it begins:))


  7. That sounds like a really exhausting month but hey, I’m sure July will be better. And don’t stress yourself out about blogging and reading, as far as I know, everyone goes through these kinds of slumps, as annoying as they are 😦

    Ugh, monthly TBRs never worked for me. I’ve been writing down a couple rereads I definitely want to do this year but that’s about it, I never stick to these kinds of things, I’m considering trying it out though, maybe it will actually work.
    In June I read so much more than I usually do, like 14 books or something, because I’ve started out on NetGalley and I’m trying to be more of a book blogger (baby steps so far haha), I’m kinda worried these good intentions won’t last long but we’ll see


    1. exhausting?? SOOOOOOOOO exhausting more like ahah. It feels like I’ve been in a slump forever and it’s the worst. Thanks for your advice tho ❤

      Monthly TBR's work for a lot of people so maybe it'll work for you? Who knows. I can never stick to a plan – whata rebel I am. FOURTEEN BOOKS!!! WOW that's amazing and Netgalley is wonderful

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Omg I loved this post so much! I totally get you girl about the whole work load thing. The end of freshman year kind of made me want to pass out but I made it with honors so we’re good! Finals were literally insane, I had like 8 tests at once and I was freaking out!!! I love all of your goals and updates as well. I’m kind of in a reading slump too. I just read One of Us is Lying (it was pretty good…don’t waste your time on it if your busy tho) and I need to move on and I haven’t, I have a few books on my tbr list and I’m just feeling lazy and jeg lagged honestly. Am I happy that England beat Columbia? Not exactly but I’m glad you are happy!! Anyway I loved this post sooo much!!


    1. AHHHHHHHHHhHHHHH thank you!! Ahhh I’m glad that Finals are over for you, I hope you did well in them. Reading slumps are the worst. I read One of Us is Lying, it was enjoyable but forgettable (?) and kindaaa “meh” and overhyped imo. WELL I OFC SUPPORT ENGLAND HAHAH!! xx thanks so much!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO SUPPORT ENGLAND!!! ahaha :)))) Since I left for Europe I had to take all of mine 3 days early and i was literally freaking out like panic attacks and I’m going to give you some notes: DON’T PROCRASTINATE AND DON’T FREAK OUT. I ended up with all A’s and everything was fine. You’re going to do amazing!!! Oh and I agree with you on One of Us is Lying it’s a meh for me as well.


  9. You got to see Bastille live?!?! I am so jealous! They’re one of my favourite bands! So lucky!

    And yeah… Monthly TBR’s do NOT work for me either… I usually have a very vague seasonal TBR, but I never stick to it… I didn’t even know why I bother any more, except that I’m desperate for blog post ideas…


    1. BASTILLE WAS AMAZING and bought so much energy to the stage!! And it was all for free as well, I feel incredibly lucky oops! I hope you get to see them one day!! AHha, TBR’s just always…never work. SOMEONE TEACH ME HOW TO FOLLOW ONE

      Liked by 1 person

  10. It BLOWS my mind that your summer doesn’t start til August! I got BACK to school in August! D:
    Monthly TBRs usua;;u work for me, but I have been so tired and slumpy this month too. 😦 If I don’t count the few I finished that I carried over from May’s TBR, I read only one book during June. ONE BOOK. So at least you’re doing better than me. XD. But the book I read was To Kill a Kingdom by Alexandra Christo, which I loved! And I’m glad cuz I was kinda apprehensive about it.
    This month I HAVE to read Six of Crows and A Thousand Perfect Notes Though! Though I’m also terrified of them because they are so hyped up. 😛


    1. It starts July 22nd actually (my summer) YOU GO BACK TO SCHOOL IN AUGUST!? whew, good luck and i hope you’re anjoying your summer so far ❤ I'm still in a reading slump and I hate it! I AM SO GLAD YOU LOVED TO KILL A KINGDOM!! it was fabulous.

      WAIT you have NOT read Six Of cRows. OH MY GOSH. Please read it and LOVE IT ❤


  11. happy belated!! hope you had an awesome birthday! ❤ WOW you got to do all that stuff last month that is super cool.
    good luck on your July goals!! xx


  12. I’m so sorry you haven’t had the best month, please take some time to take care of yourself and rest, I’m sending you tons of love and hugs x
    I have a question…. why do you have two copies of A Thousand Perfect Notes? I’m just curious haha, send one over, I reaaaaaaaaaaaaally want to read it haha 😛
    I’m also curious to hear your thoughts about Ava Lavender, I’ve heard great things about this book 😀
    I am so very much in love with these cover reveals, especially We Hunt The Flame, that one looks absolutely STUNNING I LOVE IT.
    Have an amazing July, hopefully with a bit less stress!! ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I mean I don’t think it was a super BAD month (amazing things did happen!!) Hopeully once school’s over I’ll be ble to relax xx
      I actually have 3 copies of ATPN. One’s my ARC from the publisher, i had already pre-order an FC from amazon and the third one is a red-sprayed exlsuive edition from illumicrate box. so. haha. i would love to send it to you but ahh shipping! I think I might do a INTL giveaway (when my blogiversary is here which is in like a month) WE HUNT THE FLAME IS STUNNING!! Have a wonderful July!! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I hope you will, you should relaaax ❤
        Ohhhh okay, that's SO cool! I completely get it hahaha don't worry about it at all, it's so cool you have so many copies! I can't WAIT to read that book and have it destroy all of my feelings haha 😛

        Liked by 1 person

  13. Oh I’m sorry June was so intense for you (thought it sounds like some of it was pretty awesome), my June was pretty intense too, I had exams the first couple of weeks, then we went away on holiday which was amazing but so tiring… I hope July is more chilled for you! (I sure as hell hope it’s more chilled for me 😂)
    I’m not watching the world cup (I hate football) but when England won against Columbia my dad and I were in the garden and suddenly we heard people yelling and cheering really loudly, we were like “wtf is going on” and went indoors to tune into the football match and we saw that England had just won and we were like “oookaaayyy is that ALL”, that was pretty funny 😂 I’m still not sure which of our neighbours were doing the cheering, I think it was people in several different houses at the same time, football does have a way of bringing people together, maybe it’s not so bad after all 😂
    Also happy late birthday! I hope you had a great day. 🙂

    Andrea @ https://spaceshipsvampiresandsecretagents.blogspot.com

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AHhh exams and holidays!! I’m so glad the holidays were FUN but yes they can be so darining. Hahah that’s a wonderful story. I’m only invested in the ENGLAND match and i was INCREDIBLY happy when England scored two goals against Sweden yesterday!! I love how t bring people together though. Thanks so much for the comment Andrea!! Hope you have a wonderful July.

      Liked by 1 person

  14. Omg congrats on the award, you truly totally deserve it!!!! Also happy birthday!!!!!!!!! 😛 ❤ And good luck with school, there's less time left come on you can do it!!!!!!!!!! 😀
    Awesome post!!! Keep it up!!!!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  15. I related to so much of what you said about this month! I had a lot of fun (especially towards the end of it), but I was super stressed out for a lot if it as well- which is honestly such a strange combo. I hope your reading slump ends soon, cause I know what a pain those can be! Good luck with your goals for next month :))

    Liked by 1 person

  16. Don’t feel bad! I only read three books in June! I think it’s important to read when you feel like it and not force yourself to read because then you’re doing it for fun instead of it feeling like a chore!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I ACTUALLY HAVE THREE COPIES OF ATPN. 1 is an ARC, one is a normal FC and another one is an exclusive red-sprayed egde version from Illumicrate 🙂 (AND NOOOOOOOOOOOOO i am NOT the best teen blogger out there, u or may are or some other more fabulous human than me)


  17. Not the Girls You’re Looking For was a 3 stars book for me (barely, oops) and I just left the rating out of the review BUT i put it on Goodreads. That was my first blog tour and it honestly put me off of blog tours for which I haven’t already read the book and know what I’m getting myself into. Oops again!

    I hope July is more relaxing ❤


    1. I definitely agree! I feel like there was such a pressure to like the book which was…not great. I’ve only done one blog tour before this and they reached out to me ATER sending me the ARC and seeing how much I loved it. I think publishers sending the ARC first and seeing i f you like it or not to then participate in a blog tour is so much less stress to be honest. Have a wonderful July Fadwa!


  18. I really enjoyed reading this. And yes I am a big fan of football but all my favorite teams are already out so can’t say anything. Lolz. June went pretty amazing and I am really hopeful for this month too but it’s been rough & boring.

    Liked by 1 person

  19. your book haul looks AMAZING!! I hope next month leads to even more fun, and way less stress… also can i just say i love your tea “sip” graphic it’s incredible

    Liked by 1 person

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