NOVEMBER YA PAGE HABIT UNBOXING // Annotated Book, Epic Bookmarks and Lots of Surprises (!!) + Why I love book boxes

Let us just all agree that BOOK SUBSCRIPTION boxes are beautiful wonderful things.

*this is a scheduled post I am truly on hiatus and will be back in Febuuary

There are so many reasons why I love book boxes and that is because 1) MORE BOOKS 2) so many little surprises and 3) normally get loads of bookish stuff for a bargain price?? So like I am completely in love with bookish boxes and receiving them and stalking their Instagrams is also TONNES of fun.

So that’s why today I’m going to be unboxing a Page Habit Young Adult Book Box. This was November 2017’s one and the post is really late for various reasons but it’s HERE NOW ISN’T IT. I personally love unboxing posts/videos so hopefully, you guys will enjoy this too? maybe? who knows?


Page Habit #5

Disclaimer: I received this book for free from Page Habit in exchange for a review. 

So it comes in this super simplistic cute brown box. It’s quite small but it has SO many goodies in it and I love that’s it’s so compact!

So you open it up, and the first item is a gorgeous tote bag. It’s quite a small one but I am in LOVE with the design. It’s so simplistic and the doodle design on it is actually so pretty HOW THE HECK?! Ahh, I am actually in love with this and plan on using it on library trips because now I can carry my massive book hauls home without dying? Perfect.

The next thing it comes with is TWO BOOKMARKS which are so UNIQUE. The first one is a Page Habit bookmark which has a super relatable quote on it plus it’s so funky and I just adore it!! And then it also comes with a magnifying glass bookmark WHICH IS SUCH A GOOD IDEA I AM SCREAMING. 10//10 marks for bookmarks here, am I right or am I right?

And then, as if this book box can’t get any better we have a short, mini, adorable story about owls AND I LOVE OWLS so this is perfect? It’s such a great idea and a perfect whimsical touch to the box.

short story #1

The last goodie is my FAVOURITE ITEM of the whole entire book box and that is the light up keychain! This comes with 75 letter stickers and umm…IT LIGHTS UP?! I mean obviously it does but you can write anything and I wrote Ilsa because I am QUEEN. I just love putting this on and off. It’s so much fun honestly.


Now, we have the ACTUAL BOOK for this November YA Book Box and I am pleased to say it was…

Haven by Mary Lindsey!! This looks like such a dark and thrilling read and absolutely enticing however I don’t like this genre so i gave the book away but for any of you thriller lovers out there, I would have this book on your radar.

BUT IT DOSEN’T STOP THERE. The book is (1) ANNOTATED BY THE AUTHOR WITH STICKY NOTES and (2) COMES WITH A HANDWRITTEN LETTER FROM THE AUTHOR. I mean??? THAT IS SO EPIC! It’s such a personalised box and that is just one of the things I absolutely admire about Page Habit. It’s like a bridge between author and bookworm and that is such a special thing. Ahhhh.

If you don’t know what Haven is about:

  • It’s like Beauty and the beast but in reverse.
  • I’m mind blown too to be honest.
  • There’s an orphan called Rain and he is little out of ordinary and always feeling out of the place
  • He meets Freddie
  • Who is also “not like normal teen girls” apparently slightly annoyed about how this phrase is worded on the Goodreads blurb. wtf does that even mean???  
  • And she might be killed and Rain wants to save her. 


A quick rundown of everything included:

  • Haven by Mary Lindsey (Hardback)
  • A handwritten, gorgeous latter from the author
  • A mini story “The Truth about Owls”
  • Bookmark magnifying glass (i love it so much)
  • Page Habit bookmark with quote
  • Lightbox keychain that spells ILSA only.
  • A wonderful tote bag
  • This weird packing confetti-like thing which got sprayed all over my house and I had to pick it all up (true story)


Some quick facts about Page Habit you should definitely know.

  • all books are annotated by the author
  • they pick new releases that you will most likely devour
  • they ship INTL!!
  • They have a MONTHLY box and a QUARTERLY box
  • They have so much genre choice including( LITERARY FICTION, MYSTERY, FANTASY, YOUNG ADULT FICTION, ROMANCE)
  • Their boxes are amazing and so worth it. go subscribe now okay?



So I haven’t mentioned this previously but I will now. Why i think Page Habit is so special is that for every box your purchase, a donation is made to children’s literary globally.

“PageHabit is founded on the simple belief that reading is for everyone.” I love that every month, without fail, Page Habit partner with so many different organisations to get books into the hands of all children. It literally warms my heart that they do this.

Most of us are very lucky bookworms but there a lot of children who don’t have access to reading and books and guys…just imagine that? That is why Page Habit is so incredibly important. Reading is essential to any bookworm life and Page Habit helps build connections and start to remove illiteracy (a global problem). Page Habit expands a child’s opportunities and that’s why purchasing a box is extremely beneficial.

“In addition, for every PageHabit unboxing photo tagged with #mypagehabit across social media, we will make another donation to support this cause.” THIS IS WHY I LOVE PAGE HABIT OKAY!?



January’s pick is a magical fantasy where necromancers battle a nemesis exploiting their power.

I have already guessed what this is and AM EXTREMELY EXCITED FOR IT OMG!!! It is a very hyped book is all I will say.

Go!! Buy one! There are 100 spots left and you could be one of them!! AND LET ME KNOW IF YOU GUYS GET ONE AND I WANNA SEE YOUR PHOTOS. Buy this as a gift!! Or for any celebration LIKE YOU EXISTING!!

Let's Whisper

Have you ever subscribed to a book box? What is your favourite subscription service? Do you think donating to children’s literacy is important? Can you guess January’s book? Did you enjoy this unboxing? Would you like to see more? Are you drooling over the goodies? Let me know!!

Ilsa - Edited

54 thoughts on “NOVEMBER YA PAGE HABIT UNBOXING // Annotated Book, Epic Bookmarks and Lots of Surprises (!!) + Why I love book boxes”

  1. oh my god I had no idea PageHabit donated??? what the frick WHY DOES NO ONE TALK ABOUT THIS. and ahhahahahhaa it’s Reign of the Fallen isn’t it god I want that book but god are book boxes expensive. also I think I’d like Fairyloot best?? maybe Owlcrate??? I have no idea. I just want the free books tbh how did you get the box for free please tell meeeeeeeee

    also I was gonna say something else but I forgot :/


    1. I KNOW RIGHT IT’S SUCH A GREAT AND MEANINFUL CAUSE WE SHALL ALL BE SCREAMING ABOUT THIS. And shhhhhhh that’s my guess too I WANT THE BOOK TO AHHH! I’m going to try and get a Fairyloot box for my birthday BECAUSE THEY LOOKS SO BEAUTIFUL OMIGOSH.

      and fhjdfhkdfh i just emailed them like an ARC request but like,,, reviewing their book box instead? I’ll message you.

      and you are even more of a goldfish than me.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. ugh I LOVE BOOK BOX UNBOXING. I really need to treat myself to a subscription. The light up keychain looks SO COOL i am in love and also the fact that Page Habit donates to children’s literacy really warms my heart. If I had to choose one I would choose Page Habit.


    1. I LOVE UNBOXINGS TOO SYDNEY SO I AM GLAD YOU ENJOYED THIS. you really do need a page habit in your life, they;re so good and yessss for donating to less fortunate children like?? i am so impressed and it makes me so happy toooooo. thank you for your lovely comment, they never fail to brighten my day.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Ugh I love the idea of a book box but they’re all more expensive than I really want to commit to. I hadn’t heard of Page Habit, but I’m glad for your review because their YA Quarterly box sounds great! The markup for curating and adding in bookish goods would be a lot more bearable for getting 3 books and already knowing what one of them is. And I love the idea of the annotations!


      1. A box SPECIFICALLY FOR BOOKS PAIRED WITH TEAS, how did I not know that existed??? I live in the US, but wow do I wish there was a combo book/tea subscription that shipped here because that combination is perfect!


  4. In October 2016 I tried Fairyloot and Owl Crate (but I canceled both after one box but only because that’s all I could afford) and they were really cool! Fairyloot’s theme was Steampunk and I got Metaltown by Kristin Simmons and cool vintage washi tape with clocks on it! (and some other cool stuff too) and Owl Crate’s theme was Once Upon a Dream and I got an exclusive Sleeping Beauty themed bracelet and other stuff and Vassa in the Night by Sarah Porter. 🙂
    DONATING TO CHILDREN’S LITERACY IS SO IMPORTANT AND SO COOL! I wish I could get this box to support them but I can’t afford it right now. I need to get a job first. 😦 I love unboxing posts! I would love to do one on my blog someday.
    And I think we all know that January’s book is going to be Reign of the Fallen. 😉


    1. AHH FAIRY LOOT AND OWLCRATE are book boxes I have wanted FOREVER. Mostly fairyloot because EVERYONE raves about it and their items look so gorgeous and from what you’ve described they have some realy cool stuff and themees.



  5. i didn’t even know page habit existed until now, i really need to step up my game! plus they donate to an incredibly important cause?? basically everything in that box was so adorable, especially the light-up keychain. to answer your question: YES I AM DROOLING

    (also, we’ll miss you! can’t wait until you come back <3)


  6. I never ever got a bookish subscription box, mainly because the shipping fees are ridiculous and I could get two more books with that, haha, but I LOVE the idea of having a bookish box filled with incredible items like these. It is SO cool that there is always annotations from the author, I love that so much,it feels so personal 🙂
    Great unboxing! I hope that your hiatus is going well and that you’re doing okay. sending you all the love xx


    1. I love that you are such a loyal reader and comment on my crappy posts too I mean…AGHHHH. Okay, anwyas, OFF TOPIC. This was my first book box and it was free for me so like??? I’m way too broke to actually buy one. I LOVE THE ANNOTATIONS SO MUCH I THINK IM OBSESSED.

      and thank youuuuuuu ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  7. WHOA this is rad. honestly book boxes are expensive af but if i somehow come into a lot of money such as by winning the lottery or finding thousands of dollars on the sidewalk, i’ll sometimes get an Owlcrate or a Once Upon a Book Club Box. they are both v cool. but this looks like such a fun one???

    Liked by 1 person

  8. This is so cool! I’ve never even heard of this one before. I’m subscribed to owlcrate, but I’m considering trying another one soon. I was thinking of trying a Lit Joy Crate or Fairyloot, but I’ll totally consider this one too! It’s cool that they sent you one for review! I’ve never even thought of doing that.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. I’ve looked into getting a box before and I picked out Page Habit (although i didn’t go through with it for various reasons). this was so cute i love it, so much amazing bookish stuff!!!! Enjoy your hiatus and I hope everything is going well!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. I’d never heard of Page Habit before, but it looks like its so good!! The goodies are absolutely fabulous, honestly I’m so jealous of the bookmarks and the key-chain, the’re so cool!! I love how they donate money to children’s literacy its so important to encourage children to read and give them the chance to find books they’ll love.

    Liked by 1 person

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