REVIEW: Kids Like Us by Hilary Reyl // A SUPER Important novel about Autism + France, Food and Friendships

Kids Like Us was a very entertaining and GOOD book.

I finished this book! And it was good. A word which here means “I very much enjoyed it but it wasn’t mind-blowing but it was fun and I liked it.” I really did enjoy it. It took me a while to get into BUT IT WAS GOOD. It was enjoyable! There were discussions about moths and maybe first love and being autistic and having friends and going to parties and movies and it kept me interested which is like…good. Before we get stuck in…

Thank you Text Publishing for the review copy! All opinions are my own.


KLU #1


Elisabeth. She was honestly SUCH a star! Like all the love for this amazing older sibling. I mean sure sometimes she was angry but she was…REAL and that’s something I definitely look forward to in books. I wish my older sisters were as kind and supportive. I love the sibling relationship between Marting and Elisabeth. It was honestly adorable and developed so well.


The Autism rep! Let me just talk about how this was gold but It WAS SO GOOD? Like I read Rules of Rain but then i found out that the autism rep could be seen as harmful so I was really looking for a book that captured it perfectly and I think this did the job. The messages about being neurotypical and autistic were AWESOME! It was so well done I am in awe okay. I don’t think I’ve read autism EXPLAINED SO WELL And according to some other autistic reviewers the rep was good but the characters surrounding martin and some topics raised…debatable! But It was really cool for a NT person to just see HOW IT IS and it was honestly epic. I enjoyed it greatly and it honestly made me think. Though the mum’s views were just a tad iffy.

“I’m finding out that there are a lot of us who hate that the world is trying to cure us. I think the point is that we don’t need to be cured”

The..tears? Like nobody actually warned me this would be feel punching and while it was quite a calm smol normal book, the Papa letters? they just…THEY GOT ME SO BAD I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHY. Maybe I’m just sensitive.

The Food was such a great theme. Like THERE ARE MADELINES GUYS. MADELINE’S. *melts* AND THERE IS CAKE called something that I cannot remember. Memorable food quotes:

  • “Are we going to eat our cakes or what?”
  • “The first Madeline tastes good”
  • “I pictured going up into the boulangerie and asking the woman behind the counter for two madeleines, smiling right at her instead of staring into the pastry case at the chocolate swirls decoration the tops of the mille-feuilles, which are called Napoleans in English.”

Basically, this was a mouth-watering book and now I am hungry. AND MARTIN LIKES COOKING TOO. So this is a plus! Like not only do we get delicious MEALS we get super cool cooking session scenes. I MEAN I AM HERE FOR THIS OKAY?!?! okay.

I liked the writing! It reminded of The Curious Incident of The Dog In The Night-Time AND I LOVE THAT BOOK so you can just imagine me waving and just being a massive fan of this overall.

– The cover is damn gorgeous though a bit misleading as Martin only seems to like one book and HOW. Like, me? I cannot choose from the billion books I have read. haha



I did find the romance a tad shallow. I MEAN WHO IS ALICE??!?!?! We don’t know MUCH about her. Apart from the very much enjoys madeleines. A cough cough. And that’s it? She’s pretty much boring apart from her amazing fashion sense. Eh. I also couldn’t bring myself to ship this. And I get it! France is the city of l.o.v.e BUT it was just unnecessary? I mean yeah sure character arc and all but Elisabeth and Henry were WAY better. Thank god Henry shaved.
There was so much about Search and it bored me honestly.
I haven’t read this so as you can imagine I was glossing over this. SORRY MARTIN.

I do think it lacked…SUSTENANCE. If that makes any sense? Like things happened but they didn’t happen AS IN THEY DIDN’T ADD ANYTHING TO THE BOOK. As in the book was very light. As I have no idea what I am talking about. Moving on…


KLU #4


There is food! There is France! There’s a lot of quoting of Search which I got bored with and couldn’t care less about! There’s a love interest who is cool but I didn’t really ship it oops!? There was a girl called Layla who I honestly disliked greatly. There are discussions and swimming and CAKE and baking! There are letters and fathers and tears. There’s a LOT and it was GOOD but a little lacking! It was a really, eye-opening novel.




33155339Kids Like Us

by Hilary Reyl

Kids Like Us is the delightful, heartwarming story of Martin, a teenager on the autism spectrum, who falls for Gilberte-Alice, a ‘normal’ French girl. While spending summer in the French countryside with his mother, Martin mistakes Gilberte for a character in a novel he is obsessed with—Marcel Proust’s masterpiece In Search of Lost Time. He gradually realises she is not Gilberte, the fantasy girl, but a real person named Alice. Falling in love, in all its unpredictability, teaches Martin that he can in fact connect, can get out of his bubble. 

KIDS LIKE US IS PUBLISHED ON October 30th, 2017. You can read my original review here. You can buy a copy here.


Let's Whisper

Have you read a book with Autism representation? What’s your most recent diverse read? Do you love books sent in foreign countries? Food in books are great, right? And do books sometimes punch you in the feels without warning? Tell me all! (psst add this book to your TBR! on Goodreads)

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16 thoughts on “REVIEW: Kids Like Us by Hilary Reyl // A SUPER Important novel about Autism + France, Food and Friendships”

  1. Yayyy I’m so glad you enjoyed this one too!! It’s definitely one of the best ASD books I’ve read in a long time. (I also love Queens of Geek for ASD in girls. 😍) And I also totally agree with your negatives haaha. I mean I get that the love interest was shallow because Martin put her in this box of being his book character, so it was kind of the point? But at the same time I found her unknowable so that was a bit annoying. Martin’s sister was the BEST! And that cover!! It’s like my entire bookstagram aesthetic.😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sounds interesting read. Read Curious Dog, Boy made of blocks and a Jodi Piccoult book about a boy with autism. Would be interested to read another. All three books were boys would be interesting to read one with an autistic girl.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. i’m really glad you liked this one!! i’m kinda hesitant to read it now bc of your dislikes bc i haven’t been having the best reading months & i don’t want another “meh” book to make my slump-y mood even worse, but it’s SO SO great to hear that the ASD rep is good in this! i really haven’t read a lot of YA books that cover autism, so that’s really great! LOVE YOUR REVIEW. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’m so interested in reading this one because 1. Autism rep!! 2. Paperfury recommends so I shall read and 3. THAT COVER IS THE MOST GORGEOUS THING I’VE SEEN (and now I can say that I’m not reading it for the cover HA I’m not shallow pffttt shut up)!! So I ordered it in my Christmas bookhaul bananza and I’m excited. I know it’s probably not going to wow me or anything but I’m a sucker for food and books not set in America.
    (Also can I just say how glad I am that your’re not singing it’s praises into the sun just because it’s diverse? I like knowing the good AND THE BAD.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. yes im late to this comment but is that new? no. Im always late. its my brand. and yess i feel like diverse reads get hyped (rightly so) but people always give them glowing reviews bc they’re diverse…like no i want to know the tea please thand thank you! and yes im a sucker for books not set in america or the uk too wow.


  5. Great review! I’m sorry to hear that it wasn’t a mind-blowing book, but glad that it was good overall! I really want to read this book because: it’s set in France and let’s face it, the little Frenchie that I am wants to see how they talk about my country ; and obviously and before everything else, for the autism representation that seems quite great…and the tears. I like books that make me cry, I’m weird like that haha.
    Fantastic review!! 🙂

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  6. I will probably read this book but not now?? Maybe when I’m bored and have nothing else to read xD But I’m still excited for it because of the autism rep!! I’ve only read one other book with an autistic character; the Dark Artifices series. And it sounds like this book explains it pretty well! GREAT REVIEW. ❤


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