Should book reviews get more attention? + How to spice up your own reviews AND MAKE THEM INTERESTING

Let’s be real, book reviews aren’t the most interesting things to read.

Especially if you haven’t a) read the book b) heard of the book. They’re just…irrelevant? Why are you going to read a review of a book you have no interest in? It’s like ordering an icecream flavour…that you don’t like? WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?! HMM LOOK AT ALL THIS ICE CREAM GOING TO WASTE.

What i’m trying to say is that book reviews don’t get you the best stats or comments and they just are not popular.


But here’s the thing. YOU ARE A BOOK BLOGGER (and if you’re not, then what are you doing here) (haha just kidding stay i need better stats) and BOOK REVIEWS are basically FUNDAMENTAL to BOOK BLOGGING. It’s in the name?

Basically, you can’t run away from them FOREVER.

So one day you going to have to face those low stats and the feeling of putting SO MUCH EFFORT INTO WRITING A BOOK REVIEW AND IT GETS ONE FREAKING COMMENT. People. SUCH. LITTLE. APPRECIATION. Excuse me while I go cry.

 reaction disney sad crying upset GIF

Sooo…today I’m going to be addressing some very important questions such as

  • Should we feel obliged to read book reviews?
  • Can we make book reviews INTERESTING?
  • Is there any point in writing book reviews?
  • Are we allowed to throw book reviews on top of a mountain and never write them?
  • Are book reviews nice to eat?
  • Is it possible to draw an eyebrow, whilst eating cake and flailing like a penguin?
  • #whoshalleverknow

SEE ALL VERY IMPORTANT QUESTIONS. And I, QUEEN, shall be answering them! Well…hopefully.



  • Bloggers put SO. MUCH effort into them! Well..most of us anyways. And we’d really appreciate your appreciation for all that effort we put into them. Okay, I’m repeating myself but sometimes that comment? It makes our day. Our year. OUR LIFE.
  • Book reviews are actually really hard to write. As hard as like not reading books. Now, try imagining NOT READING ANY BOOKS. Hard, right? THIS IS HOW WE FEEL WHEN WRITING BOOK REVIEWS. Clueless, lost, HOW DO I EXPLAIN MY FEELINGS?
  • You might find some great books! SO you see this review in your feed and just go ‘haha that book is boring’ but THEN you read the review and you are so interested and you just want TO READ THE BOOK SO BADLY NOW.
  • You’ve read it and NOW IS YOUR CHANCE TO FANGIRL IN THE COMMENTS. Which is the number one reason comment on book reviews? Or you know, If I hated the book. BUT BESIDES THE POINT, you have the chance to DISCUSS BOOKS!
  • Because you are nice. And if you are nice, you will read the book review. JUST KIDDING. Some of us are really busy like…*sees a chocolate cake in hand* DOING…WORK.pages #1Long-Divider


  • You are not interested. Like NOT INTERESTED. Like that book is not your genre and you are just like…okay, no.
  • NO TIME. *Stuffs chocolate cake into mouth* LOOK HOW MUCH WORK I HAVE. I don’t have the time okay.
  • You haven’t the read book yet! And you want to go in blind. You don’t want to spoil it for yourself
  • There are spoilers. UNLESS YOU ARE A MONSTER AND SPOIL THE BOOK FOR YOURSELF ON PURPOSE, then obviously you are going to run away and die because you haven’t read the book.
  • There are no cupcakes. AND WHAT IS THE POINT OF REVIEWS, if there are no cupcakes? like what is life?
  • Because you are rude. JUST KIDDING OKAY.


DO read book reviews?

The answer: Sometimes.

I barely even have the motivation to read blog posts okay, so reviews are like… A STRUGGLE FOR ME. Okay? And I NEED to change that because i’m probably missing out on all these cupcakes amazing books! I must change this bad habit, I know.

joonasjoonas loop coffee drink cafe GIF
irrelevant but i love it okay


pages #2



1. Mini Reviews

I LOVE mini reviews! I almost always read them. You know why? Because there is a more likely chance I have read one of the books in the post, so I have at least SOMETHING to discuss and relate to! Also, they’re super short, so people with short attention spans? Perfect. Mini reviews are just perfect little cupcakes. *beams*

Short-Divider2. Author interview

LOOK. I KNOW. It’s sometimes near impossible to get in touch with writers and for them to respond and have time to do an interview. I mean authors are busy dragons who spend their time sweating away on Twitter.

BUT, sometimes you’ll get lucky with a lesser-known author and you might have the chance to interview them! WHICH IS GREAT FUN! I always love reading interviews that include

  • personal experiences about the author
  • writer tips
  • writing experiences
  • great ideas

I think interviews are such a fun way to bridge the gap between authors and readers and alongside a review? WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE, Is all i can say.Short-Divider

3. Turn it into a discussion

This is by far my favourite type of review! You have the review and then the blogger takes an idea from the book (E.g it’s a retelling) and they turn into its own little smol post!  So “Why I love retellings” and BAM. there you have it. A super juicy post to go out to your readers!

Recently, ONE OF MY FAVOURITE BLOGGERS OF ALL TIME, dragon waffles did this and I WANT TO QUOTE THE WHOLE POST. It Is just toooooo beautiful. I CRY. This is like MY FAVOURITE POST OF ALL TIME OKAY? I don’t even know why? IT’S JUST PERFECT. #dragonwafflesisqueen. Check it out here.

Short-Divider4. Change up your review style!

OMG I NEVER DO THIS and I really should! But there are so many ways you could format your reviews so that they are interesting!

  1. A GIF REVIEW. Which is just filled with reaction GIFS about the book. This is actually so much fun.
  2. A timeline of thoughts So basically you read the book, and whilst you do, you write down little sentences about your thoughts so far. Then when you finish the book, you compile them and YAY!
  3. “Reasons why I love…” OR HATE FOR THAT MATTER! I love lists. SO LIST REVIEWS? I am so in.
  4. Collab reviews! These are super fun and it’s like a discussion. I am going to be doing one SO VERY SOON and colour me excitedShort-Divider

5. Lots of other smol things you can add!


  1. Aesthetic Pinterest boards
  2. playlist
  3. Reviews from other readers
  4. Pretty Pictures of the book
  5. cupcakes

Masterchef food masterchef yum baking GIF


Personally? I love rants.

No one wants to read a ‘meh’ review. RANT. Rant about why you LOVE THE BOOK. Rant about why you HATED THE BOOK. I love reading RANTY REVIEWS because ahem…I LOVE ALL THE SCREAMING OKAY? Screaming is my talent. Go all caps lock if you want. I love crazy and wild reviews. If someone has a yelling post, I will be there 2 weeks ago okay?




You shouldn’t be ‘obliged’ to do anything! Sure it’s nice and we feel great but blogging is a choice. You do you, okay! I feel like I say this after every discussion but it’s true. THESE ARE MY OPINIONS. These are not laws okay. Even though they should be


stack #1

Let's Whisper

So, do you read book reviews? How do you make your reviews interesting? How often do you post reviews? Make sure to be including cupcakes in all your posts! AND DON’T YOU FEEL SADNESS WHEN YOUR REVIEWS GO UNDERAPPRECIATED?!

Ilsa - Edited



50 thoughts on “Should book reviews get more attention? + How to spice up your own reviews AND MAKE THEM INTERESTING”

  1. I do read book reviews??? LIKE SOMETIMES THO. If I’m interested in reading the book. . . probs, but if it’s in a genre that I don’t read, like idk “erotica” imma skip over that one. And I know how people put SO much effort into book reviews, because I do tool, BUT I CAN BARELY READ ACUTAL POSTS sometimes bc #NoMotivationEver.
    And I do try to leave comments if I haven’t/want to read the book, but it meanly goes something like “Great review, so great to hear that you liked it JSGKS can’t wait to read it!!” which sometimes I think is a little bland?? IDK. I JUST DONT KNOW HOW TO COMMUNICATE.

    I also steer clear of SOME reviews because of spoilers??? Likeeee I’m SO TERRIFIED of spoilers because it’s happened SOOO often and I can’t go through that again ahaha.


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  2. I’ve never seen Collab reviews before! That sounds so interesting. I’ll be looking forward to yours.

    I do read reviews, but I avoid certain reviews. I don’t like to read reviews for books I know I’m going to read. Sometimes I will though usually I prefer to go in without knowing anything about the book. I like twists and turns of books. Reading reviews can ruin that experience for me. If the review is for a book I’ve already read, I comment on it 99.99% of the time. We all know how much effort goes into writing reviews, so I love being able to comment on other people’s when reviews already get so little attention.

    I’m trying to post reviews more. I went almost 2 months without reviewing, and I’d like to get back into it so I can eventually get a reviewing style that yields more results.


  3. Can I just have half of this post tattooed on my face??? Yes?? I AGREE WITH ALL OF THIS OMG LOOK AT ME NODDING MY HEAD like a noodle my neck will hurt now.
    I put so much work into my reviews?? So I kinda sad when they aren’t as popular and nobody flails with me over the book. BUT I totally understand why someone wouldn’t read a review because I’m guilty of doing thatttt tooooo *hides behinde bookshelf in shame*. Bookworms are busy creatures and when you also have school (!!!) it’s hard keeping up with any kind of posts at all.
    The thing that makes me adore and read reviews = GRAPHICS!!! Make it pretty and spaced out because a block of text is a big no. I am just intimidated easily pls I am smol. And the reviews that give me cupcakes (this totally doesn’t count as bribing does it?? What are you encouraging small impressionable beans to do here???) are the best. For example: I always read your reviews because I am guranteed ice cream, cute graphics and top notch quality jokes and snark.
    And what’s this??? Am I experiencing and EMOTION?? Because you called me one of your favourite bloggers OF ALL TIME??? That’s a lot of time omg I’m honoured!! There goes my though facade I’m not blushing or anything nooo. Gotta play it cool. And I obviously agree with the #dragonwafflesisqueen. Sadly my school will probably not accept my queenship as a legitimate excuse to stay at home and read all day.

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  4. Love this post! I do read book reviews…..but only after I have read as I am scared of those spoilers! I don’t look at ratings either.

    I love the sound of a collaborative review! So you would buddy read the book and then put it together? Sounds fab! ❤

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  5. I read book reviews sometimes as well. I usually don’t because I want to experience the book in my own eyes and reviews sometimes alter that. Plus I’ve had some bad luck with book reviews – I’ve read so many that have given away so much of what happens in the book without spoiler warnings! So I guess I’m scarred😂 If I do read a book review, I read them after I’ve read the book myself so I can find out how others felt about it.
    I’ve written a few book reviews myself but they’re always mini ones that don’t go into huge amounts of detail and even that I find difficult! Hugee praise to the boggers who review books properly, dedicate lots of time to it and post them so often😄
    A collab review?! I’ve never heard of that before! Sounds awesome and I’m looking forward to reading it🙂
    I haven’t been too active on your posts and I’m so sorry! School and life takes up so much time😭

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  6. I hardly ever read book reviews. And if I do, I only read the reviews on Goodreads (does that count?) and only by people I follow (have I made it count less?).

    I also never do book reviews on my blog because YOU ARE SO RIGHT THEY ARE SO HARD TO DO! Like, you want me to give my thoughts and feelings on a 400+ page book.. I DON’T EVEN KNOW MY OWN FEELINGS!!! Let alone actually communicating them in a human way and not just making noise.

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  7. The greatest misconception I had when I started blogging was that I thought book blogs were all about reviews. I have come to notice that tags and other posts do generate more views but I personally still like to read book reviews.. not all of them but books that seem interesting to me or that I read and want to hear someone else’s opinion about. I really like those different review formats but haven’t seen many of them in other blogs. Great post!

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  8. Great post – and thank you for mentioning the post I did on the subject as well! ❤
    I already said it before, but book reviews are quite important to me, even if, well…I'm just like you, I'm not always reading book reviews. There are so many posts and sometimes, well, I'll skip the reviews to read something else?! We can't do it all, ahah, but I do try and spread the love as much as I can.
    I really like your ideas to make your reviews stand out, especially the collaborative review – looking forward to reading yours 🙂

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  9. I loved this post, I think it’s so accurate.
    I find unless I have the book on my tbr or if I’ve already read it I tend not to read them 😦
    I also prefer ranty reviews as well because they are more fun to read xD

    from a blogger point of review I find book reviews one of the hardest to do.
    partly because like, how do I get my thoughts in order to write a review, it’s so baddddd x D

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  10. I personally tend to not read reviews because I don’t write them myself 🙃 Writing reviews got too hard and tedious for me because I was reading so many “meh” books so I stopped writing them. I also don’t keep up with new releases so every review I see is for books that I haven’t read yet or haven’t even heard of.

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  11. THIS IS A GREAT POST, and it’s all so true! It is definitely a challenging effort in having a book blog, and it is so defeating at times. I love the ideas to change it up a bit from the norm…sometimes when I read a book, I think that way (ranty etc.), but when I sit down to write the review feel like it might be too much, and end up taking out all my personality and the fun when I proofread it. So this is encouraging, because I do want my blog posts to stand out enough to engage with my readers and for them to engage with me – that is why I started the blog! I do read reviews though, mostly out of curiosity for finding new books and see how other bloggers write theirs. My fav blogs are definitely the ones that are more expressive and fun!

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  12. I almost always read book reviews. The only reason I won’t, is if I KNOW I’m going to read the book at some point, and don’t want spoilers. Otherwise though, I actually quite enjoy reviews.

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  13. I tend to only read Goodreads reviews when they’re in my feed and the opening line/cover/book/review grabs my attention… XD I’m very bad at reading them. I post reviews when I have strong feelings for a book or am obligated to review them (like a read-for-review or just an unpopular book I want to be popular). AND DUDE CUPCAKES.

    Liked by 1 person

    Um, yeah. Good point you made there.

    Mini-reviews are one of my favourite types of post to write, but as soon as I even attempt to go anywhere above fifty words it’s like my head explodes. Reading them is marginally easier, especially with a wonderful blogger at the helm. But, well. Attention spans aren’t my strong suit.

    (Am I the only one getting deja vu? Weird.)

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  15. I confess I do skip book review posts when I fall behind in reading the blogs I follow?? which isn’t good. Because I might want to do another book review one day and I’d like for people to read it ;P But your tips are excellent, Ilsa, and I’ll definitely use them! (ranting + GIFs will attract me every. time. xD)
    Jem Jones


  16. I have to admit I comment on blood reviews far less than I should. I think the main reason is because I haven’t read the book yet and don’t want to spoil it for myself. I’m rarely ever quick enough to jump on the train of book reviews when the book first come out because I have a TBR the length of my arm and limited funds in my bank account.
    I do completely respect the effort that goes into them, though. If someone on my reader or twitter reviews a book I’ve already read or don’t necessarily intend on reading then I’ll give the post a read and try and find something to comment about. In fact, when I’ve done this, certain reviewers have made me change my mind and made me buy the book myself.
    Personally, I write mini reviews once a month as part of my monthly overviews. I’ve considered writing proper reviews for a few of them, but it comes to writing the post and I’m just like HOW do I do the thing? It’s so HARD!


  17. This post is so interesting! As a book blogger, I definitely am always chastising myself for not writing book reviews basically for all the reasons you just mentioned. ^^ Thank you for the tips on how to make them more entertaining, I will be saving this post for later reference! 😉


  18. I definitely don’t feel obligated to read reviews I’m not currently interested in, and I don’t think anyone else should either. They’re welcome to read it if they want to support other bloggers or something, but I would never tell someone they *should* read anything on my blog, you know? It’s a hobby, so read what you’re interested in!

    I actually wrote a post a while ago about whether it was possible to book blog without writing reviews, and many people said yes–especially because apparently a lot more people hate writing reviews than I realized. I think it’s possible, too, but I want to see interesting, meaty content like discussions instead. I don’t think I’d follow a book blog that had no reviews and mainly posted memes and tags.


  19. I really love the idea of turning book reviews into discussions. I think there are ways to incorporate your opinions of books into discussions of other topics that may appeal to a wider audience. That being said, I genuinely love writing book reviews because it allows me to keep a record of my thoughts of what I read. Lovely post! ❤


  20. I’m guilty of only really commenting on discussions which hook me with their title, or book reviews of books I’ve read and/or authors I’ve read/heard of. I definitely agree with your points though! On my blog it seems that I rarely get comments on my reviews (I get more on Stacking the Shelves, where I merely state what books I’ve read recently, lol) but I continue to post them because why not? I’ve started to do list reviews and in the past have included a few soundtracks in my reviews (was a shock last week when I went through spotify and found that my playlist actually had a few followers, meaning people do read my posts?!) but yeah, that’s my general feeling on reviews. This is a great post!


  21. Usually, I don’t read reviews unless the title is really interesting and I NEED to know what is going on in the post! That’s why I love posts that talk about things like ‘if you liked book A you’re going to LOVE this new release’ – especially if it includes a book I’ve read and loved before (obviously). I also really like reviews where people tell their readers WHY they would enjoy a particular new release – it’s something I’ve had fun writing too! Especially because I often find that my reviews are just all the same and I don’t even want to read them so why would my readers want to?

    Honestly, I should probably post them more frequently! I was doing much better at the beginning of the year but I’ve definitely fallen off since! Mostly because the idea of writing a full on review is so daunting and I’d rather be doing something else! But mini reviews might be the cure for that!


  22. I read reviews if (1) it’s a book I have read, (2) it’s a book I am considering reading or (3) it is by a blogger I love. I agree that if I don’t think I will ever read the book there’s not much point reading the review, but there are some bloggers I love enough that I would read anything they put out and honestly that’s god tier blogger level.


  23. I have such mixed thoughts on this topic because on one hand I always put a lot more effort into writing my own book reviews but on the other hand I don’t read other book reviews because A) it effects my own opinions way too much B) some of them are boring and C) they are mostly reviews of the same couple of books especially the really hyped or new or super popular ones in social media or the book blogging sphere… So yeah. I’m always finding ways to improve the way I write reviews to make it them more informative and also easier (if not fun) overall to read. It is a shame though that the reputation book reviews have because it is a huge part of what a book blogger is about, i think.


  24. I love your posts and it’s not just for the yummy cupcakes and goodies…😜😜They are so much fun and in this case I agree with most of it…We should give more credit to book reviews because they are really hard to put together (more than anyone thinks) I try to read them if the book it’s been on my radar because otherwise what is the point so I lean to the Sometimes category on this but I do try to comment on them whenever possible because we need to spread the love…so comments and cupcakes…

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  25. YES OMG BOOK REVIEWS ARE SO HARD TO WRITE AND A STRUGGLE TO READ. And some bloggers write soooo longgggg book reviews! If I wanted to read something that long, I’d just pick up the book myself haha! Anyway, I love the tips you added to make reviews more interesting. I add gifs in mine to space up my text so it doesn’t look so daunting and more interesting to readers.

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  26. I haven’t been reading that many blog posts lately…. *sigh* I’m just in this weird funk with blogging in general. My feed feels dead and so does my blog…. Ahhh sorry for getting all emo with you, I’ve just been feeling so oddly dissatisfied lately and ugh, hopefully I’ll get over it with time….

    As for reviews… yeah I don’t really read them that much. If it’s for a book I know I’ll read, then I save the review for afterwards because I like going into books relatively blind. To be completely honest, I’ve been flirting with abandoning the conventional review format all together as I did in my recent review of Girls Made of Glass and Snow, but that’d be such a commitment and haha I’m a bit scared to go through with it….


  27. I had a bookish phase in my blog before 😄 And YES! The discussion posts often have more engagement and appreciation than book reviews! The thing is, I always liked writing the reviews more?? Exactly because I get the chance to fangirl a book I love or rant about why I didn’t like one hehe 😇 BUT I try to be “objective” so it’s a nice exercise for myself to think of what I didn’t like in a 5-star book and what I adored in a 1-star 😄
    Personally I often read reviews of books I’ve already read but if something about the review post caught me eye, I would check it out 😊

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  28. I really agree with this! I, myself, find not reading book reviews but then I want others to read mine?? So yeah that’s hard. Meh.

    Love the post!

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  29. i love this post almost as much as i love you

    omg i never write different types of reviews?? i always stick with a standard list review/likes & dislikes/ranty spill of words. but writing down thoughts at different points of the book seems so cool??? except that i’m too lazy to take notes so 🙂


    i LOVE mini-reviews!! you can cover a lot of books and contain yourself to just a few hundred words instead of rambling too much. and i also like the types of reviews where it’s like “5 reasons why you should/shouldn’t read this book” bc it’s an interesting and entertaining way to review a book

    yeah a lot of the time i won’t read a book review bc i don’t want to be influenced or i’m just not interested in the book. i personally find book reviews really boring to read (unless they’re written by a fav reviewer or something like that) so i don’t usually read/comment on them?? but sometimes i try. not these days tho bc I’M GETTING SO BAD AT COMMENTING ON POSTS A;SLDFJA;LSKFJALSD

    also you have so many comments to answer on here good luck

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  30. I literally haven’t written a review in SO long, and my blog has thrived without it, and I don’t know what that says about reviews. 😂 I’ve never particularly enjoyed writing them whatsoever, but mini reviews have been much better to write, not to mention that they’ve been the most popular type of reviews I’ve written (I’ve tried discussion posts – complete failure – regular reviews – meh – and lists – pretty good). I don’t read reviews often unless I’m anticipating a book and I’ve heard nothing about it, mainly because I feel like I hear so much about most books, that reviews aren’t necessary (and I like to go in blind anyway).

    Also, thanks so much for linking back to my post! ❤️

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  31. When I first started blogging, all I wrote about were book reviews — but they weren’t exactly the most readable book reviews. 😊 I wrote them more as reflections on what I learned from the book and how the story related to me rather than with the intention of letting others who haven’t read the novel understand what the story was about. As I started to gain more experience and confidence at writing book reviews, I realized that writing books reviews is an actual art — to target it at people who have read/haven’t read the book while explaining what I liked/disliked about the book while also remembering to not make my writing boring can make writing book reviews really difficult. 😅

    Nevertheless, even though I haven’t written a book chat solely discussing my deep thoughts in a very long time, I still enjoy analyzing the themes within books to show people whether I thought the book was significant or not. It’s very easy to rate books with a star rating and just talk about what I liked/disliked in a story, but what’s most important to me in a book review is seeing the connection between the novel and the reader — I would love to read more book reviews where people talk about how the novel they read relates to their life, and whether they’ve learned anything life-changing or insightful from the novel. 😇🎉

    It is a bit saddening to realize that book reviews don’t get as much attention as other posts when people put so much effort into them, but whenever I read that occasional amazing book review, my faith in the perseverance of book reviews return 😂🤣 I loved reading this post!


  32. Well, I read book reviews! I mean… FROM MY FAVORITE BLOGGERS and if the book is something that I want to read, I guess?? I definitely don’t read them if it’s a blog that I don’t really care about haha.

    I post reviews usually every three posts but sometimes less than that. I DON’T POST REVIEWs OFTEN.

    YES I FEEL SO MUCH SADNESS WHEN MY REVIEWS ARE UNDERAPPRECIATED but tbh usually they aren’t?? they just don’t get that many comments, but they usually get the same amount of likes??

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  33. I definitely like book reivews but I don’t read many of them, mostly because of the book that has been reviewed. I must say that I like almost every style I read, also because bloggers manage to imprint their own style in everyone o them.
    Usually my reviews are like a short/medium talk about various point of the book and what I think about them, but sometimes it changes. Mostly because of the book and how I feel about it

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  34. Writing a collaborative review this week–exciting, but it has its own challenges (tone, goals, LOGISTICS). But I think the discussion format will encourage new and better insights.

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