10 ways to Support & Appreciate your Favourite Books and Authors! (because why not?!)


Is that too simple? I don’t think so. Do I even need to clarify this fact? Probably not! Bookworms LOVE BOOKS. We ALL LOVE BOOKS. We are all screaming for books! GIVE THEM ALL TO US OKAY?! We love st stroke and smell and hug our precious children but I want you to just stop for a moment and ask yourself the following questions

  • Do you know the author?
  • do you know how much effort that put into the book?
  • Do you want to appreciate this author or book?
  • Do you want to express your love?

If your answer was YES to any one of these, please give me a muffin and read on!  I think authors are MOSTLY fantastic people and that we should definitely try to appreciate our books BECAUSE WHY THE HECK NOT? We love them and it’s very easy to help that book on its own journey.


1. Libraries Libraries Libraries

first off, I think we should LOVE AND APPRECIATE OUR LIBRARIES. Free books! Some people don’t even have A LIBRARY so make sure you use yours and appreciate it!

But anyways if you want to read a book, reserve the book from your library (or try to find it) or even request it from your library SO THE BOOK IS IN YOUR LIBRARY! This is not that much of a help, but it’s great!

Also, I hate how you spell the word library

Long-Divider2. Buy it!

Now I’m not saying we are all rich hobbits who can, in fact, I think a lot of us are broke bookworms. But if you can, then do! It helps authors a lot and who does NOT want to buy books. SO go to your bookstore and purchase a book with a pretty cover. Or even better BUY THE WHOLE BOOKSTORE. I mean ahem…what was I saying.

Long-Divider3. Giveaway

I mean not everyone can just do random flash giveaways, But if you receive an ARC of a book or even just have a book wouldn’t mind the book having another home, then do it! I’m quite selfish and will never do a giveaway. 

I know Goodreads had a ‘hide a book day’ recently where you had to hide a book for someone to find. I thought that was an amazing idea! Anyways, giveaways are great chances to force other people to read a book you love.Long-Divider

4. Recommend it to friends

YOUR LIFE IS SAD IF YOU DON’T HAVE BOOK BUDDIES! I have a few bookish friends and I’m always showing them books I loved and letting them borrow my books because I love them so much. OKAY NOT ALWAYS but recently! And it’s really great. And if they have a birthday coming up, SHOVE SHOVE SHOVE into that gift bag!

And if you have no bookish buddies in real life, you can always text a friend or shout about it on Goodreads!


5. Boost the book online

To create hype about a book online

  • Take pictures of it for your very aesthetic Bookstagram
  • Tweet it about it (and include a picture)
  • Talk about on your blog
  • Or Tumblr, Or Pinterest
  • Or Facebook!

The point is SHARE IT ON SOCIAL MEDIA! Help spread the word of your favourite book. this way people can get excited about the book and they are aware of it!

 happy dancing excited sesame street michelle obama GIF

Long-Divider6. Let the author know!

Now, most authors are super busy dragons BUT you’d be surprised at how many authors reply to tweets. So just @ them in a tweet, Dm them if you can or email them. Don’t go crazy but maybe leave a little message about a quote you loved or something about their book you can’t stop thinking about like your favourite character. They could see it (some authors will) and it can definitely brighten their day.

I know it can be super scary but you can give it a try? It’s super cool if they do see it and you are making someone’s day.

Long-Divider7. Write a review

*glares at all bloggers with a billion RTCs* AHEM. So you liked a book? WRITE A REVIEW. These are super hard (I find them much easier now) but Elise @ The Bookish Actress wrote a great post on tips for a good review.


Reviews can be hard to write but they do loads so know that your effort is WORTH IT. ANyways, you can upload this to Goodreads or your blog or even…

Long-Divider8. Publish reviews on retail sites

I’m including this as a separate point because 1) It IS SO SUPER IMPORTANT and 2) I need to reach 10 points okay. But okay. It honestly helps the author, the book, the publishers and your left eyebrow when you publish your review on AMAZON (or any other retail site) so it just cross-post it if you’ve written your review (AHEM, see point 7) it doesn’t take long at all! So do it.

 funny gif cat work computer GIF

Side note: I don’t sadly do this because I don’t have an anonymous Amazon account so like..?? I’m still trying to figure out a solution because I really want to support authors.

Long-Divider9. FANGIRL OKAY

Ways to fangirl over a book

  • ldsjfkd,jfmhsdjkfhkds
  • Draw Fanart!
  • Write Fanfiction!
  • here’s a muffin

 happy excited nice awesome yay GIF      movie reaction happy excited mrw GIF


10. Marry The Book

People have already married their bookshelves (?) but I haven’t yet because I’m not old enough. Will be happening soon and there’ll be an official wedding and all.

Disney disney books beauty and the beast beast GIF

AS I WAS SAYING, you can just marry the book? It’s literally the PERFECT SOLUTION. The only problem is what if you marry one book and then read another book and like the latter book better so then you have to get divorced? BUT YOU STILL LOVE BOTH BOOKS. I AM RAMBLING HERE #bookwormproblems #ilsaproblems

Let's Whisper

So how do you support your favourite book? TIPS ON FANGIRLING? And have you ever talked to an author before? AREN’T LIBRARIES GREAT?? Are you married to your bookshelf? LET ME KNOW FRIENDS.

Ilsa - Edited


76 thoughts on “10 ways to Support & Appreciate your Favourite Books and Authors! (because why not?!)”

  1. I borrow from the library a lot, and I buy when I want to, but more often than not I borrow from the library. I feel like there’s a misconception that borrowing from the library isn’t really supporting the book or author.

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  2. YES TO ALL OF THIS. I feel like sometimes people don’t quite realize how much work goes into writing and that a lot of authors (especially smoller ones that are just starting out) need people to support the books so that they can live? Plus if you love the book I mean WHY NOT support it as much as humanely possible? But yes, supporting and appreciating books is such a lovely thing to do! xD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ‘smoller’ SHALL BE MY NEW CATCHPHRASE. I need this to be printed everywhere.
      Yes! authors put a lot of hard work into their books (Well, most of them) SO I think it’s really great to help and support them for the amazing work they do! And most of these are pretty easy SO YES..WHY NOT?!

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  3. aaaaaah thank you for the mention! that’s probably my fav post I’ve made so far blogging I’m so glad it’s helped people 🙂

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  4. I think letting the author know is a really great idea. A lot of authors avoid review sites, but even if you give a glowing 5-star review on your blog on Goodreads, they may never know. Sending them an email or a tweet saying you loved their book can definitely make their day.


    1. Yes! I think a lot of authors don’t check review sites because a lot of people write a lot of negative, mean reviews. I think a lot of the time we forget authors are people and being nice to them is just another way of spreading the love


  5. I love this post!! It’s so true! I borrow from the library more often than not but every so often I make a few purchases. And I will start @ing the authors. It’s nice to know I’m making someone’s day 😊

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  6. I AGREE, I AGREE. *nods fervently at all of your reasons* I love emailing authors after I’ve really enjoyed their book- first of all, I like to let them know that THEY ARE SO TALENTED and second, I just think about how I would feel if I was an author. I’d want feedback from my readers!


  7. I am a sad broke bookworm… so I pressure my library to buy ALL THE BOOKS. Which has the added benefit of other people getting to read them instead of me hiding them on my bookshelf and snarling at anyone who tries to touch them.

    I once one a signed book in an author-run fanfiction competition, which was amazing xD (Also slightly irrelevant.)

    Anyway, I support my favourite books by ranting about them to friends and random acquaintances and people on the internet I don’t even know. 10/10 recommend shoving books in internet peoples’ faces. I know they actually love it.
    Jem Jones

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Why can’t all libraries have EVERY SINGLE BOOK I WANT??? WHAT IS THIS UNFAIR TREATMENT?? you won a signed book? WOWEE I AM JEALOUS!! YES SHoving books in people’s faces is the number one way to get people to read a book. I’ve had a LOT of experience.I also find cupcakes help to sway some people.


  8. LOVE THIS POST! I usually borrow from the library since (like you said) I’m super broke, but every so often a book strikes me and I just can’t wait in line for it! I’m definitely gonna start @ing the authors whenever I can since I LOVE making people’s days 🙂 Great post!

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  9. I LOVE the library and I feel like I could read ANY book there – I’m free from the hype and I can jut browse and find books that sound and look good! Many authors are super nice and will retweet your fangirling tweets which is very cool the first couple times it happens and it makes me LOVE those authors more… ❤ Love this post Ilsa!! GAH, you have the best post ideas!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. WHAT BOOKWORM DOES NOT LOVE THE LIBRARY. I actually have a friend who likes books but hates the idea of libraries. I don’t even know what life is. YESS, some authors reply or retweet and it’s like win/win. I GET HAPPY and the author does too! THANK YOU DANI!!

      Liked by 2 people

  10. That cat typing GIF always gets to me lol. But anywho, your post literally JUST reminded me that I need to get another Library card! I moved to a different county, and have been sooo freaking busy with work, parenting, and school, that I haven’t stopped by my new local one. This post is beyond accurate!

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Can we just take a moment and scream about how hard library is to spell??? BECAUSE IT IS SO HARD!! Why do you cause me pain huh word?? Thank you autocorrect for rearranging my keyboard smashed letters into a coherent word.
    But I am in fact so sad that I don’t have a library that buys new books…I didn’t even know requesting was a thing because it’s not possible here…It breaks my heart that my school’s library doesn’t have money at all.
    Ebooks are a great alternative!! For me at least. No extra shipping fees too which is great!
    SUPPORTING AUTHORS YOU LIKE IS SO SUPER IMPORTANT because they are talented beans that word hard!! And?? DESERVE ALL THE POSITIVITY!! I buy all of my diverse books in physical form for this exact reason!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I KNOW RIGHT? Like can just make it simple English? Like library. NO ONE SAYS LIBE RARE RY. well, you kinda doo BUT IT’S SO LONG OKAY? I don’t have time for this.

      OMG WHAT? We have like inter-loan library things? So like I’ll reserve a book online and my library will get it from another library in that branch? YES! EBOOKS! I do prefer physical books but I need cheap stuff.

      Liked by 1 person

  12. This post is AWESOME, HILARIOUS and just SO enjoyable! 😊😄 I agree with everything you mentioned – I just kept nodding my head through the whole post!😂 It’s VERY important for us to show our support, love and appreciation to Authors we enjoy & love! Great Post – As Usual! ❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Ah, yes these are such fantastic tips! I definitely love boosting the book online, writing reviews (sometimes…it really Downs’s on the book and my mood), buying books (when I can, which is rarely ever), and fangirling about it and recommending it to all my friends – online and the ones in real life! It’s good to spread the love about books, especially since the pubkishing industry is super tough to break into at times! 😄

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do agree writing reviews makes me realise how many problems I actually had with the book? WHOOPS. FANGIRLING IS SO MUCH FUN just like bribing people with cupcakes so they read the book! I mean what JUST RECOMMENDING BOOKS HERE. Yeah, it’s especially hard for debut authors to get their way in there!

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  14. HAHA Numbers 9 and 10 are just perfect, of course!! HGJKDFGKDJFGKDF *fangirls* SDJKGKDFGJKLDG *obsesses over everything related to characters* < pretty much me always. I recommend bookd that I think people will like even if they don't read because IM A NICE FRIEND! Seriously, I get super into it and ask what kinds of things they like (tv, music, hobbies, etc) and there's almost always a book that will fit their personality soo well ah! I do so love tweeting to authors and telling them how much I love their books I think it's awesome when they respond but even if they don't sometimes sending extra love and support is exactly what they need!! Thanks for all these tips they are wonderful and a great way to show support to our faves!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t think there is a thing for ‘too much fangirling. *FANGIRLS WITH YOU* Some of my friends read? And some of them like,,, hate books. Excuse me I think you need to reevaluate your life – me @ people who don’t like books. @ing authors is a super brave step for me but if they reply. OMG SO WORTH IT. I don’t do it ALL the time though because I don’t think authors want to be spammed. AGHH you are amazing!! THANK YOUUU!!!


  15. This is such a great – AND IMPORTANT – post, thank you for writing it. I’m always doing my best to support authors and write reviews and everything else, talk about books I loved and recommend them and… I want to do more and more, but there’s only so many hours in the day and I can’t shout on social media all the time because I also need to work and do other things and…there is SO MUCH to be done, though, and this is a great and encouraging post to do more for the authors and books we love for sure. Thank you for this ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ASDFGHJKLKJHGFDSASDFGHJK MARIE YOU ARE JUST QUEEN OF KINDNESS OKAY??? Here’s some ice cream to just appreciate this comment and you.

      Supporting our books and authors are so important and I don’t think I do it enough either. I don’t think we should PRESSURISE ourself to write a gazillion reviews and shout about it all the time but some things in our free time really can make the difference.I LOVE THIS COMMENT

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Awww thank you, I LOVE ICE CREAM. (who doesn’t?!)
        You’re right, even a sweet word once in a while or a shout out over on twitter can help. it is GREAT to spread the love ❤ ❤

        Liked by 1 person

  16. duh, buying the book will definitely help the author out! but like,, i’m broke. i’ve spent money on like TWO books this year (and they were both with gift card money). i’m barely surviving here aj;dlkfjasldfa. i think that getting a hold of the book in LEGAL ways is also important… i know there are some files that you can download and read as ebooks, but no money goes to the author!!

    but yeah, promoting it everywhere is really great! writing a GOOD review will definitely make other people possibly want to read it (but like,, if it’s a bad review, it’ll do just the opposite). AND YESSSS LIBRARIES. people need to pay taxes so that our libraries will still be in business (and also the police??? TRUMP THIS IS WHY YOU DON’T LOWER TAXES). and ugh no not the “hide a book day”. i’d love to find a book but i ain’t buying one for another person 🙂

    and WHOA i’d probably never let the author know how much i love their books?? partly bc i don’t have any social media so i’d have to email them and i feel like EMAILING WITH AUTHORS IS JUST SO PRIVATE AND SCARY AND AJS;DLFJASLDFA. (but like, if i grew up to be an author, i’d totally want people to email me??? i’m so hypocritical.)

    anyways, great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. why are your comments mostly lowercase now??
      i mean wow nice comment.
      but didn’t you get that $150 for books? or like is that dead. 2 books? MAYYY NOoo. I’ve bought like 15 books this year?? yes getting books legally is so important.i think one blogger once gave me a link to ‘a site to get free e-books on’ but i was just a bit like ‘wow that sounds dodgy’ and also what about the author??

      WELL TRUMP IS BASICALLY THE WORST. I mean not funding libraries properly? GET OUTTA HERE!

      EMAILING IS VERY SCARY. Even when I @ them in my tweets, I’m being brave. And May if you became an author I’d probably just spam you with emails.

      Liked by 1 person

  17. When I marry my books you are definitely invited to the wedding haha for giving me the idea! But seriously I love libraries and I don’t go enough because I’m obsessed with owning my own copies so I can look at them but J still love going to libraries and should go more often. Also I love writing book reviews and people should definitely do them more often because I love reading them too! It makes me sad that not as many people read my reviews as my discussions because reviews are when the true fangirling comes in.


    1. there shall be an official wedding! ooH shall I make the invitations?! LIBRARIES! I don’t have enough money to buy ALL THE BOOKS I LOVE, but I do try. Libraries give me life though. YEs I don’t think reviews are appreciated enough WHICH IS LIKE UTTERLY SAD.

      Liked by 1 person

  18. *gives you a muffin because I answered YES to like, all of the questions*


    – Use BOLD and also UNDERLINING and outline specific things you liked??
    – when in doubt, just write “FHGVJBLYUTVHJBKKJLUYDFHCG”

    I have talked to an author before… ON TWITTER BECAUSE I’M SCARED and also my parents wouldn’t approve of me driving to California on a school day. (And also I can’t drive. Maybe I could hitchhike??)



    1. *eats the muffin* why thank you Ju. You are the only person who bothered to gimme a muffin

      I ACTUALLY HAVE ONE RTC AND IM DYING. But yes I will probably get to it soon oh look a dragon. goodbye

      DRYFGAJNHLIFUOGIBAUDKJFGHK –> fool proof guide to fangirling

      I’ve never talked to an author except on Twitter too. Also Im am smol, dorky and shy. SO NO. Twitter is safe enough


      Liked by 1 person

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