7 Steps to Loving Your own Writing (yes, it’s possible!!)

“My writing sucks!” says every writer ever.

Because we make jokes about how stupid our writing is. And we laugh at the number of words we’ve written. And we dismiss compliments about our work because we think they’re lies. BECAUSE WE TELL OURSELVES WE ARE NOT GOOD WRITERS. WE PUT OURSELVES DOWN SO MUCH. WE DON’T APPRECIATE OUR WRITING.

And I want that to stop.

I want writers to know how good they are. To know that every struggle they go through is real and valid. to know that even if they wrote 10 words today and 3k words yesterday, they are still writers. I want writers to know that the compliments they get are REAL and their work really is FABULOUS.

And I’m going to show all writers out there HOW. How they can start appreciating they’re writing. How self-love is important but self-writing-love is equally important.



Have you ever just…read your writing? You are probably thinking ‘Ilsa, of course, I have? What kind of writer doesn’t read their writing??’ and I can see you scoffing at me.

But have you ever really just read your writing, while turning off your editing beast, your inner grammar nazi, your critical mind and just read your writing as if it was someone else’s and look at with admiration? No. Then GO DO IT YOU AWESOME BEAN.

Long-Divider2. Now, write down 5 compliments about YOUR writing

Choose a chapter of your WIP, or a snippet from a writing journal, or a random poem you wrote. Choose something and read it (steps on doing that above) and now taking out a pen and paper and make a list!

Write down AT LEAST five things that you really like about your writing. Don’t make it general like ‘I like the writing style’ make it more like ‘OMG, I love the eerie feel of this piece and the way my adjectives are used together’. Or whatever. I’m horrible at examples.

You know you give amazing compliments to writers? START COMPLIMENTING YOURSELF.

Long-Divider3.Why Not?

Why am I sitting here telling why you should love your writing. WHY SHOULDN’T YOU? It’s your writing, your effort, your coffee, your crazy brain, your words, your story. Why the heck SHOULDN’T YOU BE OBSESSED WITH YOUR WRITING?

 excited awesome applause minions despicable me GIF



I’m telling you how amazing it is. AND IF I SAY YOUR WORK IS AMAZING, it is. Your!! Writing!! Is!! Fabulous!!Goodbye.

Earwolf earwolf lauren lapkus with special guest lauren lapkus you rule GIF

Long-Divider5. Now take a deep breath AND SHARE.

Look! I admit this can BE SO SUPER HARD FOR SOME WRITERS. We are mostly SHY BEINGS WHO LIKE TO LIVE IN CAVES AND EAT BERRIES ON OCCASION. But now that you’ve started to see how AMAZING your writing is, share some of it! You could;

  • Share ONE LINE of your writing on Twitter
  • Message a close friend with your writing
  • Add snippets in a blog post (writer update)
  • Show some in real life some of your writing
  • Leave a link to your writing in the comments if you want!

Chances are, YOUR WRITING IS AMAZING and people will tell you so! This can really boost your confidence so do it! I know it can be super scary and sweaty business but it’s so so worth it!


6. But still, take feedback!

Now that you’ve shared it  (even if it’s with your pet dog!), eat the compliments and soak in the advice. Feedback is super important but we must remember, there is always room for improvement. Just because we love our writing, does NOT mean it’s perfect. It’s like we love people, and they’re not perfect.

With our writing, we can improve it by taking suggestions from other people, learning from other writerly tips, reading more book and finding your writing groove. This way, you can learn to love your writing even more.

But remember NOT ALL ADVICE IS HELPFUL. Some people may think this will make your writing better, but really, it might not. SO CHOOSE what feedback you listen to! Some of it can really boost your work and some of it can make it lose it’s life. It’s up to you.

Long-Divider7. Ohh, look! Time to celebrate. ICE CREAM.

Image result for confetti celelbrration gif
I will take any excuse for ice cream okay? AND ALL THIS HARD WORK OF YOURS deserves that ice cream. (or any other snack!) so just treat yourself now and maybe afterwards you can write something else. if you’re not feeling lazy.

Let's WhisperAnd there you have it! Some sneaky tips & tricks to LOVE YOUR WRITING. So go on, tell me what you LOVE ABOUT YOUR WRITING? How do you start feeling good as a writer? And ice cream IS OBVIOUSLY THE CURE TO LIFE?!

Ilsa - Edited


27 thoughts on “7 Steps to Loving Your own Writing (yes, it’s possible!!)”

  1. Loved your post. A MUST read for every writer. But mostly I loved what I write; as for me if I don’t love what i wrote then nobody can do this favour for me NOONE . And you have perfectly shown with your points. And about soaking the advices is the best. And for me Ice cream party is the best. Great post.
    Will glad to have you at my site and your words at my latest post. Thanks!


    1. thANK YOU!! I think it’s really important to appreciate and love our own work! Of course we should still be a bit modest and take feedback! ICE CREAAAMMMM. I’ll check out your blog out soon since I do comment back


  2. What a great unique post!
    We writers and bloggers should definitely love our own work!
    It’s ours after all, we shouldn’t not love something that we’ve put blood and sweat into.


  3. Gah! I love this post Ilsa!! Confidence goes a long way to helping a writer keep writing! And that is the name of the game… WRITE, WRITE, WRITE!! Of course arrogance will kill us, lol… So I think being humble but unapologetic about our writing. There is so much criticism from the book community directed personally toward authors that we need tough skins but also confident ones ❤


  4. Great post, Ilsa!! BUT LIKE WHO WOULD WANT TO SHARE THEIR WRITING THATS JUST MY NIGHTMARE hjfljsks. But if you actually did then it really boosts your confidence.



  5. to be perfectly honest i feel like a lot of writers say “my writing sucks!” but they also know that it DOESN’T?? like they may not think it’s amazing or anything (and that’s good bc overconfident much) but a part of them probably believes that their writing is at least somewhat okay, even tho what comes out of their mouth says otherwise. but!! if people AREN’T like that, they should be!! i mean it’s great to be modest and not all braggy, but they should at least recognize their talent. great post!! ❤


  6. Well Ilsa I will take your advice because I do have a story online! Or a bit of one, at least. I posted it on WattPad almost 6 months ago and it has *drumroll* 2 reads. So that’s good? Or not at all? It’s here.

    One of my problems is that I think I’m brilliant and the Queen of Writing at first… it’s when I reread the drafts that I turn into The Monster of Nope. *sigh*


  7. YO EVERY LITTLE VICTORY DESERVES ICE CREAM CELEBRATION. That should be mandated by the law, am I right or am I right???
    Seriously though, I laughed at sharing your writing with your pet dog because last year I did a similar thing with my grandparents’ chickens. I’ll show it to them and be like, “So whaddaya think?” And they’d just cock their head before pecking on it and that’s how I know they love it XD Great post!

    (ps how is it possible that I haven’t followed you until today??? This is one of the great mysteries of the online world, I tell you)

    Liked by 2 people

  8. great post! i feel like so many writers think they suck at writing but they actually don’t?? tbh every time i finish writing something i think it’s horrible – but later on, when i read over it, i’m like, “wait what i wrote this?? it’s actually so good wtf???” maybe that’s shallow of me but oh well xD


  9. GREAT POST! Thank you for all of this lovely and well-needed advice. I think – well, I know it’s like that for me-, since I read so many amazing books with incredible writing style, I tend to find myself just average on the good days ahah. Sometimes I feel like I should re-read my own stuff and be a bit less critical and appreciate what I can do. I can write something decent, right? haha. Thank you for this! ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  10. This is truly amazing! It’s so true us writers are always putting ourselves down that we don’t notice that we aren’t actually as bad as we think! and I just tagged you to do the Friends For Days Tag!! (you can find the details on my blog) I hope you do it and I can’t wait to read your post!!! 😉❤️❤️


  11. Awe this is lovely advice for every aspiering writer out there!! They are all lovely beans that probably don’t realize how important telling their stories is!! Share your wonderful story you absolute nerd because that’s so cool and awesome and you’re cool and awesome!
    PEOPLE. EXCITEDLY. SHARING. THEIR. SNIPPETS. IS. EVERYTHING.!! I honestly love reading a bit of the story because you’re all so talented?? Like wow do you realise how good this is?? Keep on writing you talented pankacake?? You deserve all of the ice cream??
    Of course taking criticism is important because you can always grow as a writer and being modest is ok but you should recognise that hey you rock keep on being you ❤!

    Liked by 1 person

  12. ILSA I LOVE THIS. It’s so important for writers to think positively about themselves. We get enough negativity from the outside world as it is! I have to be honest: I usually like my writing! Until I go back and read it and I’m like OMG WTF DID A 5 YEAR OLD VERSION OF ME WRITE THIS hahahah but that is what editing is for, and I’ve been realising that as I’ve been editing my current WIP 🙂


    1. YES. A positive mindset (especially about writing!!) helps SO SO MUCH! Well..yes. When I do look back on my writing, I kind of just die inside like what was happening to me at that point in life. That happens when looking at old blog posts too? I’ve never even gotten to the point of editing so there’s that

      Liked by 1 person


      YES YOUR WRITING IS GREAT (though I still think we should be modest and improve our writing whilst still appreciating our efforts and loving what we do)


      Liked by 2 people

  13. Awe, I love this post!💕Sometimes it all it takes is just a little bit of positivity, and thank you for giving that to us today! (Or yesterday, or whenever you wrote this post. idk I’m really behind on reading people’s posts cause school and homework.


  14. Love this post! Every writer goes through ‘I HATE MY WORK’, whether that’s once in a while or all the damn time, so this is super helpful for all writers. Really appreciate this post – I should listen to your steps haha

    Liked by 1 person

  15. AHH I Loved this post!! Loving your writing is honestly so so important and it’s definitely something that everyone HAS to have! Your tips are all AMAZING and super helpful. Now I need to write something just so that I can try them out! ❤️😉

    Liked by 1 person

  16. So so relatable… Problem is… I can’t read my stories from a readers perspective without cross examining…

    I share my work here on wordpress but I can’t do it with my close family and friends… Is that weird


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