10 Nightmares All Bookworms Are Having Right Now (ft. How to #respect books)

Humans shiver at clowns; bookworms shiver at a spine being painfully cracked.

Bookworms don’t LIKE being lied to, or being hurt (we like painful books though) SO I am exposing the bookworm today. ENJOY. *smiles evilly*

(This intro is horrible okay)


1. Dog-eared pages

Now before I start writing about this, I want you to remember you love me, I am amazing and you are very calm. 🙂 🙂

Okay, so I sometimes dog-ear my pages.

Now, REMEMBER WHAT I JUST SAID. Here’s some ice cream so you can COOL down, calm.Remeber how much you admire me? Good. Now look, maybe you’ll hate me for this but with books I buy, I don’t dog-ear them but for library books, well BOOKMARKS ARE SO LONG so…I kind of just add a small tiny fold.


Dog eared page
Sorry Not Sorry 😦



However since so many have called me a monster, i do just tend to put a scrap piece of paper in or try and remember my page number! But sometimes I don’t have time and I’m really busy AND IT’S JUST ONE TINY FOLD and i mean no harm and…



Long-Divider2. Cover changes + ugly covers & different spine height

I don’t know why you can’t choose one cover AND STICK WITH IT?? I have a theory that authors and publishers are just very indecisive, to be honest.I can’t really blame them.

Ugh, and ugly covers *runs away* NO, what’s worse is when the spine height changes. YEAH KILL ME NOW.

In general, cover changes for book buying bookworms ARE THE WORST. Here you have a really beautiful cover and then the publishers release the sequel and are THIS EVEN THE SAME SERIES? I REFUSE TO ACCEPT THIS.

Ugh, and ugly covers *runs away* NO, what’s worse is when the spine height changes. YEAH KILL ME NOW.

Long-Divider3. SPOILERS

DON’T DO IT OKAY? Don’t SPOIL books for bookworms? It’s not nice plus you might be attending your own funeral okay? You have been warned. If someone tries to spoil a book for me I WILL SCREAM MY HEAD OFF UNTIL THEIR EARS BLEED.  Savage, I know.

 gif reaction no nope best gif GIF

Long-Divider4. A book not available at your bookstore

I swear at my Waterstones, THEY NEVER HAVE ANY SCHWAB BOOKS. Like what is Life?? I’m not even sure why? SHE’s a FAMOUS AND WELL KNOWN AUTHOR, why DOn’T they have her books. I’m officially sad. I normally have to get her books from second-hand bookstores which I am okay with but you can’t always find the best quality books there 😦 😦

Basically, why can’t bookstores HAVE ALL THE BOOKs –> Scrap that, why can’t I have my own personal library.

Team Coco crying cry why conan obrien GIF

Long-Divider5. Broken spines

Sometimes I get really engrossed in a book like (AHEM CROOKED KINGDOM) and I accidentally break the spine. you can kill me if you want. it’s terribly hard though.

Look! It’s honestly not my fault. Blame my hands. But broken spines are actually horrible. Even I regret breaking spines. It’s just – ugh *shivers*



I think you’re getting the message.

Bookworms do. not. like.to. see. their. books. damaged 🙂 🙂

Well most of us anyway? I’m not too much of a perfectionist but  A LOT OF BOOKWORMS ARE, so i’m putting this out there.


Things you shouldn’t do to books

  • getting water on your books
  • GETTING CRUMBS stuck in your book
  • staining the pages
  • OKAY
  • obviously not blood
  • no one died here
  • okay
  • glad that’s cleared up
  • dog-earing pages
  • breaking the spine
  • warp the pages
  • writing in a book (?)

Long-Divider6. omg what if books ceased to exist

Imagine no libraries. No bookstores. NO. BOOKS. WHATSOEVER. Why I am even imagining this. IT IS TORTURE.  *dies* I don’t even want to go on. it’s too hard for my brain to even think about.

 lord of the rings dont dont leave me here alone GIF

7. Reading a series in the wrong order


Do. Not. Read. Books. In. The. Wrong. Order

Now I admit some series (very few) it doesn’t matter which order you read them in (take Geek Girl, they’re all a bit similar) but unless you’ve got permission from the Book Dragon Ministry…

Yeah, just DO NOT DO IT OKAY. DO not commit the crime. One of my ‘friends’ read The Scorch Trails BEFORE THE MAZE RUNNER. I will never be okay again.

This goes for reading the end of the book before you’ve finished as well. *glares*

Long-Divider8. Reading slumps :/

UGHHH READING SLUMPS. I was in a minor one a few days actually and it’s honestly horrible. You want to read! But you can’t and it’s just the worst thing ever. BOOKWORMS LIVE FOR BOOKS. This like a human not wanting to drink water. SO PAINFUL

Identity no omg black girls black girl GIF

Long-Divider9. All The Library Struggles

  • seeing a book is available at the library JUST AFTER YOU WENT
  • The online library catalogue saying THAT A BOok is AVAILABLE but when you go YOUR WHOLE LIFE TURNS OUT TO BE A LIE
  • Realising that your book IS INFACT OVERDUE AND YOU HAVEN@’t read it yet
  • Okay I could go on
  • Libraries are great!
  • I mean free books
  • but sometimes they fail me

Long-Divider10. Who has time for nightmares?

TL; DR –> stop sleeping, you have a tbr to tackle. WHO NEEDS SLEEP? SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK. Stop dreaming up nightmares because you don’t have time. READ MY DEAR PINEAPPLES.

Let's Whisper

What are some bookish nightmares YOU have? Add to my list! Are you a monster and dog-ear your pages? DON’T YOU THINK SPOILERS SHOULD ALWAYS BE MARKED? Rant with me!!!

Ilsa - Edited

P.S Hello! I’m back from my one-week unannounced hiatus! I was honestly swamped with homeworks and just LIFE and SCHOOL and I’m glad I pulled myself together and DID NOT BLOG. But I am super glad I am back!! Missed you guys ❤


70 thoughts on “10 Nightmares All Bookworms Are Having Right Now (ft. How to #respect books)”

  1. I do not dog ear my pages but I swear no matter how hard I try sometimes I still manage to break the spines!!! I know what kind of monster am I??? And I hate it because it just looks horrible! I agree all spoliers should be clearly marked multiple times!!! who in their right mind would deliberately spoil other bookworms??!! why?? also changes in spine height/ general size of books in series is one of my biggest pet peeves! why you do this publishers? now my shelves look all out of whack!! great post BTW!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YOU ARE A BOOKWORM MONSTER! Though I do dog ear and crack my spines SO WE SHALL BE MONSTER TOGETHER XD I do admit cracked spines don’t look too good XD OTHER EVIL HUMANS, that’s who. Some bookworms like to get spoiled though? UGHHH. Thank you so much for your comment!


  2. Ugh. I hate it when I can’t find a book I really want. The book stores and libraries in my country are pretty bad, but it’s even worse when it takes WEEKS for a book to get to me if I order it online. What’s up with that? I don’t have the time to wait that long. I need it now. xD
    Also, how reads series in the wrong order?? I’ve never heard of that before and I wish I hadn’t. That’s so messed up lol.
    Great post, Ilsa!


  3. Well call me a monster, but I break my spines.

    I don’t go into it viciously, like: BOOKS I WILL BREAK YOU NOW YOU MUST RESPECT ME! It’s more that I can’t read with the book barely open? Especially the huge books! That said, I prefer to buy hardbacks where things like broken spines or not having a bookmark is a non-issue.

    I forgive you for transgressions. You can do anything to your books… just don’t touch my babies. 😢


  4. I never read a book out of order. Book not available in store definitely nightmare. My biggest nightmare is, seeing someone posted giveaway and my country is not eligible for that (it happens on Netgalley too) even my country doesn’t come under book depository’s free shipping list and ultimately, No I can’t enter…!! 😦 😦 😦


  5. I must admit I cannot stand dog-earing my pages., and would hate it if anyone did it to my books, but as far as I’m concerned, if you want to dog-ear the pages of your own book, then that’s fine with me!
    Cover and spine height changes are THE WORST! I hate the act they don’t match the rest of the series, and when I secure my dream job as a book designer I will make sure I never commit this horrendous crime!
    Spoilers suck, end of story.
    My Waterstones never has any books in either, why? Why? WHY? I don’t understand?!
    I can’t even begin to think about books not existing, my life would have no purpose and I would probably just cease to exist like all the books in the world.
    I also hate reading slumps, they are the bane of my life 😦
    Sorry for the long comment :’) thanks for a great post!


    nah kidding but i was going AAAAAAAAAAAAAA through the entire point
    okay and seriously library books are always treated so badly. i got Night Circus from the library and NOT ONLY was the spine cracked but there were…there were…*deep breath* CHOCOLATE STAINS ALL OVER THE PLACE AND EACH TIME I HAD TO TAKE A DEEP BREATH OR ELSE I WOULD HAVE PUKED EVERYWHERE WHY WOULD SOMEONE EVEN
    anyways great post as always, it was so funny it almost made me forget that youre a monster who dog ears books :’)

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Why do you dog ear pages?? What’s wrong with you?? …deep breaths…licks ice cream…Ok I get it!! You’re forgiven but try not to do this..Please…
    I agree with a lot of this which most of us bookworms will…the one that you didn’t mention and that it turns me into a murderous beast is lending a book to someone only to never get it back….What kind of person are you?? really???


  8. Don’t worry, I dog ear books too. 😉
    And one time, I think this library book had BLOOD on it. It was REALLY freaky. I ended up quitting trying to read that series since it was so traumatizing. *shudders*


  9. UGGHHHHHH I HATE when my beloved book gets hurt!!! Just like no! Don’t TOUCH it! Or when you love your book so much so you take it to school AND IT GETS DAMAGED WHILST YOU’RE CARRYING IT! NOOOO! *cough* got a little sidetracked there…but yas I agree! Loved this post! xx


  10. Dog-earing pages is definitely one of my top peeves!! I hate it when I read one of my old books and realized that child-me did that. Now that I have tons of bookmarks lying around, there’s no excuse 😀

    And you’re very right, it’s terrible when book covers change mid-series! Why would they even do that????? I mean, for an anniversary edition of the series, yes. But just for the hell of it? No. Bad book publishers.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. THIS BLOG POST IS GOING TO MAKE ME HAVE NIGHTMARES ABOUT ALL THE TERRIBLE THINGS. Haha, no, seriously, I loved it, but…every bookworm’s nightmare or scary movie HAS to start off with the sound of a book spine breaking. I hate when that happens so, SO much; I’m also not a fan of the cover changes, it’s just… whyyyyyy. To be honest, I might have dog-earred some pages someday. I don’t feel good about what I used to do here, haha. Fantastic post 🙂


    1. Marie can we just pretend I’m not a year late to replying to this?? UH THANKS. I don’t dog ear pages anymorw! ARE U PROUD. I dont’ use boomarks I just remember the page number. Thanks for the comment and incredibly sorry for the VERY late reply hahahahahah

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I AM SO PROUD OF YOU (and you’re never too late you’re still answering and awww this warms my heart <3) and YOU HAVE AN INCREDIBLE MEMORY to remember page numbers?!! I admire you so much right now

        Liked by 1 person

  12. Ahhhh all these are horrible😭Absolute nightmares for bookworms for sure, it’s made me sad going through them all!
    Dog-eared pages is a hugeeeee no. Whenever I see someone doing it I just cringe and apart of me dies inside. Like nooooo.
    AND COVER CHANGES. Why must they exist😭😭
    Awesome post as always😄 Xx

    Liked by 1 person

  13. I HATE when people damage my books! For the most part, I can keep my books in pretty nice condition, my friends apparently cannot. I once loaned a book to my friend, it was in almost perfect condition. I got it back, and I can barely believe it was actually the same book. It was SO battered and awful! I’m still mad. After like, two years. Because NO. You do NOT treat books like that, especially when they don’t belong to you!
    I never try to read a series out of order, but I’ve done it by accident a couple of times. Books should have the number on them somewhere. They really, really should.


    1. Honestly, I’m so scared when I loan books to my firends; sometimes they come back completely fine and other times I’m just holding the book like RIP YOU LETS HOLD A FUNERAL!! Idk why all series not have series numbers on them!?! LIKE I HAVE TO 5 HOURS OF RESEARCH TO FIND HOW THE cORreCT order

      Liked by 1 person

  14. Your poor librarians, probably clutching their hearts whenever you turn in your dog-eared books.

    So one time I loaned out my series of The Hunger Games to a coworker. All beautiful hardback books. When she returned them, one of her kids had drawn inside the first one with a blue pen. SHE DIDN’T SAY A WORD TO ME ABOUT IT.

    I’m still upset about it.


  15. Confession, I break my book spines. I just can’t read a book without snapping it open, sorry not sorry. I don’t know, sometimes a book being worn just makes it feel more used, if that makes sense. Having such a pristine book (while yes it looks so much nicer) doesn’t feel very personal, and I like knowing a book has been read and enjoyed. That being said I really hate dog-eared pages (although I don’t care that much if other people do it to their own books, I just hate it in my own).
    I’m so bad at accidentally spoiling people when I’m talking about books. I’m fine when I’m typing, but when I’m ranting to people face to face, I’m really bad at accidentally letting things slip. Whoops. I try to not talk about books with anyone who hasn’t read it or 100% has told them won’t read it for whatever reason just in case…
    I don’t think I’ve ever read a series out of order before? Actually I may have read the geek girl series out of order, I never remember what the actual order is, especially as they’re all really similar. I know which is the first one and that’s about it haha.
    Another of my bookish nightmares is movie adaptations! Sometimes they can be good (eg Harry Potter, TFIOS), but a lot of the time they don’t stick to the book which is SO frustrating. I always worry about my favourites becoming movies and being really bad😁 I know they can’t really do this, but I would LOVE like a 7 hour full movie adaptation, with EVERYTHING included (*cough*Peeves*cough*).
    Loved this post Isla! 🙂


    1. I kind of sometimes break my book spines but I tend not to? It depends. Yeah I love having worn and loved books!! Beautiful and yes pristin e books are great for the pics but like they don’t feel like they feel at home in your bookshelf. Ahah.

      nooooooooooo why do u spoil books!? just make sure you get a censor thing that stops you spoiling books! ITs THE WORSTT.

      I read the geek girl series out of order, i admit but i don’t think it really matters for that to be honest?!?! Because they are all pretty much the same.
      Ahhhh book to movie adaptations! Sometimes they are good; sometimes they are bad. I just don’t watch that many movies in the first place. PEEVES WHY WASN’T hE iN THE HP MOVIE WHYYY


  16. Great post and I totally agree with so many of these things (except breaking the spine…I have to confess I enjoy cracking the spines of my paperbacks 🙈🙈) I honestly do not understand how to read series out of the order though, I physically could not do it! And reading the end of the book before you’ve finished…can’t deal with that! I will admit, sometimes when I am reading a particularly exciting chapter, my eyes automatically flash to the end of the page which annoys me because I have spoiled it for myself! Sometimes it gets so bad that I physically have to cover the last paragraph with my hand to stop myself from reading ahead! 😂😂


    1. I kinda break some of my spines too, I find it kinda fun and it makes the book look so used and love ahhhh. YESSS THAT HAPPENS TO ME TO. Like when i KNOW something amazing is going to happen my eyes just JUMP to the end o the page and I have to physically stop myself.

      Liked by 1 person

  17. THIS POST IS SO AWESOME. I actually laughed out loud at some point.😂 These nightmares are legit so accurate, especially spoilers LIKE NO. One that I would add is watching the movie before reading the book- most definitely a major crime, am I right?!


  18. There’s a lot of self-policing here, Ilsa! 😛 But you’re absolutely right; most of us bookworms generally want our books in pristine conditions because, hello? Bookstagram? Within your list, two of my biggest peeves are cover changes (especially mid-series) and spoilers. Like, common courtesy here okay? People are well allowed to talk about things, however they want to, buy maybe put a spoiler warning? Hope school and life aren’t too much this week!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel like I don’t even agree with half the stuff here anymore ahah. I don’t even know why people think spoilers are acceptable “like it’s just a damn book stop making ti deep” NO, THAT BOOK IS MY WHOLE LIFE HOW DARE YOU. Thanks for your comment!


  19. Ugh I absolutely HATE dog ear-ing. And spine breaking. I nearly cried when my baby sister threw Little House in the Big Woods across the room and it came apart.
    And also, when I saw the picture of the dog-eared book, I instantly knew it was Judy Moody, the one where she goes to college for tutoring, I think? #bookwormsenses


  20. Ugh I write stuff in my books at times. If I’m really liking the book. I dunno, Ilsa, but I feel like the books look loved when we do that. And I underline things too. I also sticky note them. And in the end, you get a book that you can flip back to and enjoy all your annotations you did a year ago. Isn’t that brilliant? 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  21. I drink #respectbooks juice every day! And yet…I dog ear pages! And sometimes write in my books too! But only at parts I like I SWEAR! I use bookmarks religiously ok I believe in the power of the bookmark but I can’t just stick 50 in a book because I laugh so much at some scenes!! It’s not the books’s fault it’s so gOOOOD!!!
    And I read the Harry Potter books in the wrong order at first too!! I am horrible bookworm but in my defense I wasn’t a bookworm yet then and I was just a small bean that didn’t know any better! Plus I made up for it by reading the series 10 times in the right order right? RIGHT???
    Also yes sleep is for the weak *nods vigorously*. That’s why I never do it. I can just finish a 600 page book instead! Much better way of spending my time!


    1. Ohh writing/anntating books is cool; I lowkey wanna do that with some books like Six Of Crows!??! But I’m so scared to haha. I forgive u for doing such a crime of reading hp books in the wrong order since you read them in the right order again. GOOD IOANA. did i spell ur name right pls say i did

      Liked by 1 person


    Liked by 1 person

  23. *weird sing-songy voice* relAATABLEEEE


    um also are you insinuating that bookworms are not humans in your post? you seem to refer to them separately. (not that bookworms ARE humans, but ILSA WHY ARE YOU GIVING AWAY ALL OF OUR SECRETS)

    ALSO YES SPOILERS SHOULD BE MARKED AHHHH once i commented on this review of caraval that had spoilers (it was by a person i didn’t know) and i was literally commented ‘nice review but MaRK yOuR sPOiLERS dUDe’ ahaha and then another person commented as well and was like “great review but the person above is true *crying emoji* i didn’t read the book and now i’m spoiled”
    IT WAS FUNNY (probably not to the person who got spoiled tho)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. THE KETCHUP IS NOT BLOOD I SWEAR. (im sorry i like to expose the bookworm ahahhahah)

      AHAHHA THAT SOUNDS FUNNY. i probably would have just ran away from the spoiler and not be brave and COMMETED haha. spoilers are so sad 😦


  24. I used to dog ear pages all the time………. :O
    AHHHH SPOILERS I HATE SPOILERS. But yet sometimes I spoil books for my sister, or flip to the last page to read the last sentence, I have no idea why…. XD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have stopped dog earing, I just try and remember the page number. whY DO You Spoil Books FOR YOURSELF i am incredibly disappointed in you (jk!! i get looking at the last sentence of the book, i kinda used to do it before but NOW I HAVE STOPPED myself)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You know, even though that makes me cringe, I can actually see your point. It can make a book seem stiff and unloved if the spine is unbroken and you have to read it only a crack open to avoid damaging it. Then again, I think that only reveals a problem with the bookbinding and we need to figure out a more sturdy way to bind these books so that they aren’t so fragile. A book shouldn’t have to look broken to look loved. Worn is fine. I don’t mind that. I want to be able to open a book all the way WITHOUT having to damage the spine. I WANT TO HAVE MY CAKE AND EAT IT TOO.

        Liked by 1 person

  25. A friend of mine once read the last book in a series I loved RIGHT BEFORE I DID AND SPOILED IT FOR ME. Two things I hate in one. I died a little bit inside that day.

    Liked by 1 person

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