[LET’S WHISPER] Why I’ve Started to Hate Book Genres (#GenreEquality)

Recently, book genres have been really bugging me. 

I’m pretty sure everyone out there is about to pour melted ice cream on me which will be very sticky and messy just like my touchpad at the moment. So, to save you the trouble, just eat that ice cream and read on. I don’t entirely hate genres…there’s just something that has been constantly nagging me lately and would love to hear what you guys think.


According to google…

A style or category of art, music, or literature.

To give you a better idea here are some categories books are sorted into.


  • Science fiction.
  • Historical Fiction
  • Fantasy (I LOVE IT)
  • Magical Realism
  • Romance
  • Contemporary
  • They help you decide what you want to read. As a bookworm, you have to find your types of books. This can be one genre or more or even all of them but you know what you want to read when you know what genres make you feel a certain way
  • They bring people together. When you see someone else who loves fantasy, you immediately connect and gush and all the fangirl worthy moments
  • It’s easier to recommend.  When you know someone likes historical fiction then you can easily pile up a list of books that fit into that genre to help a fellow reader out
  • They help to organise. You might have your bookshelf arranged this way or have a competition that relies on your favourite genre for people. It helps everything to be a little easier and splits up MG and YA for age groups so everything is a whole lot easier.
  • It’s part of your bookworm identity! The genres you love are YOURS and you can protect them just like books! If you like dark fantasy, people know you are stabby and awesome. The same goes for any genre. It helps people get to know you better!

Bad Genres

So hey…there are quite a few reasons why genres are awesome beans that deserve appreciation, right? But let’s talk about the thing that is nagging me.

Genres put people off. When a book is classified as ‘historical fiction’, people who’ve had a bad experience with 2 books of historical fiction immediately back away. After all, you did not like the previous books in that genre…why would you like this book? And so, you NEVER read that book just because of that experience because why would you waste your time on a book you KNOW you’re not going to like? #logic

But this is the problem. Why are we CONFINING BOOKS TO A LABEL? A freakin’ LABEL, category, box, WHATEVER! We bookworms KNOW books are just MORE than ‘fantasy’.

Books fall into so many categories, not just one, so why do we never give genres another chance?

As soon as we don’t like 1 or more books in that genre, we lose all hope. We make it a fact ‘Oh, i don’t really enjoy romance books’. but have you read every romance book this world has to offer? NO, my dear pineapple, you have not read every romance book.

 cat cute no nsfw not safe for work GIF

And let’s not forget, genres come with stereotypes. People always think contemporaries are super sweet but they can be really sad and stabby too. And people always think Fantasy include dragons and sadly it actually doesn’t. So even if you haven’t read fantasy books, those stereotypes that come to mind when thinking of a genre, can also push people away.

I understand that you have a massive TBR and once you’ve got a bad impression of an author or genre, it’s game over. But books VARY so much! A historical fiction book can be completely different to another HF book. You might be missing out on what could be your favourite book of all time.

There’s a famous saying among the bookworm race that goes along the lines of If you don’t like reading, you haven’t found the right book’ and I think this is 100% applies to genres as well. If you don’t like X genre, you haven’t found the right book’.

I believe that ALL books deserve a chance. You should never have books which you say ‘i’m never going to EVEN TRY that book’ because you haven’t read it. Unless the book is 1)problematic 2) you didn’t like the 1st book in the series then I think it’s silly and wrong.

Now look if you KEEP on trying fluffy contemporary again and again and you realise YOU HONESTLY don’t like it, I get why you would not want to read books classified as that. You shouldn’t feel guilty about NOT liking a genre, you shouldn’t genre shame either. But fluffy contemporaries is QUITE specific. Contemporaries are not. You don’t like the feels of Epic fantasy.S URE. But still, give fantasy a shot.

I just feel like SOME BOOKS IN GENRES are amazing and when you recommend them to people, they say ‘Oh.I don’t really like X genre’ or ‘books with X, Y and Z’. I loved The Kite Runner but hey ‘it’s historical fiction’ people aren’t going to read it. I loved The Hobbit but hey ‘it’s got weird creatures and it’s not YA’. And they never read the specific book even though you’re 99% sure they’ll love a book in that genre.

That was a really long rant sorry

But should you give genres another chance? Now you’ve read this..you’re still split between in your thoughts. Here are some pros of cons of giving X Book Genre another chance.Pros

  • It can give you an amazing surprise! You might end with a new favourite book. So, you give this genre another shot even with bad experiences and OMG you officially love this book and it’s your life and you wonder how lived without it.
  • You start to like that genre. That book completely changes your mind and suddenly you’re reading everything in that genre and It’S AMAZING and new-found-love right here!!!
  • You get out of your comfort zone. Readers like comfort but stepping out of it can be great
  • One book in that genre doesn’t represent the whole genre. You might have gotten unlucky with one book and end up finding you actually love that genre.


  • You WANT to hate it. Since you didn’t like another book in that genre, you’re basically waiting for all the bad stuff to roll in.  And so basically you automatically let the cons outweigh the pros and HEY YOU HATE THE BOOK.(secretly pumps fists)
  • You are more likely to hate it, to be honest.  Maybe that genre is honestly not just you and you’ve basically let your TBR win and now wallowing in your sadness at how broke you are and the time that has just disappeared.
  • You can try out a new book you KNOW you’ll like. Why try out a fantasy book when you 100% know that you’re more likely to enjoy a sci-fi?  You have previous proof that X genre isn’t your thing so GO WITH THE FACTS? this is logical.

a recap

  • genres don’t define books
  • give all books a chance
  • some specific books like ‘fluffy contemporaries’ aren’t your thing – THIS IS OKAY
  • You want to read book YOU KNOW you’ll love, right?
  • So give genres a chance.
  • You can be surprised in a good or bad way

#GENRE EQUALITY  here!  Um…thank you. That’s all I want to say!

Let's Whisper

Do you give genres another chance? Do genres put you off reading some books? Do you believe in #GENRE EQUALITY? First impressions of a genre can be SO MISLEADING, right? AND genres DON’T DEFINE BOOKS! What do you think? Feed me your thoughts, I’m hungry.

Ilsa - Edited

67 thoughts on “[LET’S WHISPER] Why I’ve Started to Hate Book Genres (#GenreEquality)”

  1. I completely agree with the fact that genres put people off! A lot of people are put off reading YA for example because they feel it’s not meant for people their age, so I feel putting a label on books can make others turn their noses up at what your reading, even if it is perfectly good literature! Some YA books are better than adult fiction I’ve read, and I’d rather read well written books that people may frown upon than a badly written book that is deemed socially acceptable for some one my age! This is such a great post, and brings up a lot of issues with genres that are very common! Never read a post tackling this topic before, well done! ☺️ ps. Harry Potter is considered children’s literature but we all know we’ll still be reading them when we’re 80!

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    1. Definitely!!! I feel there’s a lot of genre shaming a lot. Like you say you’re reading a certain book and because it’s classified in whatever genre, people will judge you for reading that book. YA books are awesome and I don’t understand why people don’t classify them as ‘real’ books. THEY’RE AWESOME! I don’t have to read classics to know what ‘real literature is’. YA is perfectly amazing, thank you very much. Thank you for such an insightful comment ❤ It means a lot that you read my discussion ❤
      p.s exactly! HP is for all ages and more than just a 'fantasy' book.

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  2. I hate genres because I believe most books and films are MULTI-GENRE. Examples:

    THE NIGHT CIRCUS – Romance, Fantasy, Historical Fiction
    RUBY RED – Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Contemporary
    HARRY POTTER – Fantasy, Contemporary

    And so forth. I know FANTASY tends to override other genres because fantasy fan will read historical fiction, but a lot of historical fiction fans won’t read fantasy. I LOVE BOTH. I think the books end up mostly being what people want to see in them.

    Don’t even get me started on the age limits on books. Children’s, YA, NA, Adult? Beyond there’s-lots-of-stabby-death-lets-not-call-this-Children’s I despise the implication that an adult would not enjoy a book with a 14 y/o MC, or that a 16 year old couldn’t enjoy a book with an 8 y/o MC. It should be more about the storytelling ITSELF than the age of the main character. You know what’s fabulous? THE BOOK THIEF. The main character is a little girl and it’s magical (and tragic). MOST BOOKS would not get to be called “adult” and have a little girl MC.

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    1. YES. Lots of books fall into multiple genres so they CAN NOT be defined by just one! Harry potter is definitely more than just a ‘fantasy’ book! I LOVE BOTH genres too, historical fiction is great as well as fantasy.

      YES, people turn their noses up and younger MC’s but it doesn’t represent the quality of the book. The AGE of an MC should not affect why you read a book. OH, the Book Thief! I’ve been meaning to read it for simply forever and I ADORED the movie! Perfect examples here, Amber! Thanks for you amazing comment ❤

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      1. The movie is actually REALLY REALLY good to the book, but the book is just… incredible. SO sad and beautiful and sweet. Definitely pick it up when you can!

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  3. I know exactly what you mean about putting people off, I always used to read romance, and nothing else, then I had a bad experience with one fantasy novel, and it put me right off. Once I’d read a few more though, I’ve come to love them. x

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  4. *applauds* 👏🏻👏🏻
    I know EXACTLY what you mean. I really notice this with music — people ask you your favorite type of music and I’m like “… none. A good song is a good song.” Same goes for books. Historical and fantasy and contemporary and mysteries all have incredible books so if you hate on a genre you’re missing out! Not to mention people judge you for the genres you like and typically not in a good way.
    Coming from a girl who writes young adult coming of age contemporary Christian murder mystery. 😂🤷🏻‍♀️ Rant over.

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    1. OH WOW. Thank youuuu!

      I definitely get that! Whether I enjoy a book doesn’t always have to have some correlation with the genre. Avoiding a certain genre without giving it a fair chance is not just unfair, but unfair on you yourself! Definitely, think we need to cut down on genre shaming. No genre is better than another.


  5. This post was amazing!! 😀 I also think all books deserve equality and not being judged by their covers (LOL) or by the title. I used to do that as a kid, now I’m more open in that sense. Covers and titles really help, but books can surprise you a lot, whether it’s in a good or bad way!
    One day our literature teacher gave us a book and the cover was very ugly, then, she said it was about a drug dealer and a hitman and I LOVED it just by hearing that!! 😀 It taught me a huge lesson.
    Again, great post!!! ❤ 😀

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  6. Completely agree with all of this! Tbh I don’t really have a genre that I won’t read, besides erotica. I skip those when reading a book in a different genre so reading an erotic book would mean skipping the entire thing lol. But I definitely don’t judge a book on the genre. If the summary sounds interesting and I’ve heard good things about it, I’ll read it 🙂 Interesting post! I had never really thought about the cons of genres

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  7. This post was so great! It’s amazing to hear opinions when it comes to literature.

    Here is are my thoughts: Why is everyone beating up on things like genre or YA? I don’t think the topic genre can go any further than: Tells you if the book is fiction or nonfiction. We’ve used this classification of books we’ve since the beginning, why is it a problem now? Think about it! Thanks for this awesome post, can’t wait to read more.

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  8. These are such good points, and i’ll admit I’m one of those people who’s like “I don’t like x genre, so I won’t like x book”. But that does limit us in so many ways, and I know there are so many books that I’m missing out on because I don’t like certain genres (fantasy, mainly). Arghh I did it again!

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    1. Genres definitely limit what you read. I use to really dislike fantasy too. I can’t guarantee you’ll like it but there’s a good chance you’ll find one you love. Maybe try Six of Crows or The Young Elites and see what you think. You’re definitely missing out on those! They’re amazing and you should start somewhere.

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  9. I love this! Genre equality all the way, my friend.
    When I was younger I used to think “I LIKE FANTASY AND THAT IS ALL,” but as I got older I began to realize the boundless existence of books outside of the confines of genres. At this point I am not a huge genre person. I do not read a book “just because it’s fantasy” or “just because it’s historical.”
    I have found that there are really good books in almost every genre, and I am limiting myself if I don’t give books a chance to speak for themselves. Honestly sticking with one genre can be tiresome for me sometimes. I want to see good stories in many different forms. It is much more exciting. When I don’t consider genre first, I can experience a broader range of stories.
    That isn’t to say that I don’t sometimes yearn for a good old purely fantasy story for the sake of fantasy now and again. 😉
    Fantastic post!

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    1. WHY ARE YOU SO AWESOME? But yes #GenreEquality needs to become a better movement. We’re opposites. I use to hate fantasy (HOW? WUT) and love contemporary books. Genres for some people can be nothing but for some it can make or break their decision to read a book. I’m a bit of a mood reader and after a dose of fantasy, i seek out short contemporaries. Genres are amazing, they allow you to explore but can also confine you, as you said. So many books are exciting and shouldn’t be defined by a word or a phrase. But fantasy is STILL my favourite genre.

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      1. That is like asking why I have two eyeballs: I was born this way. 😉
        How did you hate fantasy??? IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE ARE YOU HUMAN??? AT LEAST YOU HAVE REFORMED NOW. Ha, ha, just kidding. I know a lot of humans who still don’t like fantasy to this day, and these humans are my good friends.
        But yes, genres can be helpful and yet confining. I love what you have to say about this!

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  10. Well I tend to decide what books I want to read by reading the blurbs because the actual content of what the book is about makes me want to read it or not read it, not so much the genre. But I guess if I realize I have a group of books that I ended up not liking, and they all happen to be in the same genre, I guess that means I didn’t like them? 😛 Idk, it might help me figure out what genres I do like or don’t like, but it might be I just didn’t like some small detail about it, Idk, I need to start paying more attention. XD

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    1. Blurbs are definitely a big thing for me! They can be what makes me get the book in the first place. But normally blurbs and covers hint at what book you’re going to read. And it’s more if you recommend a book and people know it to be a certain genre, they can be put off! Thanks so much for your comment!


  11. Great discussion post as always!!!

    I do agree that books can’t necessarily be neatly categorized into one black-and-white genre– each book really has a mix of everything!! And also, I’ve always felt that genre-categorizing is really subjective and specific to the individual reader. For instance, one person might consider Kiersten White’s “And I Darken” a historical romance, while others might just consider it a retelling, and still others might put it under fantasy.

    I always try to keep an open mind about books– I don’t care as much for the genre, as for the description of the book itself (and, to a smaller extent, the cover… I KNOW I’M SO SHALLOW I CAN’T HELP IT). And it’s always fun to step out of your comfort zone and try new genres, because you never know what you’re going to get!! ❤

    However, I, like a lot of people, am also guilty of avoiding a certain genre– namely, NA– after a few bad experiences. I know there's probably a bunch of fabulous NA books out there, but I just apparently happened to pick up the most problematic ones. I *am* trying to keep an open mind. SIGH. It's easier said than done. :')

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    1. Books are so much more than the genre. Really, I feel the point of this post was to urge people to not think that first impressions mean everything. That books are more than just labels! I AM SO GLAD we agree on that because it’s SO IMPORTANT!

      Trying to keep an open-mind about books, i admit, is something i find hard. The cover, the title, the author, the GENRE all make me form my opinions wthout even opening the book. I need to stop.

      It’s definitely easier said than done! And who knos maybe NA is just not for you? We can’t like ALL genres.

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      1. That’s so true! We should quite literally never judge a book by its cover. But it’s sooo hard. :’) I love aesthetic covers.

        Then again, I’ve come across some books with gorgeous covers and horrid plots. Like… WHY ARE YOU FOOLING ME WITH YOUR PRETTY COVER. STAHP.


  12. There are always some books that defy ALL genres and that makes it different to figure out where to classify it, especially when it is set in a fantasy/sci-fi world but the plot is more thriller or adventure or mystery etc. What I really want though is a slice of life/contemporary type plot set in a fantasy world. That would be so interesting. I want more books that defy being trapped in a single genre.

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      1. Ooh nice! Maybe one day I’ll get to read your book. That is one thing I hope there is a trend towards, books that aren’t as constricted by genre tropes.


  13. This was so interesting to think about.
    I’ve definitely been guilty of writing off entire genres because of one bad book. Funnily enough, one of the times this happened was with historical fiction. I’d been reading it for years, but suddenly I read a book where mobile phones were used in the aftermath of World War 2 (it was a contemporary historical), and I was turned off for two years. I’ve made 2017 the year of getting back into things I’ve been putting off due to bad experiences though, and I’m glad I have with historical fiction. Definitely a great genre to be into, even despite the bad portrayals. The knowledge you can receive from them is amazing!

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    1. OH NOW. Why did that one book have to spoil historical fiction for you? But, being honest here,until a few months ago, I used to be wary of HF books. If I saw a book was set in the past I would put it down and I’m quite guilty of it. But now after reading some amazing historical books I’ve realised their importance and how amazing they can be. Definitely, agree with you! Thanks for taking the time to comment ❤

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  14. Thoughtfully put! I haven’t thought of this before, but this is a curious thought. It’s just how some rules can’t be made ‘rules’ exactly or when you can’t tell whether something’s good or bad. This was an intriguing read!

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  15. I used to have a lot of genres that I didn’t like, after having only read a couple books in them, but lately I’ve been trying to read a book if it sounds interesting, even if I don’t like the genre.
    Also, because I’m very silly, I had a dislike of Sci-Fi… because of a book that I hated when I was younger, but… I’m pretty sure it wasn’t actually Sci-Fi… So, um, what? Why? It didn’t even make sense.

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      1. Yeah, I’ve read a couple of sci-fi books now, and liked them. Its still not my favourite genre, but… now that I’ve actually read a sci-fi, I don’t hate it anymore.


  16. Oh, wow, this is SUCH an interesting discussion, Ilsa! I personally love genres, but I really agree with the points you brought up. It is TOTALLY true that I’ll genre-judge and say that just because a book is a certain genre, I may not like it. For example, I’m really not a historical fiction person, so if a book is historical fiction… I’ll be a little discouraged from it. Like you said, why read a book you may not like when you can read a book you have a higher chance of liking?

    I think genres are extremely important to me as a reader because they help me decide whether or not to read a book. Of course, there are some genres that aren’t my STYLE, but that doesn’t mean they’re BAD. It just means there’s more of a chance that I personally may not like it, compared to another genre I like! But of course, if I hear a book of a genre I don’t usually read is GOOD and people LIKE IT, I might give it a try. I’m… a follower. XD


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    1. AGH THANK YOU MAY *blushes*. I used to really back away from Historical Fiction. Whenever I saw a blurb that said it was set in the past I would just put the book down, telling myself ‘it was not my thing’. But now, after trying a few more out, I’m totally okay with it! I still think HF is a little different to what I like but If someone recommends me a book in historical fiction, I’m not going to shy away from it.

      Genres are also definitely useful as well, i get that. I definitely look for fantasy books because i know I’m crazy in love with them! And I don’t really look our for contemporary books 🙂

      I guess what I’m trying to say is..what If I always stayed contemporary? LIKE I didn’t use to like fantasy and if I was stubborn I would have just…NEVER DISCOVERED
      THIS GENRE. Where would i be?

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  17. I’m with the others and agree with you, but on the other hand, genres are an important filter in spite of the cons. It tells you which shelf to visit at the bookstore, and what category to look for in GR -while also being limitating because there could be amazing books you’re missing but AHHHH I think weighing the pros and the cons I would rather stay with genres.

    I’m pretty sure there are some genres that are not my cup of tea. Paranormal romances used to be my daily bread, but now, it’s best in small doses. Before, I would’ve never touched an historical romance with the tips of my fingers, and now, I want to hug them all. So more than a genre issue, it’s a matter of taking the risk and trying new things!

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    1. I definitely see why genres are important (I said this in the Pros list of genres) they help organise the bookish world and you get to know which books you like better.

      Of course, some genres are just SO NOT YOUR THING but then some books in genres are these little gems ad I hate to think genres are the reason people are missing out on them! I think we should all be taking risks and trying a new genre out!


  18. I like genres because it gives me an idea of what I’m in for. 😂 Like I honestly hate being tricked in books?! I picked up a book once that I thought was contemporary…and then it ended up being some whacky sci-fi thing and IT WAS SO FRUSTRATING. So I do love and need genres. But agreed that the stereotypes for them are annoying. Like people just assume fantasy is going to be full of info-dumps and knights. Like loool no. And contemporaries are definitely not always fluffy. (haha not the ones I write😂) And the worst is when a book doesn’t fit ONE genre. That absolutely destroys me. Like is The Raven Cycle paranormal? Urban fantasy? Magical realism? WHAT IS IT. IT’S MY FAVOURITE BUT I DON’T EVEN KNOW.😂

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    1. I like surprises! But I totally get what you mean when something surprises you..and then well IT’s NOT IN A GOOD WAY. Are you by any chance referring to Because You’ll Never Meet Me? Because in that review, you said you loved the letters and contemporary side and dislikes the ending because it just smacked wih sci-fi? STALKER ALERT. exactly, contemporaries aren’t always flufffy! AND LOL, I’m still trying to find out what genre The Accident Season is.


  19. Ha! I really like this. I have this sort of problem with movies as well as books, for example, I don’t like movies are 96% fighting because, let’s be honest, that shit’s boring (At least to me), but when I told my brother I’d rather not watch all the sucky war movies he loves so much, he’s like “You don’t like action movies? Why?” No, you retar- just because I don’t like movies that are mostly fighting and shitty puns doesn’t mean I don’t like action movies, I just don’t like THOSE action movies. God.
    Sorry if that was a little rude, just venting XD

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  20. This is such a wonderful post, and one that I totally agree with. I think genre elitism is a huge problem amongst readers. Adults not wanting to read YA because it’s “immature”, young adults not wanting to read adult or literary fiction because it’s “boring,” people not wanting to read romance because it’s “trashy.” It’s so dumb to judge an entire genre by one or two books, and it really confines your own reading experience more than anything else. When I started reading more adult books and thrillers, branching out from the usual YA fantasy that I was picking up, I think it really changed my perspectives on reading. Stepping out of your comfort zone enriches your reading experience SO much. 🙂

    ~ Aimal @ Bookshelves & Paperbacks

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    1. Hi Aimal! I couldn’t have said this better myself. We have no right to judge a whole genre bases on a few books, and to compltely disregard them and say it’s to ‘real fiction’ is borderlineoutrageous! i just agree with you so much! YA is awesome, classics CAN be interesting! Of course we don’t HAVE to like every genre. Some just don’t work for us but we should keep an open mind.


  21. Awesome discussion post you have here! I can totally see this happen for I used to do it a long long time ago, specifically with scifi. Not that I didn’t like the genre but I stood away from it because I had a bad experience. What I do now is just read the synopsis of a book and/or the review as well. Ever since I stopped looking at genres, I have had a great experience with scifi. This discussion reminds me of the shaming that new adult gets which sucks because I’ve read some amazing new adult books by authors that aren’t really known.

    Overall, I see both sides of the story. I have even seen cases where a book got placed in the wrong genre and because of that, the book had low ratings when it was amazing which sucks!!!! Great discussion!

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    1. *fangirls that you’re commenting on my blog* AHEM, now that’s out of the way, thank you! For me it was historical fiction so I totally get whare you’re coming from. I’ve learned to stop confining books to a genre, and let the books speak for themself! I know, some people shame readers for liking YA or NA but they can still be amazing! Just because there a few bad apples dosen’t mean the whole genre is trash.

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      1. Aww you’re welcome!!! I definitely get you for sure! Historical Fiction was another genre that I was a little eerie of but I have been reading YA Mystery-ish Historical Fictions and omg so good. So I definitely agree that some bad apples does not mean that the whole genre sucks.


  22. OMG this is SUCH a great discussion topic and bravo for you putting yourself out there and risking being yelled at or something. Frankly, I’ve never really thought about the negatives of this issue before but clearly I should be! I certainly hate the idea of saying “NO I WON’T READ THAT” simply because it’s in a particular genre and I’ve previously read two books from that genre and now I’m cutting it out of my life. When, in reality, I could totally be skipping out on an amazing, life changing read!

    I understand that time is valuable and no one wants to waste time reading a book that you feel you’re not going to like (because it centers on a topic you find cliche or a genre you typically don’t enjoy), but what if you are missing out on a story that could potentially change your whole outlook on life? Is the risk too great to skip out on it for the sheer sake of time saved???

    And I also really love your point about “Fantasy include dragons and sadly it actually doesn’t.” – You are so right, fantasy needs more dragons! ❤

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    1. I KNOW. I am truly brave (no i’m just this smol geek who likes ice cream and cowers away in her imaginary hobbit hole) I know. It really hurts when you recommend AN AMAZING BOOK to someone but they brush it off because it’s in a certain genre. I deflate like a balloon. I am a fantasy addict now and used to HATE fantasy! What if I had never given it a chance? *Shivers*

      You put it so beautifully.” Is the risk too great to skip out on it for the sheer sake of time saved???” YES THIS IS EXACTLY THE QUESTION THAT NEEDS TO BE ASKEd.

      Fantasy obviously needs more dragons. And chocolate obviously.

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