10 Blogging Moments when you want to be swallowed by infinite darkness

Why do we always ignore the awkward side of blogging?

I honestly wonder.  I mean why WOULDN’T you want to talk about all the embarrassing moments in your blogging career? Who cares about it being stressful and fun, I’M ALL FOR THE #awkward. I’m going to reveal those moments where us bloggers want everything to swallow us whole, on the spot so that we do not have to experience the torture.


Today I’m going to be talking about ALL THE AWKWARD! Well as many points as I could think of. There are some horrific examples of the AWKWARD so be prepared. And I honestly cannot spell AWKWARD. Which is very…AWKWARD.


1. Talking about your blog IN. REAL. LIFE

Let’s stress on the IN REAL LIFE part of that point because it’s so scary. Whenever my family talk about my blog, I turn into this very quiet penguin who does not know English. Like when I got 1000 followers and my family were more excited than me. It went a bit like this.

Sister: Oh yeah! How many followers you got now??
Me: Um…nearly 1000, i think *has mini heart attack*
Sister: OMG EVERYONE –> SHE GOT 1000!
Family: OMG THIS IS SO AWESOME *internally screams*
Me: …help…

But that’s not even the worst part. My family KNOWS about my blog, but then there are people (like friends) who DO NOT know about this little site of mine and well…IT CAN GET BLOODY.

Me: *talks to friend*
Me: Have we got any knives around?

Let’s just say talking about your blog with real so-called humans is SCARY. I like to keep my blog ONLINE and nowhere else.


2. Reading back on old posts

So this might be partly the reason I deleted all the posts on my old blog but I promise you if you’ve been blogging for a while like over 6 months and look at your first posts, YOU MIGHT DIE INSIDE.  Right now with this new blog, my posts don’t seem cringey at all but if it’s your first time blogging and you check back, you ask yourself some questions.

  • Did you even know how to write?
  • what was up with your post ideas?
  • What is grammar?
  • was. i. okay.

Long-Divider3. Receiving compliments

At first, some potatoes will be confused. But let me explain. No matter how long you blog for, you will never get used to compliments. THEY’RE NICE AND WONDERFUL and I absolutely love them but it’s more like a hate/love relationship, to be perfectly honest. BECAUSE WHAT ARE WORDS? What do I say? Are there other words for ‘THANK YOU’ because that’s literally all i say? Compliments are so hard!! Like giving compliments are super easy because most bloggers are awesome but when this happens..

Follower: HEY I love your blog, it’s so awesome
Follower: And I love the way you write
ME: gosh, wow, that means so much to me
Follower: Oh, and did I mention everything is so pretty
ME: AGh, you’re so sweet
Follower: But I feel like your personality is the best
Follower: didn’t you just say that?
Me: *runs*

Luckily the last part DOES NOT ACTUALLY HAPPEN but the words are left hanging people. We all know that my THANK YOU’s get repetitive after a while. Even the comment stalkers see a regular pattern.

Long-Divider4. Talking to famous bloggers/ authors

This IS SO INSANELY SCARY. So i rarely get a chance to talk PERSONALLY to an amazing popular blogger (Cait @ Paper Fury) though sometimes I do (May @ Forever and Everly). But what is even RARER is talking to famous AUTHORS (AHEM Leigh Bardugo)

Yet I have done both of these things and let me tell you IT’S FRIGHTENING. I once interviewed Cait @ Paper Fury (you will see this soon!!!) and when I talked to her on twitter I kind of died inside and for her, I’m sure it was something normal but for me, I FOUND IT SO AWKWARD AND INTIMIDATING, and I just flailed along with my keyboard.

Same happened when something really awkward happened with Leigh Bardugo. So I @ her in one of my tweets AND IT WAS SUCH AN EMBARRASSING TWEET, I tell you. i talked about being an over-excited Penguin *face palm* Talk about awkward. Though I’m like insanely happy she replied and fangirled for a bit.

Screenshot 2017-07-23 at 16.19.29.png

What can I say? I’m just a generally awkward book worm.

Long-Divider5. Promoting your blog/self

Self-promotion IS THE WORST thing to have ever happened! Sometimes it’s just plain necessary, like for my Typewriter Project because I wanted everyone to participate and even though you WANT to spread the word, it’s so awkward because you’re just doing it for yourself and it’s just like ‘HEY LOOK AT ME. I ATTENTION SEEK’ and honestly hate doing it. Some people can pull it off surprisingly well? I wish someone else could promotion for me, it would make it so much easier? Like then it wouldn’t be like this:

Me: Yeah, Ice-cream is great!
Commenter: I KNOW RIGHT!!!
Me: Your favourite flavour?
Commenter: choco-
Commenter: late
Me: [DIES]

Long-Divider6. Being late on comments

I swear, this happens TO ME SO MUCH, it’s unfair. I read a comment in my notifications and I’m like’yeah, I’ll reply later’ and then 1234567890 years pass and I’m like ‘OH YES that comment’ and reply. It’s so awkward because if they reply to you after that, they’ve seen how late you are and then you just have a mini heart-attack inside because you couldn’t exactly LEAVE that comment but be replying to it is just as bad. MORAL DILEMMAS HERE. SEND HELP.

Long-Divider7. Being late to the hype

Let’s get one fact here: Being late is awkward. Being late for a guest post deadline or something you promised to do.The book hype is NO EXCEPTION. Everyone is RAVING about a book and then 5 months later, I’ll FINALLY read it and add my review and everyone will be raving over a NEW release and I’ll just sit here eating my ice cream. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Long-Divider8.  Getting mixed up with bloggers

Let’s be real, THERE ARE A LOT OF BLOGGERS in this blogosphere. You have to remember which Sophia is which (I have never even heard of a Sophia. NOT THE POINT) but anyways, the other day. I confused InsideMyMind and InsideMyLibraryMind and she commented saying so AND IT WAS VERY AWKWARD, well at least for me. It was all because of the similar names and the BASICALLY SAME PROFILE PICTURE. Luckily, Library changed her profile picture so IT’S ALL GOOD! So anyways make sure your profile picture is unique people and your name XD

Oh and let’s not get me talking about getting mixed up with character names in reviews!

Long-Divider9. Publishing a post early.

Honestly, WP is actually really annoying some times. BUT THEN SOMETIMES I’m ANNOYING and well I click the publish button by accident and It’s all haywire.

Me: *publishes posts*
Twiter: *updates*
Blog: *updates*
Me: OH NO *reverts to draft*
Twitter: 53786783 notifications that say ‘WHERE HAS YOUR POST GONE?’
Blog: explodes
Life: explodes
Me: explodes

Basically, I did this when announcing my Typewriter project. I forgot to add the link to the google form AND IT WAS CHAOTIC. It’s downright awkward when someone asked ‘HEYY where did that post go’ and you just have to answer that as calm as possible. And don’t even get me STARTED on scheduling posts and then it fails.

Long-Divider10. SAYING ‘NO’

Omigosh well this is SOO SCARY. Chances are, as a blogger, someone will ask you a favour and usually, you can say ‘YES I’D LOVE TO’ like when people say ‘can you check out my blog?’ but then there are other times when you have to say ‘Well, no.’ like straight up NO I cannot. AND IT IS VERY UNCOMFORTABLE.  This happened to me once and I’m still recovering

Person: Can we swap buttons?
Me: [*sweats* i don’t even know their blog?]
Person: well?
Me: um..sorry, i don’t really button swap.
Me: [RUNS]

That’s pretty much how it went and basically, I am scarred for life.

Let's Whisper

What are some of you awkward blogging moments? Have you ever been swallowed by infinite darkness? Have you ever had to experience some of these? Can you add to my list? Do you know why we never talk about the awkward sides of blogging? How do you reply to compliments or handle talking about your blog in real life! TEACH ME YOUR WAYS.

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113 thoughts on “10 Blogging Moments when you want to be swallowed by infinite darkness”

  1. Ahhh I feel so many of these. Looking back at old posts is a big nope for me hahaha no just no. Speaking of no I always procrastinate on saying no 😂 I just feel so bad and don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings 🙈 definitely feeling all these awkward things 😝

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  2. This was SO relatable, I’m glad to know I’m not the only blogger who has these awkward moments😂 I especially relate to the receiving complements one, I appreciate and love them all, but I always end up repeating slight variations of ‘thank you’ and it makes me feel so bad sometimes! And talking about my blog in real life, that exact situation you explained pretty much happened to me😂 I wanted to crawl into a hole and stay there for yearsssss. Luckily I’ve never posted a post early, or an unfinished post early and I’m SO GLAD. I probably would have just died on the spot😂
    Great post😄

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    1. I think everyone was secretly drowning in the awkward, thinking they were alone and now this post allows us all to be awkward XD Compliments — Such a hate/love relationship! I want to crawl in a hole and stay there for the rest of my life — oops I already do that! AGH YOU ARE LUCKY, posting early is an exploding experience.

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      1. Hahaha very true! 😂
        I know, now I’m hoping I didn’t jinx myself and end up accidently posting a post early soon😂

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  3. OMG I FEEL YOU. I’m always super late to replying to my comments (especially since I’m kinda on a ~hiatus~ right now) and it’s SO awkward if I reply like after a week. It’s a walk of shame every time :’)


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  4. I just started blogging so I haven’t experienced many of these yet but I get you with family and friends thing. How do I explain blogging to my parents and what if they want to read my blog? *gulps* Oh and on receiving complements, I fail miserably at acting like a functioning human being whenever I receive a compliment in real life. I can’t wait for the awkwardness that will ensue if I ever receive one online. I found this post really interesting as someone who hasn’t been blogging for very long, so thank you!

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    1. My parents know about my blog but thankfully they don’t ahve the time to actually read it! Whenever I recieve a compliment, I go into meltdown. There needs to be a guide on how to reply to compliments. You are very welcome, glad you enjoyed ❤


  5. These are so true! It’s so awkward when people talk about your blog around you…like what are you supposed to say? Also when people disagree with what you wrote…and want to lambast your writing/reading choices. That’s so awkward.

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    1. I’m thankful for my penguin alter-ego when people to talk about my blog. When I rule the world, I will make sure my blog is a complete secret to everyone who exists in the real world. I don’t mind when people disagree with what I write, it always sparks a discussion which I love!

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  6. Oh my gosh all of this. XD I didn’t even tell anyone I knew IRL I had a blog for like a full week at least, I just avoid more famous people because I’m so awkward and is there even an unawkward way to receive compliments? But yes, great post! 😀

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  7. This post is SO relatable, I love it. I feel so awkward talking about my blog to others, I don’t do it too much, but at other times it really helps to “market” yourself, for jobs and stuff but yes, it’s still quite awkwaaaaard ahah.

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    Sameeeee about the “thank you” thing. Like I literally only say “THANK YOUUUU <3" to every compliment and… yeah. I'm not that creative!

    And ahhhh I feel so bad for you on the last one when the follower asked to swap buttons! That must have been… so awkward.. *cringes for you*

    *and also cringes for you when you mixed up bloggers*

    None of my friends actually know I have a blog? I mean, I mentioned that I wanted to start one like two years ago but they've never really… checked it out. ONCE THEY FOUND MY BOOKSTAGRAM THOUGH, and then I blocked them.. which might not have been the best idea??


    1. *bows* WHAT CAN I SAY? THANK YOU (well this is awkward…)


      Yeah, my friends don’t know I have a blog but my FAMILY do!Which can be a problem..sometimes. You blocked your friends on bookstagram? *howls with laughter*


  9. THIS POST. THIS POST. THIIIIIIS POOOOOST. I hate hate HATE talking about my blog irl. And omg that 1000 follower fiasco is HILARIOUS. I told my mom I got 500 followers and she was like “Wow that’s awesome! Be careful tho.” And I was like “OKAAAAAAY.” THE CRIIIIIINGE OF OLD POSTS and omg I’ve said “thank you” on the last two posts SO MANY TIMES and I’m just like… *hides*. I don’t really answer comments late??? Unless I accidentally skipped it hahaha. WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT HOW AM I FAMOUS??? I AM NOT FAMOUS???

    SELF-PROMO IS THE WORST. I hate it I hate it I hate it… but then when people are promoting themselves, it’s not awkward at all??? It’s just my head hahaaha. I’VE PUBLISHED POSTS EARLY AND IT’S EMBARRASSINGGGGGG. And then there’s also when you forget to add a featured image and you’re just like *dies*. And HOLY CRAP YES I FREAKING HATE SAYING NO IT IS THE WORST. Like it’s not even awkward. You just feel so bad. (Okay, it’s really awkward.)

    I! love! this! post!

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    1. BE CAREFUL THO. *nods* The interweb IS VERY DANGEROUS. Though I’ve never encountered anything but good in the blogosphere. SO WHO KNOWS. And I am glad you found that hilarious! I FOUND THAT SITUATION VERY SCARY. help. I do answer comments late WHICH IS BAD. In fact, I’m replying to THIS comment late but hopefully, it’s not too award!


      AGH, Now I have a checklist where I tick of all the things i need to add to my post like UM WELL tags, categories, featured images. I FEEL SO ORGANISED.

      I feel so bad saying ‘NO’ and giving negative feedback? IT IS SAD. Like in your survey! BECAUSE I LOVE YOUR BLOG but always room for improvement. AND WHAT IF THEY GET OFFENDED? *sweats*

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  10. In my Down The TBR Hole posts I had this piece of text I always copied to explain what it was and there was a huge spelling error in it AND EVERYBODY FAILED TO MENTION IT TO ME. It took me at least 10 posts to find it myself and it was sooo AWKWARD *dies*

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  11. OH MY GOODNESS I HAVE EXPERIENCED ALL OF THESE?? I am always so terrified commenting on new blogs for the first time especially if they are huge blogs and I flail. And OMGEEEEE I hate it when my non-Internet peeps are like OOH BLOG OOH BOOKSTAGRAM. What’s worse is that my bf likes to broadcast it 😅
    Compliments are so awkward haha I feel you. There should be a new policy where NOT answering is considered more polite #commonsense
    And then there is the matter of random people asking for things like shoutouts and things. I’m like I only do that for people I actually know and like SORRY. The WORST part though is that I always still feel bad for saying no!?

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    1. NEW BLOGS ARE SCARY. The sacrfifices we bloggers make *nods* FRIENDS are great! To talk to, rant to and a great plus is you can force them to read your favourite books! You also get some great research done on the human species BUT SOMETIMES, they tend to cross the line with promoting my blog.

      AGH YES, I feel someone should make a book with blogging laws because life it would a hell lot easier.
      I nearly always feel guilty for saying no?! THE GUILT

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        A Guide for Incompetent Bloggers. Or Bogging Manners for Dummies. What Not To Do As A New Blogger. Just some suggestions for whoever decides to write these blogging laws 🤔

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  12. Omg yes to everything in this post. I hate talking about my blog in real life and I feel SO AKWARD responding to comments sometimes especially when I’m super late!! That’s so awesome Leigh responded to one of your twitter posts, I’m super jealous 🙂

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  13. Hahahahha. This post is way too relatable lol. I’m super awkward when receiving compliments too tbh. Also yes self promotion is very hard. I agree. And I’m always late to the hype – mostly because I tend to forget about my blog and drown in schoolwork for half the year but I tried..I guess that’s what matters. Oh and I published a post early the other day and freaked out for a solid ten minutes before remembering to hit unpublish.

    Rachana @ Spun

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    1. Sometimes I think this post is TOO relatable because WE CAN’T HAVE SO MUCH AWKWARD, can we??? Being late to the hype has just become normal now! Because my library is so slow and even though I’m quite a fast reader and read in between school work (OOPS) I just never pick up the hyped book straight away!

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  14. I am the absolute worst at self promotion, and this goes from my blog to my resume. I just want someone else to do that stuff for me, because it makes me feel like a braggart. I am very touched by any love shown to me, and get actual tears in my eyes, but can be very awkward responding to it as well. I wish they could see my face, because then they would know how much it meant to me. Great post!

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  15. So many of these are things I 100% agree with, talking about your blog in real life is SO weird. I didn’t think anyone knew about it, but then my school friends started adding me on goodreads where it is linked. And a girl I don’t even know that well approached me IN REAL LIFE and told me she “didn’t know I had a blog” then said nothing else???? I am hoping I imagined it??? but that is so scary.

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  16. I tell no one about my blog. There might be a few who know about it because they saw me working on it, but I just switch to a tab of snakes to make them run away.
    As for commenting… I usually wait a day or so so that I can post and intelligent reply, but sometimes I don’t agree with a comment and am not sure how to respond. Do people get that?

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    1. VERY CLEVER. Just put some scary gory pictures up and no will dare disturb you. THIS IS GENIUS. thanks for that!
      I love it when someone has a different opinion and I usually agree with them somewhat and post my reply with my POV. I actually like it when they DISAGREE because that sparks discussion where as when someone AGREEs, most of the time i’m like ‘YESS…I RELATE’ so there’s that


  17. Love your post and hearing I’m not the only one late replying to comments… I even had it that I couldn’t get to them any more because my feed wouldn’t scroll back enough ;-). I often read a comment via e-mail already, also book reviews from other bloggers, and then at night I should go back to them to properly comment or retweet and then I forget. They probably think I don’t read their posts as much as I do ;-).

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  18. Sorry to be yet another commenter screaming RELATABLE but like omg, it’s all so spot on!! Whenever anyone mentions my blog irl, I just stiffen up and forget how to act like a functioning human being. I was in a nightclub the other day and a girl came up to me and was like “aghhh I love your blog” and I said thanks etc etc but tried communicate through eye contact that night club gemma and blogger gemma were not to be mixed up and the good looking lad near the bar did not need to know that I spent my days alone in my room typing out my thoughts…

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    1. NO WORRIES. I actually love people telling me it’s relatable becuase hey I’m not crazy! I feel, as a bookworm, I have to pretend to be a human so much and when ever an awkward moment passes all the years of perfecting my act crumbles. OMG, YOU ARE HILARIOUS.

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  19. OH HAI. I don’t think I’ve been here before, but I like it. *finds cushy corner*

    My awkward blogging moments include fun things like:
    – Deciding not to blog and then deciding to come back and be like “so I know I was gone for a year and a half, but HI EVERYONE!” “*crickets*”
    – Reviewing REALLY OLD books. Like the Jekyll & Hyde review from earlier this month. I know it was published in 1886 but I just got to it, geez.
    – Talking about my WIP. About halfway through it occurs to me that nobody is as excited about it as I am! 😛
    – Running a tag that nobody else does, and being all, “Well I’m doing it anyway so pfft.”

    Whenever my family mentions blogging I change the topic. They are less proud of me, I think, than yours is…. Which is fine, whatever, WHO NEEDS THEM.

    And just to make is awkward… Great post!

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    1. HIII.

      OHH luckily I’ve never gone on a hiatus for that long but on my old blog i posted one post in one month alone and I WAS OH SO VERY GUILTY and then well…yes. I made sure I got a posting schedule.
      NOO, I’m sure you writing about your WIP IS SO EXCITING! I personally love snippets, and character raving and writer secrets so NOO NO NOT AWKWARD unless you make it so.


      Oh and um…thank you? I think

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  20. I’m so awkward! And let’s not even mention commenting! I never know how long I should continue replying to someone’s comment before I start getting repetitive and annoying. They probably WOULDN’T get annoyed but I still feel like I’d annoy them somehow erghh.
    Thankfully I’ve never accidentally posted a post on accident considering how clumsy I am haha. I just recently deleted some *cough* 70 *cough* old posts of mine because they were SO. BAD. Like how come I thought it was a good idea to form those words and sentences together?? and why did people actually read it??

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      1. My old posts were awful though! It looked like a 10 year old wrote them *hides face in shame*
        Glad I’m not the only one that deleted a butt load of my old posts haha.

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  21. Man this gave me a chuckle… but then I was nodding me head along with it at the same time. I dread to go back on my old posts… it may have only been just over a year ago for me but still… I’m too scared to take that plunge! Another awkward moment I find is when you’re on the receiving end of a wrong name…whether it be blog or actual name, I had someone send me a request to read their book a couple of weeks back and they got my name wrong… like completely… I didn’t know what to do or how to respond… like… do I ignore it… do I correct her… what do I do!! I think I froze to be honest, I’m just glad it was behind a computer screen and not in real life! 😂


    1. I’m glad I made you laugh! I’ve not really been on the receiving end of the wrong name but now that I have a new pen name ilsa people still call me by my old name on accidents but it’s not too awkward for me. BUT I SEE WHY IT CAN BE AWKWARD. This is why I love the internet…you have time to form replies.


  22. Haha, you’re right, these are all so awkward!! I made the mistake of telling a few people I know IRL about my blog back when it was even teenier than it is right now, and now they told everyone else and so many people i know read my blog!! It’s a little scary xD.
    I’m so terrified to tag authors, even though i really want to talk to them! I did tell Leigh Bardugo that she inspired me to finish my first book draft and she responded, but it was scary!!
    Great post!!

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  23. dude, every single time I talk to Cait on twitter I die a little bit inside. She is the reason I started a blog. Wow, this is now getting FRACKEN AWKWARD bleh.
    I have tried to write little excerpts for cross-posting (like that nifty thing wordpress auto-tweets for you) but they just come out all contrived and weird-sounding and I’m like ok EXCUSE ME NO.
    Everytime I get a compliment, I have to run off the nervous energy for like 3 years. It’s just, I can’t… HOW DO I EXPRESS HOW MUCH IT REALLY DOES MEAN TO ME WITHOUT SOUNDING NEEDY AND OVERLY NICE but also how do I not sound like I don’t care?? Where is the middle, I do not see it. This is an unbalanced teeter totter and I’m about to get catapulted off of it.
    I don’t think anyone irl knows i have a blog because HA NO.

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    1. OMG SAME HERE. Cait acts as if she’s not having a mini heart attack and I act like that too but secretly I’m dying!
      It takes me approximately 4 years to actually confirm that I have been complimented. LIKE I WISH THERE WAS JUST A MACHINE that gave me perfectly replies to compliments. I feel all humans need it or this just me.

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  24. i relate so hard to all of these. especially the whole replying late to comments thing. and receiving compliments. i kind of want to curl up into a ball because i am so ridiculously bad at receiving compliments and being “graceful” about it ?? and oh my goodness, talking about my blog with people irl is so awkward *cringes* (so many ~great~ stories about my dad just telling everyone i have a blog *more cringing*) loved reading this post!

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    1. Trust me, I nearly always reply to comments late these days. Epsecially since I’ve tried commenting back which is so stressful. I KNOW, why do humans think that they need to bring my blog into this weird real world. NO, online only please.


  25. I relate to this so much!! Especially talking about my blog in real life. I. Just. Don’t. Do. It. And then one of the (literally) 3 people who know about it IRL will be like “SO HOW’S THE BLOGGING GOING” and I just die. Right there. D-E-D. Dead.
    Also I had a similar over-excited penguin moment when I got to interview Kendare Blake and I literally was running around my lawn screaming and my family thought I was crazy.

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  26. THIS IS SO VERY RELATABLE. BECAUSE I AM A VERY AWKWARD POTATO. The most awkward blogging thing, for me, is not realising that one of your favourite bloggers has posted and when you finally remember to check they have like a bajillion posts since you last visited their blog and you feel bad and guilty. yeah. ALSO INFINITE DARKNESS MY HOME
    usually I’m really bad with compliments; I just end up saying “Thank you so much!! YOU ARE THE NICEST.” again and again and it gets repetitive. Most of my friends in real life don’t really care about my blog, which is a relief. BUT BOTH MY PARENTS ARE FOLLOWING ME. And that gets very very awkward at times:
    Mom: Hey, I read that thing you posted earlier today!
    Me: [Oh no.]
    Mom: So, what is a TBR exactly?
    Me: [Kill me now.]

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    1. WE ARE ALL AWKWARD POTATOES. Let’s be real.

      Oooh yes! That happens to me sometimes? But not really because I follow my fave bloggers and always check my WP reader so..dosen’t really happen?

      OH YES. Infinite Darkness has such comfort in it.
      My response to compliments ARE ALWAYS THE SAME. My brain is the blankeSt when it comes to them. just throwing in a Thank You is the easiest. YOUR PARENTS ARE FOLLOWING YOU *Dies*. What’s a TBR? That cracked me up.

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  27. YES!!! Ohmygoodness, yes!!!!!
    That one about talking about your blog in real life is just. so. true. There was this one time my brother asked me how many followers I had, and I was like “uh…forty something.” And I shrugged like I didn’t even care. And another time I was at this doctor, and my mom was talking about how I didn’t spend enough time exercising and just stared at the computer all day, and then she mentioned MY BLOG. And then the doctor ASKED ME ABOUT MY BLOG. And I sounded soooooooo silly because honestly, who blogs about stuffed animals??? I sounded so childish. And I literally froze inside. I wish I could have rolled up into a ball and died at that point. When the word “blog” is mentioned, even when it’s just my family and I, I FREEZE UP.
    AND YES I DETEST SAYING NO!!!! It’s like letting people down. *sobs* Like when people ask you for personal information, constantly, and all you can say is SORRY MY PARENTS DON’T LET ME SAY ___ online. And it’s just soooooooo awkward.
    Sorry for the long rant/comment… 😀 😀 😀

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    1. ALL THE AWKWARD in this comment. Needs to be appreciated in this…Everyone always asks what followers I’m at and I just die inside. OMG, your doctor asked you about your blog. EEPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP, how are you alive. Yes, refusing personal information is SO AWKWARD. Like once a blogger asked my BD but I said…NOPE though I have it to them in the end BUT YA’ know, I’m such a cautious bean. Noo, I love long comments!

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  28. This post is amazing! I am a fairly new blogger, so I don’t relate to EVERYTHING on here, (I am still kind of in the WHAT EVEN IS A BLOG stage) but I really relate to numbers 1, 3, and 5- ESPECIALLY. I think that this was an awesome idea for a post! We all feel so awkward sometimes, and it helps to see that other bloggers feel the same way! Also it is just hilarious to read.

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  29. OMG this was hilarious!!! XD XD I can relate to most of them if not all, this is amazing!!! XD XD I hate when i don’t know what to say sometimes other than “thank you”, it’s so weird!! 😛 And I hate myself always when I reply late to comments, it’s the worst!!
    And an author replied to your tweet? That’s so amazing!!! XD XD

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  30. bahahaha this post was so funny and reletable!! getting complimented in real life is even more awkward cause at least on the internet i can google synonyms for thank you but in real life its so on the spot and awkssss like social interactions are a no for me
    and ending the post with a compliment- i love your blog! ^.^ 😛

    Liked by 1 person

  31. DARKNESS SWALLOW ME YES. Okay that sounded way too odd. Let me rephrase that: awkward blogging moments galore!! I avoid reading my old posts LIKE THE PLAGUE. Omg. I always feel so awkward especially when someone comments on an especially old post, like a review from when I started blogging, because THOSE WERE HORRIFYING. Omg.
    Oh and being late on comments, yes!! I feel so awkwardddd, because I don’t want to leave the comment unanswered, but then it’s been so longggg and GAH. The strugglessss. 😭 This was so relatable!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Don’t worry Analee Darkness is hungry and will swallow you hole. Well…hopefully. JUST KIDDING, it will resuce you from awkward happenings. OH NO, that happens? that’s worse that reading over your old posts. EEK. I’m literally replying to all my comments now *hides*


  32. Me quietly scrolling back through your blog because I’m not up to date AT ALL. I think because I’m not at the same stage as you with my blog I haven’t experienced some of these things, but I believe them all. I think it especially difficult with self-promoting. As someone who is naturally a shy awkward little duck I cannot even talk about my blog properly over the internet to someone without feeling like I’m pushing it onto them let alone talk about it in person. I mean what if they’re not interested??!?! It’s totally cool if it’s not they’re thing its just embarrassing for me when it’s not.
    With replying to comments… there’s only so many ways to reply to a comment especially if you start to hear the same thing over and over again. the best comments are always the one with a little bit of meat to them so that you have something to discuss. if it’s always just “Great post omg you’re amazing!” (which I can admit to doing once or twice in addition to adding some extra stuff in there) then it’s totally natural that they’re gonna be a bit of sameness to your replies!
    As for having been swallowed by infinite darkness before. No not yet, but I’m expecting it to reach me any second now *looks at watch*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. SELF PROMO is sooo awkward – YES YES YES. Like why does it even exist, please? Why can’t someone do this for me? Like I do rarely do self-promo and like I’m sure it’s not awkward with other people but I just die in a hole of embarrassment. LIKE YOU DONT HAVE To read my blog, I’d just appreciate it. How do i put this?

      I definitely agree with comments getting repetitive. I’m guilty of sometimes just writing those little tiny comments just agreeing with the post and saying i love it? BUT I TRY NOT TO DO THIS. I love comments with a bit of ‘meat’ like yours but I’m not very good at articulating myself. Oops. And i have the most lamest replies of ever so don’t egt me started on that


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